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Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder: New 'Vampire Diaries' Ad!

Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder: New 'Vampire Diaries' Ad!

Check out this new ad for The Vampire Diaries‘ upcoming May sweeps campaign featuring stars Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, and Paul Wesley!

The ad, which was released by Entertainment Weekly, asks the question, “Is this where the bloodline ends?”

All new episodes of The Vampire Diaries return on The CW on April 19 and the May sweeps period begins on April 26!

Here’s a recap of where the series left off via EW: “You’ll recall that the latest setback to Operation Kill Klaus is the recently discovered caveat that if you kill an Original, all the vampires in his or her bloodline die. That means before Stefan (Wesley), Elena (Dobrev), and Damon (Somerhalder) can put a missing stake in Klaus (Joseph Morgan), they have to determine if their bloodline (via Katherine and Rose) leads back to Klaus – or if they’d just be losing Tyler (Michael Trevino).”

ARE YOU EXCITED for the return of The Vampire Diaries? Bigger picture inside

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  • Anna

    Just Nina and Ian, srsly?! Hey, Paul Wesley is the male lead smh…

  • errm

    Sorry but there posters just all looks the same, i cannot wait for the day when they make a vampire show that does not involve an annoying love triangle with a girl everyone seems to wants.

  • seriously?

    JJ Paul Wesley is part of the cast as well just FYI

  • Maddy

    I’m tired of seeing the same poster. There are other important characters on the show besides Ian and Nina’s.

    I’m really looking forward to Tyler’s return to Mystic Falls!!!


    Your lack of respect for the talented Mr Paul Wesley is actually PATHETIC and getting old really fast. What’s the deal? We as fans deserve an answer?????? Is it because Nina is pretending to date Ian and the show is forcing you to say there names? Everyone knows that Ian is a social climber. Wanted his picture taken, dated Nicky Hilton, wanted to be seen with a popular actress, umm, enter Ashley Green of Twilight, was on Lost and started dating Maggie Grace, needed a chick with a brain, dated Megan Auld, now he’s on Vampire Diaries, dating Nina. Dudes like 34 and balding. Bring on the young guys like Tyler with a full head of hair.

  • florence2

    Love the Vampire Diaries but why JJ when there is a picture of the 3 of them you always leave Paul’s name off the topic, as much as I love watching Ian and Nina Paul for me is the best one of the 3 of them and this season he has showed just what a talented actor he is.

  • Love me boy

    Always the same expressions….. same poses….. same ish…… I’m so over this vampire trend. With Twilight and this, they almost made me dislike vampires

  • kaca95


  • lena

    this season is becoming really bad……

  • http://@ohPaul @ohPaul

    LOL your comment is epic!!! i like you ;)

  • http://@ohPaul @ohPaul

    @VAMPLOVIN: LOL your comment is epic!!! i like you ;)

  • Zara

    Wheres Paul Wesley in the title? I have nothing against Ian and Nina, but seriously? Paul is the most important character in the whole show. His character practically narrates the whole things. This is such an insult to such a brilliant actor.

  • beamg


  • tvdfans

    woow seriously?
    lact of respect here…
    i saw three people in that picture
    and the third person have a name and is part of the cast

  • Staged

    Is Ian still dating that studio guy?

  • Chris

    some paul wesley fans are just bitter little trolls. what does Ian’s private life have to do with the flaw you all see in this article? did he write it? And just so you know, insulting Ian will not buy a name for your idol in the media. Classless stans won’t get him far either.

    anyway, beautiful people in the poster <3

  • BrownNoser

    Jared you are stupid. That’s all. Delete my comment if you want, but this post proves how stupid you are and that you are on someone’s payroll. You are very biased and post only people that pay you. Same with Miranda Kerr.

  • @

    @Chris: shut up you moron, you have no common sense..

  • @

    @tvdfans: Jared is lame, as fan comments here prove it. He’s very biased.

  • bored


  • TVD

    This is so..unfair.
    Paul Wesley is an amazing actor,to be honest…the best on the show.
    I love the whole cast but why don’t you write Paul’s name? disrespectful.

  • giorgia

    WHAT THE HELL now you have to insult Ian because Paul’s name is not on the title?!?YOU ARE SO STUPID. :/
    I agree with you but that doesn’t mean you have to insult Ian or Nina IDIOTS.

  • molly


  • Jessica

    I’m so sick of seeing Ian and Nina everywhere. They are nobodies who aren’t that important. The fact that you leave the name of the MAIN MALE LEAD OF TVD out of the title only promotes your intolerance, ignorance and severe bias. Paul Wesley is the most talented actor on this show, lightyears more talented then same-expression, creepy-smirking Ian Somerhalder and mediocre-average-at-best Nina Dobrev.

  • kgg

    Wow, did someone pay all you so-called Paul Wesley “fans” to bash the othe two major stars in this show. If you want to get respect for Paul as an actor, let his talent speak, not you. No one is promoting him over the other two, He is a nice guy, but you are going to make people dislike him because of your negative posting. Grow up, please.

  • celio

    So Ian isn’t showing up at the Chicago, for the FANS! he’s laying on a beach. And don’t give me the crap he deserved to take a vacation. He could have rearranged and go to Chicago. Yet, PAUL WESLEY IS GOING AND HIS NAME IS NOT LISTED IN THE ABOVE TITLE? Get your facts straight on who is showing fans appreciation and cares about his fans JARED. HIS NAME IS PAUL WESLEY! Ian only tweets when he wants to win an award or for us to give OUR money to his charity.

  • Sarah Rose

    Wow! All the Paul Wesley trolls come to this website just to bash Ian and Nina. I hope you all realize that Paul & Torrey, Ian & Nina are best friends. I cannot imagine how embarrassed Paul is over these remarks. Have some class and get some manners guys. As for the promotional poster put out by the CW marketing department to promote the show going into the season finale… I think it looks great and is very telling of the events that will be coming. Hold on…. there will be a big surprise!

  • Blair

    wheres katherine? we want KATHERINE BACK

  • Grace

    @Chris: Do you even understand what you are saying? Cause I sure as heck don’t. Please post in ENGLISH, or go back to school.