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Justin Theroux: Buff Biceps at LAX!

Justin Theroux: Buff Biceps at LAX!

Justin Theroux shows off his bulging biceps in a polo shirt as he makes his way through LAX Airport on Thursday (July 26) in Los Angeles.

The 40-year-old actor landed on a flight from New York City and met up with his driver as he exited the airport.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Justin Theroux

Justin has been spending time in the Big Apple over the last couple of weeks while his girlfriend Jennifer Aniston films a movie in North Carolina.

10+ pictures inside of Justin Theroux at the airport…

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justin theroux buff biceps at lax 01
justin theroux buff biceps at lax 02
justin theroux buff biceps at lax 03
justin theroux buff biceps at lax 04
justin theroux buff biceps at lax 05
justin theroux buff biceps at lax 06
justin theroux buff biceps at lax 07
justin theroux buff biceps at lax 08
justin theroux buff biceps at lax 09
justin theroux buff biceps at lax 10
justin theroux buff biceps at lax 11
justin theroux buff biceps at lax 12
justin theroux buff biceps at lax 13

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • moss


  • kbcw

    That black hair color does not suit him

  • GIN

    small size pants

  • Please Stop!

    Please stop trying to brain wash folks into believing this Eddie Munster looking creep is something special! He was a nobody until he started banging the HW tr@mp Aniston who is also oversold to be something she is not.

  • hag

    beavis is back in buttville. he will be servicing suggamama soon in NC. at least he had a couple of weeks off.

  • The Real Emma

    Why is young man letting old guy carry his bag? And LV??? Really?

  • Sallygu

    LAHAOOOOOOSERRRR! Seriously this guy is a total nothing. Which makes sense since he is with a total nothing broad.

  • MrsKutcher

    please jj stop report about this guy….i can not stand one more pic about him with his tight pants, ugly shoes and creepy look

  • ja

    yeah….i would travel non-stop too after seeing those ugly pics of jennifer. Sorry…I cant get over it!!!! you Jen fans must agree!!! most of you jen fans saw that too!

  • an opinion

    His driver? Don’t you mean Jennifer’s driver. LOL

  • kni

    Is that old man carrying his bag their for him as security? The hell does he need security for?!!??

  • brenda

    I’m sorry but before he started dating Jennifer Aniston, did anyone know who this guy was. Or ever see him in any tabloid at all.

  • …..

    short-legged guy… or is it just the pants that’s making his legs look very short?

  • Mimi

    I love him! Go Jennifer, he’s SO much hotter than Brad!

  • Oh la la

    Did he specifically request a shorter driver?

  • http://Justjarde Jen aniston fan


  • Kylie

    for the love of all things holy, please, please tell me why he can’t wear a pair of big boy pants.

    he’s a grown man and he’s always wearing justin bieber pants. they are so unflattering and frankly don’t even look comfortable.

    grow up, man!

  • df


    It is so sad that Jen fans are still comparing every guy she convinces to date her to Brad! Just shows Brad is the high standard of men,

    There have been plenty of guys since Brad that have left her. Compare them to Justin. Not a man that left her 8 years ago

  • BOOOO!

    Jennifer is making a big mistake by dating Justin. He gives out bad vibes…Why else has he never dated any other hollywood celebrity?Since he has so much talent and all. Give me a break! Jen, you could do better!

  • African Girl

    Dude is shaped weirdly. . . It’s like someone cut off at least an inch of his legs and then stuck his feet back on and his tight jeans does not help either.

  • Ariel


    This guy isn’t even D-list worthy. Why is his lame ass always shoved down out throats? Is there some chance he is ever going to work again? All his alleged “edge” was lost when he cheated on his partner with Jenny and failed to tell her she was going to see photos of him “dating” in California while she waited for him in their home in NYC.

  • Truth Squad

    So I finally figured out how this site works. Justjared posts an Aniston related article late at night knowing the world’s most bitter, jealous women will hang out here at 3AM spewing their bitterness. Why don’t you losers just rename yourselves SINGLE LADIES because a woman who has a man to snuggle up to at night wouldn’t have time for this.

    The rest start showing up at 7AM!!! God, you people have no lives!!! I don’t even want to know how many hours a day for how many years you hang out here, but I kind of feel sad for you.

    A happy person doesn’t have time for this kind of hate so I hope you know with each insult, it’s really more about YOU than Aniston or Theroux.

    To be called a loser by some bitter middle aged woman who hangs out on a celebrity website in the middle of the night. If Theroux or Aniston even knew you existed they’d probably find that irony hilarious. Though I doubt they even know you exist so all your sad rantings are for nothing.

    Feel free to down arrow me. It will just confirm that I’ve hit a nerve. LOL

    Happy trolling losers.

  • BOOOO!

    @Truth Squad: Obviously you don’t have a life either, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here acting like you’re the damn gossip police. Look in the mirror before you start pointing fingers, ok?

  • ang

    you guys are so pathetic. the man cant help the length of his legs, and obviously none of you can stop the freaking idiotic thoughts you insist on writing here. you are 10 times less a person justin or jen ever could be. only losers like you would even think to make comments about the size of his legs. you all must lead very uneventful lives if you just sit here waiting to post negative things about justin and jen.

  • BOOOO!

    @ang: And by you policing comments will not make Justin or Jen notice you anymore than she does anyone else. People are entitled to their own opinions, and if you don’t like them, oh well. Nobody was set on this earth to please you or anyone of that matter.

  • Truth Squad

    @Boo. Commenting in the middle of the day while I’m killing time at work is not exactly the same as staying up all night or getting up at 7AM to do this. That’s like saying a person who drinks a glass of wine is the same as a crack addict.

    Face it, you people have nothing else going on in your lives. I can only imagine how many of you losers spend Friday and Saturday night here too. Ain’t got no man and probably not a lot of friends, so where else are you gonna go? LOL.

  • BOOOO!

    @Truth Squad: I guess the same thing you’re doing, which is commenting on here lmfao. I guess your job allows you time to comment on Justjared? hmmmmmm

  • Jack

    @Truth Squad

    Like I told you the other day, you are wasting your time responding to these bitter women. I doubt Aniston and Theroux pay attention to any of this and if they did, I doubt they take it personally. No one is safe from these hateful ladies. Just click on any other article and look at the venom they spew. Even Joshua Jackson and his girlfriend aren’t safe from their hate. Those two have got to be the most harmless celebrities in Hollywood and it’s just comment after comment about how ugly and awful they are.

    I’ve read a few interesting articles over the years about what drives these people. It’s all about self-hate, loneliness, depression and hiding behind their anonymity. And the weirdest part, a lot of them are in their 30′s and 40′s, people old enough to have left high school behind a few decades ago. LOL. Most of them are alone and bitter, angry at how badly their lives turned out and these comments are a reflection of that. As you said, this kind of hate does not come from happy people.

  • JentheOldHen

    Arriving & Reporting for side kick duty, the Dorky Gayling!!!

  • JentheOldHen

    This dorky Hobbitt is Annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yep


  • sabrina

    love his style

  • ang

    @BOOOO!: yep, and people were born with short legs and large noses so i could bully up and voice those opinions!!! get back under your rock, loser.