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Leonardo DiCaprio Takes a Long Break From Acting!

Leonardo DiCaprio Takes a Long Break From Acting!

Leonardo DiCaprio rocks a fedora while taking a tour of a hotel on Tuesday (January 22) in Miami, Fla.

Over the weekend, the 38-year-old actor was seen cruising in a yacht with Naomi Campbell and other gal pals.

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Leonardo recently told the press that he will be taking a break from acting.

“I am a bit drained,” he shared. “I’m now going to take a long, long break. I’ve done three films in two years and I’m just worn out.”

Leonardo added, “I would like to improve the world a bit. I will fly around the world doing good for the environment.”

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio having some fun in Miami…

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Credit: PacificCoastNews; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Leo Is King

    It’s good that he knows when to rest. He certainly deserves a break.

  • Edna

    I hope he take the break forever. LOl

  • Fan

    Nice to see him relaxing. And he sure seems to be interested in her cell phone. Wonder who he is texting like that:)

  • Pepper

    You wanna do good for the environment? Don’t fly around.

  • sunshine

    No offense to him at all, but if he hadn’t announced this, I doubt many people would have noticed! He isn’t the kind of actor that just cranks them out one after the other.

  • lol…

    @Pepper: So what is he supposed to do? Walk to different countries? Environmentally cautious people do fly when they have to travel long distances. I don’t see what’s the problem with that since millions of people fly every day. I see why ppl think he is a hypocrite since he doesn’t necessary do what he preaches about but this flying thing is just silly.

  • carrie

    @lol…: flying in private plane for doing green activities is NOT GREEN CONSCIOUS

    and partying with friends and young models is not green conscious

  • lol…

    I must have missed the part where he said he was going to fly PRIVATE around the world…

  • ladyb

    I don’t think he should take a break. I just think he should have fun and do some comedic roles. His roles always involved too much energy, drama that makes him be in character all the time. Relax, have fun and do some comedy.

  • Kelly
  • S

    @carrie: Your comment is arrogant.

  • ….
  • rach

    After he ruins Jay Gatsby for me forever I’ll be glad if he does take a long break, no matter how good he is in Django. But really, flying round the world for the environment is a bit of an oxymoron.

  • VJM

    Then maybe when he comes back he can make a film about someone whose actually happy.

  • Southam

    Why is he lecturing us about the environment when he’s still CHAIN SMOKING?

  • @rach

    Is there anyone forcing you to watch Leo as Gatsby? Don’t watch it and he won’t ruin it for you!
    How do you think green activist travel from one country or continent? By walking or swimming? I bet he still does more than you do…

  • Kristin

    Flying around the world is not eco-cautious. And what kind of break does he need? From partying in yachts with models?

  • CanadaGirl

    Glad to hear it. It’s not healthy to work too much. (I need to take my own advice there)
    LD has put in a lot of time working on projects (preparation + research), filming and promotion. It’s draining.
    We’ll be seeing a bit of him once his two promotions for Wolf and Gatsby gear up, however.
    I wonder how long of a break he’ll take. One or two years?

  • @16

    Break from work. It`s right there in the post you just need to read it.

  • Jessiegroo

    Guys! He doesn’t take a private plane! Honest! Look it up! He’s so environmentally conscious that he goes undercover on a everyday economy plane. There are even pictures of him doing so. I love Leo, he’s a great actor. Don’t go hating on him because of what you “assume”

  • John Q Public

    Must be nice to have that option Leo. I guess he doesn’t realize how arrogant it sounds.

  • CanadaGirl

    @….: He doesn’t look bored. He looks quite “over” the paps stalking him for pictures.
    He is done…. not permanently, of course, but he’s tired of the ‘game’. It’s written all over him and has been for awhile.
    As for all the hooking up with model comments, I see him as really trying to find a real relationship with his last couple of girlfriends. It’s just not working out. Sure, it could be scheduling or what not, but I think that he is a restless person naturally and feels confined easily.
    Taking time off to discover what he wants out of life is a good idea. He’s off to a good start – hanging with family. Personally, I think he needs good food and wine, travel, family, rest, and pet projects to propel him forward and cleanse the soul.
    he’s been taking more chances with his work, perhaps he needs the same with his personal life? No. Not with the ‘not yet a woman’ crowd.
    I want to say that he’ll challenge himself personally/socially like he does with his work, but……………………. we’ll see I guess.

  • Jane Public

    @John Q Public: Give it a rest. Are you hounded by the paps daily? Do you have to hide in order to enjoy your life? It’s his life, time and money, and he can do with it as he chooses.

  • XxXxX

    Ugh. He annoys me. He can take a long break. I don’t care

  • ///\\\///o.o\\\///\\\

    @23 – Take your own advice and take a long break from the thread.

  • SunnyAutumn

    Leo is going to travel by private jet, puffing on his cigarettes, lying about on gas-sucking yachts to help people. Well, at least he is helping people.

  • @Fan
  • #26

    Your constant obsession with his sex life. LMAO.

  • carrie

    @lol…: because he only uses private plane !
    i’m Leo fan ,i know he’s honest about his activism but he doesn’t use commercial flight since a long time

  • lola

    TURN AROUND LEO…then take your shirt off ;)

  • lol…

    @28: Of course he only uses private planes. Nothing else. Whatever you say, hun.

  • mmm
  • becky

    Hes looking soo good lately, loving his style :)

  • tara

    ok it has been MONTHS since we head of Leo with a girl, the last we heard was the whole Miranda Kerr debacle which Lainey confirmed as true and then Margot Robbie but nothing since then….he must have a girl on the DL or something, this IS Leo DiCaprio were talking about!! It will be interesting to see who his next offical gf is….whoever she is I just hope she makes him happy.

  • sarah

    @mmm -
    Are these girls “local models for companionship”? Hilarious. Leo and his boys will never change, that’s for sure.

  • tara

    @34 well the girl facing us certainly doesn’t look like a model and we can only the back of the other girls head so how you came up with the “local models for companionship” theory im not so sure.

  • Thought that Margot Robbie thing was going to develop a little further, it’ll be interesting to see them do press together.

  • ????

    the girl with the braid looks like she’s 15 years old. I hope she’s the daughter of one of his friends, otherwise Leo might be on the verge of being questionned for inciting minors.

  • Tom
  • sarah
  • : )

    @37 She is really pretty

  • lol…

    @sarah: What makes them interesting?

  • sarah
  • sarah
  • sarah
  • sarah
  • Weirdo

    He’s taking a break and I don’t think it’s because he wants to find a serious relationship with a girl at least. That isn’t going to happen because he is gay.
    He wants to take a break because it takes a lot of energy to pretend to be someone you are not. Like others have said, other actors have families and make more films than he does.
    I think he’s tired of pretending and wants to fade out of the public eye or at least lay low….

  • view hed rather look at his nails than these girls, so ya id say romance is blossoming

  • This is my favorite pic

    He looks so “interested” in them! LOL

  • lol…

    As Lainey and Moe Jackson said these girls are probably `local talent` so that says it all about interest…
    Looking at these young girls it seems like the son-mother bonding time turned into father-daughter bonding time. Both Leo and his buddy look like they could be their fathers.