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Daniel Craig: 'Skyfall' Photo Call in New York City!

Daniel Craig: 'Skyfall' Photo Call in New York City!

Daniel Craig is dapper as can be in a suit at the photo call for his upcoming flick Skyfall on Monday (October 15) in New York City.

The 44-year-old star of the film was joined by Bond girls Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris, and Skyfall villain Javier Bardem!

Skyfall has been getting rave reviews! “Dramatically gripping while still brandishing a droll undercurrent of humor, this beautifully made film will certainly be embraced as one of the best Bonds by loyal fans worldwide,” wrote one THR reviewer.

The flick hits theaters on November 9 – be sure to check it out!

FYI: Naomie is wearing a Marios Schwab black mini dress and ankle boot, and a Jordan Askill bird necklace.

20+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig and his cast mates at the Skyfall photo call…

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daniel craig skyfall photo call 02
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daniel craig skyfall photo call 17
daniel craig skyfall photo call 18
daniel craig skyfall photo call 19
daniel craig skyfall photo call 20
daniel craig skyfall photo call 21
daniel craig skyfall photo call 22
daniel craig skyfall photo call 23
daniel craig skyfall photo call 24

Credit: Amanda Schwab; Photos: Starpix/JustJared
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  • Mendel

    to Fio

    “Oh, his chimney rises high into the ‘sky’. lol”


    “Look, what he has in his hand :)”

    Brilliant! That’s so well done!

    Hi Guinness

    “and I know i can shoot one across this hedge-row!!!”


    “****? no, I would not pierce it, but I can shoot like a canon…”

    Priceless! I love what you’ve done to Dan *grin*

    ” you a geek!!”

    Erm…ooops, I was going to say ‘animated gif’, lol.

    “holly crap, runnign hand down the trail to the happy place wof wof. wof wof? my fingers went wof wof!!)”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Can I be a Bond villain and do the same???

    And after all those great pics of canons and chimneys, all I have is an interview with Judy Dench, but then M rocks, so…

  • Amy

    Sarah Meyer ‏@GingeeDC
    Best celebrity sighting ever, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz walking hand in hand, #happeningon20thst

  • Fio

    Which Bond girl stands out for Daniel Craig?
    It’s understandably hard to choose a favorite “Bond girl” in the 50-year James Bond franchise, but there’s one who holds a particularly special place in Daniel Craig’s heart.

    The current James Bond, who’ll next be seen in November’s “Skyfall,” told CNN that he thinks “Diana Rigg is kind of my favorite.”

    The actress starred in 1969′s “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” and “she’s just great in that movie,” Craig went on. “I mean there have been many, but she stands out for me.” (Funnily enough, Rigg also stands out for author John Cork, the co-writer of the “James Bond Encyclopedia” and “James Bond: The Legacy.” Would you also consider Rigg a fave?)

    But that’s certainly not to discount the work of “Skyfall’s” Bérénice Marlohe, or any members of the movie’s cast, Craig continued.

    “The cast is just stupendous, and we had some of the best people around … We always said this, [director] Sam [Mendes] and I, we can always just pull the best people in the film. And it doesn’t always work – sometimes you gather the best people and the movie can be a mess, but Sam really guided this really well and got the best out of people. I’m just really proud of it.”

    James Bond named 2012′s most influential man

    Craig’s reportedly on board for two more Bond movies after “Skyfall,” and it sounds like he’s looking forward to them. As he told CNN, “I haven’t tired of (playing Bond) yet, (and) I don’t plan to be.”

    “I think if I’m getting bored with it, I’ve got to walk away,” he continued. “But I think there are plenty of places to go. I think the first two movies I did, we told that story, and this is a new story (and) it stands alone now. We can do what the hell we want now, you know, we can kind of take it back to those old Bond movies. … Why not?”

    Craig’s “Skyfall” opens November 9.

  • Fio

    Daniel Craig: Bond is popcorn hero
    Daniel Craig says James Bond is a “popcorn” action hero.

    The actor boasted that his portrayal of the spy is exactly how it should be. He revealed his James Bond is a modern man, who still has an edge of “macho killer”.

    “I play Bond like his inventor, the author Ian Fleming, wanted him to be: a macho, a killer and a stone-cold spy, who sells his own grandmother,” Daniel told the German edition of Cosmopolitan magazine. “[He's a contemporary] action hero in popcorn cinema, absolutely!”

    Daniel thinks the definition of macho has changed. The actor believes modern women are attracted to men who are more in touch with their feminine side, rather than those who display traditional masculine qualities.

    “But I think that a real macho seems ridiculous to women today. A modern man has to get down to it when it’s necessary. But at the same time he’s sensitive and responsible,” Daniel explained. “[Am I macho in real-life?] Enough to make it in the industry!”

    Daniel admits he is quite dull in real life. He confessed his home life with his actress wife Rachel Weisz is relatively normal in comparison with James Bond’s double life.

    “If you really want to you can avoid any form of publicity. And to be honest: my private life isn’t that thrilling! If I’m not working I try to sleep long and watch countless DVDs,” Daniel revealed. “I mean, is there anything better then to lie on your couch on a rainy Saturday

  • Fio
  • Fio

    Ugh, I did miscopy&mispaste!
    From the Telegraph article (#54)

    “If you really want to you can avoid any form of publicity. And to be honest: my private life isn’t that thrilling! If I’m not working I try to sleep long and watch countless DVDs,” Daniel revealed. “I mean, is there anything better then to lie on your couch on a rainy Saturday with your wife in your arms and your remote in your hand?”

  • Mike

    “I play Bond like his inventor, the author Ian Fleming, wanted him to be: a macho, a killer and a stone-cold spy, who sells his own grandmother,”
    “sells his own grandmother”
    True dat. I’m really happy Daniel gets to the point where he does something special in the role!

  • Guinness

    Hi fio & Mendel
    have to go back and read later, but
    I love that Bond is voted most influential man of 2012? whaaa?
    And that you said “M” rocks Mendel! ….cuz M is the first name of Mendel and my nonfake name and that was kinda intuitive and weird…right? ok. whativer
    and Dan—-nothiing is better than watching DVD’s on a saturday EXCEPT one spent with you—nekkiddd!!! yeee haw!!! (ur welcome cheeky over across the pond brit !!!!!)
    oh-yea. guess what? Mendel–you wanna come over to my house this weekend and next weekend for soccer tournaments? that is the life===200 middle school kids —it is full of energy that can light the entire east coast for days!! (I have to dispense sugar and stuff for consession! yey) I will have a mocha latte with vodka damnnn straight!

  • Fio

    Daniel as James Bond drank the most martinis, and Pierce was the most bloodthirsty!

    Booze, bonks and bodies
    The various Bonds are more different than you think

  • Fio

    I hope Liverpool beats Reading! Wooo!

    Liverpool FC Lebanon: Liverpool fan and actor Daniel Craig will be at anfield to watch the game on saturday! #LFC

  • Fio

    Oh… Daniel is a real Liverpool’s great admirer! :)

    Ahmad Itani: Life-long Liverpool fan and 007 star, Daniel Craig, will be at Anfield on Saturday for the Reading game. Turned down VIP tickets #TopClass
    Laura Mulz!♥: Love how Daniel Craig was offered VIP tickets for the match against Reading but refused and said he wants to sit in the kop singing along!

  • Fio

    Hi, Guinness
    Yeah, if he’s naked, I have nothing more to say :)
    BTW have you read this cover story?

    Bond Ambition

  • Daniel supports Fincher

    Daniel Craig will try to persuade Fincher to make ‘Girl Who Played With Fire’
    Hopes for “The Girl Who Played With Fire,” a potential follow-up to David Fincher’s English-language “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” slowed considerably after the first movie performed only decently at the box office.

    But star Daniel Craig says he hasn’t given up on the possibility of a new installment —and in fact hopes to persuade the director to return.

    “Of course I’ll embrace [the movie], especially if Fincher does it,” Craig told The Times, adding, “I’m definitely going to work on him.”

    Fincher, who has a range of projects in development, has been publicly noncommittal about returning to the franchise, which follows a Swedish-language art-house hit. The director has never made a sequel in his long career.

    Though well-received by critics and fans, “Dragon Tattoo,” Sony-MGM’s 2011 adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s bestseller, grossed $233 million worldwide. That’s a respectable but hardly blockbuster result for the R-rated film — and prompted an MGM executive to say earlier this year that the company had lost a small amount of money on the film and would likely participate in a new movie only if it was made at a lower budget.

    Sony has been waiting on a new “Fire” script from writer Steven Zallian; there has been no recent development movement.

    Larsson’s book on which the film would be based, the second in the so-called Millennium Trilogy, centers on Craig’s Mikael Blomqvist and Rooney Mara’s Lisbeth Salander investigating a sex-trafficking ring.

    Meanwhile, Craig’s latest James Bond movie, “Skyfall,” opens in three weeks. And while the actor — who after three tent-pole-sized movies in the last 16 months has no new film that has been greenlighted — says he finds the idea of doing some independent work appealing, he’s not actively seeking it out.

    “Sometimes shooting on a smaller scale, as long as things don’t blow out of proportion, is very liberating,” said the actor, who made a foray into indie drama with the Holocaust resistance film “Defiance” in 2008. “But I wouldn’t like to self-consciously go out and look for some nice small project just to get a chance to prove my acting chops. It’s like, I think I’ve … done enough of that.”

  • Daniel supports Fincher
  • Amy

    Daniel interview clip from CBS Miami!
    Lisa Petrillo ‏@LisaPetrillo
    Hottie Daniel Craig Returns To Bond Franchise With “Skyfall” « CBS Miami
    KΔI ‏@kaiterion
    Sitting down w/ Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Naomie Harris, Berenice Marlohe, (@ Mandarin Oriental)

  • Guinness

    I love Vanity Fair. Thanks Fio!!!
    “..their natural state appears to be one of perpetual plyometric engagement”
    I love the article!!! My favorite. I have read bits and pieces of it thru here and the quotes.
    I am a little shaken tho. A lot shaken.
    and stirred.
    She did a great job with this story…a few new things to learn about his hotness.
    I have to step back for a bit…I am really freaked out that he mentioned Master and Margarita.
    what do you say Cal?
    Its a Russian Acid Trip…read it. I may pick it up again–its not on my kindle–we have 3 copies. And the dog days. whatever. maybe its a generational thing. or a literary geek thing. his wife may have introduced it to him–shes a geek.
    you still have that pic you sent me Cal? of the quote>?
    I may have it in the photo bucket.
    i am sick.
    following a dream.
    how can we do it for years….years…
    this is stupid.
    where’s my reality.

  • Guinness

    hey–seriously, Cal, post the pic you sent me with the M&Margarita quote—-I didnt save it.
    and this is who Dan should do a comedy with—they match in comedic style and sarcasm. (ie–watch Tropic Thunder)