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'Girls' Renewed for Third Season By HBO!

'Girls' Renewed for Third Season By HBO!

Great news Girls fans: the show has been renewed for a third season by HBO!

Lena Dunham, creator and star of the show, confirmed the news on Alec Baldwin‘s podcast.

“We’re starting season three at the end of March,” Lena said to Alec. “I’m so excited.”

Girls returned for its second season on January 19 – the very same evening that Lena won the 2013 Golden Globe award for Best Actress and the show for Best Comedy Series.

that Girls will be returning to HBO for a third season??

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  • Philipp

    Well, yeah! It’s pretty controversial but I think it’s good and funny in a different way. People hate it, but only because they hate themselves for secretly liking it. Good for Lena Dunham!

  • Asha

    This show is so ridiculously overrated it is not even funny. What mid-twenty year old doesn’t have relationship, career, and self image problem these days. It is not a bad show but for people to declare this show as “groundbreaking” is absurd.

  • uh

    @Philipp: people hate it because LENA DUNHAM is racist scumbag – the 2nd season is a little weak. At least the first season wasn’t a tumblr-style mess.

    Now it’s turned into quick puns that fit into a GIF!

    But good job supporting a bigot.

  • uh

    @Asha: exactly exactly!! They see lena dunhams character cutting her bangs while watching a demonstration on youtube (GROUNDBREAKING) and they cry that she’s EXACTLY like them and OMG she understands me. It’s just ridiculous. -_-

  • an

    @uh: why do you say she is racist ?

  • uh

    @an: because she has made openly racist comments about women of colour.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    @Asha: This show’s extremelt witty, and borderline genius. Maybe you don’t find it funny because the jokes go straight over your head. LOL

  • poop

    shock value,,, and that is it

  • straight over your head?

    caters to the lowest common …god you are dumb
    fug face.. but then again a clueless JP fan… lol

  • lola_uk

    I’ve never seen an episode of this show and ALREADY, I’m sick of it! BTW, they should change the name of the show to “White Girls”.

  • faithla

    relax! if you don’t like it don’t watch it!

  • A

    They should change it to “Jewish White Girls”, or simply call it “JAP”.

  • A

    @A: J/\P is derogatory now? Wow. It simply stands for Jewish American Princess. sheesh.

  • gg

    @lola_uk: cause that’s NOT a racist comment! lol. pot meet kettle.

  • LOL

    @gg: “white girls” is racist now? LOL are the white people offended? hahahaha

  • LOL

    @A: are you fighting with yourself?

  • Jeanie

    This is one of the worst shows I have ever seen.
    Bad acting, Bad plot, ugly girls( expect for the one in the middle sitting beside the main girl) and even the guys are ugly!
    Eww why do they allow such ugly, untalented people in the show?

  • Draga

    stop showing your ass lena…




  • B.

    I guess that show really hit it! For me, it’s not that much. I don’t see what all fuss is about.

  • Howie

    That’” fat little girl who looks like Jonah Hill” needs to stop coming naked. Please don’t do that anymore. For the sake of humanity stop showing your ass! I everytime I see her naked I want to puke.

  • NE1

    No shock there. Brilliant show, it will last 10 years.

  • Ifan

    @NE1: 10 years of ugly, no talent girls coming naked? Can’t wait!

  • nm

    Great news, it’s a brilliant show

  • Justathought

    I can see both sides of the issue. I can see why people are bothered by the fact that the show is about privileged white girls, played by privileged white girls. But I do think it’s different, when you compare it to other shows. It is kind of hipsterish, but that’s what Lena is kind of, so she’s writing about what she knows. I don’t, however, like the fact that people keep saying how the people on the show are “ugly.” They look like normal, every day people. If the show was made up of all Victoria Secret models, then that wouldn’t really be realistic. I don’t think Lena is ugly. I think she’s quite pretty, but maybe I’m strange for thinking that. I am sometimes shocked when I see her naked, but that’s because society has conditioned us to think that really skinny equals hot, and slightly overweight equals ugly. I wouldn’t necessarily do some of those scenes, but hey, at least she’s not afraid to show her less than perfect body, because most everyday people have less than perfect bodies.

  • ugh

    @Justathought: shut up with your passive aggressive bullsh<t.. you've posted similar comments on all her threads. the problem isn't the show so don't be so naive.. its with HER racist comments.

  • sick to stomach

    @[~Fug Face Man!ston~]:
    I’m sorry what is witty about it???? girls whining about not being creative enough and letting lena dunham have the maximum air time so that she could f@#ck around and be nude, delusionally believing she’s a skinny supermodel who looks attractive with all the actual skinny girls in the background. You see, I wouldn’t have had a problem with her being fat or nude, it’s the bullcrap hype around this show that makes me want to punch that person in the face, who says ‘it is genius and witty’. They don’t exactly talk about space or ‘philosophy’ in it. THey whine about being rich and lazy…that to me, isn’t creative. IT MIGHT be fun to watch some mediocrity every once in a while as we’re all human beings and whine from time to time, but stuff like this don’t define us all!

  • anne


    I think Dunham is a good writer, unfortunately, her perspective is limited to her rich upbringing. Their problems are representative of what people their age are going through today, but their characters are so privileged that their situations don’t actually seem that bad. I mean, the show began with her parents financially cutting her off as her main problem! Sorry, it’s hard for the majority of us who are not privileged to feel sympathy for that. Personally, I’m only watching because I like the Jessa and Shoshanna characters. Dunham’s trying to do her version of Sex and the City, but the show takes itself too seriously and can’t pull it off.

  • Ben


    You keep insulting people on this forum who don’t agree with your obsessive, and absolutely pathological idea that Lena is racist. You are obsessed by this idea, of racism, and anyone who agrees to disagree, you call names. You’ve been flagged more than once. Take a chill pill. If you see racism everywhere, go to a therapist. Peace.

  • ohpaleez

    The first season was good, this current season is seriously lacking. With hit or miss episodes (best one is where Marney is the pariah in the room and Jessa and John Thomas split up). I can’t believe they have chosen to renew this series just because Dunham won a Golden Globe for the first season. The Hannah character is at best, undiagnosed bipolar, and at worst: a nyphomaniac who has no clue how to dress (she looks like a frumpy poor girl who tries to dress like her thinner friends but seriously can’t pull it off). Really hoping HBO plays the 5 episode wrap up for season 3.