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Rachel Bilson: Bikini Barbados Babe with Shirtless Hayden Christensen!

Rachel Bilson: Bikini Barbados Babe with Shirtless Hayden Christensen!

Rachel Bilson shows off her rockin’ bikini body while spending time on the beach with her shirtless boyfriend Hayden Christensen on Saturday (April 13) in Barbados.

The 31-year-old actress and the 31-year-old actor were spotted riding a boat pulled raft with some friends.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rachel Bilson

The day after, Rachel and Hayden were seen doing some shopping together while on their vacation.

In case you missed it, check out Rachel looking beautiful on the cover of Cosmopolitan‘s May 2013 issue.

FYI: Rachel is wearing a M Missoni bikini.

10+ pictures inside of bikini-clad Rachel Bilson and shirtless Hayden Christensen on vacation in Barbados…

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rachel bilson bikini barbados babe with shirtless hayden christensen 01
rachel bilson bikini barbados babe with shirtless hayden christensen 02
rachel bilson bikini barbados babe with shirtless hayden christensen 03
rachel bilson bikini barbados babe with shirtless hayden christensen 04
rachel bilson bikini barbados babe with shirtless hayden christensen 05
rachel bilson bikini barbados babe with shirtless hayden christensen 06
rachel bilson bikini barbados babe with shirtless hayden christensen 07
rachel bilson bikini barbados babe with shirtless hayden christensen 08
rachel bilson bikini barbados babe with shirtless hayden christensen 09
rachel bilson bikini barbados babe with shirtless hayden christensen 10

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  • Sweetness

    seriously why hasn’t he put a ring on it?

  • ….

    he had, thy used to be engaged and then called it off but are still together


    Darth Vader

  • wowza

    All HE did for the last 5 years or so either bumming &/or beaching. And so who would want to get married to a more non-talent & bland than him?!

  • leimore

    its Ultra FART Vader for a very looong time now. And its its looks like that hes gone vactioning w/ his maid – with that snooki-look-alike midget!

  • leimore

    its Ultra FAAART Vader for a very looong time now. And its its looks like that hes gone vactioning w/ his maid – with that snooki-look-alike midget!

  • Giana

    her proportions are so unfortunate.
    long arms and torso and really short legs.
    she looks so weird.
    similar to Olivia Wilde’s build.

  • Nells

    her arms look like the same length as her legs.

  • Ceara

    @Giana: She is still prettier and richer than you.

  • aberfitch

    Wondering how RaTchel got the gall / nerve wearing two piece despite what she just look like is just like wondering how she became &/ claimed to be an actress.

  • tricia

    There’s some sweet PDA on another media site. They really look happy.

  • Maya

    Thanks JJ


  • Laia

    I love Haydennnnn. Rachel lucky girl

  • searlus

    A huge thanks for Manakins Star Wars Residuals for life that he can still afford some vacays – thats all he got for now and as if having an insignificant other w/ a budget career who could only work on a budget TV show & of course thru the big help of her connections; would much help. – no way-highway of course!

  • lexy hates bilson

    It’s Mr & Mrs. Rachel Bilson Schwartz! Hope they send Josh a postcard thanking him again for supporting the 2 of them and giving them a need for a vacation!

  • virgis

    She is 1.57m so you can’t expect her to have Cindy Crawford’s body and proportion. However, she does have long arms (too long, in my opinion) which make her body look weird. But when she holds her hands up in the air she seems pretty normal (the picture with her and other girl pal in red bikini).

  • reedley

    I bet that would look & feel like barfing as much as when seeing their non-acting skills everytime huh!
    So how everyone would wished that the BOMB had detonated right here in Barbados rather than in Boston Mass.?!

  • trevise

    @ She is 1.57m
    So that would be like “4 Feet & 5 Inches”… if not, its definitely looks more like it LMAO!

  • whizbang

    Caption this!

    BilPooo – Oh here’s the paps! Hey smile and look at me! Oh no wait up & dont walk a kilometer away from me again!
    Cant you see the paps are here damnit!
    HayPooo – Yeah right short-legged b*tch… err… babes… geeesh!

  • http://ETERNALOZZIE.COM eternalozzie

    They are a cute couple … I always thought Hayden was into guys but apparently I was wrong … it’s nice to see he doesn’t wear his giant boots to the beach.

  • tweet

    I like the way he looks at her.

  • Frederick W. Brown

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  • mikey

    I like her. I would be tapping that huge. All the time :)

  • hart
  • moi


  • moi

    @tweet: ME TOO

  • trollhunter

    @reedley: Don’t pop a blood vessel trying to think of witty things to say little troll. You have the stunted emotional development of a twelve year old.

  • danielle

    i think she’s really pretty and healthy

  • just me

    Why Rachel never be seem with her friends instead are being with friends on vacation? Other people do. Its not going to make people watch her show. And jared why didn’t post this Saturday and not this morning? This is all she does is promote hayden all the time. And he has not worked in three years, He is nothing like he use to be. All he does is go on vacation with Rachel and do nothing. And these pics to magazines. Its not news and nobody don’t really care. Don’t Rachel get it? No one care about her and hayden anymore since he stop working. Now hayden has become nothing but her media whore for attention. This is really old jared. They was sitting down not smiling at all. She got to make like they are having a good time for the camera to promote her show. She said that she didn’t go nowhere at all but look at tv .She lied . Her show is about to get cancelled and she always do this. She don’t really care what hayden think or do. As long as he come and take pics with her. Its was just one day. Jared you should have put them out Saturday when it happen, She be on here one time in a magazine. She never does anything different at all.. She didn’t even tell no one about her show was finish at all this year. That how much she care about her work. All she care about is being seem with hayden and talking about him in magazines. She never mention that he don’t work or he should be doing something like other people do. That mean she is not his girlfriend at all her ex. Only she can get to be with her. I thought she wanted a man that was about something? Rachel copy other people too. Why can’t hayden go to Barbados by alone like he use to? Rachel always running behind him when he go there. He said he didn’t know where he was going on vacation. She made him go there anyway to be seem. She think hayden is not smart and he is,.She dump adam for hayden and both didn’t amount to anything at all. So why keep him around her like that? She know he is not working and not famous for nothing but going vacation with her to be on these sites to promote her show and her. Hayden has not worked since he got back hanging with her. So what is so special about seeing her with him and she talk about him all the time. She just don’t do it other magazine. Don’t she know no one cares about her or him anymore? She care more about him and he don’t care that much about her like that. Just a booty call every now and then when he’s in la. She talk like he is something and he is not. He moved from her in la and she still running behind him like she can’t find another guy to be with. That what make news. Not going to vacation with him every year and he is not doing nothing for it. He should be working not going on vacation with her every year. Its not right he’s not working and being used by Rachel. Why can’t she take other guys on vacation instead of him if she so pretty? Why can’t she mention the fact that he don’t work anymore instead of saying nice things about him all the time. She said bad things when he wasn’t coming around her taking pics and staying home and leaving to go home. That mean she can’t do nothing for herself or she wanted him to be around her all the time. She never says nothing about having a career or nothing like that. All she talk about is what he does with her not his work. The magazine didn’t sale the people put it back.Just because its his birthday this week. He don’t celebrate with her like that. You don’t even see him when her birthday come around. She is stupid girl to be chasing him like that.That’s why she can’t get any work by mention him and chasing around. When adam was with her she didn’t want him if he didn’t have nothing. All she do is run up to Canada to see him and she said she wasn’t going to that anymore. She lied about that. She said she wanted to be with her family and friends at home and she lied. Hayden do not need her anymore to be around him like that. Why don’t she stop doing that. He can’t make her career anymore. Haven’t she gotten the message that he is not important like he use to be. Yes hayden would look happy for the camera since he know he can a booty call whenever he see her. That is all about some man using her and she use them. She is not going marry him why be his booty call? When she can be with a man that don’t want that from her. She is nothing but hayden’s whore still. Why haven’t they said nothing about her show being renewed yet? Hayden should have gotten him some decent work instead of being someone’s media whore all the time. That’s all he does now. She like it because she use him to promote her show. She is not nothing with hayden these days. And he is nothing without working. She is total loser about promoting a once rising star. He don’t need to be promoted that way if he haven’t worked in awhile. But she dumped adam when he didn’t get no attention for work so why not dump hayden too? Is her show cancelled? what they’re waiting for? She don’t have but three left?

  • Isabelle

    Good god you all must look like models to say she has a bad body!!! Are you kidding? She is slim with good muscle tone and has nice proportions of butt and boobs. Yeah, shes not tall but geez- makes me wonder what all of you look like! She is HOT!

  • Danee

    rachel is a user
    she is using hayden, natalie portman doesn’t use her husband atleast. she is way more succesul then rachel can ever dream of being. they are the same type, short ,bruntette, quirky but natalie has talent.

  • Yari

    @Danee: I am sick of all the Natalie Portman comparassions to Rachel Bilson
    Like I have said before, Portmans husband is a nobody. How can someone be used when they are not anyone special? Its not like Natalie got Tom Cruise or Johnny Depp. And before anyone says he is ‘famous’ , please not that Ballet dancers are not famous like movie stars, singers, tv actors,etc! They are not celebs sorry. I don’t understand how he is able to land perfume deals and get all this PR work since he is not a star of any kind. He is also a famehwore like Rachel Bilson.
    Not a fan of Rachel but she is not stupid enough to get pregnant like Natalie out of wedlock and marry the guy only because he is the father!
    Hayden is much better looking then Natalie’s centipiede husband just saying. He seems really nice from what I have heard.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan


  • meryan

    hayden yammyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Nice couple

  • just me

    Why he hasn’t find a job yet? Fooling around with Rachel everyone has jobs not him. This is so shameful that he is not working at all. And she benefiting from it. This is not love when you do it everyone year and have not work doing anything. jared you say spending sometime? why not spend this time finding another job or something. Is this suppose to be his job now that he spend time vacating with her when he could be doing something. He shouldn’t be here doing this vacating thing. Cause she can’t spend it with other guys? Don’t tell me she she don’t like to be with other guys? And hayden sit there and be with her? Why? He never talk about her but she sure do talk about him like he something special. Don’t tell me people that she is in love again. How sweet a man that too lazy to go out and get work. I didn’t know that was a job? And she still running behind him. Talking about him is not going to make him do any better. Rachel never be with her friends alone at the beach she always have him there. That was hayden spot and she took it. Will he ever work again? He never did these things with girls he said he didn’t like it. Rachel get mad if he don’t pay her no attention like this. when she can do it herself. Why can’t hayden be a real man and dump her like he did the other girls and stop letting her make a fool out of him. They did this with her family and now with her friends. why couldn’t she just went with her friends instead of with hayden to barabadoes? She is not a real woman and he is not a real man. Real men go to work no matter what it is.He does not. And don’t tell me they chose each other for this. Its was Rachel doing this,She wanted hayden to do this before she start being with other guys. Its didn’t stop her being with another man last year.Also all these lies about them getting another house is a lie so is this. why she haven’t came clean about this? She is a natural born liar to get what she want. Didn’t hayden just came home from paris?And this stupid girl waited for him to come back for vacation when her show ended a month ago and didn’t mention it.Why she do things like that anyway? She must can’t get another guy beside hayden to put up with cause she think he needs her.There is no love just a parttime ex boyfriend that she waited on to be with her. She need to try something new instead waiting on him all the time.Other women do and they don’t drag their ex boyfriend around or talk about him like he is god. They don’t talk about their ex boyfriend if he’s not doing nothing. Are they still meeting up like this every year for a booty call cause he went to paris and didn’t get attention for it. Are the magazines didn’t sale enough copies to make it on E! news? Cause it didn’t why do this for promotion for her show and herself. Spending time that’s a job. Hayden spend more time vacationing that he does on a set or movie. And you all know this true. Why other people are promoting a movie he taking a much need break from not working. And you all think that this what he suppose to be doing? Rachel thinks so are she would be mad if he didn’t come and visit her.Why happen to the rising star he could have been? He can’t be a star on vacation with Rachel and going to paris when he want to. His agent was right about him, He never want to do any work that is given to him so he can get work like other actors and not beg for it. No matter what you say here its wrong. Rachel is not a good person she don’t believe in nothing but being with man she can use.She don’t believe in god or nothing good. everything was given to her. She don’t know nothing about working for nothing. She always trying and it still don’t work out about talking hayden. Why keep thinking that people suppose to buy this again just because he is not working?And he do things with her now that work has stopped for him. Rachel can’t save hayden he has to do it without her or he want be nothing at all. And he won’t say nothing when she talk about him in magazines?Its still not making him get jobs or attention just because she is with him.why can’t he just go out without her with his family? She no good for him why bother?She still is trash and he make him look like trash.And don’t run back to her or she run because of a booty call or for a fix. That’s all he does with his free time or leave and be gone for weeks. And Rachel sit home waiting for him when she could be enjoying herself with another guy. Why she stop going out with other guys anyway? Why still hang with your ex when its not going anywhere. That’s stupid for her to do. Like there is no one better to be with.What happen to wanting something better than what you got? She said once that she was keeping her option open. Don’t she want fame like everyone else? Rachel needs to spend time moving on from hayden and find what she really want.If hayden was in demand like other actors he wouldn’t be doing this mess every year on the beach with Rachel bilson.She is loser and so is he now!

  • maya

    they are soooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuutttttteeeeeeeeee

  • kesha


  • L

    I think her body looks in proportion…and she’s toned. Which is more than I can say for Hayden-lazyass-Crhistensen…who needs to hit the gym!

  • annie

    Boring Boring they never go anywhere else,travel already get married Hayden become a house husband.shes ruined ur career what talent u had too too bad,sad really sad he should try another career,he doesnot like acting, maybe directing or producer or FATHERHOOD. what chains she has on him.

  • annie

    hes supposed to be filming in china with NIC CAGE this month and another movie but these movies r never shown in theaters just indie ones or goto dvd right away

  • Kate

    @Sweetness: Hayden DID put a ring on it but Rachel is the one who called it off. It was only after a month or so she realized she missed him and it was her mother who told her to contact Hayden. Rachel did and they got back together. Perhaps Hayden is waiting for Rachel to “want” a “ring on it”…

  • FordOHolic

    I laugh totally at the comment that her body is good, I’ve read some stuff about her being a dwarf in body proportions and she totally is: check out that her torso/body is way longer then her legs, and her arms are short not reaching to her thighs like normal human proportion – but barley reaching her crotch – making her look like a T-Rex dino.

    See in this image of dwarfism the proportions are the exact same as Rachel:

    Everyone knows she is a dwarf/ has dwarfism, and it is hilariously funny because Bilson hired a photographer to take those beach shots, and then had them airbrushed and released the ones they liked best to the media, because she has very low self esteem and her fan base is zero – as well as her approval rating as a actress – everyone dislikes her, she has no talent.

    I agree that she does look like a troll, aka vermin-girl … she looks like a rat in the face and way aging even botox doesn’t help her out ha!

    And that picture of her running? She looks like a dachshund – on thos stumpy thick legs.

  • sabel

    Rachel Bilson is HOT HOT HOT

  • http://HaydenChristensenRachelbilson she Hayden Anakin skywalker

    Hayden Christensen Rachel bilson she Anakin skywalker said Hayden Rachel gets AAAs good cutting window hie score will be closer togather kiss true Love yes ok home sweet Home wife new york fun wife she Anakin

  • eternal

    Wow, Hayden has gained a lot of weight! Compare how he looks in Jared’s pictures to how he looked just a few years ago in Takers. Hayden’s belt from that picture wouldn’t fit him anymore: the belt would split in half if Hayden tried to put it around his waist, and all his friends would laugh at him. “HAHAHA!!! Hayden’s belt snapped in half!” lol

    I actually think that Hayden looks better and healthier with a little meat on his bones. I look forward to seeing his next film. I hear he has at least two movies coming up.