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Beyonce Reads Letter to Michelle Obama in Campaign Ad!

Beyonce Reads Letter to Michelle Obama in Campaign Ad!

Beyonce has lent her support to the Obama/Biden campaign by reading her open letter to First Lady Michelle Obama in a newly released campaign ad.

“I wrote a letter to the First Lady because I wanted her to know I am very grateful for everything she is doing for our country and also for women around the world,” the 30-year-old singer says in the video.

Beyonce wrote Michelle an open letter back in April praising her work and telling her that she is proud to raise Blue Ivy in a world with people like her.

Michelle tweeted Beyonce after she read the letter thanking her in return for being a positive role model for girls around the world.

Beyonce Reads Letter to Michelle Obama in Campaign Ad
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  • Who cares what u think?

    Barack and Michelle only care about their friends that can give them publicity and money. Their celebrity status and not the country he was elected to run. Actually all of the celebrities that support him are clueless of what middle America is going through. I can’t wait until they are all gone.

  • sillyme

    Oh, good grief! Yeah, really what the women of America want is to be more dependent on the government to make decisions for us. The women’s movement has come a long way – we don’t need a man to take care of us. Let Uncle Barack be your daddy.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Love Bey!

  • Lisa

    HEY Jared so you change your site to THE OFFICIAL OBAMA PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN NETWORK, BYE bye Obama THE MARXIST TWIT, roll on to November

  • Lisa

    HEY Obama tell us why you Obama arming the drug cartels and killing Brian Terry and more than 300 innocent Mexican

  • Lisa

    HEY Barry you can’t hide from the REAL HARD WORKING AND TAX PAYING AMERICANS.

  • Lisa

    OUTSOURCED, under Barry NASA has been outsourced to the Russian, our Astronauts now have to hitch a ride to the space station with Putin’s Cosmosnuts. RIP NASA

  • katrina

    Beyonce? Please. Show some real working Americans. Most of us are not high paid celebrities. Shame on the president.

  • alex

    obama 2012!!

  • rochelle

    Would Beyoncé be supporting Obama if he was white?

  • Wilmaupl

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  • somali girl

    Ugh I can’t stand this has-been. Go and polish that reborn doll you useless hag.

  • Nikki

    I am so sick of so many celebrities endorsing Obama…As a 19-year old girl I find that most people my age are going to be swayed to vote for the “celebrity-like” candidate, unfortunately. I get that California is mostly a democratic state, hence all of these stars rooting for Barack, but honestly, I really don’t believe that they would be pushing their support if it weren’t for a few measly reasons. One being that Obama is black. If he was white, I HIGHLY doubt people like Beyonce would be helping with this campaign. People, OPEN your eyes! Start to look at facts, and results instead of ‘who looks good,’ and who your favorite stars are going to mark on the ballot.

    A concerned hopeful for the future

  • One Term F-Yeah

    Who knew she could read.
    Now with 30percent Unemployment among Blacks and 45 Percent among youth BHussein Obama is making even President Carter look good by comparison.

  • Enemy Within

    Why has he allowed Muuuuslim Brotherhood gangs and cartels infiltrate our Border and every Branch of our GOVT. RIP America.

  • Spare me the BS

    He has Bailed Foreign Countries, Banks with Billions we don’t have.
    Ran up our National Debt an Extra Six Trillion with the Corrupt Media covering for him.
    Now he’s Fundraising in foreing Countries, is that even legal.
    The BC was still a forgery and so is his SSN from CT.
    His Communist leanings and mentors like Frank Marshall Davis is unheard of though he mentions him 25 times in his own book.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Beautiful Bey!

  • Wannabe Dictator.

    We are worse off now under BHO, Higher gas and food prices, less jobs, more home foreclosures,,,guess his plan to Collapse us is working.

  • Oh Yeah!!!


  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Why Blame Obama??? The WORLD is in Recession!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    What will a White President do that an African American can’t????
    Perform Magic and make the World all Better?

  • http://none theotherlee


    Right, and “poor” Romney with his multitude of offshore banking accounts is exactly what we need in a president…

  • Oh Yeah!!!


  • Yada yada ya

    @theotherlee: And Barack doesn’t have any bank accounts offshore? How did he buy a multi million dollar home in Chicago for less than $300k? Yeah, he’s an honest politician… Just like his good friend Charles Rangel and Jeremiah Wright.

  • Carbon Copy

    I love those who speak politics and the only info they are getting is from campaign ads or left-wing news. Shows the level of ignorance and lack of wanting to learn and actually makes me sad for this country that only cares about celebrity and only know the work ‘me and I’ just like Barack of course.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Black is Beautiful!
    white is too!

  • Oh Yeah!!!


  • Oh Yeah!!!


  • gio

    this stupid video will be continued with the new video called : bEYONCE AND jay z kiss obama’s asses live on ABC news

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    stop that

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    y people hate Obama???

  • la zingaro

    @Lisa: Bush killed over a 100,000 innocent Iraqis. Where’s your outrage there. Pat Tillman anyone?

  • Annie S

    Beyonce wouldn’t give a shit about any other First Lady if they weren’t black.

  • Lizl

    Obviously, someone has been drinking too much of the Kool-aid

  • Lizl

    @Oh Yeah!!!:

    The answer is YES!!! Mitt Romney is the answer and messiah to our failing economy!!!

  • jansco368

    Colin Powell did not run for president because he predicted that the green monsters would all surface. It’s sad that Americans don’t see how Bush totally screwed up the economy. Obama was set up to fail. He specifically said it would get worse before it got better. We had an inarticulate President in the White House with a C average from Yale who had to get Cheney to think for him. He would never have even been in politics if it weren’t for Papa Bush. It took Bush eight years to screw up the economy. It will take Obama that long to fix it. The Republicans were banking on the fact that Obama would be unable to fix the economy in one term so that they can elect another Republican.
    Also, why the problem with Beyonce supporting the Obamas because she is rich and famous? Is Clint Eastwood down on his luck right now? LOL

  • jansco368

    And Romney knows what middle America is going through?

  • jansco368

    @gio: I would also love to see the video of the elderly demented Clint Eastwood debating an empty chair.

  • jansco368

    Are Romney’s people real working Americans? Nicki Minaj, Donald Trump, Scott Baio, Clint Eastwood and Chuck Norris. Yes, I can see how you would feel these are real working Americans with the exception of Scott Baio who hasn’t worked steadily since “Happy Days”.

  • jansco368

    Your statement is a throwback to the Reconstruction period when blacks thrived and owned businesses but the Klan burned them down. How dare those jungle bunnies have the audacity to have more than us! That simply cannot happen. They MUST be poor desolate and live in their own ghettoes away from God-fearing white folks!
    How dare Obama become President! We laughed when Al and Jesse ran because we knew they did not have a chance in hell of winning but where the hell did this intelligent Negro come from with his Ivy League education, his attractive, polished wife and well-behaved kids? Why can’t black people stay in the world of hip hop where they belong? That is your antiquated mentality. Well I have news for you! Obama reflects the changing world of a black and brown majority. Deal with it!