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Kristen Stewart Cheats on Rob Pattinson with Rupert Sanders

Kristen Stewart Cheats on Rob Pattinson with Rupert Sanders

Kristen Stewart allegedly cheated on Robert Pattinson on Tuesday (July 17) with another Brit, her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.

Us Weekly reports they had a “marathon makeout session.”

Kristen is absolutely devastated,” a source tells People. “It was a mistake and a complete lapse in judgment. She wasn’t having an affair with Rupert. It was just a fleeting moment that shouldn’t have happened. She never meant to hurt anyone. She’s a good person who just made a bad choice.”

Rupert, 41, is married to British Vogue model Liberty Ross, 33, and they have two children, ages 7 and 5.

Rob, 26, and Kristen, 22, were last spotted together at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards. They will soon be promoting their upcoming Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2, out November 16.

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  • Piper


    okay so who you do you believe, oh magnificent one? People is known to be an ass-kisser to celebs and they wouldn’t say it without talking to their people first. I LIKED her but this truly stupid of her. definitely will hurt her career.

  • lola

    sad for the kids and wife

  • anon

    its called how to end a showmance kids…. i knew it would be done this way

  • Ana

    No we’re not being stupid. When it’s being covered by ALL the sites and there are pics. There was no denial on her part also but some people are still in denial over this.

  • anon
  • FluffBall

    @anon: its nt just that it is also that the cheeck bones look really prominent which his wife has super big cheeck bones looks more like his wife then kristen photoshopping fags ae

  • DB

    She’s a 22 year old kid who has hardly dated anybody. If it did happen, then the man is a predatory scumbag and I hope his wife takes him for every dime he’s got and he gets blacklisted by the industry.

  • v

    Umm guys she didn’t cheat. This is just another rumour.

  • http://Justjarde Jen Aniston fan

    anon @ 07/24/2012 at 11:05 pm

    Yes it lookalike photoshop . I hope what you say it true

  • katie

    it isn’t true and that picture is obviosly photoshoped. you are all jelous becaus she’s beutifule an amazing acrtress and a super model for belengia..

  • Cany

    This is caree suicidal. just now she was starting to look a little more friendly, adult this krap happens!

  • s0s

    fcuk no

  • Truth Squad

    Watch out. The loons are going to come after you with a lot of thumbs down. This site is practically OWNED by BRANDgelina and they have the craziest, creepiest fans.

  • Jess



  • WTMF

    @katie: Yes, I’m super jealous. It’s my life’s goal to be a home wrecker like her.

  • Jen

    anon @ 07/24/2012 at 11:05 pm
    Yes it lookalike photoshop . I hope what you say it true

  • Jen

    anon @ 07/24/2012 at 11:05 pm
    Yes it lookalike photoshop . I hope what you say it true

  • sam

    Who snitched on them? One of Rob’s friends who doesn’t like Kristen?

  • cmac

    Why do people always blame just the other woman when a married man cheats on his wife? Anyway, we don’t even know if this is true. Also, we don’t know for sure if Robsten’s relationship is exclusive. Kristen is not married. Rob is not married. But, Rupert is married. If this really happened, Rupert is the one who needs to apologize to his wife and never do it again if she doesn’t want a divorce.

  • Boom

    @my god:
    It surely wasn’t with her top notch acting…

  • Effy

    They are both at fault here. It’s not like Kristen didn’t know he was married with kids.

  • bahha black sheep


  • http://Justjarde Jen Aniston fan
  • to those in denial

    @Truth Squad:

    Robsten has the creepiest kraziest fanatical fans after reading the comments on here. Don’t bring in unrelated people cause you can’t handle the truth. What is is, LOL.

    Maybe a young middle aged older women gave into the charms of an young middle aged older man while she was in a relationship with someone else. It can happen to anyone or anytime. Because humans are humans. Now that is the truth.

    Why beat up on those involved if it did happen? Just accept that no one is perfect and that is part of life.

    And then move on with your own lives and try to make them the best that you possibly can. You know, deal with reality.

    To err is human, to forgive is divine.

  • FluffBall

    @Jen Aniston fan: that is definitly his wifes cheek bones that is photoshopped to the max i cannot believe all the magazines have shamed themselves with this

  • WTMF

    I’m pretty sure that their reps would’ve quickly denied this rumor if it was false, considering how much is at stake. The fact that both camps have been silent leads me to believe they’re trying to figure out how to do damage control.

  • amy

    So…not one photo of a steamy public makeout session with Rob in all these years, but a pap just happens to “catch” her making out with her married director last week? For someone as notoriously private as Kristen, it is not likely. She has flat out said she will not sell herself, her private life is not up for grabs. Even in heels she is much shorter than Rupert, he would have to be squatting down to whisper in her ear like that, not a very sexy thing to be doing. Anyway, I don’t believe that she would do anything like that. She has men fawning over her and praising her left and right, I HIGHLY doubt she would get “caught”…in public…making out with her director. There are children involved in all of this b.s., these magazines are low pieces of trash just trying to make a buck off of someone else’s pain. I feel bad for them, it is utter crap to have this kind of smack spread about you. These “journalists” (and I use that term VERY loosely) should be ashamed of themselves for the way they spread lies and trash around. And shame on all of you for continuing to spread the garbage around. I am not just talking about Kristen, but anyone in the world. How would you like someone to take a picture of a moment that meant nothing, completely friendly, and post it on facebook and call you a slut to your entire family and friends? Seriously, think about what you are saying and doing. It would break you down and cause so many problems in your life, and for what? For someone to get a payday out of it? Or to do nothing but stir a pot of lies?

  • amy

    @Jen Aniston fan…THANK YOU!!! it is so sad that someone would do this to Kristen and of course Rupert’s family. US Weekly I hope you go broke…you cannot destroy a family like that without serious consequences. His poor children will now have to read that daddy is a low life cheater and that is just not right. As a mother, I would go apes*it on someone if they did this to my family. Just leave the people alone!

  • bahha black sheep

    yikes the unlucky wife just deleted her twitter account…coincidence?

  • Emma

    Disgusting on both their parts. Her 15 minutes are so over – can they start giving roles to actresses with actual talent who actually enjoy *enjoy* being actresses now?

  • to those in denial


    If all you say is true then where are the swift denials? None of the parties involved have said word 1, not one word. And now this is all over the media so they know what is being said. And the director’s wife has just deleted her twitter account.

    Why no denials? They all have publicists as does the Twi studio, why no denials?

  • Cora


    Really? Then what are those pics?

    I always never liked Kristen Stewart–you can be a shy person, but something about her just always seemed fishy to me: like she had a bad attitude or something. Especially now–I don’t care if it was just a kiss, a kiss is still cheating. And cheating is such a deal breaker, because whether or not you can get over it, it’s just a sign that things were not meant to be. If you are TRULY in love and REALLY want to be with that one person, you don’t feel the temptation to have a “lapse in judgment” and cheat, let alone with a MARRIED man!

    I hope Robert Pattinson dumps her ass. He seems like such a nice guy, a dedicated boyfriend, who is really talented in acting (unlike Kristen Stewart who, I’m sorry, but has NO talent). He should dump her and find someone who actually is willing to be with him.

    No matter how many sorries or how bad the person feels, cheating is still cheating. If he doesn’t dump her, then he’s a total wuss.

  • HarryStyles For ChristianGrey

    LOL STOP saying “it’s not true” or “Photoshopped” ..!!! you are in denial….or deluded.. accept it.. she is a cheater that what she did with her ex before Rob………

  • BEBE

    is there anyone bought the story with a lame pictures angle from the said proof pictures from the paparazzi.

    time to move on, boring. looks like someone need to boost something up in the near future, a movie coming out probably?
    good news or bad news is still good right….

  • Cora

    Oh and of course, the married guy is not off the hook either. He’s a total sleaze too, but I think K. Stew is taking more of the fall because her and Robert Pattinson were such a high profile couple.

  • Cora

    And she’s also a total idiot because he was always too good for her. She had such a nasty attitude, whereas he seemed like such a nice guy. She has no talent, while he has a lot. And lookswise–lets face it, he’s freakin gorgeous and she’s just cute, at best. Uusally I never compare couples in terms of their looks but I think Kristen Stewart is just such trash she deserves it lol. Esp she’s trash now

  • newbie

    why doubting that KStewpid cheated?! When she cheated likewise w/ her ex Michael Angarano for her Twitard co-star for the heck of more money & hype to bring in at the box-office of that TwiTard franchise!

  • Carlo

    I also would betray, his wife is ugly

  • She’s only human

    Kristen isn’t Bella. She’s not some innocent, devoted, faithful flunky. So all of her fans should get that through your heads. She did something very wrong. Stop trying to sugarcoat it. It’s happening. Just deal with the fact that she is a human being. Get over it and grow up!

  • Laura

    And the fact that her English boyfriend left London and moved to LA FOR HER and gifted her a $40,000 vintage Cartier necklace because he’s clearly in love with her? So sad. Us girls due for boyfriends like this

  • xiaoxie

    YES YES YES!!!
    I do hope that its all true… that KChooo would be the new “Leanne Rhimes”
    So long KChooo for you’ll now be receiving the’ death wrath’ of the Twitards & your career!

  • skinnyfat


    They’ve both confirmed they are a couple. Pay attention.

  • mai

    radio broadcast6 minutes ago

    Yes Liberty Ross (The wife of Rupert Sanders) just said on a radio interview on B105 (105.3 fm Brisbane) that it is her in that picture. On a segment called “The Dirt” She said something along the lines of

    Charlie (The presenter of the dirt): What of the acusations that your husband is caught up in a bit of a scandal with Kristen Stewart.

    Liberty: Oh well if thats true then I need to see what Mr.Patterson is up to (laughs) no no no that is me in the picture. It is a sad part of being in this industry, we try to live our lives and the media feeds of our failures.

  • Capoeira Moves

    how true is this ?! she dont look the type actually

    How to capoeira

  • skinnyfat

    I remember when they were promoting the film and there was a pic of Kristen and Rupert at a cast dinner at some asian restaurant, but the two of them looked to be really intimate and something about the way he was looking at her made me think there was something going on.

  • skinnyfat
  • runey

    Cant you all believed now that the likes of Miley Cirus & Blakey Lively were classier & decent than this cheating lesbo?!

  • LeeanneL

    First of all…the pic is photo shopped and it’s an awful one at that. Her ear is sitting where he cheek bone should be. It’s Rupert’s wife with Kristen’s face. This is a complete lie and I’m really starting to dislike the media as a whole. They are trying to ruin the image of a director and his family, along with a high profile actress. Damn roaches…get a life!!!!!!!!!

  • EJ

    wasn’t she at comic-con on july 17 at the twilight panel, the day they are saying she cheated?

  • aquarius64

    @cmac: Sorry, Stewart is equally at fault. Her martial status doesn’t let her off the hook.