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Katie Holmes: First Post Divorce Announcement Pictures!

Katie Holmes: First Post Divorce Announcement Pictures!

Katie Holmes is a beauty in blue while taping an appearance for Project Runway: All Stars at the Parson’s School of Design on Monday (July 2) in New York City.

These are the first pictures of the 33-year-old actress out and about following the announcement of her split from husband Tom Cruise last week.

Just three days ago, Katie filed for divorce from Tom and has since fired her old security team because they were too close to him, according to TMZ.

Katie was spotted with a new security detail today of 5-6 bodyguards.

FYI: Katie is wearing a Holmes & Yang Color-Block Camp dress from the Fall 2012 collection and Roger Vivier shoes.

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  • lauren

    She looks happy :)
    I wish i knew wht ppl mean buy “free katie” can someone explain?

  • itziar

    haha she looks better than ever.

  • sarah

    So she has practically thrown pictures of herself as the doting/only parent to Suri for the pap’s to snap up. Yet now she is out and about alone. Pretty sick to use a kid as a pawn in a divorce. Really hope Tom’s lawyer’s go after this GOLD DIGGER.

  • Kary

    have passed only 3 days. and she already looks bright young

  • Chiara

    Now she can wear heels again!

  • jaspisgirl

    see, wasn’t that difficult.get the divorce from this idiot and start a happy life with your daughter!!!!!! and good luck to you for raising her,i am sure this will be a hard job!!!!!

  • Lola

    She’s finally free!

  • anon

    I hope all women who are in Kaities positions do excactly what she did.
    ENOUGH. There’s not a court in the world who will give custody partial or whole to Tom when they do a background check on him.

  • jaspisgirl

    and before some one is thumbing me down:she knows about his religion before dating or even marry him.i am sure it was all an adventure for her,being married to her i do not feel that sorry for her.i feel sorry for suri, she did not ask to be part in this game of adults.

  • amy

    She did what women have been doing for years. Gets pregnant to get him. Stays with him for a while. Then divorces and gets lots and lots of money. She’ll never have to work again. Lets face it she isn’t a good actress. She’s set for life.

  • Marie

    Whatever the “straw” was that broke the back of this union it’s good to see Katie taking control of her life as more than just Mrs. Cruise. I’ve always been a TC fan so I’m not going to bash him for what he believes or how he lives. I do know that once upon a time Katie had stated that Tom has been her biggest celebrity crush-fantasy and that she had dreamed of marrying him. Guess the reality of having her “dream come true” was more than she could handle and now the grieving and growing begins. Sometimes you really do have to be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. Wish them both best.

  • Alaia

    She has shown more emotion in these pictures than she has done the past five years of marriage.

  • Laurel

    Wow. Look at all her grey hair. I’ve never noticed that before (yeah, I’m probably late).
    And I don’t know know what that expression on her face means exactly, but “happy” isn’t what comes to mind.

  • lalala

    She really does look better than ever!

  • Guy

    Tom is a beauty in blue, too for that matter, Tom looks good in anything. I hope Tom and Suri are doing well, wish him and Suri the best!

  • Really

    She looks better already! She’s lucky she got out alive!

  • Ford

    Really feel for her. Hope she gets sole custody x

  • KC

    She looks better already….but I’m sure she’s feeling stressed. I wish her the best.

  • NotAGirl

    Katie was spotted with a new security detail today of 5-6 bodyguards.

    Is that in case the Xenu crazies try to kill her? Can’t say I blame her!

  • Really

    Maybe the reason she and Suri were always being photographed in public is because that is the only place she could be free and safe. After reading all the articles about people following her around and the control over her life.. we’ll never know how much danger she was or still is in.

  • solecito

    What a bunch of hypocrites! After years of bashing Katie, now everyone is praising her. Don’t be so quick to blame Tom, when there’s a divorce, it’s usually both partners’ fault. NO ONE, but them know what really happened, so stop judging. As for Tom, he needs to find a spouse that shares his beliefs. I hope both Katie and Tom find happiness.


    She used Cruise! She knew his beliefs before she married him. She is disgusting.

  • s

    She doesn’t look happy to me at all. She looks worried and stressed. Wish her all the best.

  • baugh


    for your information , the kid is not tom’s don’t forget that part.

    good for her , now i like her again.

  • Carol

    You bet she fired the old security team and changed publicists, she had to get rid of all the Scientology spies.

  • Delilah

    Holy crap, she is glowing.

  • jane-lee

    Katie stay strong
    Miss old katie of dawson

  • ivy

    Scientology is a cult, pure and simple. It might be disguised by the wealthy /celebrity members but do a little reading or watch that taped piece that surfaced a few years ago pie of Tom talking about various aspects of the “religion” . He explains that only scientologists can solve all the problems of the world, that they are superior to the rest of us and know all kinds of things we do not. They guy is a nut and after living with him for a few years, Katie finally has realized Tom is crazy and wants in indoctrinate Suri now that she is 6 years old. I ust read that he feels strongly about shipping her off, literally, to some military like boot camp that happens on a ship… sans parents. Katie is protecting her child the only way that makes sense. I have to say, she must be a pretty good actress if she pulled all this off without Tom suspecting it was happening.

  • Zoe2

    I don’t even pretend to know what goes on in other people’s marriages but she sure did take off that wedding ring fast.

  • sweetness

    she looks a little dopey in the face..a bit goofy. Tom needs to divorce her quickly. He can do much better. Let her have Suri. Pay child support but don’t let her get to his money.

  • Morgan

    Katy has looked miserable for a few years. I don’t think she had any idea what she was signing up for when she married him. (she should have talked to Nicole). Scientology is one crazy cult. The St Petersburg Times has done more than one article on them and they are a scary group. Glad she has new bodyguards and glad her father is an attorney. I wish her all the best.

  • Amy

    Wow, what a difference. She looks happy, she’s glowing, smiling, fresh face, and energetic!

    I feel bad for Tom Cruise’s next victim.

  • dobbi

    She looks happy and free! She looked like a hostage with him.

  • Adri

    She sure isn’t messing around! Firing tom’s security & publicist was very smart of her. Hopefully it helps, and her and suri will be able to live in peace, without Scientology & it’s questionable ways.

  • Rap*LovesJesus

    Yes katie. Go back to being catholic

    Jesus is the onyl way.

  • Black-Dahlia

    She looks good

  • why??

    Why is she judging on that show? Her own fashion line is a joke, and she dresses terribly. Seriously, I would feel angry and insulted if I were a contestant.

  • Carbon Copy

    What a difference divorcing a loon makes. Good for her!

  • annie

    i don’t think katie wants to take suri away from tom, i think all katie wants is, to have a new life away from tom, and live in NY with her daughter, they have grown apart, and probably scie had something to do with it as well.
    katie for a long time looked like a single parent , with tom making movies one after another, skype doesn’t take the place of a fathers presence in his childs life, so i think she figured what’s the point of it all.
    honestly as a katie fan , i don’t think she’s been happy for a long time, and i mean a very long time, to be honest i was surprised she stayed as long as she did.
    i always thought how nice it was that she seemed to have had a good relationship with her sisters in law, because often they were seen with her when she went out, but i havn’t seen her with them for a long long time, now i think it wasn’t so much a good relationship as something else, maybe.
    before her marriage, she was photographed with friends having coffee, meeting up with girfriends, even pics of her smoking .
    katie was infatuated and probably in love a little, with tom, and thought him so wonderful, as she said the man of her dreams, but men of dreams are very human as well, and probably she started seeing things that were in reality far removed from her impressions.
    look the way i see it, tom and katie had to come together, to create suri, we all have lessons in life that we have to learn from, it took strengh for her to do what she did, and tom now has to evaluate deep in his soul what he does wrong in his marriages or his style of loving.
    he loves his mother dearly, and his sisters, always talks about them , lives with them, they go with him when he makes movies, maybe no woman can match his mum, and maybe his women don’t want to mother him, and he withdraws, like they let him down.
    i don’t believe tom is a bad person, maybe it was his not altogether happy childhood, but there are issues he really needs to address, i think he smothers and controlls , and you can’t do that to a Saggi girl.
    katies rose coloured glasses came off a long time ago. this will be a big relief for her, but she made up her mind , and her dad being a divorce attorney helped her a lot, i think, her parents could see how things were as well. obviously the best timing was while tom was in Iceland making a movie.
    she’s desperate for a new beginning, new city, new home, new staff, and what’s telling for me, look at her cute shoes.
    been a fan for a long time , so i wish her well, but i hope things turn out good for him too..
    well that’s my little piece for the day!

  • scarlett

    Of course she’s smiling. She outsmarted Tom and beat him to the punch. It reminds me of the movie Sleeping With The Enemy in which the Julia Roberts fakes her death to escape from her controlling abusive husband. She had obviously had been planning this for months and by the time Tom and his team realized what was happening, she was already several steps ahead and 200 miles down the road. So while he is shooting in Iceland on location, he, his attorneys and his publicists are scrambling. All I can say is “well done” Katie.

  • Old Nutter Hubbard

    Go Katie!!! Destroy the poison midget and his crazy mind control cult!

  • scarlett

    I also think she has major dirt on Tom and his COS cronies which has prompted her to file for sole custody.

  • Old Nutter Hubbard

    Shooting an extremely aptly named film – ‘OBLIVION’. :lol:

  • scarlett

    @Old Nutter Hubbard: Yes..I caught that too. Can you say “irony”?

  • anon

    I’m not joking when I say that this is the best she’s looked in a long time!

  • hanna

    This marriage was a farce in the first moment that began.

    1. jump in the couch of Oprah.
    2. marriage proposal in the tower eiffel
    3. marriage in a castle
    4. daily pictures

    She knew where she was entering, but she wanted to promote.
    She is not an innocent one, she is smart.

  • Declan


    You don’t know what you are talking about, hater. You don’t know them personally so don’t judge Tom so nastily. You don’t know what Katie is like. She used Tom to advance in her career (what career? – everything she tried was a flop….broadway, tv movies, batman movies…cmon, this girl can’t act just like a certain tv actress JA) who transitioned from tv to movies to make it big but failed.

    Kate looks like she’s a manipulator. I could be wrong. But how can you take a child away from a father she loves and a father who adores her regardless of religion. She knew exactly what she was getting into when she married him and before she got pregnant. But now she’s bored because he’s always away on film location. Maybe Tom can’t stand being around her bitching all the tme.

  • Declan

    why is everybody making a big deal of jumping on the couch on Oprah’s show….. he’s an actor and very animated. Give me a BREAK….Tom was being funny… everyone else you’re too serious and hypocritical.

    Yes, he was happy and showed it like a kid who got a big present….well back then he thought that it was a big present…that turned out to be a big disappointment in his life. They did have some happy years. Until the cookie crumbles…then they move on to the next partner….Katie is itching already I can tell. Good luck, lady

  • Darren


    Tom never kept Katie hostage, doors were open where she was free to leave at anytime. Why did it take her this long? Perhaps the longer she stays the more money she gets.. Her prenup I believe says she gets 3 million per year of marriage.

    She’s cunning.

  • KO Tatasugi

    I truly feel sorry for her.No matter what you read what you believe about her life you cant deny this girl is suffering from these picture.She used to be such a cutie.