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Kristen Stewart & Kirsten Dunst: 'On the Road' Screening!

Kristen Stewart & Kirsten Dunst: 'On the Road' Screening!

Kristen Stewart attends a special screening of her new film On the Road on Wednesday (December 12) at the IFC Theatre in New York City.

The 22-year-old actress wore a Catherine Malandrino dress and Christian Louboutin shoes.

Kristen was joined at the screening by her co-stars (and real-life couple) Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund.

That same evening, Kristen showed her support for the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts by presenting a segment on stage at the 12-12-12 Concert at Madison Square Garden.

On the Road hits select theaters on December 21. Make sure to check it out!

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Credit: Jimi Celeste; Photos: Patrick McMullan
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  • lyly

    she looks like a freak. more old then 22

  • Liz

    @lyly: So everyone over 22 is a freak? I guess you, and countless others, come to these posts more than her fans. Nothing else to do?

  • lila

    naked much lately? Golly. The movie sucks, get over it.

  • Ena

    Will the amount of so-called screenings, red carpet events make up for making an inherent bad movie with an actress with no acting skills?

  • diva

    cranky diva is no more…a movie that nobody wants to see…desperate for work …

  • lili


  • Bria

    The movie will still suck tomorrow. Sorry.

  • Huh?

    Yup, looks like she cannot keep her clothes on lately. I agree that she has been flaunting herself. Girl has no shame whatsoever.

  • @Ena

    That is a terrible thing to say about Kirsten Dunst!!

  • Maria

    I think they all look great!!! So sick of all the hateful comments. Its disgusting.

  • No skills

    Her makeup looks horrid, but I’m sure it’s still looks better than her acting skills.

  • Gia

    Over her. Yes, I use to be a fan until I realized she is full of herself.

  • Lucie

    Kristen looks stunning!!!!! Wish I could wear that!

  • Dana

    Who did her makeup her acting coach probably? Both are horrible.

  • Jem

    Oh dear Kirsten Dunsts dress looks like a sack. Love her though and the others!

  • Flop

    How much money is spent on screenings for this movie. Are they even going to break even? The investors are probably pissed.

  • Karen

    Is she still feeling itchy because she sure looks itchy.

  • Becca

    They are beautiful people

  • art

    I’m over her. Ruined the Twilight for me after I spent my money watching the previous installments.

  • Billie

    On the Road is a fantastic movie and all the actors did a wonderful job. It is a little intellectual though so maybe some just did not get it!

  • Rossie

    oh, oh, not again. This is at least the billionth screening for this horrible movie! Kristen’s acting is simply one dimensional, nothing more.

  • Happy

    Another screening?? LMAO

  • Tina

    Kristen and Garrett are getting buzzed about for awards! Very proud of them!


    i”ll do her

  • Cia

    I saw this movie and thank goodness I did not pay for it. And for anyone who believe those who do not like the movie are not intellectually capable is an idiot.

  • Dara

    The movie was lame. I wanted to like it,, that’s why I spent my hard earned money on it, but it failed me. Too bad I could not get a refund.

  • Sally

    I love how all anyone wants to talk about is Kristen!!! Its like she is only person in the World who exists to some haters!! Hilarious! Did they even notice Kirsten and Garrett?? Probably not! It is all about Kristen all the time to them! She wins!!

  • Dara

    Yes, the movie sucked. But then again, Kristen cannot act. I think management was hoping her popularity with Twilight would bring people in to watch in droves– but that’s not the case at all.

  • Psst

    Dear angry Rob fans,
    Your idol is nothing. All his movies are gonna bomb. They already have so far. I wonder if he’ll ever have a hit outside twilight hmmm. It must suck being a fan of a flat faced. untalented waste of space while other legit actors are out there doing good movies and being recognized.

    I understand that you’re all so angry that you have to vent on literally every kristen stewart article everywhere in the world because she’s actually doing something and “On The Road” is getting some recognition while Crapsmopolis…oh, im sorry i meant Cosmopolis premiered in August, then bombed a week later only to be forgotten like Bel Ami was. Oh sigh. Poor bitter Pattinson fans. Making fools of yourself everywhere you go. Harassing respected critics and journalists because Kristen is being taken more seriously than Rob.

    And here you all are, again! How predictable!

  • Caila

    Another screening? What number is this one?

  • No more

    Waste of time. enough is enough. The movie is a flop. The movie had some potential, but it was not realized. Move on already.

  • Mia

    Is there a contest for sheer, scandalous dressing in Hollywood right now?

  • Susan

    The movie needs more than another screening to be a success. It’s need to be remade and it can do without Kristen.

  • Over the non-actress

    Kristen’s eyes look itchy.

  • Elaina

    Not this flop again.

  • Ian

    come on already, is this seriously another screening. They are pretending not to have had a zillion screenings already. Tickets are not selling for a reason.

  • Charlotte

    Movie is still blah and Kristen is still naked and shameless.

  • Zuna


  • Bean

    still trashy. What’s up with the slu*tty attire?

  • Doreen

    I’m sick and tired of this so-called screenings. At this point, it’s called pimping.

  • Lara

    this already has 40 comments…she’s so popular lol

  • oh, oh

    Kristen appear much older here. I think it’s her outfit. Too bad she had the luck to star in a movie with a no capable actress.

  • Ara

    Does sheer clothing create Oscar or award buzz? Kristen needs to give it a rest.

  • Geri

    It is obvious all these lame nasty comments are coming from the same person!!!!!

  • Dilan

    there she goes again allowing us common folks to look at her.

  • MP

    Kristen-skank_ has no acting skills. Needs to take a year off to take some intensive acting lessons.

    Kirsten on the other hand can actually act.

  • Alice

    So many negative comments on here. It’s sad how many people waste their precious time being bitter and on people they obviously don’t like.
    Life is short, spend your time more wisely.

  • dfgasd

    Haven’t see the film yet. But the cast was praised in as good as every review, so Kristen can’t be that bad. ;)

    I like all three on that pic.

  • R

    this must be the 8765439th screening for this boring movie and yet no buzz, no nom for any award, nothing, they have money to waste in UFC!
    It’s crazy how Stew can loss, gain, re-loss weight so fast! heroin? meth? coke?

  • J

    @Sally: i have to agree with sally, for a post that features three people in the picture, y’all seem to be only paying attention to kristen