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Amber Heard: Matsuhisa Night Out!

Amber Heard: Matsuhisa Night Out!

Amber Heard fixes her hair as she leaves Matsuhisa restaurant after dining out on Thursday (November 8) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 26-year-old actress got a bit shy when she realized there were some onlookers, and quickly hid her face from view.

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Reportedly, Amber and her The Rum Diaries co-star Johnny Depp were spotted out at the AV Nightclub together earlier this week, according to E! News.

The two were apparently “flirtatious but not overly touchy-feely,” according to one source.

FYI: Amber is wearing a Shoshanna dress.

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  • mira

    shouldn’t amber be NYC right now since she will be in 24 hours play in mondey ?

  • Dphoexx


  • Taylor

    Stunning!!! Cant wait for paranoia and syrup

  • XxXxX

    So the rumors about her and Depp were true?? She’s very pretty. I like her hair colors. Men are such easy shallow fools!!!

  • Sam

    She looks so pretty! I really hope Johnny and Amber are together. That would be such a hot couple!

  • s

    I thought she was gay, not bisexual :S

  • csa

    HOT WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A

    they’re not dating you idiots.
    He’s just being nice by giving her publicity. Hence why you never see pics of the two of them together or even a confirmation, just speculation = they’re not dating.

  • Lee

    @s: she’s still gay if i’s true she’s dating the effeminate Johnny Depp

  • Lee

    @A: publicity? with the purpose of…….jerk

  • Katherine

    All she has to do is deny the rumors! so simple. As Eva Green did!
    Covering her face, stay mum and also go to a nightclub with Johnny, isn’t working to stop the rumors as we know!
    C’mon, just tell the truth! or you can’t?

  • Mid-Life Crisis or What?

    Another old man who trades in his wife for a woman half his age. Johnny needs to act his age and grow up.

  • Sabrina

    Absolutely gorgeous – dark hair suits her!

  • ada

    @Mid-Life Crisis or What?:

    Vanessa gave a hint in interview that it was her who decided to end their relationship. So maybe you should accuse Vanessa of middle-life crisis.

  • Leah

    So it’s true that Johnny and her are dating! I’m glad for them, they make a beautiful couple!

  • Rox

    Depp is behaving as a teenager hiding and secretly dating a girl half his age grow up man , You’re not transparent .

  • Alex

    Whatever haters! They make a gorgeous couple. I wish I could see your faces if they show up together at a red carpet or something! But really, just relax people! If they are dating, good for them. It’s NOT of our business.

  • Chiara

    Dark hair doesn´t suit her at all. Back to blonde homewrecker!

  • A

    @Lee: For the purpose of her actually getting work and attention since we only see her in staged pap shots going shopping and going to cafés.
    These rumors create buzz for her to make her stay relevant.
    He’s doing her a favor by letting these rumors out, they’re not dating.

  • Peapo

    Oh Johnny, you can do much, much better. I’ve always liked or at least understood the women he was with. I don’t really like Kate Moss but they looked right together. I can’t see him with Amber. She seems too young, immature and seems to like publicity and even the paps, which we know Johnny deplores. The rumor of him and Eva Green, though not true, seemed much more realistic. She is more eccentric, worldly, sexy. Just Johnny’s type. So to get to the point, I really hope Johnny and Amber is a rumor. Plus I thought Amber looked cute and terribly happy with photographer girlfriend.

  • Terry

    How a genuinely nice guy Johnny Depp is for helping Amber get work and attention wih all these dating rumors.

  • Phoebe Buffay

    @ada: Yes she ended it because he cheated, midlife crisis or not he’s still with a woman half of his age .. typical but it’s Johnny Depp so let’s praise him !

  • Meh

    I don’t think Johnny is “helping her” to get attention.
    C’mon people, use your brain. Depp hates to be in the tabloids and his reputation has been ruined by this rumor.
    So what’s the explanation for this? try to look for other theory, but Depp doesn’t going to risk his reputation and upset Vanessa (still she can take the children to Paris, remember?) and expose his children to this class of rumors!
    Give us another theory please! but this time A COHERENT ONE!

  • guilty

    I’m starting to feel her uglyness but, no no she’s pretty she’s pretty.

  • Nora

    Guys I know it’s probably not the right place to post but i need your help.
    Please like this page if you want to see CHRISTIAN BALE at the actors studio

  • Louis

    @Meh: then why doesn’t Depp deny these rumors about dating Heard if it ruins his reputation

  • Leah

    @Meh: Yes, I agree. Johnny is not a kid to play games with media and help someone using his fame.
    In my opinion there is ONLY ONE theory that explains what is happening: THE RUMORES ARE TRUE.
    But I think the kids like living in LA, so they won’t move to Paris. In their age, they are already able to decide where they want to live.

  • Me

    @Phoebe Buffay: He didn’t cheat Vanessa. They were not together since last year. And I believe that it was HE ending that frayed relationship. He looked sad, discouraged and tired for a long time before ending the relationship. He was with her only because of their kids. But they were both unhappy, so the best thing to do was splitting

  • Beca

    Johnny, why did you leave your multi-talented wife for this dummy girl ?

  • Me

    @Beca:Guess why? It’s so simple. Because they were both unhappy in a relationship without love.

  • Nak

    Don’t hide your pretty face homewrecker!

  • A

    @Leah: They’re not dating and there is no proof. No pics, nothing.

  • Meh

    Maybe because HE CAN’T DO IT?
    I’m not saying they are dating. But around there- no matter what some enthusiasts but “in denial” fans say- are enough reasons to believe that they are having an affair, since long time. (the pictures at Las Vegas airport are from April, remember?)
    I’m not so naive to believe they are taking it seriously, but all those people trying to invent weird theories about how Johnny is helping her, forget that the only “winning” with this rumors is Amber. To Johnny this story is only damaging his image as a “faithful family man”!!…
    So I can’t believe for a second that any management or PR team it could allow him to risk his reputation for A SIMPLE FRIEND!!

  • Meh

    sorry I forgot to say: I know Johnny don’t deny rumors regularly, so his behavior was expected.
    I was just talking about to do all the things that some here say are “because he is helping her” (like expose himself with her in a public place in LA, or take her in his private plane or be seen with her in Colorado a couple of days after the official announcement of his split with Vanessa Paradis)…he obviously isn’t doing all those thing “to help her”! so go to find other theory!

  • A

    @Meh: Good lord, her GIRLFRIEND was with them on the plane! There are pics to prove it!
    There are NO pics of Amber and Johnny together – NO PROOF they are dating! Yet you are ready to believe your fantasy theory that they had an affair and are dating!?
    My theory makes a hell of a lot more sense than yours that’s for sure.

  • Tulah

    Vanessa multi-talented? There are people who like to do a lot of things but can’t do something well enough. She just can’t sing, and as an actress she is just normal.
    Amber Heard isn’t a dummy girl!.She is a great actress. Have you ever seen one of her movies? Have you seen “The Rum Diary”? Johnny and Amber look like Marlon Brando and Lauren Bacall of this current generation. And they put together, the age difference between them seems much smaller.

  • Sam

    Oh man. Johnny has some crazy fans out there.. wow! You have to chill out for a bit. If they are together: DEAL WITH IT. The world won’t end, Johnny will still be the same. What’s the deal with talking shit about Amber? You DON’T know her, leave her alone! As a matter of fact you don’t even know Johnny and he’s a big boy, he can take care of himself, so, mind your business.

  • Tulah

    @Beca: Vanessa multi-talented? There are people who like to do a lot of things but can’t do something well enough. She just can’t sing, and as an actress she is just normal.
    Amber Heard isn’t a dummy girl!.She is a great actress. Have you ever seen one of her movies? Have you seen “The Rum Diary”? Johnny and Amber look like Marlon Brando and Lauren Bacall of this current generation. And they put together, the age difference between them seems much smaller.

  • Tulah

    @A: No more theories! I want the truth. And for me the truth is pretty clear now: They ARE dating. And Tasya Van Ree wasn’t boarding that plane (Johnny’s private plane). It was a girl and some guys, I think they’re Johnny’s friends or his staff.

  • A

    @Tulah: LOL you are batsh!t crazy. Where is the proof that they are dating, huh!? WHERE?
    Give us proof!
    There are NO pics of them even together! Amber was back with her girlfriend after the plane ride they both were on and yes, there are pics to prove it! Right here on JJ!
    Now tell me, where is the proof Johnny and Amber are dating?
    It’s funny cause i’m not even a huge Depp fan yet I think you guys are crazy for thinking I am crazy when I am asking for frickin’ proof lol
    My theory makes more sense because I have proof to back it up with.
    You Amber stans are koo-koo.

  • Tulah

    @A: You ARE crazy. It’s much easier to believe in all the evidences that shows they are together than in your crazy theory. If there’s no pics of them together YET, neither you can prove your crazy theory.

  • Sam

    @A whoa! you should calm down! why are you so upset/crazy about this? lol take a deep breath. Seems like you are the one who’s koo-koo.

  • A

    @Tulah: @Sam: Same answer again and again, where is the proof that they are dating?
    This is actually hilarious to me, I don’t even take you seriously because I have a sneaky suspicion you are Amber or friends of Amber, I sincerely doubt she even HAS fans and I’m not even being mean, I just have never seen a thread with this much answers on an amber heard thread on jj. Which is why my theory makes sense – She would never have this much publicity and buzz if it wasn’t for Johnny.
    It’s all a PR stunt to get more people to talk about her. She’s obviously not that good of an actress or that interesting as a person, so she needs this and Johnny isn’t denying these rumors because he is doing her a favor.
    Even a blind person can see that.

  • Beca

    C’MON MAN.

  • Beca


  • A

    @Beca: No, but he is known to be a good guy hence why he isn’t denying it.

  • Beca

    @A: For the purpose of ? No way I think hes flirting with this girl nothing serious poor Johnny your reputation is at its lowest point

  • Meh

    @A: – First, as someone say to you before. The girl at the plane was NOT Tasya Van Ree (you can check your facts. Tasya was working in LA in a photoshoot) the other woman “on board” it might be a friend or somebody related to his staff (they all were there)
    - Tasya and Amber broke up at the end of the last year (after “Rum Diary” promotion). They aren’t a couple since, but they are seen together many times. They share an amicable split, a “dog” and a lot of friends in common…it’s even said that Tasya was helping Amber as a “cover up”, with all those “staged” paparazzi-pictures, to try to dissuade the rumors about Johnny…yes! wherever the rumors “comes” the next day you have a picture Amber with Tasya…but if you could follow Tasya (on twitter or facebook) you can know that she has moved on with her life, and friends, new muses, etc

    - I don’t know if you are crazy, but your theory yes!…or more than crazy is a “delusional one”. Like trying too hard to find an explanation, but the problem is that it doesn’t make any sense!

  • Jamie

    @Tulah:Johnny and Amber look like Marlon Brando and Lauren Bacall of this current generation……. Lol your comments are very funny she is a horrible actress do not insult Lauren Bacall please

  • Sam

    @Meh Thanks for that great explanataion! You’re totally right. People are bashing Amber out of nowhere and they don’t even know her (or the people close to her), at all.

    For your information @A I’m not Amber or a friend of her, I’m actually a fan. I think she’s an amazing person and actress and I can’t believe you talk shit about her out of the blue. You have no respect.