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Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Are 'Totally Together' Still

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Are 'Totally Together' Still

Miley Cyrus shows off her toned tummy in a crop top while heading to a studio to work on her music on Friday (March 1) in Glendale, Calif.

The day before, the 20-year-old entertainer’s fiance Liam Hemsworth, 23, was spotted heading to a meeting at an office building in Los Angeles.

Rumors have been swirling this week that the couple broke up after Miley went to an Oscars night party and Liam went to the Grey Goose pre-Oscars party separately.

“They are totally together,” a source told E! News, shooting down all the reports.

FYI: Liam is wearing Levi’s pants.

15+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth out separately…

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miley cyrus liam hemsworth are totally together still 01
miley cyrus liam hemsworth are totally together still 02
miley cyrus liam hemsworth are totally together still 03
miley cyrus liam hemsworth are totally together still 04
miley cyrus liam hemsworth are totally together still 05
miley cyrus liam hemsworth are totally together still 06
miley cyrus liam hemsworth are totally together still 07
miley cyrus liam hemsworth are totally together still 08
miley cyrus liam hemsworth are totally together still 09
miley cyrus liam hemsworth are totally together still 10
miley cyrus liam hemsworth are totally together still 11
miley cyrus liam hemsworth are totally together still 12
miley cyrus liam hemsworth are totally together still 13
miley cyrus liam hemsworth are totally together still 14
miley cyrus liam hemsworth are totally together still 15
miley cyrus liam hemsworth are totally together still 16
miley cyrus liam hemsworth are totally together still 17
miley cyrus liam hemsworth are totally together still 18
miley cyrus liam hemsworth are totally together still 19

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  • Warren

    I was hoping Miley could be my dream girl again. She looks beautiful here as always.

  • Sweetness

    open relationship

  • jay-z

    @Sweetness: I was thinking the same thing. Are they going into marriage with an open relationship? Those types of relationships DON’T last. I see them breaking up :( Maybe the relationship was fake from the start? In hollywood, you never know.

  • nadirah

    Lol really….says the person being a wannabe jay z. You know nothing about how their relationship will go…your not a holly-wood expert.

  • anon

    So she took him back… People are naiive to think he didn’t cheat, it’s so obvious..if you actually had common sense.

  • mk

    She looks sick :(

  • Sarah.

    Wait.. a source shoots down the reports they broke up? Not Miley herself or a rep or something..

  • anonymous

    If they are together then why havn’t they been papped together since late January………….

  • ns

    @Sarah.: Miley hasn’t said anything and Liam’s team hasn’t shot down the cheating rumours either. Maybe because, HE DID CHEAT. But of course people are going to blame Miley, he acts innocent & always hides whenever smth negative for his reputation occurs, and Miley’s team is left to do all the dirty work.

  • dumbass

    He’s a fuking moron

  • Reba

    So he cheated with January Jones and then continued to flirt with Zoe Kravitz at a pre-oscars party? Sheehs, that’s a busy week.

  • Cee

    Liam’s brother Luke was in the car with him and January Jones. Don’t know why people are not reporting that. (oh that’s right so they can continue with the “Liam cheated” rumors)

  • amanda

    i think a source that uses the word “totally” is usually right…..sarcasm

  • Sweetness

    some couples get a turn on thrill by their partner being with another and sometimes the females is ok letting her man stray because she feels it is just s.e.x. and it’s not serious.

  • Jem

    Liam is spotted with January Jones and flirting with Emma Watson, Miley is reported hanging around all these different rappers and countless male models during fashion week…Liam left to stay with his brother Luke. Sounds to me like they are already broken up or at least reconsidering everything and by the looks of it, Liam doesn’t want Miley anymore.

  • S

    Ohhhh…conclusive evidence a couple has broken up: they went to separate parties! Didn’t know that you needed to give up your own interests to be a couple!

  • Kimberly Hahn

    Liam-WAKE up and LOOK at this little spoiled Pink Want to be and Tatted Up Poser…she has become a whole new girl and although her new fake TEETH are pretty and look so much better , her toned stomach is all she can brag about and one great song she ever had. Liam and his brother are way to HOT for this little weirdo….PLEASE do nor marry her Liam, if so- I give it a 10 month period max !!! If so, you are really not a great guy but a really good actor at seeing normal…
    I have been shocked since they began dateing…

  • Annemarie

    Lol they’re “totally together”. Who says that? “Omg, like Miley and Liam are, like, totally together.” And I’m not buying it. I get the vibe that he’s not as into her as he used to be and he’s not giving an f when it comes to straying, which is messed up. If you’re gonna cheat, at least be discreet about it. We’re gonna hear about them breaking off their engagement soon.

  • Scarlett

    Honestly wouldn’t she have said something now if it wasn’t true? I really use to like them together but now it’s just a bore. But marriage is a really big commitment. Hopefully they make the right choice.

  • pk

    @Kimberly Hahn: Um her teeth arn’t fake, she just got the crooked one fixed. What has she personally done to you? Nothing. Wow bitter much. And as if he’s gonna read this and obey what you want/and think, please. You’re disgusting.

  • MileyWahn

    I love Miley sooo much <3 she is my idol *-*
    and Miley and Liam are the best couple ever !

    It's all right :)

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    Ough, Miley’s lipstick’s popping! She looks a bit squared..

  • talk to me

    They have an open relationship. How else do you think they cope with being engaged at such a young age?

  • miley the rat

    why does her hair look green here? Their relationship ended the moment miley started looking like justin bieber

  • natalie

    Just because they are engaged doesn’t mean they have to be together all the time.. The cheating rumors are ridiculous , if he wanted to cheat he wouldn’t do it in public , or after a party -_- Miley looks horrible.. what’s with the old lady look?

  • biker mike

    enough,, , she looks terrible with that hair cut,, I would cheat too if my woman decided to look like a man,, cant see how he can look it her, why is he keeping her around? ask any man, it’s a fact, straight men like women with long hair, short hair is not attractive,, what a shame, she used to be so pretty

  • Insidescooper

    I think of one thing when I see Miley. Ugly.
    Oh, and one other thing.
    This chick has zero talent with a huge ego and sense of entitlement.

  • Insidescooper

    @miley the rat:

    Lol. I laughed!

  • kris

    Of coruse they are together! Liam did NOTHING you fools!!! All the haters were happy about those stupid rumors….But in your faces now ;D

  • anne

    @Cee: There is someone with mind!!!!! Good point you got there! He was with them as well!
    Besides why Liam should cheat on Miley in public….This is stupid for all the sides!

  • Marie

    I dont know what is more stupid rumor or people believing everything they read.

  • Marie

    sorry about my english

  • Toni

    I dont really understand how rumors about them breaking up an come from them just going to seperate parties. Thats pretty desperate.

  • Lianne

    Their relationship is a PR stunt,and Liam doesn’t even try to pretend he likes her.He’s always miserable near her,so i believe he never loved her and never will.Even their engagement is fake,they only did it for publicity.Liam is too mature to marry an immature girl.And she’s starting to look like a man.He can’t even pretend to be faithful,he’s already cheating on her…i don’t see a wedding happening,they don’t match and Liam never loved her.She’s young and can do better,Liam is a fame-wh#re and Miley is being delusional if she thinks she’ll marry him,have children with him and be happy forever.He’s not even into her.She’s dumb,and her mental illness isn’t allowing her to see the truth,nor to see that the relationship is fake.Wake up,Miley!

  • Lesley Lauralei

    He was her first lover. Liam knows how to keep her happy. He kisses her with his Warm Breathe all over her body, on her Neck, and Stomach. He feels her warm sweat as he pulls her body closer. He thrusts passionately and caring deep inside of her, feeling her sensation everywhere in his body. He keeps the passion alive with Bedroom toys at AthenaToysDotcom

  • kylie

    These two haven’t been spotted together for weeks. It’s obvious they are either on some kind of break or completely broken up. I give it a month until someone from one of their camps makes an announcement especially if he is going to be pictured sharing rides with women like January Jones who has a rep for going after and getting involved with married men i.e. the director that is rumored to be the father of her son and Bobby Flay among others. She is extremely loose as has been pictured a couple of times doing the walk of shame.

  • eleanorbvvv

    Yeah yeah there is somthing weird in those pictures!
    she is wearing a BRA :O

  • lol

    @miley the rat: uhm yeah….have you checked your eyes lately?? :P

  • sookie

    @Sweetness: what kind of couple is that?

  • tia

    Will Mila hook up with Ashton or have they already?

  • Jess

    Love them as a couple.

  • miley the rat

    lol i would totally cheat if my woman looked like that… could her hair look anymore bleached ir ugly lol wew

  • MsGoth

    Word of advice Miley. I love you girl but if you want to keep your man you need to grow up and start acting like a woman. Stop following him around like a puppy. Men do not like clingy, smothering, loud mouthed females. Nothing turns a man off faster. Do your own thing. Make him wonder about you more rather then the other way around. be more mysterious…Men like independant, confident women. Also, dont brag about your personal life..especially your sex life. If he thinks your after him every second he will become full of himself and thnk the sun rises and sets around only him. be more self assured and let him no that worse case scenario you will do fine on your own if he screws up. It will keep him interested. Study new things and educate yourself on current events and interesting things. Men like women they can talk with as well as make love with.

  • MsGoth

    @kylie: As for January Jones?? She’s like space mountain..everyone has ridden her.

  • Josie

    Too funny. Perez Hilton accuses Miley Cyrus of being in a car with Ed Westwick and she freaks out and rips him with something like 10 different tweets. Liam is seen in a car with January Jones and is accused of cheating with her and he doesn’t say anything. His rep sure released a statement quickly to People saying they were defintely not married after Miley did her Cosmo interview slobbering over him and calling him her hubby. The story was on and everybody was hitting the LOL button on that article laughing about it I’m sure.

  • cam


    Best advice ever – I totally agree. Hope Miley reads this & takes your advice.

  • lol


    LOL for sure!

  • http://Facebook Crystal

    I so hope that they brake up

  • http://Facebook Crystal

    Liam could do better if only she leaves miley

  • http://Facebook Crystal

    I just want them to brake up