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Gerard Butler & Sarah Jessica Parker: Nobel Peace Prize Concert Press Conference!

Gerard Butler & Sarah Jessica Parker: Nobel Peace Prize Concert Press Conference!

Gerard Butler and Sarah Jessica Parker attend a press conference ahead of the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Concert on Tuesday (December 11) at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel in Oslo, Norway.

The 43-year-old Playing for Keeps actor and the 47-year-old actress are hosting the concert, which will feature performances from Jennifer Hudson, Seal, Ne-Yo, and Il Volo!

Make sure to check back later today for pics from the concert.

FYI: SJP is wearing a FASTERTHANPARIS dress/skirt and Fred Leighton jewelry. Jennifer is wearing an Alaia top, Stella McCartney pants, and Louis Vuitton bangles. Gerard is wearing an Ermenegildo Zegna suit.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler and Sarah Jessica Parker at the press conference…

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gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert press conference 01
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert press conference 02
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert press conference 03
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert press conference 04
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert press conference 05
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert press conference 06
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert press conference 07
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert press conference 08
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert press conference 09
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert press conference 10
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert press conference 11

Credit: Ragnar Singsaas; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Gerard Butler, Jennifer Hudson, Ne-Yo, Sarah Jessica Parker, Seal

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  • Terrible Twos

    Gerry looks HOT!! Meow.

  • Alears

    i can already imagine another crappy rom com with SJP and GB

  • TeaCakes

    They’re so badly about Maddie at the alleged fan site “wo”. Imagine what Gerry would think of the dictator who runs it and the whining fangirls slagging on Maddie. They really need to stay out of his personal business imo. No one has ruined his career but Gerry himself because he doesn’t get good offers in Hollywood.

    Yeah, you can see SJP and GB probably want to work together, maybe “Middleaged Wrinkled Sex and Blisters in the City”.

  • wiphoenix

    Jennifer Hudson doesn’t look too impressed with him.

  • Gerard Butler’s True Colors

    If Gerard Butler wants to contribute to world peace, maybe he could start by stop making misogynistic films like Playing for Keeps, a movie where two gorgeous women in their 40s (Catherine Zeta-Jones and Uma Thurman) are depicted as being desperate and sex-starved, pursuing a 40-something man (Gerard Butler) who rejects them while he pursues his barely 30 year old ex-wife (Jessica Biel).
    A practice that Gerard Butler endorses by doing the exact same thing in his own life, rebuffing women who are anywhere close to his age and continually dating young models in their early 20s, including his current girlfriend Madalina Ghenea, who he started sleeping with when she was just 23. And she’s hardly an anomaly. Martina Rajic was just 22 when he started with her in Serbia while shooting Law Abiding Citizen, and the models that openly chat about him trying to pick them up at parties and the clubs are typically all under 25.
    In real life, after walking this planet for more than 4 decades, and supposedly having all sorts of different experiences and learning all sorts of different things, Gerard Butler believes that his mental and emotional match are 22-25 year old girls. How manly. (not)
    Moreover, his current girlfriend Madalina is someone who has promoted the objectification of women by posing for lingerie photos that are so tawdry that they’ve landed on porn sites, and wiggling in videos that are best described as soft porn, not to mention her making a name for herself by sleeping with famous men like Leonardo DiCaprio, Adrien Brody, and now Gerard Butler, which has apparently earned her a SAG card despite no prior US production credits.
    THOSE are the qualities that Gerard Butler admires in a woman. Is it any wonder that he didn’t realize how insulting Playing for Keeps is to women when the most superficial qualities about women and the objectification of women is something that he admires?
    Now he shows up to host the Nobel Peace Prize concert for a PR boost. What a laugh. It doesn’t matter how many photo ops he appears for or how many interviews that he gives claiming to respect and adore women. His true colors are always betrayed by his actions.

  • @Teacakes

    I think you are 2 faced!!!!

  • Beyond me


    WO is his most popular fansite. The others might be bigger but WO is the most active and for them to say enough is enough is pretty telling. I think Gerard’s people need to take a step back and begin a strategy on how to fix things. Gerard is going to do what Gerard is going to do and that’s great. This is actually a job for his PR people. Maddie’s facebook has been a wrecking ball to his career. I mean he’s doing a good enough job with the movies he’s released lately but she is certainly not helping with her adolescent behavior on FB,

  • Angel Tree Topper

    In so many of the pics the last few days, he looks like his mind is far away.

  • Yaddle

    Gerard arrived riding Sarah Jessica Parker without a saddle.

  • twitter

    Concentration level = woefully low today. It’s so bad that if it were a movie, Gerard Butler would star in it. Yep. THAT bad. #jetlag

  • Christmas Fairy

    @Angel Tree Topper:

    #8 – Yeah, wondering where the hell his career went.

    Next “brilliant” PR move – marrying MG and popping out a couple of kids.

    *Shakes head*

  • Angel Tree Topper

    @Christmas Fairy:

    I have a gut feeling they won’t marry each other—In fact I feel they will break up after the holidays. MG is not that in love with him. IMO

  • emma

    SJP is so luminous. She’s elegant and such a cutie.
    So she has an unusual face. She rocks !
    I see no horse, just a beautiful awesome woman.

  • DocP

    @Beyond me:
    I have to ask because I just checked her FB and I must be missing something because all I see is photos of herself and no reference to Gerry? She doesn’t even ave any new posts about Oslo?

  • Sally

    Gerry is so handsome and hot. I would let him do everything to me; anal, vaginal, and oral. I bet his milk tastes good.

  • Diseño Paginas Web Madrid

    Sarah go home!

  • Loo

    I dont know but I think the Nobel Peace Prize Concert should take european singers and hosters even though those awards are worldwide.

  • Angel Tree Topper

    If everyone thinks about it—since he has come out publicly about their relationship– she hasn’t posted anything on her fb—like love poetry or her cryptic love songs—-In fact there has been nothing like that or that she was doing in the begining. Aren’t Leo’s known regarding romance to have a quick blaze but can burn out fast?
    Where’s Dar?

  • TeaCakes

    @Beyond me: wo SU.CKS.

    No one goes to the fan sites any longer. The reason is they dictate to people what they can and can’t say. No one wants to be censored or restricted. Or talked down to by some insane admin he.llbent on forcing everyone into a cookie cutter opinion.

    The days of “forced gushing” are over. When all that’s left are the gushers and the fake gushers, there’s no room left for honest opinions.

  • Strawberry

    This is a guy whos shagge/d his way through a decade and had a good privelleged life and yet seems so delusional to think ppl will stand by him just because of his looks and his fake con artist personality. I dont blame ppl not offering him good scripts because i surely wouldnt. Men at his age talk so intellegently and are composed and grounded and show a serious approach.

    When he opens his mouth all we see is crude and daft jokes that only he must find funny, cocky answers and no humilty or modesty and fabricated stories that only relate to him. I can imagine his kids being embarrassed in years to come he’s a big baby man with no manly or gentlemen qualities full stop.

    I always find those men admirable and appealing and sexy that are possesive over their partner that they dont like them dressing like s/luts and exposing, who treat with you with respect rather than an se/x object and despise flaunting your modesty and also look for great character in a woman those are REAL men. He seems the type that would get a buzz if his partner revealed herself to his mates so he thinks how lucky he is that is definetley not love. Such a stupid man shouldve played his cards right

  • Angel Tree Topper


    I think that is why a lot of them come here to release the stress they feel about it.

  • Celine Dion

    I would definitely swallow Gerard’s load.

  • Angel Tree Topper



  • missjude

    @Celine Dion: probably bad for your health

  • Angel Tree Topper

    Another thing when she was seeing LDC she posted on her fb that she liked a couple of movies of his and did the same for AB—but I haven’t seen her post anything like that about GB. I really think she is losing interest.

  • anonymousman


  • colors

    The fact that you judge someone for his gf is despicable…

  • Me Thinks

    If shes smart i dont think she will marry him she will get known and concentrate on get more offers she may stick around as a gf but kids and marriage to her would be a dead end, what will she gain out of being his wife he’s money is drying up, his production company not making any profit and in a couple of years he might not even papped, yeh he’s got properties but she might have more opportunity at this point of making her own mark.

    He’s a big baby himself she prob has to put up with his annoying habits and low attention span & guys like that after a while you crave for a man who knows what hes doing and be looked after by responsible hands. He’s a confused man changes with the weather he’s prob so much hard work.
    If she is as dumb as him she’l prob marry him and think the world world is jealous of her & that might jus be sufficient enough for her till the burble bursts and she finds out no one gives a damn about their weird life

  • missjude

    @anonymousman: mg and gb…yep, we totally agree

  • Angel Tree Topper


    Another thing—MG went from stating in an interview 4-5 mos ago, that she was in love with a wonderful man that she hoped would be the father of her children one day, to a recent interview when asked about their relationship that it was “obvious,” and when asked if she was going to Scotland for the holidays, she said it was too far out to make vacation plans. She is not into this relationship like she was.

  • Sally

    I wonder if his anus is hairy?

  • DocP

    @Angel Tree Topper:
    What I don’t get is why get upset? The fact is that Gerry is choosing to be with her. He’s not a little boy who needs to be directed down the right path. He makes his own choices and he’s the one who will have to live with the results. I believe our choices in life are a reflection of ourselves, the fact the he choice her says more about him than any interview he can give. Accept him or reject him but why complain about her, it’s just gonna make him defiant . Like someone posted he’ll stay with her just to prove to his fans that he made the right decision. It’s his life and I’m betting he has done a lot worse things in his life than Maddie has done so perhaps that’s why he chose her over someone who he would feel inferior to.

  • Grace

    @Me Thinks: Gawd! Stop thinking!!! He will never marry her! So you can start sucking again girl. He hasnt married anyone til now how is he going to marry Magdalina?

  • Phoenix

    Y’all, I’ve just been too flabbergasted to even try to post anything. He doesn’t look good. He didn’t behave well. I n fact, for all intent and purposes, he could have been anywhere. I don’t usually comment on MG, but I have to agree that she looks like she’s using, and I believe in my heart that he is as well. What is happening to this man? It seems almost surreal what’s going on, doesn,t it? One thing after another and none of it good.

    I also want to ask a question. I have heard it mentioned on this site several times over these last months that GB has herpes. Is this just an old, wild rumor, or is it true?

  • Reality

    I think she will do what Elsa Pataky did to Adrien broody she was with him for a while he did everything GB is doing right now he was pushing for commitment and she wasnt ready once she was slightly known and got small parts in movies she dumped him and settled and married a younger hotter chris hemsworth from Thor and had a baby she knew he was gona be an upcoming star and had a promising career and took the opportunity. AB hear was heartbroken as he thought she wasnt ready for marriage.

    When will these middle age men learn that these young girls they hook up with are looking for their best interest they might like the idea at first being with an older man and his money but the moment they get someone close their age range with better prospects they will certainly jump.

  • Oh yeah

    @Gerard Butler’s True Colors: Stacie was 23 when she backpacking in Europe and met George. Assuming they got married right after and had Lewis. At the time of the movie, Lewis is 10 or 11 years old. So how is that make her a 30 year old ex? She should be at least 35.

    So tired of this presumed “misogynistic” idea about the movie, It’s not that good because of many things but not this.

  • Nims

    Behind every successful man their is a women and for every con man their is a con woman waiting for him. Since she came in his life his both films tanked, motor city vanished from the face of the earth all other prospects arent happening and his fan base is decreasing by the minute shes his lucky mascot and has brought many prospects in his life

  • DocP

    The herpes comment came from a tweet from a girl who said she “knows” a friend who got heroes from him. Therefore it’s just hearsay .
    Does anyone remember when the story about him and Brandi came out, I don’t think he dened it. He just chose not to talk about it if mt memory serves me right. He seemed embarrassed and side stepped the issue. I guess it’s okay for him to talk about his love life but not for others to talk about theirs….if he’s involved.

  • missjude

    @Nims: that’s funny but true. madalina seems to be a curse

  • excuseme

    Of course, behind every man’s bad choices in women there’s another one…

  • Comment#52

    “Don’t ever have unprotected sex with Gerard Butler! He will give you herpes. A stupid young woman I know of had unprotected sex with him while he was filming RocknRolla in London and she will now have genital herpes forever.”

  • Phoenix


    Thanks, Doc. Sad state of things, isn’t it ?

  • Beyond me


    No one goes to fansites? I do and WO’s numbers don’t lie. I give the webmistress (I hate that moniker) credit for having the balls to post this. It makes what you say about fake support and gushing sound silly in regards to them. The thing is I have been a fan for a very long time and you would never see a fansite come out with anything like this. GALS and .Net are to worried about pissing Gerry’s people off and therefore losing their perks to post what the fans are really thinking. I think Gerry’s people need to really look at this because I guarantee you. GALS and the other fan sites are saying the same thing but only behind the scenes…. Good at yeh WO!!!!

  • LMAO

    ‘Hello ladies…’ @ 07/17/2009 at 9:18 am
    “Hello ladies. Gerry Manwh*re here, back in LA. Gerrrrr….. If there are any new women to town I’ve yet to service in that special way [wink, wink] since may last visit, please form an orderly line. I’m trying to keep up with my 100% ‘service’ record. Should anyone be worried that I’m not using protection and might give you a very nasty infection, I have my special vibrating c*ck-ring condoms with me (….and they’re not out of date yet, cool). They went down a real treat the last time I was showing them off in LA last year, to the two call-girls..*cough* …I mean, lovely young, firm-bodied women I met at a Steak House bar.”
    “I may only last 72 seconds, but with so many women, what do you expect? Any longer than that and I would have to call it a relationship!”

  • She doesnt look happy one bit!


    SJP is supposedly 20 plus years older than MG…..with lines on her face…..and STILL manages to look more beautiful! More classy NO DOUBT!.

  • DocP

    It is but as the old saying goes, this to shall pass:)

  • seriously?

    @Oh yeah:

    Lewis is only 9 but that still puts her over 30. I do agree with the rest of your comment. The movie has many problems but it’s still entertaining and by no means the “worst movie of the year”. there is a lot to like, not least of which are the performances of Butler, Biel and Noah Lomax.

  • ..
  • psychoB

    Am I the only one or does the “friend” = a phannie in that blog.

  • MD in the House

    @Phoenix: On twitter and in the comments sections of COUNTLESS websites….I’ve read people referring to GB as having the herp. (And various bloggers have insinuated it as well) .And not just in joking way. Nobody’s seen his medical records, but I’d say that where’s there’s smoke….there’s fire. Even Gerry says so himself!