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Kristen Stewart: I Can't Wait To Be A Mom One Day!

Kristen Stewart: I Can't Wait To Be A Mom One Day!

Kristen Stewart smiles wide as she makes an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday night (November 5) in Burbank, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress went on the show to chat about her upcoming flick The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

During a recent press event, Kristen was asked about becoming a mom.

“I can’t wait to be a mom, but like, no. I can wait,” she told Us Weekly. “I think that it might be something that you’re born with or not born with. That was one of my favorite things about the story. It was one aspect of [Bella] that I was really excited to play.”

Check out Kristen‘s appearance on the program tonight at 11:35 pm EST!

FYI: Kristen is wearing a Peter Pilotto dress and Christian Louboutin shoes.

Kristen Stewart – “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” Part 1

Click inside to watch the rest of Kristen Stewart‘s interview…

Kristen Stewart – “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” Part 2
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132 Responses to “Kristen Stewart: I Can't Wait To Be A Mom One Day!”

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  1. 76
    @ shut up Says:

    i guess the adults can’t handle adult issues such as pregnancy or the lack thereof….what is becoming of the immature adults these days?

  2. 77
    just tell shut up to shut up Says:

    go eat bugs for breakfast troll

  3. 78
    notafan Says:

    She has always been a good looker in my opinion, but after what she did, I can’t admire any aspect of her. The fact that she supposedly made Rob get back to her shows how selfish she is. If I were in her position, I would’ve let him go because I would have deserved it. But she just gets whatever she wants and that is kinda sick. Man, I really don’t like her, and don’t respect him.

    And those who are asking us to get a life, you shippers look so crazy gullible, its you guys whu should get a damn life. There are several websites where crazy shipping is going on, please go there

  4. 79
    see Says:

    “I can’t wait to be a mom, but like, no. I can wait,”
    “I can’t wait to be faithful, but like, no. I can wait,”
    “I can’t wait to be honest about my relationships, but like, no. I can wait,”
    “I can’t wait to be writing a tell all about the business, but like, no. I can wait, they’ll sue me for all i’ve got, I have to stash some money away first,”
    “I can’t wait to out my so called boyfriend, but like, no. I can wait,”
    kristen kristen kristen
    the actors they are acting as soon as they step out their front doors

  5. 80
    A Says:

    I’m sure this gutter s*lut will be a good mom…just like Dina Lohan.

  6. 81
    gabriela Says:

    If that mini cooper could talk….

  7. 82
    -- Says:

    @@ shut up: lol! if you knew that there were rumours of her being pregnant i think it means you need to get a hobby

  8. 83
    shut up Says:

    @just tell shut up to shut up: ahaha.. hit a nerve did i?? :)

  9. 84
    bwahah Says:

    The only place Asians CAN’T read minds are on Angelina Jolie articles, so it must be the same psycho who writes 277 posts under twenty different aliases on the Jolie stories taht has nothign else to say on all other stories but that asians can read minds.
    Give it up PSYCHO!

  10. 85
    CHO Says:

    Her dress is fab and her hair looked nice, and I like THIS makeup on her. Simple.

  11. 86
    Prediction Says:

    Kstew’s baby daddy will be a 55 years old divorcee director who already has 3 kids with his ex wife

  12. 87
    Jen Says:

    Sometimes I wonder who these commenters are and how their real life plays out. The hate and derogatory remarks about someone who they don’t know personally are just unbelievable. I don’t condone cheating but at 42yrs old I do know it happens and it’s not always clear cut as to why it happens and it also does not mean that only bad people commits them.. if people refuse to believe that someone can change for the better or appreciates the fact that they try to improve their lives and start all over again then that’s just a sad thing not only for 1 actress who most of you hate but how about to other people not in the limelight, others who have done the same thing, drug addicts, etc… too many crap happening in the world and yet alot of your focus on negativity. And yes I know this is a gossip site, i come here to be entertained but it’s just sad to see how people think it’s funny and ok to spew hate.

  13. 88
    oh yeah right Says:

    … that she could popped out some kid/s but there would be no daddy nor a long lasting relationship coz she got a wandering p*ussy!

  14. 89
    just tell shut up to shut up Says:

    @shut up:

    apparently you’re the one who is uber sensitive and insensitive.
    take a hike loser
    and keep your mouth shut on the way out the door
    *watches door smack nazi in the butt*

  15. 90
    KissThis Says:

    Still doing damage control I see. Playing the sweetheart even though we all know she’s a trashy tramp.

  16. 91
    shut up Says:

    @just tell shut up to shut up: a nazi? are you off your meds? so kristen stewart fans who don’t like someones opinion associate them with the nazis who killed millions? good job, now isn’t it your bedtime?

    ..and im sensitive and insensitive? to whom exactly?
    never mind, i don’t give s sh*t, i just think you’re hilarious..

  17. 92
    May Says:

    love her dress, but she really needs to do something with her hair, it always looks like an ugly mess!

  18. 93
    Honey Says:

    Kristen’s PR team is as predictable as they come. I had predicted how Kristen would behave few weeks ago and not-so-surprisingly that’s how she is behaving now.Wearing lighter colors,smiling and being as giddy as a 12 years old girl.She was actually hugging journalists in Japan when she went there to promote BD2 and a journo who interviewed her during OTR LA screening said that Kristen took time to talk to each and every media outlet that wanted to speak to her.That’s the new and improved Kristen Stewart for you.This girl is one of the most fake celebs in Hollywood and I believe it has been that way since day one.Her rude attitude,aloofness and pretentiousness were marketed as badassery before the scandal broke and now they are forced to present her as a “kid” who tripped and fell on Rupert’s ****.

  19. 94
    @ shut up Says:

    @shut up:

    I think its insensitive and hypocritical for someone like you to tell someone else to shut up. maybe you might want to remove that phrase from your vocabulary. its rude insulting and against the first amendment.
    this is a gossip site and mouths run all the time. if you can’t handle it then maybe you are the one who should be removed to jj jr. until you learn to play nicely on adult sites.
    just a thought

  20. 95
    @ shut up Says:

    as far as meds go, please take your birth control pill daily, we don’t want people like you reproducing.

  21. 96
    shut up Says:

    @@ shut up: hilarious!! seriously set up your own stand up show!!

    go weep into your own stupidity, i could care less what you say i just find it funny so keep going. nothing is as hilarious as fangirls. their crazy hits a whole new level.

  22. 97
    @ shut up Says:

    then you have no reason to tell people to shut up anymore
    just laugh choke and die

  23. 98
    yanna Says:

    before, she barely smiles before but now that her wh*re attitude was exposed, she became the girl next door type? lol. not buying it

  24. 99
    CeCe Fan Says:

    I dont give a **** if its all about recreating her image whatever shes doing its been working she looks AMAZING in these photos so young and fresh looking love the dress on her.

  25. 100
    Cyn Says:

    Love her dress!! She is gorgeous!

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