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Blake Lively: 'Gossip Girl' Set with Penn Badgley!

Blake Lively: 'Gossip Girl' Set with Penn Badgley!

Blake Lively is chic and sophisticated while filming scenes for her hit show Gossip Girl on Tuesday (October 2) in New York City’s Upper East Side.

The 25-year-old actress was joined by her co-star and former boyfriend Penn Badgley on set.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Blake Lively

Earlier in the day, Blake donned a trench coat and a Theodora & Callum scarf while arriving on set for a night of shooting.

Last month, Penn was spotted at the launch of the Gap & GQ Best New Menswear Designers in America Collection and was seen posing with The Client List‘s Colin Egglesfield at Pier 40 Picnic House in New York City.

Check out the video below about the GQ + Gap collab!

GQ + Gap’s Best New Menswear Designers in America

FYI: Blake is wearing Danielle Queller earrings.

10+ pictures inside of Blake Lively and Penn Badgley on the set of Gossip Girl

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blake lively gossip girl set with penn badgley 01
blake lively gossip girl set with penn badgley 02
blake lively gossip girl set with penn badgley 03
blake lively gossip girl set with penn badgley 04
blake lively gossip girl set with penn badgley 05
blake lively gossip girl set with penn badgley 06
blake lively gossip girl set with penn badgley 07
blake lively gossip girl set with penn badgley 08
blake lively gossip girl set with penn badgley 09
blake lively gossip girl set with penn badgley 10

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  • gossipguy

    Penn looks like 843 years old like god

  • Chace

    Always good to see Penn & Blake mature enough to move on after everything together. Then again they’ve both known each other since childhood. Gonna miss GG!!!!!!

  • Go Blake!

    She actually looks lovely pensive and sad here.

  • Barbara

    she does looks pensive and sad, I wonder if she’s in character or if it’s actually Blake who is sad.
    She looks breathtaking nonetheless. She’s too pretty for words

  • nanette

    I like her outfit here. But if the producers make these two get back together I’m gonna be so mad. Blake is not that pretty. Why do people think she is?!?!? Anyone can get a nose/boob job and look better. She looked like a horse before surgeries.

  • ellen

    I love see they together .

  • s


    He looks like a vampire? lol what are you talking about? he’s going to be 26 soon, looks 26 to me. No wrinkles anywhere. I think Blake looks very mature for her age. Maybe it’s just the way she’s styled and the makeup

  • Claire Mélusine

    That outfit is amazing, so elegant.

  • S

    bitter people please go find somewhere else to rant! lovely to see Blake and Penn filming together again! and Blake looks so stunning and sophisticated – a refreshing change to what her character usually wears.

  • Effy

    I feel almost fake calling her pretty, since she got a nose job. I always thought her nose was completely fine. It’s sad what the industry is about these days.

  • Claire

    @Effy: she clearly got a nose job because SHE didn’t like her nose. its her own body, can’t she do as she pleases? and for the most part, who cares if she did? her beauty isn’t her nose – she has an amazing body, hair, smile etc!

  • Kelly

    awwww hate gg but PB are love! so beautiful & amazing. gonna miss you bbs!

  • A

    She’s actually had two nose jobs, one pre gossip girl, and one after first sisterhood of the travelling pants. She also had a boob job.

  • lold

    Bunch of fat chicks being jealous.

  • Kate

    Love her eArrings and loved her with Penn,heh))

  • Rajinz

    my babiessssss *-*

  • sulvios

    sigh… they make such a cute couple. too bad it didn’t last.

  • werrt

    My best friend has announced her wedding with a handsome biker! They met via ~ SèèkRiderS ~ a popular biker club. It’s worth a try!

  • @A

    That’s BS. It was after SSTOP, there was no replacement job after or pre GG. But keep hating and lieing.

  • Chace

    Such a liar. You do realise Sisterhood Pants movie was BEFORE Gossip Girl. So if she was having the alleged two “pre gossip girl, and one after first sisterhood of the travelling pants” it is the same time? So much BS from the haters, who are obsessed with her body for some reason

  • Barbara

    I have friends who had plastic surgery… it’s not reserved for Hollywood. If you have the money to pay for a change you do. People who spend a lot of money in cosmetics, who wore braces, who do a lot of other things to change their body that doesn’t include surgery should be criticized as well.
    Bunch of haters who probably need to get a life and someone to love them, whether they did or didn’t change their bodies.
    And beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I think she looks amazing, nose job or not. She’s lively, she has this light in her, and even though she looks sad in those pics, she still exhales beauty IN MY OPINION. if you disagree, good for you

  • Gorgeous
  • A

    @Chace: You f*cking idiot! The proof is out there! There are photos of her big a*s nose prior to even being in movies! And then if it was after sisterhood or after first season of gossip girl doesn’t matter because she had the second nose job around that time!
    Any idiot can see that if you’d take your nose out of her a*s long enough to breathe.

  • A

    @@A: She’s had TWO nose jobs. Look at photos of her BEFORE being in movies and AFTER, look at her frickin’ audition tape for gossip girl and tell me she hasn’t had two nose jobs! Moron.
    She had the second nose jobs during her time on gossip girl, after the first season at the very least! Anyone with two working eyes can see that you stupid cvnt.

  • @A

    You’re the stupid c8nt you hat filled twat.
    Your BS ramblings and rantings of the fallacy filled 2 nose jobs from bizzarely studying Blakes audition tapes and life sequence are only indicative of a deranged obsessive. Now go have a drink and drive.

  • Go Blake!

    Ignore #A. She’s a deranged Blake hater and race baiter

  • A

    @Go Blake!: Wtf are you talking about? This is the first time I’ve posted here you idiot.
    I can’t stand liars, especially when the truth is right in front of your nose! (pun intended)

  • @A

    Idiot? I can’t stand liars either. Especially when the twats think their pressed beligerence and hysteria will convince people onto whatever **** they spill as fact, as long they repeat it a dozen times!

  • @25


  • A

    Here is proof:

    Now tell me she hasn’t had a nose job! TWO nose jobs in fact as you can clearly see.

  • A
  • lulu

    she’s beautiful as always

  • @A

    So pressed and desperate. LMAO

  • Go Blake!
  • Go Blake!

    LOL. Those same pics used everywhere and taken from different angles with make up and different facial expressions don’t prove two nose jobs. And Blake’s nose in the after pics is NOT that small its only doctored so.
    Keep trying your only proving something to yourself no one else.

  • A

    @Go Blake!: LOL you are so delusional! This proves it.
    Buried so deep in her a*s you are blinded by all the crap.
    Not one of those pictures are photoshopped. They are taken from different angles so that you can see, and even top plastic surgeons say she has had a nose job, but nothing will prove it to you because you are an obsessive stan in deep denial.
    I hope you’re getting paid.

  • @A

    Obsessive? Coming from you? LMAO
    Whose scouring the internet looking for older pics? Whose calling people c8nt, idiot, moron, but a b*s*a*d like you for those who counter point your rants? Wow you’ve even looked up what ‘professional surgeons’ said. I don’t even think I ‘ve gone that far but I’m delusional. Those pics you posted are not groundbreaking and neither are the HS pics #34 posted. All tell different stories. Take a pick
    But yep come onto here and get riled that not everyone is not joining you in your obsessive rants means we are buried in her ass and on her payroll. Typical fallback BS. Go take a midol and as I said have a drink and drive. This is fun for me haters are always the most pressed. And your dozens of hysterical posts on here prove it. LOL.

  • Go Blake!

    Leave the baiter to it. As I said and most can surely see now -
    ‘She’s a deranged Blake hater and race baiter’ Don’t feed trolls, ignore them

  • LOL

    Who gives a damn on all this? Blake and Penn looking good!!!

  • A

    @@A: I’m not even going to bother to comment on that, but I will say this: She has had at least one nose job, but most likely two as you can see from the photos.
    Nothing you say will change that fact.
    The nose shape is completely different, anyone who says any differently is a liar.
    How can a nose go from the tip down turned to a straight pointy nose? The nose GROWS as we get older, it doesn’t magically get smaller! Plus from that high school photo to her early twenties, the nose doesn’t magically become smaller and narrower.
    The photos I posted are from different angles and a quick google search will tell you there are A LOT of photos of her old nose and new nose(ses). It’s not just ONE photo for comparison, there is a lot to go by, but you can stay in denial.
    Deep down you know I am right.

  • @A

    You keep trying and failing. Your obsession shows you have problems, the fact that you keep writing essays dissecting every facet of Blake from her teen years to her twenties or whichever poor shmuck you’ve chosen to obsess on continuously only proves your own issues. Rather than what I or anyone else allegedly feel ‘deep down’.


    Obama can’t run on his failed record. The press tells he’s bright and articulate. Yet, all his records are sealed from colleges he allegedly attended to the law records – no thesis, no writings, no nothing. Last night, you saw the real Barack Obama – the big “O” – there’s nothing there. In 2008 he had hope and change and for those who bought those empty words, you’ve gotten an empty presidency. He has been in over his head from day one and unless he can find a way to convince Americans that the last 3-1/2 years have been successful, I don’t see where he goes from here that isn’t downhill.

  • http://JOYEZZ wow

    @ A ,what a big nose and crooked too

  • Sophie

    her EARRINGS are AMAZING!!! so beautiful. by DANIELLE QUELLER at