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Jennifer Lawrence: Blonde to Brunette After Oscars Win!

Jennifer Lawrence: Blonde to Brunette After Oscars Win!

Jennifer Lawrence leaves the Rossano Ferrtti Hair Salon after changing her hair color following her win at the 2013 Academy Awards on Monday afternoon (February 25) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress went from her natural blonde hair to brunette to continue shooting scenes for her film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Jennifer‘s co-star Josh Hutcherson changed his hair color from brunette to blonde just the other day!

Make sure to check out our complete coverage of Jennifer‘s trip to the Oscars!

FYI: Jennifer is wearing Leisure Society sunglasses and Dolce&Gabbana velvet slippers.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lawrence leaving the hair salon…

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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Warren

    She is one that looks good either way. I’m happy she won the Oscar. We will be seeing a lot more of her.

  • P

    Love her!!!!!!

  • derp

    Luckiest 22 year old on earth!

  • trent

    i think she looks ultra hot as a brunette.

  • JMHO

    I have a feeling she is glad she doesn’t have to go to anymore award ceremonies or interviews for a while.

  • AJ

    Why am I so in love with her? Its practically effortless to like her….

  • well

    I guess, I am going to make the difference here…and say that I really dislike her….
    and before everyone starts the ‘bullying” People don’t need to be haters when they have a different opinion than you.

  • Katie

    She looks so happy!! I’m glad she won, and I’m glad she gets a break. I know she wants one! But I hope every movie she does goes over as well as SLP did!

  • Sweetness

    Love this adorable actress..I’m so happy for her!

  • Melissa B

    @well: I didn’t jump on the JLaw train until recently I saw her finally in Hunger Games. Then I watched House at the End of Street & liked it, & so I got Wintersbone. Not as good as I heard, but not bad. I know you’re not hating ppl say that you are if you simply don’t like someone.

  • Rupert Sanders

    dont like her

  • xax

    didn’t know she was a natural blonde

  • lol

    I don’t like her either.

  • emily

    so she went lighter blonde a week ago just for the oscars?? If so, that seems a bit vain and a bit much – surprised her hair is still so healthy looking.

    Thought they would just stick a wig on for the HG shoots but guess not….

  • debong

    shes very cuteeee

  • CearaB

    So overrated. I want to like her, she seems cool but I don’t get the hype over her.

  • blah

    She officially joins Paltrow, H.Berry, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts for NOT deserving the Oscar. Overrated cabbage face. Hope she vanishes soon.

  • ann

    @emily: She’s been blonde for weeks now. Shooting for Catching Fire went on break so she was able to go back to her natural hair color. She would have had weird light roots (and people would’ve never shut up about it) if she tried to keep the dark brunette for the movie.

  • Lee

    @ blah … Your problem with comparing to all those women is they only got nominated the one time they won, while at the age of 22 this is her second nomination for best actress, which belies your comparison to actress’s who have been around a long time in the industry or have amazing family connections like Paltrow… And all those women no one believes they will be nominated again while no believes that Jennifer Lawrence won’t be nominated again.

  • http://yahoo seinna

    love her she is really cute

  • Amanda

    I guess you forgot to post pictures of her flipping the photographers while holding her so called deserved oscar.

  • talia

    @Lee:Jennifer Lawrence, may or may not be nominated again. So she has two academy nominations at age of 22, could be a curse resulting in short lived career or she could have a long career and more nominations

  • salma

    She irritates me

  • Kiera

    I don’t understand all the fuss about her. I mean, she’s an ok actress but nothing special. I wonder what did she do to get that Oscar and star in every David O’ Russell movie. She’s also quite immature, always says things to embarrass herself.

  • regh

    Can she just go away now please? She is totally overrated.

  • Marika

    I love her.

  • Gmaninhollywood

    Well done Jen. I am still wearing my red jumper from mum’s haute couture range…..

  • Tracy

    @Amanda: She wasn’t flipping of the phototogs…she was playing around with her publist….

  • Helen

    You got Oscar now disappear and take Anne with you

  • O’Kiefe

    I like this actress but I agree that she comes off as immature.
    I actaully saw SL a week ago and I don’t get why she was nominated for an Oscar, yet alone won it.
    As for the Anne Hatheway debate, Anne has been around long enough to improve her acting skills and she is a talented actress. I think she really did deserve her award. Jennifer Lawrence I don’t think she has really grown as an actress that much. We wil she how she does.

  • camila

    like her so much!!!!!!!!!! she is so great!!!!!!!

  • dooliloo

    @ Lee just a minor correction, Julia Roberts has been nominated for Best Actress before Erin Brocovich and it was in the film that revealed her to the public : Pretty Woman.

  • truth

    Jennifer Lawrence wins because WEINSTEIN’s hustling and did not DESERVE it!!! Her role was supporting and if she go against Anne Hathaway there is no way she has a chance to win. She just happens to be in Harveys movie and by her own admission show up on set without knowing her lines. Her win pure FRAUD and if compare her perfomance to past winners like Kate Winslet or Marion Cotillard or Charlize or Hellen Mirren she looks weak and forgettable,

  • ha ha

    cuuuute! and she is waaaay better than Anne! way better!

  • truth

    Before anybody call me a hater, I want to explain something!
    I have nothing against Jennifer Lawrence as a person – but after watching SLP and knowing that she win Oscar for this, I lost all my credibility to Academy.
    Naomi Watts and Emaunelle Riva delivered breathtaking perfomances and make me cry, Jessica Chastain do the best as she can with that ZD30 script and if her role play any other less powerfull actress – in will be mega bomb, she literally carry whole film, Hushpuppi was good, but still better than Lawrence because at least she was LEAD and movie work on her.
    Jlaws character was poorly developed – there was no info who she is, what her job, family, friends, home -only that she is widow – which is clearly supporting role, but Harvey Weinstein knew there is no any chance win over Anne Hathaway so put it in Lead, which is FRAUD! just like he put Christoph Waltz in supporting, while it was lead. All Jennifers dialogues in movie (besides one) very short and not really impressive. It was too easy role for the Oscars category.
    Think about last years nominees and all hard massive complex work that Roony Mara made for Lisbeth Salander or Michelle Williams for Marilyn Monroe, or Meryl Steep for Margaret Thatcher – that is what traditionally called Oscars caliber role, not some “Tiffany” with 2 screaming scene and 1 crying.
    What work Jennifer Lawrence did for her character??? Did she change her look, lost weight, studied singing, some phisical training or intelligence research??? NO! She even didnt manage learn how to dance and she moves really BAD! Remember Natalie Portmans finale dance in Black Swan? That is what DESERVE Oscar! Tiffany too superficial, banal, mediocre and even unlikeble.
    And I didnt felt her pain like I felt Viola Davis in THE HELP. She was just Ok – average, not more, So FOR WHAT actually that Oscar was given?

  • truth

    And I find it absolutely ridiculous craziness that really great brilliant actors like Leonardo dicaprio, Tom cruise, Gary oldman, Johnny Depp, Joaquin Phoenix, Clint Eastwood Matt damon, Bill Murray, Tom Wilkinson, Annette bening, Julianne Moore, Amy Adams, Patricia Clarkson and many many others did not has Oscar, but some 22 year old upcoming actress that alredy dissed Meryl Streep from Golden Globe stage and her fellow nominees, endlessly takling about her farts, boobs, butt, admitted that she didnt learn her lines before movie set – HAS!
    There is only one explanation to it madness -God Bless Harvey Weinstein!

    PS. Sorry for all mistakes, my native language not English,
    And will be interesting to know what you think about subject of discussion)))

  • FireBeatsRoses

    I love Jen, and I think she’s an incredible actress. I love that they dyed her hair black instead of light brown, because they’re FINALLY being true to the books!
    I think Jennifer deserved the Oscar, but so did every single other nominee. I don’t know why everyone is being so harsh on Anne Hathaway, though. She was freaking INCREDIBLE in Les Miserables. And PLEASE don’t compare Jen and Anne. They’re different, but equally incredible and sweet actresses who both deserve the Oscars.

  • MsBis

    My God! All this hate … are you all just jealous? Or have you not seen her movies!? I became a fan when I saw her in X-Men and while I wasn’t a huge fan of The Hunger Games movie … she really carried the movie!
    And … Silver Linings Playbook … she deserved the Oscar! She was so good!
    There are certainly more awards in her future!

  • Sarah

    I can’t get enough of her. She’s so down to earth. Many of you are saying that she’s immature and stuff but atleast she’s not out partying every night or has a new boyfriend every week. Watch some in depth interviews with her and you’ll understand the hype