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Kristen Stewart: I'm Not Trying to Distance Myself From 'Twilight'

Kristen Stewart: I'm Not Trying to Distance Myself From 'Twilight'

Kristen Stewart is leather chic while walking through JFK Airport on Wednesday (May 30) in New York City.

The day before in Los Angeles, the 22-year-old actress attended a screening for her new flick, Snow White and the Huntsman, with co-star Sam Claflin and director Rupert Sanders.

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“People are going to think that it’s me trying to either distance myself from Twilight, or try to prove myself beyond it or whatever,” Kristen told press during the screening the day before. “But it’s [just] good timing. I think it’s all fallen off the truck in a really lucky way. But it’s totally not my doing.”

Make sure to catch Kristen in Snow White and the Huntsman when it hits theaters this Friday!

FYI: Kristen is wearing Frye‘s “Kira” high top shoes.

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  • wren

    She continues to learn…..

  • what is she talking about?

    this greasy alien is very cryptic

  • dsfg

    dont distance yourself from what made you a star please…


    such an awful actress

  • Trinity J

    I love her casual style. She always just looks so bad ass

  • Thanks

    Will there be another premiere in New York? Can’t wait for Kristen!

  • Gossipgirl

    She must be exhausted with all the traveling; god bless her stamina!

  • Mrs. Gaston

    i am not a fan. she’s a brooding b—h who takes herself way too seriously. like she can’t “bothered” with the spotlight. she needs to loosen up and enjoy being a young, popular, successful actress.

  • well

    She’s getting horrible reviews for Snow White too. Wow.

  • LOL

    What is going on with this site?! Enough of this dreck! She’s not interesting. It’s the media site creating something out of a talentless actress..if they focus on her long enough people will think she’s some great actress..Go awaaaaay…she’s so nasty lookin’

  • nah, nice try

    She’s actually getting excellent reviews for her acting…her British accent was the best out of the cast, despite there being legendary British actors cast in the movie along with her.
    She’s a natural, that one. She’s only going to get better with the amount of films she’s churning out every year and taking leading roles in all of them. Her Bafta rising star award was no coincidence.

  • YesMan

    It is obvious to everyone that she knows she is getting photographed. This is a deliberate move to slow down the interest in her photos. When she shows up all decked out in designer clothes and her hair done, then
    you can call her an attention seeker.

  • leiz

    Of course she would claim that… coz if not for Twilight; she would still be a trying hard Zlister!

  • blair

    What a fame*whore!! Enough about her she’s just pathetic!

  • John

    each time see her photos, i feel depress.

  • My

    She would get her big break somewhere else. You know those movies that keep auditioning for an unknown? It would only be a matter of time. She has the looks for a Hollywood career and her CV isn’t anything to laugh it. She may have broken out with On the Road. She was cast in that long before Twilight came into the picture.

  • jann

    PLZZZ! That BAFTA Award is a popularity award so NOT an acting award – she rstill emains to be some ungracious, ungrateful talentless celezbo.

  • jann

    PLZZZ! That BAFTA Award is a popularity award so NOT an acting award – she rstill emains to be some ungracious, ungrateful talentless celezbo.

  • Top critics Kstew reviews

    “”Does anybody else think that a mirror that proclaims Stewart “fairest” over Charlize Theron needs glasses?”

    “And yet the performances-notably from Kristen Stewart as the iconic title character-don’t always live up to the film’s visionary promise. First, there’s the problem of casting anyone who’s supposed to be fairer than Charlize Theron as the evil queen. But beyond Stewart’s distractingly inconsistent British accent, she simply lacks the presence to serve as a convincing warrior princess. She’s too slight, her Snow White seems too reticent and insecure as she leads her minions into battle, and she still relies on all those Bella Swan tics that define her performances in the “Twilight” movies: the sulking and sighing, the skittish side glances.”

    “Snow is… meant to be ethereal. Like a Disney princess, even, little birdies alighting on her slender white fingers and whatnot. But there is nothing ethereal about Stewart ** she is all id.”

    “We’re supposed to believe that Snow White commands the adoration of everyone she meets, but when poor Hemsworth lunges in for his emotional reveal, it’s as plausible as a man professing undying love for a tablespoon”

    Sadly, Stewart fails to inject any energy into Snow White and she’s mopey and bland as a result, though she does look very fetching in a suit of armour, even if she can’t manage to generate any chemistry with either of her co-stars (poor old K-Stew-another film, another rubbish love triangle”

  • Kim

    @LOL: I’d rather see her then Vanessa Hudgens sucking face with that little boy every day…….

  • Top critics Kstew reviews

    Kristen Stewart brings every bit of Bella Swann she can to the role, complete with lip twitches and awkward, sorrowful glances. Perhaps newbie director Rupert Sanders could have directed her better-or perhaps both chose to capitalize on the Twi-hard audience she brings with her. Either way, if you found K-Stew’s self-conscious style irritating before, you will find her no different here”

    “What of this picture’s Snow White? I cannot tell a lie, it’s true: For the stretch of the movie, Kristen Stewart just wasn’t doing it for me”

    “And then there is Kristen Stewart as Snow White. Her performance is uneven, and while that’s a step up from her portrayal of Bella Swan in the “Twilight” films, it’s not really enough to carry the movie.”

    “Mousy-pretty rather than fairy-tale beautiful, an actress of limited range, Stewart spends the first half of the film hardly speaking a word, as if the producers were afraid to let her talk.”

  • allen

    Whoa Kristen is getting SLAMMED by critics.

  • mary

    i like her. she’s different from other hollywood girls. she’s seems smart and deep.

  • blue

    This girl just can’t act.

  • LaCroix

    man .. this twerp needs to shut it already. Walking contradiction. ANYONE with half a brain knows she needs to distance herself from Twilight’s almost over. Duh!

  • Ghost

    It’s like 90 degrees in NYC this past week & she gets off the plane with a ski cap on with long sleeves? yeah she doesn’t do drugs..

  • @22

    I wouldn’t call those top critics. The writing for one is atrocious. Sounds more like internet bloggers with a hidden agenda against KStew.


    @LaCroix: I love all your posts on her. Her fans are really dumb.


    @@22: Dude do you have eyes & ears? If you think this girl can act then what about actresses like Mia Wasikowska, Carey Mulligan, Saoirse Ronan, Emma Stone? They must suck to you. IDK .. some people wouldn’t know talent if it hit you in the face.

  • alice

    @@22: Actually those reviews are from Arizona Republic, MSN Movies, San Jose Mercury, Digital Spy, Vilage Voice, so yes they are top critics.

  • hahah

    LaCroix is the stupidest bittch. Let’s weigh the alternative which her pea size brain couldn’t foresee: Kristen trash talk Twilight, say she is glad to be done with it. We get a huge backlash from Twilight fans, and haters who call her ungrateful, shittting on her old films, should have let another girl take the role.
    She can’t win with you people. Haters gonna hate.

  • Give it 2 me straight

    So are the reviews good bad or in the middle.

  • Trolls suck

    LOL, top critics my asss. I’d wait for Roger Ebert to review SWATH. She got so many positive reviews. One can’t cherry pick only negative reviews to post. It shows there’s no objectivity to your post, so you haters are discredited.
    It gets cold while flying. You are 80,000 feet up in the air. She took her coat off, see. The beanie was probably a way for her to go incognito.

  • @33

    Check out rotten tomatoes, the reviews are up. Look at the top critics tab since not all reviews are up yet (only 22) and mostly from internet bloggers…they praise Kristen and the movie.

  • NYC

    That’s not what “falling off the truck” means.
    What a moron she is.
    Falling off the truck means someone didn’t pay for the goods, aka, stole them and then usually sells them on the street for less money.
    This chick is IQ 12.

  • Aurora

    @Give it 2 me straight: Reviews on the movie are fair to good. Reviews on KStew are fair to pretty bad.

  • mary

    @Trolls suck: she got way more negative reviews though

  • @mary

    Not really. Her accent was praised all around. She was well cast (everyone said she was beautiful and the camera loves her). Critics acknowledge her for her stunts work, her subtlety in contrast to the evil queen’s more loud performance, and her chemistry with the huntsman and the prince. No lip biting, great line delivery with a foreign accent, a beautiful snow white. Overall, one of her better performances.

  • Britain

    This is a summer flick btw, not an oscar bait. In the trailers, she did wonderful and you could hear her british accent. As long as she delivers a okay performance, that is all she really needs out of this film.
    The box office is what the studios are ultimately looking at and what kristen will be judged on. This film was made in less than a year to stop mirror mirror from releasing first. For a blockbuster, that is rushing (special effects takes time). I’m glad Kristen didn’t put in a half-hearted performance and her accent was good, the only objective thing to judge her on.

  • sara

    the reviwes were soooooooooo bad

  • jay

    Mia Wasikowska, Carey Mulligan, Saoirse Ronan, Emma Stone.
    Let’s see, three of those actresses shared the Vanity Fair Young Hollywood issue with KStew. KStew was in the front and center. That says it all.
    J/K. We can’t really judge Kstew against any of these actresses because she doesn’t go for the same roles as these four . These four DO compete for the same types of roles. Out of the four, I’d say Carey Mulligan is the most convincing. If she was up for the part against these four, she would get it. She has a mixture of talent and box office appeal.

  • V

    I love Kristen. Can’t wait to see SWATH.

  • V all are pathetic who try to bring down someones success. Do you people have no heart? Do you not ever feel guilty spewing you crap? Seriously you all haters must be ugly inside and out.

  • V

    Also since when did wearing a beanie and long sleeves mean you’re on drugs? Perhaps the person who said that..seems to be on them. Maybe Kristen isn’t feeling well hence the clothes…but I ask..why does what one wear bother or affect you in any way? Kristen doesn’t diss you what morons wear..nor does she criticize it. So what gives you the right to judge her in such a way. And falling of a truck has an implicit and explicit meaning…seriously haters are way too invested on someone they “hate”. Perhaps we should be worried about you.

  • V

    @Britain: You should also watch pop sugars I’m a huge fan episode 1..where a fan won the chance to interview Kristen. In this ep they talk about Kristen’s accent with Kristen’s dialect coach from SWATH.

  • kingkasyski

    Your Carey,Mia ,Emma & Saoirse of the world can’t be given what role Kristen has been given like Snow White role,they don’t have the face or the personality to pull it off .They are not a pretty actress,there’s only so much bland role you can give to bland personality of these actresses.Kristen has the face and personality of the old hollywood that these actresses can and will never have.Can’t wait for SWATH of Kristen on Friday!!

  • Jesus

    She has the creepiest fans.. just check Rotten Tomatoes, the critics say she is awful.

  • Riche

    Are you a moron. Go on Rotten
    It is all there, from the critics.

  • @riche

    No, Kristen’s getting excellent reviews. Where did it say her accent was bad? People were complaining her accent was bad because she wasn’t talking in the trailers and now they shut up about it. That was her only real challenge and she pass it with flying colors. The ticks like biting lips are gone, too.