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Beyonce: National Anthem Live at Super Bowl Press Conference! (Video)

Beyonce: National Anthem Live at Super Bowl Press Conference! (Video)

Beyonce stuns the crowd with an amazing live rendition of the National Anthem at a press conference on Thursday (January 31) in New Orleans, La.

The 31-year-old entertainer took questions from the crowd, saying she is “so anxious” for her half-time show at the upcoming 2013 Super Bowl.

“Well I am a perfectionist and one thing about me is I’ve practiced till my feet bleed. And I did not have time to practice with the orchestra,” Bey explained during the conference about lip syncing during the 2013 Presidential Inauguration.

“I will absolutely be singing live. I am well rehearsed and I will be singing live.. this is what I was born to do,” Beyonce added about her half-time show.

FYI: Beyonce is wearing an Olcay Gulden dress and Jimmy Choo shoes.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Beyonce’s National Anthem performance???

15+ pictures inside of Beyonce rocking the house at the Super Bowl press conference…

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beyonce national anthem live at super bowl press conference 01
beyonce national anthem live at super bowl press conference 02
beyonce national anthem live at super bowl press conference 03
beyonce national anthem live at super bowl press conference 04
beyonce national anthem live at super bowl press conference 05
beyonce national anthem live at super bowl press conference 06
beyonce national anthem live at super bowl press conference 07
beyonce national anthem live at super bowl press conference 08
beyonce national anthem live at super bowl press conference 09
beyonce national anthem live at super bowl press conference 10
beyonce national anthem live at super bowl press conference 11
beyonce national anthem live at super bowl press conference 12
beyonce national anthem live at super bowl press conference 13
beyonce national anthem live at super bowl press conference 14
beyonce national anthem live at super bowl press conference 15
beyonce national anthem live at super bowl press conference 16
beyonce national anthem live at super bowl press conference 17

Credit: Christopher Polk; Photos: Getty
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  • Clarabella

    Just like Aguilera if she does sing live her Back Up Singers will sing more than her.

  • honest

    I read a Beyonce post on here early. Where are the people that swear Beyonce lip syched.

  • Tiana

    All I’m going to say I cannot wait for the Superbowl :) Kill Em Bey

  • SalineDijon

    Who cares? Still talking atis? She’s annoying.

  • abho

    this is for those who called her fake.. Pls shes very talent woman

  • patri

    In your face haters

  • sam


  • sam

    @Clarabella Hey why don’t you sing a WHOLE 3:40 song 18x for an hour and half WHILE dancing and jumping around stage to keep the audience alive. Beyonce is the FEW who can do that perfectly, so I think she might need help, any artist actually. …Anyway We all knew she can sing we were just shocked she chose the pre-recording version. She will knock the Super Bowl!!

  • Carter

    People need to get over this already. Wasn’t she singing with a playback gosh! We all know she’s the most talented female performer of this generation, specifically vocally while doing all those dance moves so this really shouldn’t even matter. Also, the jokes are getting old and distasteful especially when you bring her pregnancy into them!

  • Manoush

    We knew she can sing live even when she’s dancing too!!! Dont get why people are doing such a big deal with this story

  • janekay

    Beyonce is awesome! She will shut it down at the super bowl! can’t wait!

  • xoxo

    Love the outfit, love the hair. Beyonce looks really cute here, really can’t wait to see her performance at the Super Bowl.

  • plez

    So great. You show them Beyonce. Shut up all the naysayers just trying to make trouble. There are very few so call singers these days who would have done that.

  • horse

    she struggled with some of the high notes and sustaining them

  • Marcia

    she sung live, but that doesnt make up for the fact that she lip synced on national television on a historic day

  • Clarabella

    @sam:I paid to here Beyonce and Christina sing LIVE not there Back Up Singers..Christina’s Candy Man Live she does Vocal Warm Ups and the real singers sing the words..Beyonce Single Ladies she holds the mike and dances and the real singers sing.Save the dancing for your Videos.Isn’t that what back up dancers are for..

  • hum

    She does this AFTER people got on her for lip-singing. If you can sing live then DO it. Don’t make up excuses afterwards then try to prove people wrong.

  • Elise

    So what?She sang there to get attention again,it’s not news,but next to Obama,she didn’t.Many people lip-synch,it’s not a crime.Nobody said she can’t sing live,but eveverybody lip-synches,including Beyonce…
    Maybe she can sing live,but she’s too overexposed right now.I’m getting tired of seeing “news” about her.

  • Carrie

    She probably lip synched that one too..

  • Mary

    @hum: I agree.Singing live after lip-synching isn’t a good excuse,or a proof that she sang live on national tv.She still lip-synched,nothing changed.Next time,sing live,Beyonce,and don’t lie to the public again.

  • Message

    Aaaaand, her singing live still sucks. She should have lip-synced. She is a good performer, with the wind machines and back-up dancers. She needs all the hoopla around her. Her singing is sub-par at best.

  • Ana Maria

    She actually singed pretty good…

  • aaa

    So she goes on stage to sing the national anthem, then afterwards says “any questions?” How smug. You know Beyonce, it would have been nice if you’d just said “I apologize if I offended anyone” …that is all we are asking. So sad money can’t buy you humility.

  • гость

    Aguilera sings better

  • Gates of hell welcome you :)

    This prove how stupid a lot of people are. Umm, this is not Mili Vanilli and it never was since they were lip synching to someone else’s voice!

    Umm, she was lip synching to her own voice previously. She is in that 1% of super talented voices, just like how Lebron James doesn’t always have to score all the points during a game, we all still know he’s the best. But, stupid people are like,” Oh, my god she’s lip syncing.” You know who you are who thought this, how does it feel to go through life a stupid-loser.

  • Bored

    Money also can’t buy class which she so truly lacks.

  • me

    I agree with some of the comments here.

    The point wasn’t if she COULD sing.

    the point was WHY did she opt for the recorded version INSTEAD of just winging it……cracks and all…like Aretha did?


    I see the lip-syncing if your dancing for a set or making a video…but if it’s a moment like it was…just sing it out and put away this need for perfection….

    if i was her manager I would have suggested to her her to just sing it in the first place….

  • marina

    I would say that a very important event like the inauguration deserved a good well prepared singer for the National Anthem, like I suppose has happened at other inaugurations. It is a big responsibility, but others have done it without the help of technology, and she if she is so grat, then why not?
    If she was too busy for even rehearsing, then she should have not accepted the gig. Singing live now seems weird, if you are doing it now, then you should have done it at the main event

  • Carrie

    The question was not if she could sing it but WHY she didn’t sing it live when Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor did. If she had no time to rehearse for the “one of the proudest moment of her life”, she should have declined the invitation.

  • Taz

    It didn’t sound very good, but maybe she was nervous!!!

  • Jane


    What is her singing the National Anthem now live supposed to prove? It was the Inaguration that mattered. There she DIDN’T sing it live. And please, she didn’t have time to practice? What a bs excuse. She shouldn’t have then signed up to sign it LIVE, if she didn’t have time to practice it LIVE.

  • m3iii

    Kelly Clarkson sings sooooo much better than Beyonce…and she sings LIVE!!!!!!

  • Dan

    She’s no Whitney Houston…

  • Jane

    Beyonce, the narci***ist, didn’t want to live live during the National Anthem, because Beyonce, the narc***ist, always wants people to think how she’s soooo perfect. So she never thought that it would actually come out into the open that she didn’t sing live. She wanted to wow everyone, so that people would think, oh my god, she’s the best singer. Just like she wanted to wow everyone with how quickly she got her body back into shape after pregnancy, when a completely different woman carried the child. Beyonce wants everyone to think she’s perfect. But her lies are coming out into the open more and more now.

  • Alexandre (Brasil)


  • BeeFake

    Gosh, she can’t sing. Rihanna v2.0 + FAKE, CON PERFORMER!!!

  • Tessa

    @aaa: She had every right to say that. All the stupid hate over the inauguration she got, for no reason. People saying that she couldn’t sing, she has every right to prove people wrong. And to the people tired of hearing “news” about her, get over it. She’s hot right now, and most of it is because of you guys. The inauguration was one of the big things. 2013 is a big year for her. If you don’t like Beyonce don’t come to her posts. Simple. All you guys are doing is “overexposing” her.

  • Jensen B.


    Let’s see. That’s what happens when an artist or actor has something new coming out, be it an album or a film…they do a lot of press/promotion for it. She’s not overexposed, especially compared to likes of Rihanna, the Kardashians and Taylor Swift.

  • Setra

    I’m looking forward to seeing Beyonce perform at the Superbowl and I enjoyed hearing her sing the National Anthem live at this Press Conference, today. I recorded this press conference since I was at work at DISH when it aired. I recorded it on my DISH Hopper so that when I played it back I was able to start watching on my living room TV and then continued watching on my family room TV right where I left off. This made my housecleaning much more enjoyable.

  • Joseph
  • Raquel C

    I agree that Beyonce’s voice is okay but there are a lot more talented singers out there that can sing live. It only reminds me how someone as wealthy as Beyonce is surrounded by a lot of yes people that will never tell her the truth. She is surrounded by a lot of hype and help to create her brand for the public. I am not a hater not do I think she is a bad singer but I think she’s overrated. If you compare the lip synced version to this live performance you can most definitely hear where her voice is helped along to sound greater more beautiful the her live perfomance. Today we all hear it for ourselves, her celebrated voice is manufactured. Still has a nice voice but not the best voice out there.

  • AJ

    I seriously dont get it though, what is the big deal that she didnt sing live….is this like an “american” thing…is it ’cause it was the national anthem. Like who gives a flyng eff?? Why was this blown outta proportion and made out to be a “scandal” of some sort??!?

  • Sweetness

    Very narcissitic. She has time to prove she can sing for the Super Bowl but not for the Inauguration. So $$$ is her motivation not patriotism.

  • gia

    Now getting to this topic….1st this entire marketing campaign is soooooo TACKY, CLASSLESS, POINTLESS, INSULTIVE TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC AND NON-AMUSING, BORING

    Who uses the presidential inaugration ceremony of the USA as the back-drop for a marketing campaign…..just insultive! Presidents come and go….but the Inaugration Process is long-standing and representative of the American Political Process….this is a world-stage

    And then someone who really isn’t amusing enough to command such attention—-this is not Madonna circa 1987, 1991, 1992 or Elizabeth Taylor

    Nevertheless, this entire stunt is ridiculous!

    I can’t believe the media even wasted their time by attending this contrived event.

    Next, point—-Beyonce and her team, followers, etc. must really think that the American public is dumb, stupid, dimwitted, etc.

    How many Americans are members of choirs, take piano lessons, play instruments, are singers, study music???????????????

    The voice is an instrument just like a trombone, drum, saxophone, clarinet, flute that operates on a scale with notes, keys, pitch, tone, tuning, etc

    It is obvious that this person opted to sing acapella so that she would not have to match the ACTUAL NOTES COMING FROM THE PIANO…….because she cannot sing

    Singing is not belting out wind, singing at warped speed—to ignore holding notes

    This entire STUNT has IRRITATED the AMERICAN PUBLIC beyond!!!!!!!!!!!

    Last point…..somebody is definitely delusional and immature, self-serving, and ignorant

    Why put yourself in this position???????????????????

    Because this person actually thinks/believes that her presence is worthy of all of this fanfare and stupidity.

    What hits, classics will she sing, Bill, Bills, Bills, No, No, No, Bootilicious (did I spell that right), Freakem Dress…..

    Again, things speak for themselve…..NO SUBSTANCE, ORIGINALITY, REAL TALENT, AND SELF-ABSORBED equals…..unbelief

  • gia

    Who in the world has the nerve to compare Christina A.’s voice and performances to Beyonce???????????

    Christina is a true singer…..and an extremely talented one!

  • Not a Fan!

    She did not prepare for the presidential inauguration and gave the Americans a fake performance. WTH is she thinking?!!!! I would not watch her even if she is performing for free! Rhiana would have been real or someone from a church or children or a choir or others to sing at the inauguration. Beyonce is now convering up her inefficiencies with so much lies. Why not reach out to other Americans who can perform and possibly unemployed and will do a damn better job.

  • Rachel

    @Not a Fan!: She said that she sanf live with a pre record. That is very different from lip syncing

  • Yeha

    Great PR! I wish Christina Aguilera’s PR people were half as capable.

  • Missy

    This actually just convinced me of what a terrible singer she is. I don’t know how anyone can stand her voice, its so grating. The most overrated singer of our generation. Mark my words, this will be the lowest rated SuperBowl everand hopefully begin the end of her ‘singing’ career. Let Jay be the musical person in the family, she needs to stay home and take care of her baby

  • migrog65

    And I am sure you won’t be watching her annoying performance. Such a hater you are