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Gerard Butler: Good Morning, Miami!

Gerard Butler: Good Morning, Miami!

Gerard Butler takes the day by storm as he heads out and about on Tuesday morning (February 5) in Miami, Fla.

The 43-year-old actor has been in sunny Florida for several days now, and reportedly hung out with some celeb pals last week.

Gerard, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper, Jonah Hill, and Mel Gibson all stepped out together at Story night club in Miami this past Friday, according to the New York Post.

The five guys have reportedly been hanging around together as they hit up several Miami hotspots!

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  • mardi gras

    The PR team is earning their money this past week

  • What up?

    Still in Miami! He looks like he’s all business this a.m. Maybe he’s doing an interview.

  • LLL

    A very handsome, well dressed man. Gerard is not wearing his beach causal clothing. Is he leaving Miami?

  • Sunshine Daydream

    Looking fine, Mr. Butler! Would love to be in sunny Florida as well.

  • Rosa

    Wonder what the reason is for so many threads for him these past few days.

  • BB

    “Good Morning Yummy Man”…..

  • coconut

    This guy is a cautionary tale for what not to do with fame.

  • Rosa
  • What up?

    @Rosa: Well it certainly could be. Seems he’s as bad as his little honey with the cryptic messages. I say, grow the heck up and realize that however you act to the paps and every little subtle gesture or scowl is on camera for the ticket buying public and fans to see too and captured for eterinity.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    In some ways I don’t blame him…to always have the paps at your feet…BUT…it’s the days when the paps aren’t following you anymore…you kinda wonder about your popular status and career…that’s when you need to worry…

    Looks like sunny days in Miami

  • b

    Maybe a business meeting? He looks serious. He’s dressed up.. for Gerry.
    Fingers crossed for development of a project?! Maybe Burns?

  • Popper

    yuck :D

  • God Bless yoou all!

    “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” Romans 12:10

  • Tofurky

    Where are the Leo pics?????????????

  • Sad

    I don’t feel bad for Gerard Butler but I do think it’s a shame.
    Wasted talent.
    All he cared about was banging girls young enough to be his daughters and being in the VIP section.
    Now his lack of standards in chasing skirts and fame has left him with films in the toilet and a cliche, tabloid reputation.
    But I don’t feel bad for him. He does it to himself. He can’t even be respectful to the WAY too young model girlfriends that he supposedly cares about, showing up his current girlfriend Madalina Ghenea by picking up other young models on the streets of Miami to party with him while she’s away working in Italy (
    It would be one thing if he was hanging out with models that he’s known for a long time and are his friends, but engaging random girls off the street? No man who cares about his girlfriend’s feelings does that. No man. SMH.
    Doing stuff like that when his previous conquests include Brandi Glanville and that super icky Serbian porn star, after making a really sexist film like Playing for Keeps, and while hanging out with a bigoted misogynist like Mel Gibson who screams violent threats at women in scary rages over the phone [I don't care if his baby mama was extorting the hell out of him ....... you call the police or your lawyer. You don't threaten a woman with physical violence and angrily scream that she should be on her knees s...king your in the manner of sexual abuse].
    Choosing company like that and making the choices he has, does Gerard Butler have any respect for women at all?
    Maybe he did once. Maybe fame has just gone to his head and totally ruined him.
    Maybe he can go away, get his act together, and come back as someone who can be admired. Hope so.

  • Hey there

    I love this set of pics. Why dress like a bum when you can dress like this? Casual and yet neat.

  • mardi gras

    Or maybe naive ones he hasn’t changed from the night before?

  • salutorylesson

    If you met Gerry would you admit to him that you posted here, or got members , on WO, GALS or IMDB? Would you be embarrassed, humilated to admit you were part of the atmosphere here or at the fan sites? I would. Because Gerry couldn’t possibly feel anything but amusement or pity for the phannies, fantasists , worshipers, snarks and Maddie bashers.
    He doesn’t care about us or how we live our lives, Di why should we about him? Each moment spent here is a moment in your life you will never get back. A moment Gerry spent living to the full without a thought of you. So put the laptop and phone away and get out and live. And keep your fingers and toes crossed he doesn’t read here, or some of you will find a lawsuit or restraining order in the post.

  • dutchie

    @salutorylesson: If you feel that way Salutory Lesson, then why do YOU post here?

  • Get an education

    @salutorylesson: Really? Lawsuit for what, exactly?

  • Seriously


    She’s #5 on this list of most famous Romanian Celebrities:

  • salutorylesson

    @dutchie: because I’m as sad case as you, at times.
    @Get an education: you’d better ask mg that one, and see how she likes being called a ho.

    Seriously folks, this site goes round in circles discussing the same old same old for YEARS, whilst Gerry sabotages his career and lives a manic existence without paying any head to you or your ilk. What is the point of it? What do you hope to achieve coming here? Do you realise how pathetic we would look if Gerry actually did read here?

  • Rosa

    The DM strikes again with another joke of an article. Where do they come up with this stuff? The comments are the best part of every DM article.

  • hey salutorylesson

    someone once said time enjoyed wasting is not a waste of time

    some come just to shoot the sh*t and not change the world

    a break from monotony of our lives

    in an age where social media is suppose to bring us togetther, we have become more isolated, JJ is that brief touchstone

    for a few, we stop here, spew something soon to be forgotten, have a laugh or a whince and move on

    it’s not our lives, its just a place to interact with folk under a common theme, an escape, as brief as hitting the submit button.

    and yes, sadly for some, a connection that cannot come in any other form, a reaching out from those who desperately need to feel something, anything.

    trolls or phannies alike, they are finding something here. perhaps empowerment, or a feeling of being heard .or maybe just mattering.

    I enjoyed your post, thought provoking to say the least.

  • dutchie

    @salutorylesson: Sad? I’m not slagging off GB or his fans, you are. o who’s sad here?

  • Please No More

    @Seriously: Again, Pleasssse, no more on MG…(eyes rolling) this is a Gerard Butler thread…

  • littlebirdie


    Go to Leo’s page and stop asking on Gerry’s. You won’t find them here.

  • GH


    Rubbish it just the way his hand is holding the sandal.

  • Ana Bella

    His dress is suitable. There are only a half-smile missing
    After all this time he should be much more routine: smile and go on – ignore the pap.

  • TJ


    “showing up his current girlfriend Madalina Ghenea by picking up other young models on the streets of Miami to party with him while she’s away working in Italy”

    There is no proof that he picked up these girls. Oh yes they had their photograph taken with him as have hundreds of girls over the years but we only have their word that he asked them to go to a party. Anyone can say anything on twitter or Facebook and it could be just a lot of lies. MG is notorious for telling lies on her FB and many girls will say anything to get their five minutes of fame.

  • Banter

    He has to promote OHF. They started the publicity by these photo ops.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    @littlebirdie: I am finding it very curious as to why all these gossip sites have spread the word about Leo D, Brad C. Gerry, etc. etc. partying from place to place all nite long and not one pap picture of somebody taking a picture with their cell phone or tweeting. One rag said they were dressed in tuxes at one place. A little hard to believe but rather frightening to think all these gossip sites would report the same thing and no proof in pics. Very strange. Wonder how many other times we have been mislead by the media……that last one was a joke…. well not really.

  • Banter

    @Lord Love a Duck: Bradley was in LA and DC this past week. I do not get it either.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    My reply went into moderation either because I posted the NYtimes or said something colorful about the media.

  • eggy

    @Please No More:

    I agree with Please No More… done. As far as GB is concerned, I only wish him the best, and hope he lands better acting roles. If he is feeling down and out about his current situation… I only have this to say to him…

    Good luck in the future Butler. :0) Cheers.

  • salutorylesson

    @hey salutorylesson: thanks, I was trying to provoke thought , rather than the predictable cliched response of dutchie. Over and out!

  • Banter

    Ny Post has lied before. Gerry did not hang with Leo and that gangum guy back in the fall either.

  • Totally Useless Information

    You are lecturing, not provoking thought, as you put it. You won’t get the answers you want or change anything here. But please, be my guest, continue hitting your head against the wall. And have a good day.

  • mardi gras

    href=”/2013/02/05/gerard-butler-good-morning-miami/comment-page-2/#comment-27576678″>Banter: Now now are you implying the NY Post out and out lied or they quoted an unreliable source? Be careful now,

    There is proof that Leo, Jonah, Brad, Mel and Gerard were in Miami in the same general vicinity over the same period of time. The Psy gossip report, Gerry was clearly out of the country ergo easy to conclude said source was unreliable or mistaken. Wasn’t Psy at one of Ronnie Madra’s bars? GB may have been on the guest list but did not show up.

    People who think a single A list actor with a sizable ego could remain celibate this long, since January 22nd, 23rd? and that’s a really generous assumption, in the middle of Miami, a city of swarming with hot women, you are a wee delusional.

  • Untamable Shrew

    @TJ: post 30,does Gerry need to have his picture taken with various women all the time?I’m mean does he ever think of his girlfriend’s feelings?He’s such a tool.Gerry is acting like a single guy.He wants his cake and eat it too.Don’t give me b.s. either and say “oh if your a secure woman this wouldn’t bother you”or he’s a famous actor”.I understand some pictures go with the job but come on.He so not marriage material ever.I think Gerry should be with a robot who has no feelings or a blow up doll.

  • Please No More

    @Untamable Shrew: Maybe…just maybe they are ”not” together any more…

  • Hmm

    While I definitely agree that he should consider his girlfriend’s feelings…it is also nice to see that he does take pics and speaks with non-models, lol.

  • Untamable Shrew

    @Please No More: So when was that interview of him being happy and settled yadda yadda…..2 weeks ago?I can’t believe how much this guy lies.And no I don’t want him with Maddie.I’m just saying.I know I know this is who he is.It’s just annoying at times.

  • Exactamundo

    @Please No More: I think there’s a good chance they are done, based on his recent behavior. If not, she’s dumber than I thought, because imo he’s not been acting like anyone’s bf lately, especially in Miami. The russians are all over it.

  • Please No More

    @Untamable Shrew: I’ve tried to reply 3 times…

    I remember reading on one of GB’s threads – can’t remember which one – too many to keep up with – that it was from a summer ’12 article and just re-issued again slightly different (rags need to sell their papers).

    or maybe it was somewhere else WO??too many articles lol

  • Untamable Shrew

    This board has critters in it again.I can’t post or it says posting too fast-huh?Oh I knew I would get red on post 40.Well if he is rid of her there will be another one that we’ll be clucking at shortly.I guess I’m practicing.

  • Exactamundo

    @Untamable Shrew: No clucking here. I’m good. He can’t possibly do worse than he just did. That was hitting his girlfriend “bottom.”

  • Totally Useless Information

    Something tells me Little Maddie and GB are still together and will be for a while longer. She is still young enough to fall for stories men tell. We’ll see soon enough when she comes to LA.

  • lynn

    Is it true he will be in the new Star Wars ? If true that’d be great.

  • Banter

    @mardi gras: Guest list but didn’t show.

    There you go.