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Angelina Jolie Directing 'Unbroken', Story of Louis Zamperini

Angelina Jolie Directing 'Unbroken', Story of Louis Zamperini

Angelina Jolie is in final negotiations to direct the upcoming film Unbroken, the story of Olympian-turned-World War II prisoner of war Louis Zamperini, according to Deadline.

“I read Laura Hillenbrand‘s brilliant book, and I was so moved by Louie Zamperini‘s heroic story, I immediately began to fight for the opportunity to make this film,” the 37-year-old filmmaker said in a statement. “Louie is a true hero and a man of immense humanity, faith and courage. I am deeply honored to have the chance to tell his inspiring story.”

“In her life and in her work, Angelina has embraced stories and causes involving great struggle and triumph over tremendous odds and the basic human condition,” Universal Pictures heads Adam Fogelson and Donna Langley said in a statement. “She has a real ability to illustrate he strength in human spirit which will be essential in telling Lou‘s story of survival and great heroism.”

Unbroken will be Angelina‘s second feature as a director after last year’s In the Land of Blood and Honey.

FYI: Today is Angie‘s partner Brad Pitt‘s 49th birthday! Hope it is a great one!

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  • sunny

    This is the last part of ‘ 60 Minutes”s interview with Louis Zamperini
    He is a real hero.
    Mutsuhiro Watanabe (nicknamed “The Bird”), who was later included in General Douglas MacArthur’s list of the 40 most wanted war criminals in Japan talked with 60Minutes’s interviewer who also interviewed Angie in Budapest. He hided and survived post WW2 and long lived.
    Watanabe was a real war-criminal and should be punished.
    But General Douglas MacArthur’s list of the 40 A-list war criminals was wrong. Some of them did it with their goodwill but was sentenced ‘ death’ and was hunged. Westerner’s misunderstanding oriental food or oriental medical treatment.
    Real war criminals like right-winger Masataro Shouriki or Dr.Shirou Ishii survived post WW2 because they were important informers for CIA.
    2 of 8 from Naoetsu POW camp were apparently innocent but labeled as war criminals. Their goodwill behaviors were translated to badwill.
    I didn’t read Laura Hellenbrand’s book but I hope these innocent people are not refered as ‘ war criminals ‘.

  • rj

    Thank you all you JP fans for all your postings. I am learning a lot about B and A from you fans. I love how smart A is but never stuck on herself. She is very humble person. Keep on posting!

  • goopiness

    @Passing Through:

    Geyer is still AJ’s manager.

    She never had an agent for acting until she hired Ilene Feldman at IFA about 3 years ago for independent dramas only. She still neotiates stuff like Maleficient herself. AJ’s UTA deal is for directing/screenwriting ONLY.

  • http://Justjarde G
  • Love the JoliePitts

    But the thing is this: Mrs Lanza was very well to do. Adam Lanza’s father was covered by full insurance from GE. I don’t know what happened as far as ADam’s medical treatment went. It will be interesting to find out.”
    Hi Lylian. Thank you for your comment.
    I should have made my post clearer. The issue of “Mental Health” remains still a rather “taboo” issue, in this country anyway. I cannot speak about the rest of the world. It is not only that money is lacking for those who, unlike the late and as we hear tell, rather wealthy Mrs. Lanza, cannot afford care, but the dis-ease itself is not discussed in “Polite Society” or any society at all it seems to me. Maybe there are those who feel it is an unsolvable dysfunction that only medication can help. Maybe some people are just in denial about their own children’s condition. But how to approach it so it can be brought out into the open, discussed and solutions that can work discussed….I don’t know how to go about that without sounding nosey or rude or impolite. Or “in someone else’s business.” Because those things are just not discussed, unless the person who sees their child needs help brings the topic up.

  • megatit
  • grazia

    So we might have banged on to you about Brad Pitt quite a lot, but it’s been a trump of a year for the actor. No we’re not talking about him and Angelina, we’re more thinking about that iconic Chanel campaign he did which became a hit sensation. Now, whilst reading our morning paper on the way to work today, we spotted that the perfume promo has been panned and put in the Worst Ads of 2012 List (and yes there have been plenty of comical spoofs), but we beg to differ… In fact, we can think of 10 might fine reasons why we heart Brad and Chanel so much…

    10 Reason Why We Love Brad For Chanel

    1. Brad Pitt + Chanel = two of our all times favourites rolled into one… you do the maths.

    2. Brad’s sulty, husky voice sounds so sexy that on last count, Grazia Team Beauty have watched the ad a total of 43 times.

    3. Despite numerous spoofs, Brad and Mr. Largerfeld have had the last laugh with sales figures soaring for both men’s and women’s fragrances since the ad campaign.

    4. The commercial has over 7 million hits on YouTube, need we say more.

    5. ‘Inevitable’, the simple and foreboding tagline of Brad’s ads, is punchy and perfect and obviously comes straight from Karl himself. Genius branding we say.

    6. It’s got everyone talking, which is always the aim of such a marketing tool surely? Everyone from your dad to your neighbour to your gardener’s uncle’s mother has seen, watched, read about it.

    6. Brad’s silver fox hair and goaty he’s got going on make us weak at the knees – on anyone else, no. On Brad Pitt, YES.

    7. The ad is focused on both men and women – no really, Karl didn’t want to leave anyone out. Women drool over him, men want to be him… a double winner.

    8. Whilst Chanel keep financial figures very closely guarded, the brand comes in at the 4th most valuable luxury brand with a worth of $6.68 billion, so Brad and the fashion house must be doing something right.

    9. The slightly misleading and prophetic words within the ad – “It’s not a journey, every journey ends but we go on. The world turns and we turn with it. Plans disappear, dreams take over. But wherever I go, there you are. My luck, my fate, my fortune. Chanel No. 5. Inevitable.” – make you watch it more than once and leave it to play in your mind at just what it means, another clever marketing tool. Karl, you’re messing with our brains!

    10. In all honestly, can you really say that Chanel No.5, or any of their fragrances for that matter, aren’t at the top of your Christmas wish list?! If it gets us one step closer to Brad…

  • Virus/Trolls what a mess!!!!

    Hi JP Fans,

    I just paid $190.00 to have two laptops fixed from virus’s here and we all know they have been here in the past. Now # 251 is reporting a virus on post 237 has anybody reported this to Chris? Or is it b/c you don’t belive it is a virus?

    Why are the new names here repling to the trolls? Well anyway i reported the virus to Chris.
    Usually JP Fans post to each other instead of giving the trolls the time of day . That’s all they want is a reply and why we have more trolls here or they stay here longer than ever. Why not discuss your peed off anger about the troll to another poster you trust even if you don’t talk to them at other times? in that way the troll is NEVER getting a reply.? All of my virus’s /worms were from this site.

    Rex X works and as Chris said last yr. we will delte and help if the JP Posters stop repling to the trolls but as long as they are engaging with them there is no sense.

    The JP’s have so much going on we have lots to talk about besides the idiot trolls / Ticky can be discussed here with one another as long as we are not repling to a hater. It’s pretty simple stuff.

    Trolls love when you blow up at them. That’s what they are here for.

    I am no teckie so when a custom scan doesn’t clear up my virus’s/worms/ i pay $$$$$ and that pisses me off more than the trolls who i do speak about but never to them.

    Lets put our heads together as PT would say it’s not rocket science..

    pls ignore and Red X them ,some are ruining our computers. It wouldn’t happen if we use the Red X.

    \most of the time many here don’t know what a poster is talking about when they repeat what a troll said a page back b/c it no longer shows.

    I find the couple of new names here are repling to the trolls on a reg basis. If you didn’t know what i just wrote above you do now.

    It’s a shame we couldn’t get the ppl repling to the idiots to repair our computers.

    We have a lot of Fans who come here and quit posting due to the repling to the trolls. I am not trying to be mean or bossy but hey when you pay out a couple of hundred dollars just before Xmas to repair two laptops it’s about time to speak up..common sense.

    I am pleading with you please reply to other JP Fans works the same.

    Thanks tish


  • Observer2


    Apparently, you did a good job getting under a troll’s skin. Flag the posts and report them to Jared and Chris and have them removed. As has been noted, they use fan’s names to plant viruses, in some cases.

    NEVER open a post that is thumbed down that has less than 15 votes, it is ALWAYS a virus.

    I’m sorry Tish that happened to you.

    When troll’s lose their shiit, this is what they do. It seems to be their last means of attack. It’s pathetic.

  • lylian

    @Love the JoliePitts:
    Hi there LTJP, I understand you now. Yes, the stigma of mental illness causes a lot of unnecessary pain.
    I think many people don’t want to talk about mental illness because they fear that it is genetic. So, if someone in the family is mentally ill, it could mean we ourselves could become mentally ill. And alas, I can speak from first hand experience that when someone in your family has mental illness, that person can be truly awful to the family and loved ones. For here is a person who appears physically healthy, but thinks and acts in ways which are not healthy. (Note I use the word Healthy and not the word Normal).

  • tish

    Thanks Observer 2, i am sorry i lost it but when i see virus don’t open here, after paying out so much money a few weeks ago it just sends me thru the roof. If i was a teckie i might have waited till others were complaing too b/c i would have known what to do other than custom scan.

    I know i am despised by the trolls b/c i won’t give them the time of day and they know it. But i do say things to other Fans and on a bytch moment i may say things to another poster that i know aggrivates them all to helll. Sticks and stones know the rest, i could care less.

    Vialis do you relaise we as in JP Fans are called clicky i just found that out at my daughters funeral on the 7th. Some ppl do not want to post b/c they think we are toooo close knit and won’t allow others in.
    I was actually kind of surprised to hear that.. I explained it’s not that at all. If we arppear clicky it’s that ontill your name becomes a reg they have seen for a bit you could be a troll pretending to be a JP Fan and suddenly just like what has happened to you tonight where they use your name it’s suspect ontill you prove over and over you only post great or good about the JP’s like everyone else b/c as JP Fans we wouldn’t be wasteing our time here as normal ppl onless we cared dearly for our Angie and Brad.. Everytime a poster uses your name Tag it and report it to Jared or Chris, they will remove or check to see if your ID is lining up with a troll b/c they don’t know themselves ontill it is brought to their attention..It will be cleared after they check your ID..

    btw..You repling to trolls as often as you have been for a new poster you are new fish to them.. So stick around and have fun but always report to’ where you see contacts’above at the top of the page when they use your name. They will give up and try somebody else.

    My daughter was a big time JP Fan but i was just getting her to try to understand the different names we use here for Ticky . I thought it would be fun when she came over with her computer if i saw her in here too. I still have another daughter who’s not in any shape to care at the moment but she was just starting to get the hang of it.

    I couldn’t belive the JP Fans when i was surrounded by over 200 ppl. I really don’t think too many ppl have any respect for Ticky today b/c the truth is out of the bag b/c of us and many others like us at other places on the net.
    Anyway pls report to Chris what posts are used in your name. It’s takes but two secs to do it..end it now.

    Good night valis, Good night Observer 2 tks so much.

  • groundcontrol

    Dear Gorgeous JPs and Cute,

    on your advice I started watching The Hour. I loved it. After watching it on youtube I ordered it from Amazon and just finished watching it a second time – I missed a lot the first go round.
    I am now on the hunt for season 2 but I may have to wait until the DVD comes out Dec 31. Well, as much as Freddie is admirable and adorable – in a nipping at your heels puppy sort of way – and as much as most people seem to want Bel with Freddie, I am all for a renewal of the Bel and Hector hot as hell romance. He needs out of that awful marriage he sold himself into and back in Bel’s bed. I loved them together and I thought she was the best thing he could have had. So many other great characters and actors I love from other roles like Anna Chanceller – I do hope it gets a 3rd season.
    Many years ago I was advised to watch The Wire. I didn’t get HBO so I never went out of my way to see it. Also since that is essentially a world I inhabit – albeit not from the drug dealer or cop perspective – I blew it off as too much like my own real world to be entertainment. Was I wrong. After The Hour I started watching The Wire and now I am hooked. Not quite through with Season 1 so I have 4 more to go. LOL! It’s very very good and Baltimore seems very like DC. Many locations like the pit are all too familiar places to me. And any chance to see Dominic West is fine by me. ;D
    Again a million thanks for turning me onto The Hour and leading me to The Wire.

  • Passing Through

    # 268 QQQQ @ 12/19/2012 at 9:12 pm
    rolling stones @ 12/19/2012 at 8:56 pm
    Thank GOD! for Fincher and Seven… BP didn’t have to work with either losers especially Apatow.
    You know what we REALLY just learned from this? That once again Ticky got a job because of her relationship with Brad. Or are we really supposed to believe that Stiller put Ticky in Along Came Polly because she was so fvcking great on Friends? And, even funnier, we see that Brad has known Ben Stiller for a lot longer than Stiller’s current skinny-jean-wearin’ BFF who’s now porking Brad’s lefovers. Once again – Ticky’s on the short end of a used stick. We don’t have to make this shite up. Like I always say – we just sit back and wait for people to reveal to us how Ticky REALLY got a role. When she’s not blabbling on herself someone else is telling the world that she was handed work because of her bedmate. Lord knows that how she’s gotten jobs post-Brad. Then hens probably read this story and cringed. This is where Squiggy’s love of dumpster diving comes in handy – cuz he sure loves to pick up Brad’s garbage. Comedy. Gold.

  • tish

    tish48 @ 12/19/2012 at 10:59 am

    Tish is that you so glad to see you back here missed you loads hope you are feeling better ? happy belated birthday may you have many more happy ones god bless

    Thanks Phool with all my heart.

    I feel just like you do about those innocent little children as well as the adults who were killed….. just sick.
    I can relate more than you will ever know. Some others too may be able to relate and not want to speak about it but i don’t know maybe b/c i had so much councilling and started doing volunteer work with Victims of Violence ontill a few friends of mine lost their children thru murder i found i just couldn’t do it anymore. But it helped me learn what or how parents like myself deal. Time as always is the biggest factor. Many of the ppl i met who did our first VOV meeting for us many yrs ago when a phychopath(sp) murdered my only son at the tender age of 19 i didn’t know how i or my daughters would ever survive that brutal death. Including my large family.

    Sad part is most marriages don’t last, it is one of the stats. Feeling safe again , well put it this way we still keep our doors locked day and night and it’s 20 odd yrs later. Our house is like Fort Knox. Trust is a huge issue, and sadly most of the ppl at our first meeting are either dead or not healthy due to heart attacks and other health issues

    The Fathers seem to be the hardest on themselves . I quit the volenteer work when a friend of mine shot himself in the head a year after his son was taken by a gumen. My son was taken brutally many yrs before that by a beating and many knive wounds.. He had never met the man before
    but with the murderers mental illness, he was in the mood to kill that night he chose my son oct 31. at the age of 19.

    if you want to know more about those parents you are feeling so deeply for i know many of the answers.. You have to be strong and it’s a long hard life which takes forever, you don’t ever get over it. You become numb to it but at any given time your child’s death can feel like yesterday.

    I became a mother Tiger so overprotective with my daughters and the grandchildren who came 5 mos after his death. One was from my son’s young wife and the other is from bad news we are going thru right now. My eldest daughter who i spoke about often here died on Dec1st, we just buried her last sat due to an aneurism. Soo very young to die leaving the two grandsons behind. Her husband and my two grandsons were visiting me and hubby.. When they went home her youngest son found her dead. in bed. I am in shock and seeing my doctor tomorrow over this one. I never dreamed in a million yrs i would lose two children. One was more than i could handle.

    I am able to talk about it right now but possibly b/c i have my youngest daughter with me who i am keeping an eye on every min of the day b/c she is such a mess. Her and her sister were not just sisters they were best friends too.

    But as far as how will those parents survive murdered child or children i hate to say i have experience in it or can relate so deeply but now you know i can. We can talk about it if you want.

    I am sorry i have to try and get some sleep, there hasn’t been much of that going on lately and i will be seeing my doctor and taking my youngest daughter to her doctor tomorrow. I set up councilling for us all. Everyone is reluctant to it at the monet but i know it’s due to the shock. I as well as those dear parents in conn are thanking God for schock at the moment but nobody gets away with the grief of a loved one. And any other JP Fan here who has lost knows what i mean.

    I will be back and try to catch up with you. Pls don’t be afraid or back off from me.. It’s the ppl who care who you remember not the ppl who hide from you…..I am not a great email writer but if you want my address tell me how to get it to you or anyone else not b/c i need pity.
    I do understand and so far even slipping back into JJ’s today took my mind off of my tragety…It always has. As for those poor families, i pray to God they are setting up grief councilling for them for when they are ready. They need to be around a group of families before Christmas that are parental survivors of homicide to see that other ppl suffered and survived. I am sure i am not alone here but i am willing at least at this point to open up as to what i saw were parents greatest needs initially.

    I have to hit the sack and it feels so good to feel that way so you take care and will talk to you and any others interested tomorrow … xo tish

    You have a HUGEEE heart just like Love and many others here.
    It’s going to be the hardest thing the parents will ever experience in their lifetime. Much will depend on their ages. (parents) I was much stronger b/c i was younger with my son’s passing

  • groundcontrol

    I am so sorry to hear of your experiences and losses. I don’t know how it would ever go away completely. Just that you learn to live with it and share what you learn with others to help them as you did for all those years. Bless you and hope you find comfort with your family.

  • first and last post


    OT for tish.
    re: # 290 tish @ 12/20/2012 at 3:59 am
    Hi tish,
    my heart goes out to you and your family for all that you have been through especially during the holidays when missing a loved one is so enhanced.
    Thank you for your lovely post…I cried throughout reading your post…many are reluctant to come forth with their own private tragedies and I admire your bravery in sharing such personal trauma…it puts everything in perspective.

    Thank you for also volunteering to those who seek support…there is nothing more reassuring than someone who has been through what others at the time feel and think no one else understands. Sometimes it easier to “shut down and close up” because there may be no one who can offer the wisdom of those who have lived through similar situations. There can be desperation and lonely isolation and individuals like you can bring enlightenment to confusing times. I have great respect and admiration for individuals like you who through real life experiences know and understand reality’s hardships.

  • Rose

    @tish: Good morning my dear sweet Tish. First my condolence on your great losses. Words are not enough to let you know how sorry I am. Losing one child is horrific but losing two is unimaginable. I’m here for you whenever you want to talk. I’m so happy to hear you and especially happy to know that you find a little peace being with the fans. Please encourage the family especially the siblings and children to seek counseling. I can tell you it will teach the entire family on how to deal with the grief. Counseling maybe long, but please stick with it. The only shame is not taking advantage of the excellent help that is out there. You will always be in my prayers especially during the holidays and every day. You and your family are loved, don’t forget that. Lots of hugs.

  • Danny


    My condolence to you and your family, I am not a regular poster but a long time JP fan. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers

  • woman spanish

    My condolences, Tish. I can not imagine your pain. My thoughts are with you.

  • Shreya

    To all the people who thinks that after Brad left Jennifer and got together with Angelina – he career has gone downhill. Well let me tell you the hard fact about Brad’s career.

    Before Marrying Jennifer he did wonderful movies like Seven years in Tibet, Seven, Twelve Monkeys etc and even got an Oscar nomination for Seven. While he was with Jennifer all of his movies where based on his looks and not acting. Jennifer influenced his on his movie choices and it showed with the movies like Ocean’s, Troy etc. Brad only got awards like the hottest man on Earth etc.

    After he left Jennifer and got together with Angelina Brad got influenced by Angelina and her humanitarian works and choose to do movies that has a message for the world. Movies like Babel, Curious case of …., The assassination of JJ, Tree of Life, Moneyball – movies that gave him another 3 Oscar nominations.

    So the conclusion if that Jennifer has always placed the outer beauty first – you can see that with how all of the men she dated always looked immaculate and Hollywood-like while dating her but always looked mature and more human after leaving her. They are much more comfortable in themselves after leaving her.

    So my dear friends – Brad’s career has actually reached the skies and he will soon get the Oscar for his brilliant talent very soon. I even bet that Angelina will get the Oscar for direction for this movie “unbroken” because she will do a wonderful job plus the world loves a survival story.

  • Wonderbust

    Tish so sorry for your loss. You are truly a brave women. May their souls rest in peace.

  • Susan

    @tish: Good Morning.
    My condolences to you and your family.

  • nani

    I love Angelina because she is the best in Hollywood. Beautiful and great woman.

  • busted


    I just read your post. Thanks for sharing. We come here and talk to each other to pass a few minutes. And we forget that everyone here has real lives. Real lose, Real heart break.

    I hope time makes the pain more bearable and that you and your family continue to support each other.

  • Phool

    fyi12 @ 12/19/2012 at 12:15 pm
    CONGRATULATIONS Angie! What an amazing woman.
    Phool, I was so busy, I just got caught up with the threads. Sorry for the late response to your request :( I found a recent JP video you might enjoy.
    Good Morning Fyi12

    Thank you my dear appreciate it very much what can I say Fyi12 I love you more; have an amazing day as you sure have made mine
    amazing loving the video.

  • Phool

    In regards to Angie getting this Directorial gig I bet she put her heart & soul on the table and showed the Studio bosses how passionate she is of this subject. Is it any wonder why Marianne Pearl chose Angie to play her when it came to having a say who to caste in her part? To be portrayed by a person who was able to show Marians strong will in the face of adversity and at the same time was able to portray her fragility.
    Great words from Deadline “ the worlds biggest movie star gets what ever she wants” ironic isn’t it she hasn’t worked over 2 years and still is considers the worlds biggest movie star..Hang on a minute I need to close the window I can hear a troll screaming in the ocean.
    I’m regards to some one to portray Zamperini’s spirit which wasn’t broken, despite the Japanese guard “The Bird” sadistic attempts to break it, Id rather have an unknown actor play Zamperinis character but knowing the studios would prefer an established name to garner the interest in this project.
    Proof is in the pudding so to speak she has time and time again proved to her doubters that she maybe a beautiful petite actress but she had the to take on a taboo subject before only a person who has got their hands dirty getting the low-down with the people who suffered is the one who can portray a clearer picture.
    Given Angelina name already has green lighted it and will garner the interest in the acting circles this is a great part, I bet Daniel day Lewis wishes he was 20 odd years younger joking it is a great part knowing Angie she will get the very best who will do justice to Zamperini.

    This proves the Big Studio heads acknowledge talent when they she it. “In The Land of Blood and Honey” undoubtedly showed with a good script Angie sure can do justice to it. She in my opinion can handle the pressure of filming and had her passion is seeped in the very core of the movie. Her charisma even behind the camera has brought her to the forefront Universal have faith in her ability to bring this to the big screen and make it her masterpiece, that’s the evolution of Angelina Jolie.

    Who would have thought this young girl will grow up and venture into bigger and better things?

  • Phool

    Good Morning Rose
    Hi Rose my dear how are you? Obviously must be busy with the arrival of your Canadian guests. Knowing that how organised you are I bet every thing is ship shape so to speak. I’m already getting a headache by thinking about Christmas dinner how am I going to get every thing done on time lol I need a serious organiser like you.
    Rose your iPad rejects Maniston as it appears even your iPad has taste it wont acknowledge losers lol By the way were you trying to tip some one over the edge with the trigger word Ticky by any chance? by the looks of things it worked

  • Phool

    Looking at the new OZ the great poster they seem to have borrowed Tickys manly chin well they are channelling wickedness who else to look for to get your inspiration from than Ticky

  • Phool


    I was seeing the news last night about UNHCR in regards to the influx of refugees arriving from Syria in the Refugee camps, the amount of displaced people are coming are over whelming the camps and what toll it’s having on these peoples lives, due to sickness, cold & hunger.
    These are the unfortunate families taking the lonely walk from a country they call home into a country where they are called a refugee puts things into prospective doesn’t it. These unfortunate people who are suffering from cold, hunger and humiliation. When I say
    humiliation it’s in the essence of having to leave your home your country under duress and extreme circumstances and go into a country where you are relying upon others handouts.
    One can only pray for their flight to change for the better for them and hope their circumstances change for the better in their own home country for them to be able to go back to a life of freedom & dignity.

  • Phool

    Passing Through
    Hi PT question isn’t Yoga chick in Tickys life any more because that serious issue she has going on with the middle age spread needs to be addressed pronto !!
    I’m surprised Ticky hasn’t sent out her beloved Uncle Terry’s Christmas card to the Press yet like she did last year?

  • Phool

    Love The jolie pitt @12/18/12 at 11:56pm

    Hi Love The JoliePitt my dear how are you? You know the million dollar question is what we would like to know is that what really happened between Lanza and his mother for him to resort to these deplorable actions. Media can portray a person but its not always 100% factual information about that person is it only those close to them can give a true account what was going on between mother & son.

    The question that needs to be asked is that could this tragedy been foreseen? Could their have been any other way or form of intervention that could have absolved the issues before getting out of hand? Those are the questions that need to be addressed and lessons need to be learnt from them.
    I hope at the heart of it the government has a fair and honest it’s too hard to process the fact what’s true and what’s not mental health issues are a minefield to drudge through for one to make an assessment on ones condition.

    debate about mental health for it’s a big part of on going concern that cant be swept under the carpet any more and needs to be addressed considering the percentage of people know a days are suffering in one form or another of Mental Health. Government needs to come up with a Think Tank to see how to tackle these issues in preventing any future occurrences happening.
    Same for the gun law at least it has opened up a debate may it be with pro’s & cons at least is got every one discussing it .The President has started the debate and god willing will get some solutions for it.

  • Phool

    Oh dear I see Frick & Frack are back and lost it big time Only from a mind of a Troll Ironic isn’t it 2-3 days ago Angie was blamed for owning a gun for personal protection and some how was linked to Newtown Connecticut incident and know she’s being accused for stealing attention from Brads Birthday.
    Seriously how many happy pills did you forget to have before you trolls had to come up with another golden nugget of stupidity? Movie decisions are not made in a day they take best part of year and months of several meetings and thrashing out all the legality that goes with it to eventually get them finalised. So they come up with another ill-conceived theory that only from a delusional mind can produce to blame Angie masterminding the exact date of brads birthday to announce her 2nd directorial debut wow.
    There are more concerning issues that need to be addressed as why Ticky’s parading her fake bump in Heidi’s face it is “so not cool” has this women got no class oh my bad how can I forget she’s classless.

    Tick Tock Tick Tock time for you Trolls to take your medication don’t say we didn’t warn you

  • Phool

    Good Morning Tish

    Tish My dear I hadn’t read your post apologies for late replying back to you ,Please Tish accept my deepest sincerest condolences to you and your family my heart breaks by the sad news you had to endure. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers I am always hear for you even it’s to talk and to share your burden please do not hesitate to do so my dear friend. May God give you the courage & strength in these testing times and be strong my dear.

  • Phool


    With heavy heart I write this The Loss of a child is just unimaginable despite the fact I am not a mother I feel I can’t help but feel empty at the loss of your beloved. It’s like some ones wrenched my guts out. I feel so angry at life why is it so cruel? Why it is some people are faced with so many obstacles in life compared to others. My mother says god is testing you at these moments of despair if you are going to emerge stronger person and I say why do so in the first place why he needs to test us?

    For 19 years you had this gift of life in the form of your son, you were blessed with him for 19 years of his love and affection and same was for him from his parents remember those times he for his limited time on this earth was and always will remain your beloved son and no one can take that away from you. No matter who cruelly he was taken away from you will always remember the good times and became a stronger person at the end by holding your family together.

    Then to witness a friend to be taken away from his loved ones by gun crime, I cannot fathom the awful memories it must had brought back for you in regards to your son. Considering what happened in Connecticut it’s brought back all those bad memories for you.

    And know to heartach sad news about your beloved eldest daughters passing and leaving a young family for your grand son to witness his mother in bed oh this cruel world why did it have to be like that. My heart breaks and with heavy heart I write this Tish its easy for me to say be strong in these testing times please don’t lose faith you have to look towards the future the future you have with your beloved grand children forr their sake please be strong they may have lost their beautiful mother to fate but their grandmother will keep them warm & strong. Condolences to your son-in-law May god give him strength to be strong for his young family he is their mother & their father know and you are his family know. You and your husband have to be the tower of strength for him and all your family.

    Its easy to say life goes on but some time life can be so cruel, my friend it’s a good thing you have done to share this sad news amongst us I know it wasn’t easy for you my dear tish but you have don’t it let these emotions out in one form or another by talking, writing any way you feel to ease your burden please do so.

    Believe me when I say Tish My self and all the Jolie Pitt fans out there respect you for your wise words that you wrote in these difficult times, how much effort it has taken you to do so. I have to tell you my dear we stand united in your grief and we stand united when we say we will pray for you and your family to over come the loss of your two beautiful angles, be their life was limited on this earth you were able to share the love with them you were there to hug them close to your heart in body and spirit. And they are still there being hugged in your heart my dearest Tish.

    God Bless.

  • lylian

    Just want everyone to know that its 2 am Australian eastern time, on the 21st of December 2012 and so far, no news of any calamities. If you are an end of the world believer, then it may still be too early to say that it isn’t coming to an end yet, but so far, it’s looking pretty good… :-)

  • lol


    perfect post..

    thanks for the chuckle

  • Passing Poo

    Get ready for the Apoocalypse.

    Hey… Shit happens.

  • Passing Poo

    Has Turdelina been confirmed for Unbroken or is this story just more BS from her?

  • Passing Poo

    PS — Mister Hankey says ‘Howdy Ho’ to BAMPZSKVille!

  • Passing Poo

    Hope someone will poo-poo the story soon.

  • dulce

    The timezone to worry about is tomorrow at 9:11am!!
    It was never the first timezone or the timezone of Australia the one to worry about!! So hopefully, tomorrow everything will be okey!! Yeah, I hope so!! So good luck to everyone!!

  • Premalee


    My condolences to you and your family.

  • lol

    but i thought she said she was quitting hollywood, so she did that all for attention and why does she always try to upstage brad pitt, she did that at the oscars it was brad’s night when he was nominated and her ugly homeless bony legs stole his thunder and made a fool out of him and herself and just december 18 was his birthday and she tried to upstage him again with her directing unbroken, lmao. this clearly proves that they are living a separate lives. the break up will sure be ugly.

  • nani

    You’re so sick! Go away.

  • Passing Through

    # 272 tish @ 12/20/2012 at 3:59 am
    Tish -
    My condolences on your losses. Holy Hell. That’s a lot of tragedy for one family. You sound strong despite it all. After dealing with your daughter’s untimely death coming here and seeing the nonsense that goes on with the trolls is bound to annoy anyone. These idiots won’t understand until it’s too late that they can never get back the time they wasted here trying to annoy us. Some people’s priorities are just plain fvcked up.

  • lol


    pick your own name hon.

    I guess like Squiggy asking Jenny to marry him on his birthday. Talk about upstaging for attention.

    Brad and Angie are just fine. I guess that is what really pisses off the loons like you..

  • fyi12


    My sincere condolences to you & your family.

  • Brad faking it with 3 timer

    from Thomas John – celeb psychic who correctly predicted Whitney Houston’s death this year and the Holmes/Cruise split (and also Jen aniston engagement via In Touch:

    Celebrity Psychic Thomas John Talks Star Predictions for 2013

    A new year is coming up, so what’s in store for celebs? Celebrity psychic-medium Thomas John talks to In Touch about what we can expect from Hollywood in 2013. Here, he dishes about Kim Kardashian’s next wedding, Jennifer Aniston’s big announcement and why Brad Pitt’s “faking it.”

    Although there will be no wedding bells for Kimye, there is going to be reason to celebrate for Jen Aniston! According to Thomas, Jennifer has some very exciting news to share in the new year.

    “She’s going to be talking about babies and a pregnancy,” says the psychic. “It’s going to be like the early part of next year.”

    And while Jennifer will be enjoying baby bliss for the first time in 2013, we had to ask Thomas what he sees in store for Jen’s former lover, Brad Pitt.

    For Brad, it seems that there will be less to celebrate. “He’s kind of looking for a change,” Thomas reveals.

    But what about his engagement to Angelina Jolie? “Even right now, (it’s) something I’m picking up from him. I feel like he’s kind of faking it, like he’s bored. But he’s kind of just sticking with it.”

  • lurker

    tish sorry for your loss, please fans can we just thumb down trolls its not worth replying to their silly bs

  • valis202

    @Brad faking it with 3 timer:

    We know you trolls are really desperate when you have to post from a fraudulent psychic as though it’s the gospel truth.

    You really are sad and pathetic