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Miles Teller & Skylar Astin - Exclusive Interview!

Miles Teller & Skylar Astin - Exclusive Interview!

Miles Teller, Skylar Astin, and Justin Chon have some fun while promoting 21 & Over at Playwright Celtic Pub on Thursday (February 28) in New York City.

The guys met up with at the pub for a quick chat.

Miles, Skylar, and Justin dished about filming on location in Seattle, what was in all of those red cups, and more!

At the bar the night before, Skylar tweeted that Justin got kicked out, so we found out what really happened and whether or not those Pitch Perfect sequel rumors are legit.

Read our interview with Miles Teller, Skylar Astin, & Justin Chon inside…

21 & Over Cast – Exclusive Interview

JJ: So this is a pretty cool press tour – you guys get to hang out in bars all day!

Skylar: It’s funny, we were just doing another interview right before this and they were like, will you guys chug a beer real quick? For the camera? And I’m like no, no! It’s 2 o’ clock in the afternoon!

JJ: Alright, so what happened at the bar last night?

Skylar: It was like the true fashion of the movie. Justin got kicked out, Miles was dancing in an empty bar making it seem like a rave, and I had to get Justin’s bag at the end of the night! [laughs]

JJ: Did you guys do any bonding before you started filming together?

Miles: We hung out for maybe like a week in LA, before we went out there, we drank in parking lots. Once we got to Seattle we just hit a lot of bars and stuff.

Skylar: It was cool also once we got to Seattle, once we got to pre-production, we were just rehearsing so we could go out at night. What was cool was that we were genuinely in a college town, and all of a sudden our dynamic shifted and we felt even more like a bunch of kids running around town. Whereas in LA we go back to our houses, and we’re in our twenties…

Miles: And in this movie, we’re 21 for freaking ever man! Enjoy it!

JJ: Are there any resemblances between your 21st birthdays and Jeff Chang’s?

Miles: I did have a little Asian friend that I carried around all night. No, I’m from a small town in Florida and I was living in New York at the time, so my friends flew up to New York. My mom made t-shirts with my face on them. They were like, bright green and I was wearing a crown. We just walked around New York wearing t-shirts with my face on them.

JJ: How difficult is it to act drunk on film?

Miles: It’s hard, man.

Justin: Playing drunk is not easy. Drunk, when it’s not being played as a joke, is really hard. That’s something I worked on the most, to be honest. Even just standing, to be playing drunk and standing is pretty hard.

Miles: Plus I think that would just be so embarrassing to watch yourself on screen being like, dude you’re acting. This looks so dumb right now. ‘Oh, I’m drunk!’ No, man. When you’re drunk you’re still trying to take care of business.

Justin: You always try not to be drunk, you’re leaning on stuff, yeah. There’s different types of drunks, there’s happy drunks, sad drunks. When you’re trying to go somewhere and you never quite get there.

Miles: [To Justin] It’s like when you eat that tampon it’s so great, you go through such a range of emotion. That’s really like, a good piece. [laughs]

JJ: What were guys actually drinking while you were filming?

Skylar: When it was like a red cup and you couldn’t see in it, we were just drinking like water or something like that. But if it was ever a shot where you could see into it, it was like this concoction of like, non-alcoholic beer and apple juice, it was so gross.

Miles: There was a couple of live ones. “Live ones” as we call them.

Skylar: When we shotgun the beer, we thought that would be gross to shotgun a fake beer.

Miles: I drink PBR in this movie.

Skylar: Pabst Blue Ribbon!

Miles: Shout-out to Pabst!

What’s your favorite beer of choice?

Miles: When I was 21 it was probably Natty Lite. Yeungling is my favorite beer, but I drank Natty Lite up until… I still drink Natty Lite sometimes.

Justin: I liked MGD when I was a kid.

Skylar: I can’t pick one, nowadays I’m like a beer snob. I brewed my own beer. I made a pale ale.

JJ: Just for fun?!

Skylar: Well, I did this gig where I had to play this brewer. As a gift my agents got me a home brewing kit, and me and my buddy made like five gallons of beer. It took a long time!

Miles: You had to play a brewer?

Skylar: Not a Milwaukee brewer, but it was a family brewing company and like, it was a pilot that never went. It was pretty wild.

Miles: What was the name of it?

Skylar: Strange Brew.

Miles: Shout out to Strange Brew!

Skylar: Yeah FOX! Should’ve picked it up!

JJ: Was the brew any good?

Skylar: It was actually really good! It was actually delicious. It was a pale ale so it was really simple. Everyone would try it and you know they had that face that like, God I have to tell him that it’s good. I always watched them genuinely enjoy it and then be like, ‘Dude, actually? It’s really good. It’s really good!’

JJ: What would you say was the craziest moment filming a scene?

Miles: The gorge was pretty crazy because that was like legitimately a rave. It’s called Identity Festival, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it. It’s like a house festival, like a mini EDC kind of thing. We’re trying to film a part of this movie and people are just like, raving and rolling all around us. So every time they said rolling everyone started giggling and touching themselves. We’re trying to get shots, but at the same time we’re just drinking and having fun.

The pep rally was really crazy. Dude, the Seattle extras were great! There was probably about 300 people there, nobody is getting paid, and we shot a lot of night shoots from like, 6pm to 6am. And extras don’t get paid and they are really important. There was a buffalo!

JJ: Is it easier to get into character when you’re on location and not on a soundstage in LA?

Miles: I hate shooting in LA. It’s just so anti-climatic when you leave set and go back to your house, and your roommate is coming home at 4 o’clock in the morning and trying to hook up with a chick. You’re like no man, I have to wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning!

Skylar: My thing is shooting night shoots in LA, because I shot a movie in downtown where it was a lot of night shoots. I shot this independent film, and it was interesting because it’s somewhere that’s like two miles from my house, and I’m just seeing all of these places that I know that I shouldn’t be. I was like, I know I shouldn’t be up right now!

Miles: It was like Project X, we shot at Warner Ranch. Those kids were dying. Thomas [Mann], Oliver [Cooper], Jonathan [Daniel Brown]. I shot a week on that movie, but I would go to the bar and then go to set after and just hang out. That was a legitimate party.

Justin: They were dying because they were partying so hard?

Miles: Dude, twenty days of night shoots. And that whole movie is like a guy DJing, and 250 extras, and that whole movie is one party.

Skylar: So there’s never any scenes at like the hospital, you know? No, they’re just raging the whole movie.

JJ: You guys all have a common denominator: Anna Kendrick!

Skylar: Oh my God!

Miles: Justin actually worked with her first on Twilight, and he’s known her since she was like…

Justin: Me and her have the same manager, so I’ve known her for a long time. She’s cool.

Skylar: I love Anna, I think she’s sweet. She’s a fun girl, and when I worked with her we were just always trying to just outwit each other. My character is always kind of putting her on, and she can fire ‘em back. That’s the thing about her, she’s like really funny. She’s just no-bullshit.

Justin: I’m happy for her man, she’s been doing this since she was a kid.

Miles: It’s funny though that we pretty much just swapped her. Or she swapped us!

JJ: Speaking of Anna, what’s going on with the potential Pitch Perfect sequel?

Skylar: I think any movie is a possibility, but what I’ve learned about sequels is that it’s just as hard to get it done as it is any movie. Now there’s a different set of responsibilities, trying to get the cast together, trying to get a good script. I don’t know, I’ve let it go just because I don’t want to be knocking down doors every day being like, ‘Hey, when do we start?!’ But if I get an email with a new script I would love to read it.

Miles: Also, most of the time sequels are really bad. Just in general.

JJ: If you do it, it has to be the original cast and crew.

Skylar: Of course, yeah. I want to talk to [Anna] Kendrick. I want to see if she would wanna do it, too. I can’t imagine doing it without the whole gang.

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