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Orlando Bloom: Cafe Gratitude Lunch with Pals!

Orlando Bloom: Cafe Gratitude Lunch with Pals!

Orlando Bloom leaves Cafe Gratitude after having lunch with friends on Wednesday afternoon (January 30) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old actor landed back in the States over the weekend with his wife Miranda Kerr and their son Flynn after taking a vacation to Cancun!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Orlando Bloom

In case you missed them, check out photos of a shirtless Orlando frolicking on the beach with his family and wading in the waves with his baby boy.

Next up on Orly‘s film slate is his flick Zulu, set for release this year.

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  • SalineDijon

    He needs to hit the gym. Alwyas looks like a runt. Hit the gym, dude!

  • Fan

    If you bothered to look at his physique in Mexico, you would have seen how toned he is and he does hit the gym. WHy don’t you hit the road

  • @1

    broad shoulders, defined chest, rock hard abs, quads that nearly gave me a heart attack when I saw the beach pictures, and you call him a “runt”?

  • Women hating girls

    So all his fans were eager to believe the blinds about Miranda, will they do the same with the SOLVED blind about him cheating with a flight attendant while Miranda was pregnant? Of course they won’t. Or they’ll find a way to blame it on her anyway.

  • @4

    Blinds are never ‘solved’, silly girl.
    The author can’t risk getting sued.

  • @women hating girls #4

    Oh please, everyone knows these so-called “blinds” are just made up BS stories anybody can post on the Internet.

    Good try but you’re not fooling anyone, just another delusional conspiracy theory like the one about Orlando & Miranda not having a real marriage but a “contractual agreement” or that Orlando is not Flynn’s father!!!


  • @wome

    I see the “hater” is back trying to pretend you’re now a Miranda fan…..yeah right!

  • @4

    Who wrote the “blind”? I bet it was someone from Delphi.

  • Cringeworthy…

    Oh what a coincidence, they just happen to be talking about it on the “hater” site.

    Funny how the “blindgossip” site is not a legitimate site but one where anyone can post anything & all the comments are from jealous fan girls.

    Even more of a coincidence the writing style is exactly like one person from the “hater” site…….they wouldn’t be that DUMB surely???….lol.

  • Women hating girls

    I don’t believe any of those blinds but it’s funny how few people questionned their veracity and who the writers were when they were about Miranda & Leo. They only get their panties in a bunch and call it bullsh t when they’re about Orlando.

  • @10

    Are you kidding? Did you not see the reaction that the idiots got every time they brought up the Leo/Justin BS?
    You must be wearing blinders, because the FANS didn’t believe those either, and questioned them just as strongly (if not moreso)
    The only idiots dumb enough to believe any of those blinds were/are the haters.

  • Cheerleader

    God it’s going to be sweet watching that obsessed fan when their marriage falls to pieces.

  • hm

    i swear fangirls shouldn’t able to walk the same streets as everyone else – there’s just a creep-factor to them.

    It’s one thing to be a fan, but when you start talking about their marriage & acting like you know they’re happy it just comes off creepy! –

    i have no idea what their relationship is like and neither do you.

  • @13

    So then why are you fine with haters spouting off like they know them?
    Are haters not “creepy” when they do it because maybe you agree with their idiotic ideas? Isn’t that a double standard?
    Doesn’t that make you a HYPOCRITE??

  • hm

    @@13: Doesn’t it make you a child when you assume idiotic bullsh*t?

    who said i was fine with “haters” saying their marriage is over? i didn’t know you could read minds

    both comments are weird because YOU-DON’T-KNOW-THEM so calm down

  • Women hating girls

    Solved blind only means it’s confirmed who the blind is about, as opposed to some blinds about her, it doesn’t mean it’s true so you can drop the condescending jab.

  • @15

    Then why didn’t you single out “fangirls” in your rant.
    backtracking now to avoid the lable of ‘hypocrite’ just makes you look like a fool.
    And BTW, where exactly did any fan imply that they know what is going on in their marriage? Now what were you saying about making assumptions?

  • @16

    And of course, you were nothing but respectful when talking about his fans, right?

  • ha

    Soooooooo, it’s OK for haters to make assumptions about the relationship between strangers and to spread lies and filth about said relationship?
    Well, OK then.
    Funny how the hater’s brains work, eh?

  • Anon

    Orlando looks hot in these pics. Can’t wait to see Zulu when it comes out.

  • @10…

    Oh please we all know the “haters” from the “hate” site are writing the “blinds” in the first place!!!

    It’s on an anonymous site where ANYONE can write ANYTHING about ANYBODY

    What does that make them???

    Obsessed, delusional, jealous, bitter, full of hatred and very very very CREEPY to go to such lengths about a person they don’t know & never met.

    This is not what a normal sane person would do, it’s the opposite!!!

  • Anon

    @21 I also think the haters from Delphi are writing the blinds. These people on Delphi are bitter, jealous, and angry people that can’t stand to see Orlando and Miranda happy and in love and the fact that they have a beautiful son. I don’t get why they would hate on a couple that they have never met. It’s crazy. I don’t believe those blinds at all.

  • Libby

    So Blind Gossip took down the solved one about Orlando Bloom cheating…anyone know why? And whoever said that just because a blind is “solved” doesn’t make it true or real is right on the money. Whatever the truth is, I doubt we’ll ever know.

  • @23

    They probably took it down because they were worried aout getting sued for lying.
    Defamation of character is not something that is taken lightly.

  • @23

    No, it’s still up there. But as has been said. Those blind items are just another version of gossip rags.
    Break down the rumors, and it is just ridiculous that some people actually believe them. Think about would anyone know that he was “sexting” anyone? Absolutely ridiculous.

  • anna

    Those split up rumours were also ridiculous. I don’t believe any of those blinds. It just sounds like tabloid gossip to me. I don’t get the Delphi haters either. How you can hate on a beautiful couple that you don’t even know I don’t understand. I am a fan of both Miranda and Orlando and don’t get the hatred for them. They both come across as sweet people from interviews and from what others have said who have worked with them. They don’t deserve any of the crap from the Delphi people. Their son Flynn is so cute. They are a beautiful family.

  • @24…

    The Delphi women should be careful they don’t get sued for defamation of character.

    It’s one thing to create their own website to make up delusional conspiracy theories about Orlando & Miranda. But to go even further & write fake “blinds” about them is skating on thin ice.

    Imagine if someone tipped Orlando off about the site & he finds out about what they’ve said about his wife & child, buying Flynn’s birth certificate etc.

    No doubt he’d be very very pi**ed off!!!