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LeAnn Rimes & Carly Rose Sonenclar: 'X Factor' Finale Performance!

LeAnn Rimes & Carly Rose Sonenclar: 'X Factor' Finale Performance!

LeAnn Rimes and Carly Rose Sonenclar sing their hearts out during the X Factor Season 2 Finale Performance Show on Wednesday (December 19) at CBS Television City in Hollywood.

The 30-year-old country singer joined the 13-year-old X Factor finalist for a performance of her hit song “How Do I Live”!

Carly also sang her showstopping number “Feeling Good,” which she sang for her first audition, and the touching song “Hallelujah” during the evening.

Make sure to tune in to The X Factor on Thursday night at 8/7c on Fox to see who is crowned the winner!

Carly Rose Sonenclar & LeAnn Rimes – “How Do I Live”

Click inside to watch Carly Rose Sonenclar‘s other performances…

Carly Rose Sonenclar – “Hallelujah”

Carly Rose Sonenclar – “Feeling Good”
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Photos: Ray Mickshaw / FOX
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  • Jessica

    OMG…. they were AMAZING together! Good luck Carly!

  • Kristen

    Two unbelievable voices on one stage

  • Nicky

    So proud of you Carly! And Leannn!

  • Taylor

    Great job! I could watch that over and over. LOVE

  • Susan

    Beautiful duet, best of the night


    Miss Carly and Leann, it was a pleasure to be able to watch you two together tonight. Best of luck!

  • Warren

    Carly is hot and sexy. And a great singer.

  • Shameful!

    Leann Rimes seemed drunk and/or high! Poor Carly Rose! Whatever Leann touches turns to sh*t. this may have cost Carly the win! So sad!

  • DValenti

    Carly and LeeAnn rocked it!

  • Diane

    They are both gorgeous, such beatiful voices too!

  • Perfect!

    I hope you guys release a duet together, it would be magical. It’s wonderful to think of how much tallent was on that stage tonight. Bravo!

  • Jen

    Is this duet available on Itunes?


    I want Carlys outfit and Leanns boots and the dress she wore later


    Vote for Carly!

  • Faye

    Wonderful, wonderful job ladies!

  • Match


  • Shocked

    Terrible!!! LeeAnn was drunk or high, stumbling around and looking crazy. Poor Carly, I feel so bad for her!!

  • Jace

    I can’t be the only one who thinks that LeAnn seemed drunk? She may have sunk Carly Rose’s chance of winning. Judging by the side-eyes Carly was throwing LeAnn’s way, she too knew it was a trainwreck.

  • OMG!

    If you thought Leeann was great tonight you might be stoned yourself. It was a complete train wreck!!!!! So sad for Carly. Leeann- Go back to rehab!

  • Christina

    Absolutely horrible duet. I feel very sorry for carly for having to deal with leann acting like that. She was off pitch, forgetting words and trying to out sing a 13 yr old. Very sad. Carly is amazing… leann should have let her sing a little on her own. instead, leann made a fool of herself.

  • Sweet

    LOL at the people who are hating on LeAnn. GROW UP!

  • MarinaDel

    If all of you think this is helping LeAnn, it’s not., positing these pretend posts that it’s awesome. I couldn’t wait to watch this duet. I love LeAnn and Carly was my favorite. There are haters that relish in LeAnn failing, and I could care less about them. But I am a longtime Leann Rimes fan and am worried about her after this embarrassing performance. She was high or drunk. If Eddie really loved her, he would do what’s best for her and get her help, or her handlers, agents and such. Where are they? Just enabling her and taking her money.

  • Jen

    While Leann has a great voice, it did seem like she forgot the words and was trying to sing over Carly. It’s too bad, it wasn’t her night to shine – it was Carly’s.

  • Tara

    that was awful! carly makes the ugliest faces when she sings or is just standing there. yikes!

  • Dolphin

    Good to see that Leann looks more healthy and not as skinny as before. But I have to agree with the others that she didn’t seem quite right, her timing seemed off and she was trying to overpower Carly’s vocals.

  • bella

    I agree, although Leann has a great voice, she was definitely acting strange. Something was not right with. Love Carly….

  • Marshmallow

    Some one was smoking shitneys stash!!! Haha

  • betty

    @Marina Del But you are right on. I am not a Leann fan but I can give credit if it is due and Leann appeared to be out of it. She try to overpower Carly vocals and Leann couldn’t even hit the high notes. Leann has no professionalism at all a pro would have let Carly shine but not Leann it always has to be about her and even with that Carly vocals were better than Leann her voice is too nasal and grinding and Carly voice is pure. and why can’t Leann remember her lyrics . I would give Leann a D- for that performance.

  • Setra

    Tonight was quite the finale. I thought Carly did wonderfully, she really impressed me for someone so young. I loved her performances of Hallelujiah and Feeling God. Not to mention her performance with Leann Rimes, of “Live without You” was really outstanding! It can’t be easy to perform with a famous, professional singer. This episode will give me and my DISH coworker a lot to talk about at work tomorrow. I’m glad I recorded it on my DISH Hopper with the PrimeTime Anytime feature. I was able to set this up to record all primetime programming that came on the four major networks, without having to set up any individual timers.

  • Ken

    @Shameful!: I completely agree. If the people who are complimenting Rimes’ performance watch it again they will have hear the sub-par performance.

  • Ken

    Undoubtedly drunk…& I am not a hater

  • Snow white

    Sheesh! Leann what the heck was that performance. I was embarrassed watching you fumble and not harmonize with that young lady. You are so beautful and have a ridiculously amazing voice. But with your experience you need to mentor not upstage and forget the lyrics to your own song.

  • Rooney

    I would have liked to hear Carly sing that one all by herself. Leann was a train wreck.

  • BUMP


    Comcast went down for most of Carly’s first song out in Northern Calif. That may well cost some votes.

    And That’s how you slant the vote on a TV singing contest. You are so right. Tate gets 4 famous country singers, Harmony 5 gets many fan favorite AND JUDGE Demi Lovato! And then there is Carly, She could have had Bruno Mars for example but they give her a COUNTRY SINGER!?!! That couldn’t be a more distant match up.

    Not just a country singer but a cheating, drunk, homewrecker that just walked out of “Rehab” for being “tired”. People hate her! How does that help Carly Rose? She was loaded tonight, could not even remember the words to her own hit song. Totally screwed Carly’s timing up and then used her for a crutch to stay standing on her feet!

    If Carly loses she should file a lawsuit thursday morning. Damn I can’t believe the show pulled a stunt like that..blatant, blatant, blatant!

    Carly at 13 has so much class and character even complimenting Leann Rhimes while at times during the performance Carly tried desperately to both feed the words to Leann and to try and fill in for her. Sick.

    They have got to make rules on these shows that the judges and the show can not profit from the singers when it is over.

  • BUMP


  • Tami

    what was wrong with leann and why couldn’t she remember the words to her own song? something is seriously wrong with this woman, it was like she was trying to outshine the little girl.
    those boots are also ugly as sin. makes sense leann would wear them.

  • Oceane

    Not sure what most of you were watching but, Leanne wasn’t good. They sounded awful together.

  • MarinaDel

    @Betty, you missed my point. No, LeAnn doesn’t make it all about her. She has done lots of duets with lots of famous singers and does a wonderful job always. She wasn’t intentionally trying to oversing I don’t believe. It seemed like she was in trouble up there and knew it and tried to overcompensate. She forgot lyrics, unsteady, garbled, off pitch. She was obviously high in some way or drunk. It was unfair to Carly. Leann has been singing professionally twenty years and never has she done something like this at an important event. I prefer to pray for her and hope she gets the help she really needs. She clearly is in trouble to not even be able to come out and sing a song correctly she has done a million times. Carly handled herself really well and recovered by the end and seemed protective of what happened with LeAnn and didn’t say a word after on twitter. That says a lot about Carly as a person. I hope LeAnn’s family puts her in rehab after Christmas. She’s only 30 and has her whole life ahead of her. I would hate to see her get worse.

  • Nice!

    Give LeAnn a break. Let those of you who have not sinned cast the first stone. Last night on Leno LeAnn admitted her wrongs. With that said, I liked this duet performance, there was real heart between them. I liked the raspy and improv nature of it. It was REAL. Carly can sing country, and shared the stage with LeAnn, out of maturity and respect for the two-time Grammy winner. Loved it.

  • LeAnn Had a Cold

    On Leno last night LeAnn said she was battling a cold. Compassion anyone? She did well regardless. Maybe she was on cold meds?! But I didn’t notice stumbling anyway, just some sass.

  • Charlene

    I thought it seemed like LeAnn was trying to upstage Carly, by trying to hit higher notes, and holding on to them longer. Thing is, her voice sounded rough and ragged. Where Carly’s voice was smooth and angelic.

  • Shared Staging, Perfect

    As I saw it, each took upstage role at different times, and then again each shared stage at other times. Awesome performance. It was fun and heartfelt.

  • Kelly

    @Nice!: Geez, bias much? I;m not hating, just telling the truth. There was something off about her tonight, and ignoring it does not help LeAnn one bit. I felt sorry for her. Improve? That’s for comedy, not singing a song that you made famous, have sung for 20 years, and are using it to help a young girl win a competition. I don’t care about her personal life, I’m just making an honest observation, she was a hot mess tonight, and I feel sorry for that young girl who was counting on LeAnn to be a professional.

  • Masterpiece

    I loved this authentic, raw masterpiece!

  • Rick G

    Cold or not, I have noticed over the last few years that Leann’s voice is getting a little more raspy. Maybe, she needs take a break from touring and give her voice a rest. To her credit though, at Carly Rose’s age, she was just as spectacular, maybe even more so.

  • Kel

    Leann was a drunk mess. Hope she didn’t ruin Carly’s chances.

  • Bijou

    Agree Kel. Her performance has been panned by critics and viewers allover the web. Belching at the start of the song, only added to the impression she had been drinking. She tried to out sing the kid, but it didn’t work.

  • KMC

    Hmm, definitely not the best.

  • Dana

    @Sweet: LeAnn seemed very off., She belched while coming out on stage, was very unsteady and her performance was terrible. I don’t ‘hate” LeAnn, In face, this performance made me feel worry and compassion for her. It was awful to watch. I don’t care how much of a fan you are of someone, this performance was terrible. Being a fan doesn’t mean you don’t notice when a person seems to be having problems. Denial doesn’t help anyone. Thousands of people have commented that they thought she was drunk That isn’t good. I think that people who are enabling LeAnn are the ones who need to grow up. These comments about the performance aren’t just the garden variety “I hate LeAnn”‘ ones. They are specific and sadly accurate.

  • Ding Ding

    @Jace: It must be whacko LeAnn Rimes putting all those nice comments. This was a major and epic FAIL. If LeAnn Rimes can “sing” like that and make a living at it, we all can. She is a JOKE and last night the world saw right through her.