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Lena Dunham: Writers Guild 2013 East Coast Awards

Lena Dunham: Writers Guild 2013 East Coast Awards

Lena Dunham arrives in style to the 2013 Writers Guild East Coast Awards held at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill on Sunday (February 17) in New York City.

The 26-year-old Girls star rocked a Reed Krakoff dress, shoes, and clutch, with Fred Leighton jewels.

Girls won the award for Best New Series. Congrats!

“I hardly drink, don’t do drugs. My major vice is reading the “personal life” section of Wikipedia entries til’ I’m doused in despair.” Lena tweeted earlier in the weekend. LOL!

Also pictured inside: Gina Gershon at the awards.

10+ picture inside of Lena Dunham at the 2013 Writers Guild East awards

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24 Responses to “Lena Dunham: Writers Guild 2013 East Coast Awards”

  1. 1
    Della Says:

    Sickening self-absorption does not equal talent. This show is a piece of junk that makes it on the shock value of watching a fat ugly girl prance around butt naked. She’s a neurotic Jewish version of Honey Boo Boo.

  2. 2
    l Says:

    @Della: thank you — but i have more of a problem with her racist/ignorant comments then the show!

  3. 3
    lauryn Says:

    people on tv don’t need to look like supermodels, let them be chubby or average but please not disgusting!
    the series is kind of funny, but even there it’s so hard to watch lena on screen.
    everything about her look (her choice of dress, her tattoos, her ugly ugly arms…) makes me want to puke!
    always a visual nightmare!

  4. 4
    Stacey Says:

    Wow you guys that have commented have a serious dose of jealously…If you guys don’t like the show or her guess what….don’t watch it!!!!!!!!!! Your comments are disgusting and I for one feel sorry for you :(

  5. 5
    megan Says:

    i feel like sometimes she is shoving her feminism in my face. and im all for equality i assure u but acting in a show where she is partying and sleeping around and going crazy is not what i call woman empowerment. i havent seen the show but the ad was enough to put me off

  6. 6
    Mara Says:

    Not keen on the dress. A bit shapeless, needs more structure.

  7. 7
    Tom Says:

    I don’t understand the hype about her. she is really very ugly and her body is just unattractive!
    I don’t mean that she is fat and that’s why she is unattractive- although there are voluminous people who look attractive, she is just looking like an ugly, fat hunchback!
    and she has weird teeth and thinning hair.
    all in all, just disgusting!

  8. 8
    l Says:

    @Stacey: well if you bothered to read you’d realize not everyone is talking about the show – I’m commenting on her disgusting comments towards muslims and women of color. she also used the term n****a.. so read up before you run your ‘mouth’

  9. 9
    Philipp Says:

    @Stacey: Yes, thank you! My thoughts exactly!

  10. 10
    xyz Says:


  11. 11
    xyz Says:



  12. 12
    xyz Says:



  13. 13
    xyz Says:



  14. 14
    xyz Says:


    100% TRUE

  15. 15
    xyz Says:



  16. 16
    B. Says:

    She’s so overated and very, very narsicistic. You can see it in her show, she writes only for herself.

  17. 17
    nm Says:

    Everybody, calm your tits. Everyone knew Mel Gibson was a scumbag, somehow I don’t see that much hatred against him anymore. So, clear up your reasons for hating her. It’s obvious. And understandable. She’s making money and a career and she’s far from steroetypical. Makes you think, why does SHE deserve it all? But she has a great show, spills out some pretty cruel truths, and honestly, if people can’t haddle it, there’s always the CW. Cheers!

  18. 18
    Andy Says:

    I hate her and her presents in the media sooo much! I don’t wish her to die, but wish she would just f*ck off and get lost somewhere outta space!

  19. 19
    Love The Shoes Says:

    @l: Agree. I think the show should really be called Wealthy White Girls Only.

  20. 20
    Louise J. Miller Says:

    my classmate’s step-sister makes $89 an hour on the computer. She has been fired from work for 9 months but last month her check was $12757 just working on the computer for a few hours. Read more on this site… http://www.snag4.cℴm

  21. 21
    Fritanga Says:

    She looks like the hipster Greenpoint version of Lady Edith Crawley, wearing a tablecloth and raccoon eyes.

    Best new series? Not a lot of competition, was there?

  22. 22
    Boy Says:

    To B, who said that she’s very naricssistic, and only writes for herself, I would second this. I didn’t notice it at first, but now I definitely do.

    When I watch the show, I feel like it’s one long Lena fantasy. I feel like she puts in her show what she fantasizes about, or what she would like to experience, etc.

    All these guys wanting to make out with her, Adam being head over heels in love with her, all these things signify to me, what she would actually like to happen to her.

    Also, the first season was better. It was more cohesive. This season is kind of all over the place. You rarely see them as a group anymore. Pretty much each episode is dedicate to like one or two people.

    I also feel like there are some inconsistencies and things don’t really make sense. When the guy gets drugs for her, later on he regrets it, but then he offers her some more drugs. That doesn’t make sense. One minute Adam is saying how Hannah is a toy at a festival, that you just can’t win, because the game is rigged, and the next minute he’s getting mad over what Ray has to say about Hannah, even gets physical. and says how Hannah is altruistic. He also asks Ray if he slept with Hannah or wants to sleep with her.

    It just makes it seem as if this is what Lena wants to happen in her mind. Guys willing to fight over her, being head over heels in love with her. She even says how Adam is still madly in love with her or something like that. It just seems like Girls isn’t so much about Girls as it is about Lena’s fantasy over all the cool things that happen to Lena.

    I still think she’s talented. I just think she’s writing this show to herself, for herself, and about herself. She almost doesn’t need the other characters. This second season is even more about Lena, than it is about other characters. Other characters get a passing reference.

  23. 23
    Boy Says:

    I also think her need, compulsion, what have you to be naked in almost every single episode is very narcissistic. Just like Madonna, used to say how she gets naked for a reason, the women’s movement, women’s rights, politics, etc, when all in all, when you strip it down, no pun intended, Madonna got naked because she was a somatic narcissist, and still is, and wanted people to look at her for her body, and admire her body. Lena does the same thing, but like every narcissist, instead of saying, hey listen, I’m narcissistic, and I want you to look at my body, she has to make it seem like it’s about the women’s movement, feminism, this, that. Narcissists always have to cloak their need for attention with something altruistic, otherwise they would be seen for who they are. But in Lena’s case, getting naked is cringe-worthy, not because of her weight or anything, but because it’s so obvious, that she feels the need to shove her naked body in our face, all the time. It’s not natural. It seems incredibly forced. In Madonna’s case, it is cringeworthy, because she seems incredibly desperate about it, at least now.

  24. 24
    Ketchup!!@ Says:

    @Stacey: Seriously just because ppl say mean things that are true doesn’t always mean there jealous, maybe that’s just our opinions, and to be fair its true. i dont want to see ppl prancing around naked in general so I especially don’t want to see that pig walking around in her bday suit playing ping pong. Its gross. Im not jealous because I have no interest in what she does im happy with my life, I just don’t like her personality or the way she looks. If she was at least likeable I’d be okay, but not with the nudity thing because come on as self righteous and inner beauty loving as some of you “are” you’re lying to yourself if you can honestly say that you WANT or look forward to seeing that thing take her clothes of. Its gross period that’s really all there is to it.

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