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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Yamato Dinner Stop!

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Yamato Dinner Stop!

Justin Bieber and his on-and-off again girlfriend Selena Gomez exit Yamato restaurant together on Friday (November 16) in Encino, Calif.

The “Beauty And A Beat” singer and the 20-year-old actress reportedly didn’t end dinner well. Here’s how it went down, according to the photographers. Justin and Selena left in separate cars after being inside the restaurant for five minutes. Afterward, Justin headed over to Selena‘s house, but was denied entry through her gate.

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The day before, Justin and Selena were spotted reuniting at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles.

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  • mara

    please STOP posting news about their relationship! They are young and have to talk and fix it! All the big thing media is making about a teenager realtionship is so ridilicous! Give them space and no attention!

  • Ange

    I can’t stop staring and laughing at Justin’s picture. I don’t hate him in fact he looks adorable sometimes in a chipmunk kind of way but he looks so awkward as is someone photo shopped him.

    His clothes make me laugh too.

  • gia

    he really does look like a little lesbian here lol

  • Quinn

    Lolol what a ridiculous little drama.

  • Adelle

    what’s hilary swank doing out with Selena….oh wait, it’s Bieber.

  • Dave Franco

    So their break-up was all a twitter publicity stunt? I don’t get it.

  • The Game

    @mara: There is no relationship. Didn’t you read the story. She left him and then didn’t want to talk to him. Its DONE. She finally realized that he’d rather be with a guy then her.

  • Scarjo

    These two seriously should be on JJ Jr. They both have the mentality of two 12-year olds based on all this breakup nonsense. TIred of hearing about them period. I don’t think anyone over the age of 14 really cares anyway!

  • Yohji

    What makes you think it’s on-off?

  • AJ

    She should just kick this kid to the curb and be done with. Hire someone to box his sh it up and drop it off. His outfits alone not to mention his music would be enough for to me to quit it.

  • alan

    he sits down to pee

  • Jason

    Selena used to be cute when she was younger. Her face looks so fat now.
    Too many nachos???????

  • steph


  • amanda

    You need muscles to pull that beater off little boy…..go work out or you know dress like a civilized person

  • Rocket

    @amanda: He would need to be on steriods to pull that off. In his case, working the weight room prob wouldn’t cut it.

  • toni

    Who in the hell told him those pants were cute to wear? It looks like a diaper.

  • biker mike

    well since justin lost his voice to puberty, someone has to take care of him, cant cover his lack of singing voice forever electronically , his head is too small for a fitter,, and no justin , your bubblegum music isnt “gangsta”, stop trying to dress like it

  • themissnayariveralover

    When people are in an on again, off again relationship, it is never a good thing. Eventually they’ll figure out it isn’t meant to be for them..
    And wisely go their seperate ways!

  • biker mike

    maybe he went boom boom in his pants :)

  • Leah

    I’m so disappointed in Selena! She needs to move on and find a real man!

  • uh huh

    He looks ridiculous.

  • Bria

    I hate the way Justin dresses! The baggy pants and chains need to go!

  • ladyb

    This is what he wears to a dinner date to impress his gf? The boy is still a kid. Girls have to understand that they mature much earlier than boys.

  • jessa

    not sure what she sees in him.
    she is two years older than him.
    she needs to get a real man.

  • Dave Franco

    Bieber is da bestttttttt! I expect to be flagged by the haters.



  • Peapo

    He wears and tank top and baseball hat to a restaurant,upscale no doubt. How classy. and those pants require an explanation. Why? Why, is he wearing them?

  • virgINA

    So… are they going to have s e x one day?

  • Lara

    lol @ his style

  • Marie

    Take just one look at Justin and you’ll see why Selena is trying to avoid him.

  • oy

    Now we know the Mayans were right. The end is near. Selena and Twirp Boy are circling the drain.

  • fat azz Pork Azz

    he tries to act and dress like a tuff thug, Fail big Fail

  • TheDudeAbides

    Mara at #1; I tend to agree with you. People should cut my Special K boy a little slack. How silly and foolish were all of you at his age? And the big money just makes the whole thing bigger. Like Bill Cosby once said, “Money just makes you a bigger whatever you were before…”

  • TheDudeAbides

    Mara at #1; I tend to agree with you. People should cut my Special K boy a little slack. How silly and foolish were all of you at his age? And the big money just makes the whole thing bigger. Like Bill Cosby once said, “Money just makes you a bigger whatever you were before…”

  • K

    Why isn’t this boy growing, he has no muscle depth or nothing that displays any masculinity. Am I missing something? Shouldn’t he have already reached puberty?

  • alonimaw

    Let her go, Justin. As much as I like Selena, you deserve so much better.

  • who cares

    please no more

  • Erika

    It’s got to be hard sometimes to always be in the spotlight…..

  • as

    Why do they look 14? Why does Justin Bieber dresses like Chris Brown? hahaha

  • kelly

    A bum from youtube is a rich “star”. Oh brother.

  • aquarius64

    @mara: When you make a scene in a public restaurant and another one on a public street, it will make the news, especially if you’re a public figure. They have no one else to blame but themselves for these events hitting the papers, magazines, gossip sites and blogs.

  • the truth

    i think selena was just using Justin for the fame, and now she is dropping him and going on with the next,, cause lets be real the only reason the paps are after her is because of bieber, she has gain a lot of pressoutside of Disney because of their relationship . When the jonas brothers where realllyy famous ( still are) selena went out with NICK and when twilight was reallllyyy famous selena went out with taylor and now bieber is reallllly mega famous selena went out with him.. mmmm what a surprise. and now i hear she is trying to get with niall horan from one direction mm im not surprise. straight up selena is a sweetheart but lets not sugar code it she likes to use guys for more fame!

  • AT

    WTF is he wearing? Does he not look in a mirror before he leaves the house?

  • FrG

    WOW honestly is this scripted for or by Justin Bieber???
    This guy is known worlwide, he knows he is followed by so many paparazzis and what he does is that he goes to a public place to apparently try to take back his girlfriend that is apparently upset and then he calls her down his house and she do not answer to him…
    SCRIPTED??????? LOL
    Come on this is crazy.

  • Klaudia

    justin cheated on selena because of this girl here is her blog

  • Sean

    WTF is he wearing? Bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahah

  • FrG

    OMF*ckingG after watching the AMA’s. Do you realise Justin and Selena where holding hands at the after party whereas she was supposed to ignore him seing that she denied him the entry to her house the day before…!!!!!

    This was all manipulation to speak of him jsut before the AMA’s…!!!!!!!