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Jada Pinkett Smith Testifies on Capital Hill with Will & Willow

Jada Pinkett Smith Testifies on Capital Hill with Will & Willow

Jada Pinkett Smith is joined by her husband Will Smith while testifying during “The Next Ten Years In The Fight Against Human Trafficking: Attacking The Problem With The Right Tools” committee hearing at the Hart Senate Office Building on Tuesday (July 17) in Washington, DC.

The 40-year-old actress and the 43-year-old actor brought along their daughter Willow, who posed for a photo in Senator John Kerry‘s seat after the hearing.

“I’m getting radical on human trafficking!!!” Willow wrote on her Facebook page.

Watch Jada testify before the Senate below…

Jada Pinkett Smith Testifies on Capital Hill
Just Jared on Facebook
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willow smith testifies on capital hill with will willow 03
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Credit: Kris Connor; Photos: Getty, Facebook
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  • Tami

    She is definitely her father’s child. I think it’s awesome Willow told her mom about the subject. She seems mature to me . And she isn’t too young to get involved in raising awareness for it. Being the average age to be trafficked is 11 years old. It’s disgusting . Glad Will&Jada are using their star power for something good!

  • NotAGirl

    They sure know a lot about trafficking. They love to exploit their children!

  • Tami

    @NotAGirl: What an ignorant statement troll.

  • Danni

    That little self-assured girl, Willow Smith is going to rule the world some day. So much self-confidence packed in that little body

  • krix

    Will & Jada using their celebrity status to increase awareness of this very sad and serious issue is all positive and I hope that it makes a difference.

  • tito

    Tell that to your president, he has armed the very cartels that are doing the human trafficking.

  • snake

    That Willow is one ugly dude boy!

  • Lalique

    Oh, my dear Jared… Capitol Hill (notice the “o” there) is in our nation’s capital (notice the second “a”), Washington, D.C. :-)))

  • sillyme

    Please tell me that Willow didn’t actually pose that way at Kerry’s seat in the Senate. They really do let that girl do whatever she wants, don’t they? Well, she’ll probably wind up like Michael Jackson trying to reclaim her youth when she’s in her 40′s.

  • Tami

    @snake: And what have you been through to attack a kid on her looks? Mommy didn’t hug you enough? Aww

  • Brit

    @sillyme: What that she made a silly face? How do you get that out of one picture. Okay I guess every child star too will end up like MJ crying for their childhood in their 40s. Get a grip. The kid doesn’t even work all year . She does about 2 videos a year. So stop acting like she is the first kid star. And looks like a kid being silly to me . The hate this girl gets is funny !

  • Barry

    Sexually confused parents have messed up kids too.

  • A

    @tito: How do you know? And in what way?

  • anon

    It’s Capitol (with an O) Hill

  • Clark Griswold


    LMAO very true

  • pit

    wow she is not cute at all
    big ears and all

  • eternalozzie

    this is hypocritical coming from the parents that use their kids as income streams instead of children.

  • marq

    Suspiciously a manufactured panic. Add “sex trafficking” into the mix and who doesn’t shudder in fright? Yet it wasn’t long ago that the former governor of California himself, wanted to human traffic California prisoners to other states and Mexico in order to “ease overcrowding”. (Private prison industries offer to build myriad prisons and to put wholesale prisoners to work at wages comparable to or below Chinese slave labor wages, so long as government will guarantee a minimum 90% filled capacity.)

    Frightful fictional movies abound on the topic of human trafficking, yet just try to access volume specific files on actual cases. And does anyone seriously doubt the significant number of laws that exist in this area already? But accordingly, given the high profile of the complainants, we’ll dutifully proceed ahead and look into their ostensibly newly found cases.

  • betty

    @eternalozzie Will and Jada Smith do not need their children’s income they are quite independently wealthy individuals. Human trafficking is going on in the US as well as abroad. Some of you critics need to educate yourself on this subject you might learn something besides being critical toward the ones that are aware and trying to raise awareness on this subject..

  • betty

    I forgot to mention this human trafficking of very young girls between the ages of 10-18 in the US

  • Isha

    @eternalozzie: You might just think differently if you actually knew Will and Jada’s total networth in 2011. See below or simply google it yourself.

    Will 200 mil
    Jada 20 mil
    Jaden 8 mil
    Willow 4 mil

    They do not need their children’s money. They are no different from other children in the business. If you say they don’t have talent, then that’s half of Hollywood Actors/Actress/Singers. As usual with the rich, they do catch a break because of their parents, but that’s life in general. So what’s the real reason that this family is so hated?

  • http://deleted Isha

    @Clark Griswold: Will & Jada Smith networth in 2011 was 220 million. Will & Jada ‘laughing their azz off ‘ (LTAO) all the way to the bank!!!

  • marq

    The problem is apparently with definition. Definitions of Human Trafficking are all over the board. That is why numbers cited in all the various reports seldom jive.

    The priority for addressing this field has been expressed as, “the most important arena which needs urgent exploration is the way the knowledge upon which the public debate about trafficking for sexual and labor exploitation is based is generated.” ~~Elzbieta M. Gozdziak and Micah N. Bump, “DATA AND RESEARCH ON HUMAN TRAFFICKING: BIBLIOGRAPHY OF RESEARCH-BASED LITERATURE”, Georgetown University Institute for the Study of International Migration, October 2008, 45.

    For example, in US law, transportation isn’t requisite and in cases involving children, minors are presumed not to have rights to consent. There are massive shades of gray. So what is the worst case and what is the least case? Are the proponents of ever-more draconian laws pushing to even further disenfranchise youth?

  • Deborah

    While the Smiths should be commended for using their celebrity to bring attention to such a worthy cause, it is somewhat disturbing to read in several outlets that their 11 year old brought the video which prompted their action to their notice. She may be very mature for for a child but one would hope parents would be monitoring internet use more carefully.

  • marq

    How many of the “victims” that the FBI announces that it has “rescued” during its flamboyant operations, are themselves arrested and/or threatened with punishment unless they testify against others?

  • ashhey

    oh the irony…

  • catie

    More people like her need to stand up to this and educate people about it. I feel like most of the population doesn’t even know that this is an issue in today’s society.