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LeAnn Rimes Would 'Do Anything' for Eddie Cibrian's Sons

LeAnn Rimes Would 'Do Anything' for Eddie Cibrian's Sons

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian share an embrace as they cheer on his son Jake at his soccer game on Sunday (May 6) in Canoga Park, Calif.

The 38-year-old actor’s ex-wife, Brandi Glanville, also came to the game to show her support for her son.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

When asked on Twitter if it was uncomfortable going to games when Brandi was there, LeAnn replied, “nope! It’s our life and I’d do anything for those boys! I have a great time.”

20+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian, and Brandi Glanville at Jake‘s soccer game…

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leann rimes soccer game 01
leann rimes soccer game 02
leann rimes soccer game 03
leann rimes soccer game 04
leann rimes soccer game 05
leann rimes soccer game 06
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leann rimes soccer game 08
leann rimes soccer game 09
leann rimes soccer game 10
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  • Skars

    I am so sick of these two, she pays the photographers, she NEEDS everyone to know that cheating on her husband with a married man was worth it and now they have this great life and they’re so happy. She’s obsessed with painting this image trying to clean up her completely damaged rep.

    Brandi <3

  • bee

    Gross, Leann. Put the phone down long enough to wash your hair.

  • Fabienne

    Leann should have ZERO to do with the upbringing of Brandi and Ed’s kids unless the court assigns her to be thier guardian. She should have thought these complications through before she did what she did. If you see a ring on it. sorry to say but it’s off limits. Ok, she has the man but Brandi will be the female role in the bringing up of these kids.She worked to make them and she is a clean stable mother. So if LA wants to clone Brandi in more ways than trying to be thin she will just have to have her own baby which will mean having to deal with being pregnant herself, not just taking over Brandi’s role as mother by default. Congrats to Brandi for getting the RHOBH job. You deserve it, love.

  • miss infamous

    She still looks scarily thin to me

  • Claire

    Jake must be the only celebrity offspring that always, without fail has the paparazzi at their sporting matches! Of course he’s also the offspring – and STEPCHILD – of the only ‘celebrities’ in Hollywood that would dream of using children for their own, selfish, narcissistic purposes.

  • Yoyogirl

    @Claire: Don’t you mean ‘bonus son’, lol. A step-mother who shows no respect for the biological mother has no right to call herself ‘mom’ in any capacity. The way this woman exploits those children – and the fact that Eddie lets her – truly disgusts me. No real mother – biological or not – would ever display the selfishness Leann does.

  • scotgal145

    I love how Leann seems to truly believe that the more and more she talks/tweets/gushes about her relationship, the more in love she and Eddie seem. With all the time they spend planning and posing for photo-ops, how much genuine alone time do they truly spend together?! I really can’t wait until the day it all comes inevitably crashing down around her.

  • Erin

    Of course she loves it – this woman DIES to be photographed!! And – oddly – she always seems to get the chance at Jake’s games! Guess the paps are REALLY interested in children’s soccer…that must be it, lol.

  • Claire

    I think were ALL being fooled by Ed, Leanne and Brandi! They get along at the game but Brandi puts them down on Twitter? They feed off drama and laugh at the press.

  • Claire

    Brandi’s sitting near Eddie and Leanne in one of the pics! Something rotten in Denmark.

  • Mel

    OMG Leannes holding SUGAR in a pic too! That’s Brandi’s dog!!
    Oldest boy sitting in chair by Leanne.

  • REZA

    Brandi pretends to tell a pap to back off in one of these shots. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Lorilei

    Kristy’s marriage go kaput over Le obsessions? wowzer nellie

  • Debra

    what else is Brandi supposed to do??? run up screaming at them???
    she has already said she will do anything for her kids, including being cordial to the 2 idiots (my words) when she has to

  • Debra

    I saw that to…poor sugarhead… I wonder,, can you train a dog to pee on command???

  • different Claire

    I would imagine BG does what she has to at the games – it would be pretty lame if they were all fighting at a kid’s soccer game, right?

  • Markayla

    Annie on Twitter ALL DAY LONG. Living the life that gurl!

  • dobbi

    You would think horsey Leann would stop after everyone knows she calls the paps herself. She has no shame, one sick twist.

  • Jane

    You know…parents of the other children at the game should file a complaint and petition to have the paps not to be there. That would be an excellent way to ruffle Leanne’s feathers.

  • JL

    Hey wewe if you would “do anything for those boys”, why don’t you stop harassing their mother?

  • dave

    it’s funny how Eddie’s sons are so dark compared to him.

  • Madeleine


  • Windy

    Well, technically, it is not their life, it was Brandi and Eddie’s life until her invasion!

  • dadad

    The thing I find most fcuked up about these photos is yeah, that pic where Leann is holding Brandi’s dog. WTF Brandi….how did this come about? Can you keep some things out of their reach ffs ?!

  • betty

    Like Joan Rivers stated on Fashion Police Leann and Eddie are boring and married to the media. It appears they are in a marriage of 3 because Leann tries to insert Brandi in theirs. All that PDA at a soccer game is hilarious and her attempts at showing she’s comfortable with Brandi around shows it. Brandi is the secure one because she has nothing to prove. and has her own thing going and Leann comes across as the insecure desperate one seeking attention. You notice Mason the oldest stays away from this drama.

  • Kristen

    @betty: I am sorry but Eddie was completely staring at Brandi while LeAnn clung to him like a velcro strip.One of the articles even said that he started to venture over to Brandi and that LeAnn ran over and attached herself to him to prevent it. LeAnn knows that Eddie is only with her because he had no where else to go. She must feel so much anxiety when they are near Brandi, hence the pathetic, insecure behavior on her part. They are being called out all over the media now, for the fact that they have no careers and have to put their private life on display to earn money and stay in the public eye. It took a while but it looks like the jig is up for them. With everyone now catching on, they look even more pathetic. I didn’t think that was possible. One thing I have to give to LeAnn and her paid for piece is that they never fail to amaze me with the levels they are willing to sink to for media attention.

  • Gisele

    If LeAnn would really “do anything” for Eddie’s sons, she should start by respecting their MOTHER, stop pimping them out the paps for her own selfish benefit and learn to respect the boundaries required to be a good stop-parent. Until she’s willing to do those things, her declaration just rings hollow like all of her other lies. She’s a washed up attention wh0re and he’s a chronically unemployed, kept man who doesn’t have the balls to put her in her place. Instead he assists her in her SWF and disrespect of the Mother of his children. The kids will see what they’ve done soon enough and it isn’t going to be pretty.

  • whatever

    I just find it funny that in all the photos out there on all the websites collectively of this game, every time Eddie is smiling or talking to Brandi, Leann has a nasty look on her face, or is clutching on to him with a death grip. There’s even one photo of him looking over, saying something to Brandi, and Leann is pulling on his shirt, pulling him back. I mean, that is funny. And quite telling body language, over the story she paints on twitter and thru her staged pap shots. I don’t know what is going on with this weird drama triangle, but Leann comes off as desperate, while Brandi seems to just be ignoring them, and Eddie generally seems drunk or just uninterested. What a weird situation. I wish LR/EC would just go away, stay out of the media, keep their alternately passive aggressive and taunting behaviors to themselves and just move the hell on. Either stop focusing on Brandi or break up already – it’s getting old.

  • betty

    @Kristen You are correct. Leann problem is she always trying to one up Brandi and comes up looking pathetic but we know it’s because Eddie allows it because she is his ATM and his jobs prospects are few. They are jealous because they flaunted and publicized their affair and Brandi is reaping the benefits.The public is not interested in them or their “great love.” Their fledgling careers prove that. You can fool some of the people some of the time but now the public has caught on.

  • dooliloo

    Oh really she’d do anything for his sons? So if they want her to f#ck off and tell her they want their dad to go back with their Mum, what would she do?

  • Oh please

    Omg Ease fcuk off already. Cannot stand these 2 good for nothing attention seeking slores

  • Life of Brian

    Lawdy that is one CLINGY WOMAN! INSECURE MUCH?


    The article in DM has a pick of Eddie standing over Brandi, literally with longing in his eyes, and Leanne holding him back with both hands glaring at B. I kid you not the body language is so obvious it is worth checking out. Seems like JJ didn’t feeling like posting that pick huh?

  • Data

    @SORUDE: Well he’s one of the media outlets that are “in cahoots” with LeAnn as called out by Foxnews and MSNBC. Jared makes sure to post inane and banal stories that gush over LeAnn and present her in the most flattering light possible. That picture is worth a thousand words. I says it all. If LeAnn wasn’t such a sociopath, I’d feel sorry for her. She can cling and cling all she wants. Eddie is going to cut and run soon enough. Once he’s had his fill of Mexican vacations and staged photo ops, he’ll take his half of what’s left of her money and move on.

  • Paola

    She’s starting to look like Jacko… Go easy on the plastic.

  • Jane

    It’s so moronic that she said she would do anything for those boys. I highly doubt that. If one of them asked to not have his picture taken do you honestly think she would agree and have the madness stop? She will use those kids for her own benefit-especially the younger one because he loves the camera so much. He grins from ear-to ear every time he sees one. I doubt Brandi taught him to do that. Mrs. McSquinty did that along with the douchebag hubby. I heard Dorothy Cascerceri, Senior Editor and television correspondent for In Touch Weekly magazine said in the Fox News interview she gave that each picture garners $1000.00 a piece for magazines and $100.00 a piece for websites. Leann is earning a living off of these shots. The boys are really going to think tht is how people make money—not the old fashioned way—working hard for it.

    Am I the only one totally pissed off by all this???

  • BIMM

    Looks like Brandi has had enough of LeAnn and Eddie telling her what she can and can not do:

    Got your back Brandi!

  • betty

    You go Brandi and let him explain to the judge why their kids photos are splashed all over the net even at sporting events even judges know paps aren’t at kids sporting events unless called and he and Leann are getting paid for those photos.I bet he is still paying reduced support payments since he seem to be perpetually unemployed.,

  • Jane

    @BIMM: Brandi and Bravo need to get some high powered lawyers and take Eddie down once and for all on this. I am so glad she stood up to him and that one picture on the site showed her going after him without Mrs. McSquinty hanging on him. Way to go, girl!.