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Jennifer Lawrence in 'X-Men: Days of Future Past': First Look Pic!

Jennifer Lawrence in 'X-Men: Days of Future Past': First Look Pic!

Jennifer Lawrence strips down and wears just her blue bodysuit and makeup in this first photo of her on set for X-Men: Days of Future Past on Monday (May 20) in Montreal, Canada.

The 22-year-old actress is reprising her role as Mystique in the hit franchise and director Bryan Singer sent out a first look for fans.

“First look: #JenniferLawrence as a vengeful #Mystique. #XMen #DaysOfFuturePast,” Bryan tweeted.

Also pictured: More photos that Bryan has tweeted from the past week, including co-stars Nicholas Hoult, Hugh Jackman, and Peter Dinklage!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jennifer Lawrence’s look as Mystique?

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jennifer lawrence in x men days of future past first look pic 01
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  • lol

    really?? we dont need a firstlook pic any more, we all saw this look in the last Xmen movie

  • Sal

    She has lost weight since the first one.

  • torn

    I thought it was a doll. She looks like an angel anyway

  • Lily

    I wonder what kind of process they use to make the white of her eye yellow, eye drops or CGI.

  • gary


  • Jennifer the Great

    WOW! she looks awesome

  • KissThis

    For anyone who has ever called Jennifer fat – Look at her! She’s smoking, toned, looks AMAZING!!!

  • nm

    she was in Cannes yesterday and today in Canada, shooting,and undergoing 4 hours of full body make up??Wow, talk about tight schedule…looking great by the way

  • hott

    Good Lord, She looks stunning! Fat my ass. Those people need to get shot in the face seriously. Hope Nick is eating his heart out over this one.

  • Nana

    She must be so happy walking around looking like a goodness in front of her ex. lol

  • cute


  • Diedre

    Wow, she is tiny!!

  • Gucci

    She has lost weight since her Winter’s Bone days, that’s for sure. But looks amazing.

  • Chris

    Overrated and ugly actually. Not a good actress.

  • Tyna


  • Funny

    Holy Shiit! she looks incredible. I love the slight change in the hair. Looks more like the original x-men look.

  • Sarah

    Bring Rebecca Romijin back, she’s the real Mystique, not this poor girl with a biscuit face!

  • Wow.

    ….I love Jennifer dude. She’s pretty awesome.

  • Xgirl

    Stunning! Can’t wait for the movie. I hope singer doesn’t scr*w this up. His last movies were terrible.

  • Mystix

    Doesn’t even look like a bodysuit great job on the make up department and great job working out Jen.

  • Sarah

    This new look for Mystique is fantastic, I love the darker shade of blue! I’m so glad that during the wait to see her new agenda in this movie, I can re-watch X-Men movies with Blockbuster @Home from DISH. I love being able to relax with a movie after my busy work shift at DISH. So it’s great that with my preference for Blu-ray, I can get all of my Blu-ray rentals without an extra charge.


    I still don’t get why they use those horibel red/orange wigs for Mystic in all the movie. On the comic books she has great hair.

  • F

    @Chris: she’s a good actress and beautiful

  • Nashil

    @Chris: I agree. She is not a great actress, just average. But Hollywood Fatso Weinstein is pushing her down everyone throats! Wait and watch, soon the likes of Kirsten Stewert and Selena Gomez will win acting Oscars LOL! Kristen will win next year of the year after. The Academy is really shitting itself.
    BTW, Rebecca Rominjin was fierce and hot! Jennifer is okay looking, not ugly but not beautiful either.

  • kendall

    they look so cute together

  • ned

    they look so cute together

  • Guest

    You clearly know nothing about film and acting, the workings of Hollywood, or the Academy LOL.
    You’re embarrassing yourself.

  • Niko

    she’s gorgeous , is it bad that I want to take a bit out of her t!t. So hot.

  • Ava

    @Nashil.. You are such a idiot, and a know nothing. Jennifer has done one movie with Weinstein, SLP, she was already Oscar nominated, already a box buster star at the age of 21 and before she was cast on SLP.. So what does Weinstein have to do with her career or her success.. I know there is no IQ test for people to post comments , but it would make life a little better if dummies like you couldn’t expose your jealous and ignorance at will.

  • Sammy

    Love her body so shapely but thin , look how her waist is so defined, really liked her in the first X men, funny to think about how I liked her thinking she was this little known actress in this movie, to what she has become now.

  • Serian

    She looks hot!!!

  • Tom

    Funny the haters who were she’s fat… Ah fat up your own ass, you people wished you looked that good practically naked.

  • Coco

    Keep debating if she’s a really talented actress, Jennifer Lawrence is a 2 time Oscar nominated actor and won a Oscar besides dozens of other acting awards for Best actress . Really is there any doubt, jealousy is such a petty emotion , as Beyonce would say , get a life low- life’s”. LoL

  • Brando

    like every other celebrity, she lose weight after all this stupid talk ‘how much she loves her body and she will never look like scarerow’. she’s a hipocrite, and her fans are to blind to see this. they will always say how flawless she is.

  • Selmay

    Thing is. I’m not a fan of Jennifer Lawrence but I understand her losing some weight. She has a little chubby arms and face. Plus she’s doing 3 action movies in a row as of what I’ve read so, of course she needs to lose some weight and she actually looks incredible.

    People are just jealous.

  • Leto

    Stop calling everyone who didn’t fall in love with her jealous. don’t you think that people could be jealous about someone who actually got beauty and talent like Marion, Charlize, Jessica Chastain or Angelina.

  • FAA

    She looks good in blue. It makes her eyes stand out. :)

  • fhugudguegu

    @Nashil: yeah you’re right, weinstein’s controlling who wins the academy. So many actors that are so good but didn’t even receive the credit/recognition they deserve like sam rockwell, ethan hawke (esp for before midnight, not out yet but i think he’ll never get nominated), paul dano, michael shannon, kirsten dunst (deserves an oscar for melancholia), john hawkes, miranda richardson, alison lohman and many more.

  • http://lorealsweetie loreal bonan

    this pic of JenniferLawrence
    this pic is nice :)

  • reneevstheworld

    For anyone who’s wondering, Jennifer Lawrence is very curvy, as most people know, so it’s likely that the image on the right is photoshopped. So yeah, she is tiny, but it’s probably just the photoshopping they’ve done to the image.

  • Mystique


    Not at all.
    This look is nearest from the first trilogy, when Mystique was played by Rebecca Romijn.

    In X-Men First Class was light-blue, with longer hair.

    They use a new method of make up. This is a suit not several vinyl sheets glued on her body.

  • Nashil

    @Leto: @fhugudguegu: You guys are right. See how her fans start to attack me by calling me jealous, dumb,etc. They are beyond, stupid. Its just like Kirsten Stwert all over again. Her fans were extactly like this some time ago. Insulting, rude, and vicious.
    I jus gave my opinion that I don’t think she is a great actress, or is beutitful. That all
    Jennifer Lawrence is the ‘it’ girl of the moment. Wesinetein is using her right now for his cash cow. If I were to be jealous of an actor/actress, its sure as hell not Jennifer Lawrewnce. I would be jealous of Angelina Jolie, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Brad Pitt, Johnny, Depp, Elijah Wood, Jake Gynhelnall, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon,Julianne Moore and many,many great actors and actresses who don’t even that many noms or only got Best Supporting.

  • Nashil

    And I also, I would be jealous of Aishwarya Rai, who is a beauty and talented forign actress. Jennifer looks like man in comparassion to this beautiful woman.

  • Revui

    @Guest: And what your knowldge on acting? Are you apart of the Acadmey in any way? Have you ben invited to the Oscars? Please tell me.
    Every award has recipients that don’t deserve it. Jennifer is one of them.
    Please, with your great knowledge on acting,and the Acadmey. Tell me how someone like Gary Oldman does not have an Oscar, but someone like Lawrence does? I thought Oscar were about Best,Best,Best. They are, and always have been a popularity contest.
    They are no more about the work and talent.
    You an idiot, a moron, and probably 12 years old. No wonder. Jennifer fans are 12 year old girls with flat chests anyways. LOL.

  • Revui

    SLP have heavily promoted, HW was apart of fiancing SLP, and supporting Jennifer Lawrence you idiot. They heavily campigned for Bradley Cooper too, but his competion was tough. She wasn’t shoved down everyone throats until her Oscar campaign and her win.
    Your another idiot.

  • Jack

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  • Jersey Mark

    Yeah, I guess you have a better understanding of the art of acting than all the established actors and directors who voted her the Best Actress Oscar. You probably haven’t seen any of her movies and more than likely, you asked her to your senior prom and she said no.

  • Guest

    And she appears to have lost weight because she’s been heavily training and following a dieting regiment for Mystique, you morons. Mystique is 60% looks, 40% movement.

    It’s true, there’s should be some sort of IQ test for people to post on the Internet. There’s just far too many morons with too much time on their hands.