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Chris Pine: I Had Fear of the Dark & Being Alone!

Chris Pine: I Had Fear of the Dark & Being Alone!

Chris Pine dons a stylish pair of eyeglasses while arriving at LAX Airport on Thursday (December 6) in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old actor was accompanied by his girlfriend Dominique Piek.

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Chris recently revealed his childhood fears while promoting his film Rise Of The Guardians.

“My fears were the same as any other kid – fear of the dark and being alone. It actually struck me while making this film that most of the fears you have as a kid are to do with being alone, being on your own and not having the safety net of your parents or a support system,” Chris shared.

In case you missed it, have a look at Chris in the teaser trailer for his upcoming film Star Trek into the Darkness.

10+ pictures inside of Chris Pine arriving in Los Angeles…

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chris pine i had fear of the dark & being alone 01
chris pine i had fear of the dark & being alone 02
chris pine i had fear of the dark & being alone 03
chris pine i had fear of the dark & being alone 04
chris pine i had fear of the dark & being alone 05
chris pine i had fear of the dark & being alone 06
chris pine i had fear of the dark & being alone 07
chris pine i had fear of the dark & being alone 08
chris pine i had fear of the dark & being alone 09
chris pine i had fear of the dark & being alone 10
chris pine i had fear of the dark & being alone 11
chris pine i had fear of the dark & being alone 12

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  • TF

    Girlfriend=gold digger

  • a

    still in love since i was 8 years old ^.^ <3 and that was 8 years ago *.*

  • gold digging desperately

    Girlfriend = Beard
    Got to keep that Capt Kirk image straight as an arrow >>
    So who alerted the paps they were coming to LAX? oh yeah the Beard did tweet didn’t she? LOL there goes that much discussed privacy!

  • LOL

    OMG pic no.7!!

  • thema

    i just thought of iron maiden

  • wywh

    @LOL: Right? <3

  • Dee or Deemebr

    Oh and look who is commenting here again … the sick jealous person … but for those who do not know the above comments were made by the same person using different aliases … that person follows the girlfriend of CP obsessively on twitter and comes here to spread poison … poor thing!

  • Dee or Deemebr

    CP looks so GORGEOUS!

  • VVV

    O-oh the Chris Pine PR Nazi is here!! lol

  • cass

    So why was the “girlfriend” taken to Tokyo?

  • Vincent the vivacious vampire

    @ cass
    It’s interesting that CP didn’t take his “gf” for any of the promotions of “People Like Us” or “Rise of the Guardians”. She wasn’t in Moscow when “Jack Ryan” was filming. Yet for just 3 days she has to go to Tokyo. Not quietly but in a blaze of pap pics…..interesting hmmm?

  • haywire

    @Vincent the vivacious vampire: the blaze of pap pics is because the gf kept tweeting about it. at one point she even posted a pic of them in the airport in a secret passage. she deleted it the next day. she knows exactly what she’s doing.

  • tired of this bs

    Wow, are Chris’s PR people so desperate to sell this “relationship” (which is odd in itself considering how “private” they claim to be) that they have to put out old news just to have an excuse to mention her name, and, lest we forget, that she is indeed definitely totally for reals his girlfriend? Sad. Miss Piek has made it clear she is a fame-starved attention *****, but I definitely expected more from Chris. Only one part of this duo has anything to gain from this, and she’s milking it for all it’s worth. Too bad she’s such a mediocre model even his fame can’t do much for her.

  • Vincent the vivacious vampire

    No one knew about the Tokyo Star Trek promotion until the Beard started freaking out on Nov 26 on twitter (where else?!) about getting a visa to Japan. To the whole wide world!! Meant to be read by all, right? if not, why tweet?? As Star Trek release gets closer, things are sure gonna get interesting…LOL

  • cringe

    She probably breached airport security when she took that pic of the passage and was asked to delete it. What a dimwit!

  • cringeworthy

    So how many people now have copies of the Narita International Airport’s “secret passage”?? LMAO but models are not exactly the sharpest tools in the shed, are they?

  • notConfusedAnymore

    @Gold digger:
    “But I also think we should let CP and his PR know that we don’t buy their BS. I think the more you speak out the better. ”
    Thats a good idea too.
    Perhaps the next time they (PR) post another one of these fake “personal relationship” threads we should have a common statement that everyone posts instead of their normal commentary. Then the comment thread will be one long stream of (pick one or make one up)…
    “I have nothing to say.”
    “Down with fake relationships we want REAL LOVE!”
    “I don’t date in captivity.”
    “PR stunts are not sexy.”

    I think we need to realise that these stories are not for our benefit. Not for fans. I think its for their movie investors saying “see…invest in this fake relationship.” They are not talking to us.

    There is such a real thing as a power couple relationship. People who are good for one another personally and professionally. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz are a good example of a real business and pleasure relationship. Carole Lombard and Clark Gamble, Ozzy & Harriet, Brangelina, etc. Why can’t CP find someone who fits both needs? Why does he sell himself short for a few million when the POWER of LOVE is the real money maker? He ends up looking miserable in the process and it does nothing for his fan base.

    For some reason publicists today decide to create fake relationships using people who are not compatible with each other. Perhaps it is symptomatic of a dying industry where the magic just isn’t there anymore. I remember reading about a pop star (I forget her name) who said that actors and athletes always approach her about doing a PR relationship, just to keep people talking about them. She always turns them down because she said she wants real love.

    We need to turn them down too. Since they perpetuate this fakery to get us to talk about them then let’s not give them what they want. Talk about CP when he was happy with someone else. Or better still talk about real couples. Let’s start by listing hot people who are really in love.

  • clingy gf

    another name for the Beard – Kirk’s Kling-on!! haha

  • Honest Question

    If Chris is gay will someone please explain that whole hooking up with Audrina Patridge thing to me. Seriously, I don’t get it.

  • LOL 2

    Chris Pine “hooked up” with :
    Audrina Patridge, Olivia Munn, Natalie Walker, Jasmine Waltz, Laura Vandervoort ,Olivia Wilde, Dominique Piek
    What’s special about AP?
    Oh! what a private guy Chris Pine is!!

  • Honest Question

    @LOL 2 – I just read somewhere that his PR advised him to dump AP because she was bad for his image. If they’re the ones who usually set up beards than what was that about? I only learned recently what bearding was so I’m not sure how it works and was hoping someone would be kind enough to explain it to me. I hope my comment didn’t come off as snarky because I didn’t mean for it to. I don’t have an opinion either way right now. I’m honestly just trying to get the facts & figure out how it all works so I can form my own opinion.

  • LOL 2

    @Honest Question:

    Sorry I didn’t mean to be short with you. I’ll explain as best as I can. Please keep in mind that this is my take on it and is not gospel :)
    At the time Chris Pine was seen with AP, it was just after Star Trek, which was a huge success. He plays Capt Kirk who is portrayed as a bit of a womanizer. It would not do to have a gay actor play this part as it is widely thought by HW execs that the public will not buy into this. So they fix them up with a fake girlfriend – a beard.
    When PR fixes up a beard they have no idea how the public will accept this. No one liked AP. There was quite the ruckus about CP “dating” AP. Almost all the gossip sites at the time said that CP could do much better than that. They called her “ceiling eyes” if I remember right. Being a new “star”, Pine’s people probably decided another gf would suit his rising star image better. so that was the end of that bearding game and they moved on to Munn. Keep in mind that these reality stars/models agree to beard so they get something out of it too. usually it’s the public getting to know them better and maybe a part in a TV series or a movie. In short to further their careers. So all win except the poor public who get totally mislead but who cares as long as they make the $$$….

  • Honest Question

    @LOL 2 – Thank you, that explains a lot. It’s sad people think it’s necessary and is quite decietful. I can understand now why people get so irritated, it’s hard to respect anyone who does that. Thank you for taking the time to explain it to me :)

  • notConfusedAnymore

    @Honest Question:
    “It’s sad people think it’s necessary and is quite decietful. I can understand now why people get so irritated, it’s hard to respect anyone who does that. “

    I agree. The thrill is gone. Down with SHOWMANCE. We want GLOWMANCE where the love doesn’t just show, it GLOWS!

  • notConfusedAnymore

    Oh yeah, is it my imagination or is he starting to look a little like Gilligan from Gilligan’s Island?

    I’m not being petty here, its just that well, hurl-friend doesn’t take care of his skin. It looks a little dry and wrinkly. She doesn’t not love him because “A woman takes care of her man.”

  • cass

    awwww but how can she take care of him? She lives in NYC and he in LA!! her previous bf C J Wilson lived in Dallas and she in NYC. Seems like she’s the queen of long distance relationships! lmao

  • Lore

    Funny how she suddenly claims to be so private (ha!) but when she was with CJ every second tweet was about him. She even uses the same lines: “I’ve never been so happy”, “I’m the luckiest girl in the world”, “It’s a great night for snuggling”. She needs some new material because this stuff is getting old.

  • luckiest girl in the world!

    Yep, she’s the luckiest girl in the world and she’s soooo in love with her “pretty boy” (that’s what she called CJ!) that a month and a bit later she’s clinging on to Chris Pine!! Do these people have any idea how incredibly absurd they sound? like srsly?

  • haywire

    she’s been staying with CP for over a month now tho.. and she totally does use the same lines she used with CJ. she’s the ultimate clingy serial monogamist. every relationship she has is serious. prior to CJ wilson, she lived with a french guy. in france. she’s that girl who thinks every guy she dates is the “the one”..

  • luckiest girl in the world!

    “she’s been staying with CP for over a month now tho.”
    How do we know that? Because she says so through her twitter? She totally lied on the 9 Sept. about CP spending time with her and had to delete the tweet when she got caught! I take everything she says with a whole bag of salt. She could be anywhere and say she’s in London, NYC, LA whatever. Her twitter is just BS. The only purpose of her twitter is to keep the “romance” going and alert the whole wide world how she is apparently going to spend time with CP.

  • luckiest girl in the world!

    The bf was Joe van Niekerk another famous rugby player. Girl sure knows how to get press for herself!!

  • Lore

    What did the tweet on Sept. 9th say?

  • oh, twitter!

    She tweeted on 9 Sept that it was CP & her first anniversary. They were going to party and then they watched a chick flick or something… lots of her followers were wishing them well and someone actually said something like – don’t let them break you apart! – anyhoo, a few hours later the entire tweet was deleted because pics came on the net that CP was in Moscow from the 7 Sept filming Jack Ryan! She deleted as soon as the pics were shown. Now, if those pics didn’t surface, all would have thought CP and DP had this real romantic first anniversay together….man, that woman is such a faker!

  • Lore

    @oh, twitter – Unbelievable! I wish they would just stop the charade and put us out of our misery of having to hear about it. I have to agree with @Honest Question I can’t respect anyone who does that!

  • oh, twitter!

    Respect? what respect! LOL
    Although sometimes I feel sorry for CP. A teeny, teeny tiny bit because I feel he has been coerced to beard.

  • whut?

    @oh, twitter!

    Apparently you are constantly on her twitter and monitoring what she tweets. However, most people aren’t gullible to believe what you said about her supposed tweets since you haven’t actually provided a screenshot of the “before” and “after” deletion of the supposed tweets.

    Maybe we’d be more inclined to believe what you said @oh,twitter! if you could actually provide proof. You are on her twitter often enough that it’s quite apparent you have both the time and inclination to provide the evidence.

  • @Keachick

    LOL that post # 33 got you out of the woodwork didn’t it?? You sound really piss!ed. That in itself says what was said was true. As for gullible people, I’m sure they can make up their own minds.
    You are such a PR nazi Keachick.!

  • whut?

    we’re all still waiting for the evidence that you should have no problems with providing. considering how often you are on her twitter and all….

  • @Keachick

    No one is waiting other than you Keachick but while you wait, tell me do you read her twitter?

  • whut?

    don’t worry.

    You have piqued everyone’s curiosity with the general lack of evidence. Instead of assuming hearsay is sufficient maybe you can back up your comments with something of substance….like a print screen of the offensive tweet?

  • @Keachick

    Don’t worry? I’m not
    Nope I haven’t piqued anyone’s curiosity other than yours LOL wonder why that is. and why are people here “gullible” ??
    Soooo do you read her twitter? why so coy?

  • whut?

    Maybe it’s just easier just to say that you LIED and made it up? you can’t even manage to SPIN a story to get yourself out of the very corner you’ve backed yourself into…

    t’s not like I didn’t know that you’ve been lying, but most people avoid trying to look utterly ridiculous and you seem to welcome it with open arms.

    Each their own….

  • @Keachick

    “t’s not like I didn’t know that you’ve been lying,”

    How exactly do you know that I’m lying? Because I don’t provide the evidence You are clamoring for? In that case it’s only a 50/50 chance that I’m lying. So I ask you again, how do you know I’m lying? Since I assume you don’t read her twitter?

  • Just Sayin’

    @whut? – I’m not taking sides in your argument with @Oh, Twitter about the anniversary tweet since I don’t know the facts, but DP does delete a lot of tweets for some reason so it’s not a real stretch. Also, everyone is entitled to an opinion and it doesn’t make someone gullible to have one that differs from yours. Perhaps people might be more inclined to support your argument if you weren’t insulting them while trying to make it.

  • @Keachick

    Ok I think I played with Keachick enough….it’s just that she is CP’s PR shill and it’s just annoying how she assumes I am lying and that people here are “gullible” I mean after all that’s been discussed here, it’s just arrogant and obnoxious beyond belief.

    OK about the tweet. The tweet was deleted when I looked up her twitter a few hours later. As I’m not in the habit of keeping copies of her twitter (lol), of course I don’t have a copy of it. But since it really piss!ed me off that she did that I “looked around” a bit and found….

    Dominique Piek ‏@dominiquepiek
    After a hectic night of events and parties last night, tonight calls for a relaxed glass of wine and a chick flick. Fun!
    Collapse Reply Retweet Favorite
    4:50 PM – 10 Sep 12 · Details

    JTMcGillicuddy ‏@JTMcGillicuddy
    @dominiquepiek please send my condolences to CP on the chick flick part…lol
    Collapse Reply Retweet Favorite
    4:52 PM – 10 Sep 12 · Details

    now why the hell would she think CP was THERE watching chick flicks with DP if she didn’t do the whole anniversary CP is here thing? (the deleted tweet)
    Care to explain Keachick? Why was the tweet deleted?

  • whut?

    Again, what is that you just copied and pasted?!

    looking at the dates, its sept10 and not sept 9th!! how is anyone suppose to follow your message when your not posting what was tweeted on the 9th?

    Like I said, you tend to copy and paste without making sure there’s coherency. If you want people to believe any of your absurd logic try making it more clear for people. Remember: who, what, where, when and why !?!?

    @just sayin, sorry but I don’t feel I have to be polite to those who blatantly lie and feel that they can get away with it just because they can post comments anonymously. Not going to happen…sorry.

  • @Keachick

    At least 7 people read the comment and understood it and gave it a + rating. Are they all gullible? Or are you a total dumba$$ that you can’t understand simple English? If ever there was an arrogant, self righteous, downright stupid, obnoxious liar, YOU are it.
    “post comments anonymously”???? Oh, did your parents name you “whut?”
    ” Not going to happen…sorry.” Oh, the arrogance!! Sweetie it’s been “happening” for months and months. have you stopped people discussing what they want???
    Piek is a liar and a faker just like you.
    Christ! why am I even talking to this total retard? I’m done….

    Anyone who reads I’m sure can make up their own minds….

  • whut?

    maybe you and your 7 best friends can all hang out and see what other ridiculous lies you come up with up? I’m sure everyone will be waiting to see what other absurd lie you’ll post next. Not that I believe you will actually stop posting.

    You don’t have the willpower to stop lying on the boards; it’s obviously been too much fun for you so far…

  • Trouble In Paradise

    An interesting read, sorry I don’t know how to link it. I don’t think Keachick is going to take this well.

  • haywire

    ok because you guys keep going back/forth and because i did actually take a screen shot of that particular tweet (tho not sure how to post here), it says” happy one year anniversary to my man, time flies when you’re having fun”. she did not say they were together but her tweets before and after that one were sorta implying he was there and so her followers assumed he was (which is what she wanted) and made comments along those lines. when the pics came out that cp was in moscow, that tweet went amissing. which makes you wonder why she deleted it. and very interestng story in star….though i doubt the clinger is getting sick of it. without a man to tell her what to do, she’d be lost. she is THAT girl.