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Leonardo DiCaprio & Carey Mulligan: New 'Great Gatsby' Trailer!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Carey Mulligan: New 'Great Gatsby' Trailer!

Check out Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan in this brand new trailer for their upcoming film The Great Gatsby, featuring brand new music by Beyonce, Lana Del Rey, and more!

The Baz Luhrmann-directed film also stars Tobey Maguire, Joel Edgerton, and Isla Fisher.

In case you missed it, check out Leo and his co-stars in the latest cast poster for the movie.

Be sure to catch The Great Gatsby when it hits theaters in 2D and 3D on May 10 of this year! We can’t wait to check it out!

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  • Odd

    Please don’t let this be another ‘Australia’. Baz has been losing his touch for a while now. 3D??

  • Lili

    I’m happy that Carey is receiving sucess. She deserves it. Always doing anamazing work. She’s really talented! ( And married with the most beauiful man with the most beuatiful voice in the earth).

  • Marie

    This one goes on my must see list.

  • Leni

    I can’t wait!!

  • sara
  • Camden

    The soundtrack choice for this movie is really exciting. Like Romeo + Juliet many years ago, Baz Luhrmann has used contemporary music for classic literature, he’s doing it again here and I love it!!

    I’ll check out the movie sure, but I’m more excited to get my hands on a copy of the soundtrack.

  • Cece

    Looks better than the original.

  • Christina

    I had my doubts when I saw the first Trailer, but after I’ve seen this trailer I’n sold and I can’t wait to see Leo and Carey!

  • death

    This movie should be compulsory.

  • stody


  • LIKE

    the first couple of trailers weren’t that great, but this one is really good! this movie is lookin like it might actually work.

  • sara

    going to be amazing!

  • Duhhh

    It doesn’t really get much better than hearing Florence sing! Can’t wait to see this movie.

  • SamanthaCarolina

    So excited for the Lana Del Rey song!!!

  • Yas


  • freya

    Ask if I’m going to watch this movie, HELL YEAH!!!

  • broken heart

    looks fantastic!

  • oh my
  • Carol

    All style no substance like every other film he’s made. Horrible.

  • angel

    This looks amazing.

  • C/G

    Finally. A trailer with a little heat!
    Hello, all.
    Well. This was fun. Back to work. *sigh*

  • who is she married 2 these day
  • http://nandabrasil fernanda Brasil

    Leonardo dicaprio a great man, a great actor. Best of Hollywood…. I need speak with you Leo. You know this email:

  • C/G

    DON”T CLOCK ON LINKS, everyone. There could be viruses behind them.
    No-one is here. *sniff*

  • C/G


  • : )

    this movie will looks so good in 3d
    can’t wait!!

  • vagabond

    I’ve read the book,but I’ve never watched any of the Great Gatsby versions out there.So I’m pretty excited to see it.Now I just got to talk someone into going to see it with!

  • boney mcgee

    I know no one’s here but i need to vent. ..
    The Bellazons are just so WEIRD!!!!
    It’s regulated by a Debby Downer Nazi and you have to scroll through 2 pages at a time to get any actual Leo goss because for some reason they all feel they have to thank each other for EVERY cut and paste tweet or sighting. UUUGGGHHHH why does the only site with anything on Leo right now have to be run by morons?

  • thats cuz they’re stalkers

    @boney mcgee: they r psycho stalkers for sure… i like the new system they have,…cut down on a lot of the non leo related news. they would report on leos turtle and call it leo news! lol
    now those dummy post gets scrubbed…they’re still annoying though

  • haha

    you hate bellazon, but you get all your information from them?

  • @30

    Yes. That’s pretty much it. So?
    If you take away all the ‘thank you’ and ‘I sent you a pm’ posts there would be hundreds of pages less on that thread. The moderators are there when they feel like it and they don’t seem to be consistent.
    But you do have to admit the members of that thread are very good at keeping Leo under surveillance.

  • yup

    @@30: what a scary place…poor leo…yeah I visit there too…so what?!?…still a bunch of stalkers…

  • haha

    so you all want to see the informations/tweets just as much as they do. the only difference is that they post them.

  • @33

    This was discussed many times before. They are excellent at providing info about Leo 24/7. But that doesn’t mean people like the rest of the thread. You know that love-hate thing. In this case instead of love I would say ‘useful’. Not everything is black or white.
    I do appreciate the info they post and ignore the rest.

  • yup

    @haha:actually I don’t care for the tweets either. And I hardly visit that stalkerazzi place anymore so there!!! Its actually the searching for the tweets thats weird as all get out

  • tinkerbell

    CG—no bimbo to dump on= boring.I am afraid it is true. Its been six months since a bimbo citing, not counting aferdita who was obviously a jump off. Wonder what’s up?

    God only knows what he is up to behind scenes…I am afraid to ask….also barfola is quiet—maybe since she got her bigcheck from the Go Daddy monstrosity she is in retirement.

    Maybe he is in rehab. (sex addiction) anyway a six month break from bimbs is kind of nice.

    I am watching all five seasons of mad men on netflix…I like the actor who plays David Campbell..he’s the only half way decent one on there but its only half way….I think kartheiser or whatever his name is is cute and think he’ll be poppiing up in films soon

    Jon Hamm is handsome, great voice but the last name says it all. So does “draper” as in someone who is always hiding something.

  • boney mcgee

    ..and what’s with Bradley Cooper trying REALLY hard to be like Leo. Mentions him non stop in interviews after Hangover, eventually makes friends, De Niro movies, takes mom to Awards, now the 20 year old models. I’m sure Leo likes him as a bud but deep down he must be thinking this.

  • Odd

    @boney mcgee:
    Yeah its very weird. Almost Single White Male-ish

    Heres what someone posted about the new kissing pics of Bradley and Suki:
    “its obvious they know the paps are there. clear lighting, only the two of them in site, clean cut shots. i hope people remember this anytime they accuse their favourite actor(s) (ex) girlfriends as famewhores and attention seekers. no ones a victim. bradley and leo play the game happily”.

  • boney mcgee

    i think even Leo would be getting a bit weird about it now. Brad copies his every move.
    And if Cooper really has thought ahead and just hopes ppl start calling him the next Leo, its such an unfair short cut. Leo’s been top of the game for 20 years. Bradley a couple.

  • tinkerbell

    @boney mcgee: I saw that and was totally goofing on the… tam??? Really? And the jacket?

    First of all Cooper isnt even good looking in my opinion. He really isnthe looks like he is from Long Island. And supposedly Zoe Saldana was all strung out over him, and he was seeing multiple women at the same time…why zoe why? who is this stupid suki chick? who cares. I remember he was on some TV show and they kept glamorizing him like I was supposed to think he was hot…and I sure dont. He looks like the local dentist who is in love with himself…

  • vagabond

    Hey guys!LOL@ the Bradley Cooper convo.He said Jennifer was too young for him and then hooks-up with a 20 year old?Maybe he is taking advice from Leo.smh.
    So Leo has been spotted at Choachella.Popsugar has one pic.Hanging with a blonde model type according to a tweet and a really grainy tweet pic.same old same old.Don’t know about any posse members being there.
    Still think he’s going to be totally single for Cannes,not that it