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Tom Welling: Short Buzz Cut at Double RL & Co. Store!

Tom Welling: Short Buzz Cut at Double RL & Co. Store!

Tom Welling hides his short haircut underneath a cap while leaving the Double RL & Co. store with a bag full of purchases on Thursday (November 29) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 35-year-old Smallville actor is back on the west coast after reportedly spending his Thanksgiving weekend in New York.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Tom Welling

Tom was spotted enjoying same family time over the post-Thanksgiving weekend at The Ainsworth Chelsea in the Big Apple, according to Us Weekly.

Tom currently does not have any new projects on his slate.

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tom welling short buzz cut at rrl ralph lauren store 02
tom welling short buzz cut at rrl ralph lauren store 03
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tom welling short buzz cut at rrl ralph lauren store 05

Credit: JLM; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • mile

    I love him and miss him on tv

  • dooliloo

    OMG where the hell have you been Tom??? Never mind your crap acting, your pretty face alone helped me through the long suffering of watching Smallville..

    Oh I like the S cap btw, like a hint of Superman, Superhero, Superhot, Superbangable, SuperDoMeTom, SuperDelicious… Someone takes over please I could do this all day :-D

  • notyourfriend

    Well hello there sexy…

  • Marc

    @dooliloo: LMAO.

  • Pao

    He is sooooooooo SEXY!! * sighs*

  • Jake

    i miss this guy and erica on my tv screen. dude get to work.


    supersweet, supertastable, supertasty,superhotrod, supertangy, superedible, superhotbod,superherowholandsinyourdreamsandshagsyou, superduperduperfoiinnne, hmmmm yes he is. lol

  • Raquel Thalia

    The best man that a meet !!! OMG !!! He is so sexy!!!!

  • SimplementMoi

    He’s SO HOT!!!

  • dooliloo

    @ Marc – couldn’t resist :-)
    @ – *high five* SuperDong (well I sure imagine he does have a Fassbender sized one!) SuperBootylicious, SuperMagicMike, SuperDroolicious, SuperNastyInBed… *pats forehead*

  • kurious_kitty

    now that’s a super man!!what a beautiful being..

  • Jeannie

    @dooliloo: LOL!!! That was hilarious!

    He’s so hot, I miss seeing him on TV.

  • Ceara

    I really miss seeing him on TV. He’s a good actor and not too bad to look at either.

  • dooliloo

    @ Jeannie – Superhot indeed! The man is so SuperBeautiful he makes any other human being standing next to him look less than average :-D

    SuperYummy, SuperLickable, SuperSpankable…..

  • GIenn

    @dooliloo: SuperSuckworthy

  • ruday

    UGH he makes me horny..

  • Jeannie

    @dooliloo: So true!

  • Anne

    in other news, Tom Welling is still totally bangable.

  • A

    He’s so dreamy ( ._.)


    omg he looks so young!

  • KissThis

    I think he wants to get into more producing in the future. Not acting. But I REALLY miss seeing him on tv! He was the perfect Clark Kent!


    i had to play lonely island..JEEZ IN MY PANTS in honor of TOM Wellings….am i welling for tom welling…am done lol

  • reeven


  • Olivia

    wow I haven’t seen him in ages! He’s still handsome. Poor Tom years ago he was saying he wouldn’t want to be remembered just as the guy who played Superman….

  • Rich

    Can he and his cast from the last season do a con with the fans… the SPN boys are always doing them. It’d be cool to see Tom, Erica, Justin, etc… I’d pay money to hear em talk about Smallville, just sayin.

  • Louie

    Where is your ring tom??

  • Katie

    OMG¡¡¡¡ He is agelesss¡¡¡ Always so gorgeous¡¡¡ LOVE YOU TOM¡¡¡ COME BACK PLEASE¡¡

  • KATY

    TOM WELLING miss him so much to the fans, Tom is a great actor especially in the role of the villain so I hope to see him again soon on my TV with an actor. Tom took a break to get away from Smallville and start over with show quality. Now he must return to work because the fans are losing patience! Congratulations to Tom more and more beautiful and young!

  • laura

    I miss Tom Welling! Yes Tom is a good actor. TOM IS HOT HOT HOT!!!

  • Isabel

    TOM is a man very mysterious and full of charm …….. but now must return to be an actor! fantastic! HE is a real man!

  • Aria

    @Louie: Every now and again Tom is spotted without his ring and so is his wife Jamie (like on some red carpet events), yet they keep showing up together. Not eveyone wears their rings all the time. Plus if you notice Tom does not seem to be a jewelry kind of guy so that might be why he does not always have it on. Last year on his b-day they gave a radio interview in which they talked about starting a family and about how they met.

  • Chris

    Many fans like to spread rumors that he is not with his wife anymore, but it does not seem to be true. Not so long ago I found some old candid photos of Tom, except they were shot from different angles and I noticed that in many his wife is with him. But when these photos showed in fan sites, Jamie had been cut out of them or they simply did not show the ones she was in. I don’t know why the fans did that, maybe they wanted to respect her privacy or maybe they wanted to make it look like she is never with his.

  • Chris

    Continuation: Two photo sets of Tom standing in his garden talking to someone, it’s Jamie who’s there but like I said she was cut out of the pics. Also when Tom was spotted at that baseball game with that very long beard (and some people trashed for it) she was there too, but most fan sites chose not to post the photo where she is standing next to him. The ones where Tom is at Vancouver airport and he appears to be posing for whoever was taking the pics, Jamie is there too hugging someone, it’s her arms we can see in one of the photos to right hand side, but she was cut out of the photo, so it seems Tom is there alone. Do your research and you’ll see that Tom and Jamie have been spotted together over the years more times then most fans were led to believe.

  • http://@WillyWilltwlov9 randomperson

    Can someone please confirm on whether or not he’s still married. I try to find news about it, but no one’s reported that he’s divorce. Everyone keeps telling me that he’s single and going out to bars hitting on women, but then others tell me he’s still married. Can someone confirm?? I understand its none of my business but it would help stop the bad rumors.

  • http://@WillyWilltwlov9 randomperson

    Yea sure he never wears his ring, but she doesn’t either and theres photo’s of them together with neither of them wearing it, so that doesn’t seem to be a big deal to either of them. Yea there are candids of them together at their house, and other places, but not recently. The latest pics of them are from 2011. I haven’t seen any of them together in 2012. I’ve seen photo’s of her in Germany but Tom’s never there for that.

  • http://@WillyWilltwlov9 randomperson

    They didn’t spend Thanksgiving or Christmas together either, Tom was in NY with his family and Jamie was in LA with her family. I do know that Jamie still lives in one of their LA homes, but whos knows if she just got it in the divorce. GAH! Can someone just get a photo of them together in 2013 please!!!!! I’m begging!! I’m really hope that he’s still married because they made a great team, but there’s nothing showing that they are still together.

  • Moira

    @randomperson: How do you know they were not together at Thanksgiving and Christmas? I tried but did not find this information anywhere! Thanks!

  • Christopher

    @randomperson: Tom and Jamie not being seen together all the time is just the norm for them,that’s how it has always been.The last time there was a drought of news about them was last year and out of the blue Jamie attended a SM party and on Tom’s birthday of all days they both gave a radio interview and talked wanting to start a family and bhout how they met each other.

  • Christopher

    @randomperson: You’re right about the ring, many girls try and make a big deal out of it, but Jamie also does wear hers all the time. I’ve seen on two occasions in which they are together and Tom had his wedding ring on but she did not. Probably between the two of them is no big deal, ever couple is different.

  • Christopher

    @randomperson: As for the girls who claimed Tom was flirting/hitting on them; they were just blowing things out of proportion. I’ve read their tweets and you could tell that Tom was just being nice and friendly with them. One of the girls later deleted some of her tweets when she realise she put her foot in her mouth and made it obvious Tom was being nice to her as he usually is many fans.

  • Christopher

    @randomperson: They interpreted the events as they wanted to. They were excited and they chose to see it as Tom flirting/hitting on them because it made them feel good and they could boast about it afterwards. If the guy being nice to them had been a random one they most likely would have seen it for what it was. Just a guy being friendly, but since it was Tom, they saw it as it pleased them the most.

  • Christopher

    @randomperson: As far as I am concerned Tom and Jamie are still married. Plus if Tom was divorced TMZ would have announced on their site without a doubt. Just as they did with Justin Hartley, and he isn’t even officially divorced yet, just separated from his wife Lindsey.

  • Christopher

    @randomperson: Tom is much more popular than Justin. If they were able to find out about Justin’s impemding divorced, they would have done the same with Tom. After all they once reported that Tom and Jamie had a normal couples argument at a camera store years ago, and that was despite how elusive Tom is. Until there are official news, to me they are still together.

  • Dani


    Thanks for that info. I hope they get right to work on starting that family.