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Leonardo DiCaprio: I'm Not Sure I Want to Direct!

Leonardo DiCaprio: I'm Not Sure I Want to Direct!

Leonardo DiCaprio keeps it low key as he explores the city of Venice, Italy on Wednesday (May 29).

The 38-year-old actor was joined by a group of pals, including good friend Lukas Haas.

“I’ve been talking about [directing] a lot,” Leo recently said (via Access Hollywood). “But I’m still not sure I’m going to do it. When you’re a director you have so many different elements you need to be in control of.”

“I get very obsessive when I do movies and it encompasses my life,” Leo added. “And I don’t know how I’d react to 200 different people asking me questions. I might spiral off into some other dimension of obsessiveness. For now, playing the character and being responsible for myself is what I’m doing.”

FYI: Leo is wearing a Brunello Cucinelli shirt.

15+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio exploring Venice…

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leonardo dicarprio im not sure i could be a director 01
leonardo dicarprio im not sure i could be a director 02
leonardo dicarprio im not sure i could be a director 03
leonardo dicarprio im not sure i could be a director 04
leonardo dicarprio im not sure i could be a director 05
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leonardo dicarprio im not sure i could be a director 10
leonardo dicarprio im not sure i could be a director 11
leonardo dicarprio im not sure i could be a director 12
leonardo dicarprio im not sure i could be a director 13
leonardo dicarprio im not sure i could be a director 14
leonardo dicarprio im not sure i could be a director 15
leonardo dicarprio im not sure i could be a director 16

Photos: FameFlynet, AKM-GSI
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  • good4u

    Yah yah… You’d better not do something you’re not so sure of. So dont pay attention to people who lean on you because in the end it’s you who have to make the movie. What a role model

  • Elodieee

    At least he’s being honest. I mean I don’t see him going into the directing path, to me he is just doing that fine as an actor.

  • lolol

    well, of course he’s not gonna direct, directing won’t get him nearly half of the pu$$y he gets from acting… so yeah, there you have it.

  • Baby

    Leo is always texting on his phone! Who is he talking to all the time? What’s the point with all those models and Lukas!?!? Leo is such a mystery!

  • May20

    @Baby #4: he’s on the phone checking what we have to say about him on JustJared ;D

  • @4

    Its a strategy to avoid camera contact and pretend you don’t know the paps are there. See also when celebs seems to be always glued tight to their cellphone in pictures.

  • Bill

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  • Martha

    He should just marry Lukas Haas already!

  • Katie

    I love Leo! he is so hot, I want it for me.

  • Liv

    The Great Gatsby <3 : )

  • Avery

    He has really ugly body, no ass and a weird instep … Why doesn’t he Lukas come out already, then they wouldn’t need all these hanger -on girls to put out a fake image.

  • Katie

    Looks like he swapped the blonde by this mysterious brunette.

  • May20

    I he really gay? Does anyone know?

  • more pics
  • also

    The brunette in the black leather jacket is the one from the car. She even has the same black Chanel bag and it`s clearly not Toni Garrn. I wonder who she is and who she is with????
    As for his phone… I bet he has tons of e-mails to read ( projects, business…etc ) and I agree it might be a destruction.

  • never present

    Leo is always checking his phone even when he isn’t aware of the cameras. What is the point of taking a break and going to these beautiful locales if you’re forever glued to your phone??

  • wow

    leo looks like he’s having the time of his life…lol

  • Lulu

    Actually he looks bored, and from other pictures he’s with his mom on this vacation, so odd, that leads me to believe that all these girls , that look underage by the way , what’s his demographic now not 22 but 18, Dorian the Russian guy getting him 18 year Russian girls, damn.. That the girls are there because Leo knows he will be photographed , also why he’s on yachts instead of a private homes, easier for the paps to take pictures on the water… He’s gay, and it would look werid a 40 years old dude vacationing with a few men and his mom …. So out come these poor little girls.

  • wow

    @Lulu: i was being sarcastic hence the lolz

  • interesting

    if his mom is there that means no hanky panky
    this would explain why women feel comfortable being around him at these events. there is a certain level of safety there due to her presence. safe for him, safe for the women. smart thinking.

  • SunnyAutumn

    He tries to remain so elusive, but I think it has backfired on him.

  • muff

    @interesting: dumbest comment ever

  • Eliza

    @Lulu: I’d be all for your gay theory if he hasn’t had relationships with women in the past. How do you explain a 5 year relationship with Gisele. They looked like a genuine couple in love, and he was very affectionate with her. And then theres Bar, whom he was with for another 5 years.
    I’m genuinely asking (not trying to be confrontational)! Why wouldn’t he just stay in his mansion with his male love some where. He doesn’t seem insecure to me….

  • well then

    I work in hllywood and i think he’s either bi or gay but it’s not normal for a guy to be with another guy all the time. lukas never is with a girl or has a life outside of LD, so it doesn’t seem like a normal guy to guy friendship. just saying… leo could swing both ways and that is what i hear all the time in the industry but he sounds messed up in any regards. lukas looks like he gained weight here. maybe he’s expecting? haha oh well..

  • also

    I also tend to believe he is bi. Not entirely gay because no matter what you say he does have history with women. I started to be more certain about it because of his bromance with Bradley Cooper. Not with Lukas. To me it seems like Lukas is beyond dependent on Leo. Maybe there`s more to it but I`m not sure. But I think Bradley is gay and Leo is attached to him recently. Miami, New York, LA, London… And this would explain why he can`t commit and he doesn`t want anything serious.
    I`m not saying I`m 100% sure but I gave it a thought or two…
    I like how Leo looks on these new Venice photos and I`m curious about the brunette…

  • Lulu

    @ ELIZA……In Hollywood , A list gay men either marry , like Tom Cruise , John travolta, Will Smith, Hugh Jackman… and they get the flings on the side.. Or the play the can’t committe one girlfriend after another , always surrounded by chicks and also guys( who they are also doing) the Leo DiCaprio , Geroge Clooney, …. And having a girlfriend means nothing remember these people kiss and make out for months with people they some times hate and aren’t remotely attracted too.

  • Seba

    @Lulu and the GAY issue:

    I dont think its a fair truth by the simple fact that if he was… any proud man or woman from Hollywood, would have stand up as gay because its a hot issue these days for gay marriage ,and Leo hasnt told he is gay even if supporting the cause. Anyone that famous would do, because it would put a good light to the issue. You can tell, all famous people who are gay, they at least give some verbal mentions of it to the press during their career..Angeline Jolie even said she was bi before meeting Brad I really dont think she is anymore lol

  • nope

    @Seba: don’t be so sure. Even though most celebs speak up for gay rights and show their support, to come out as one is a whole other story. Don’t believe Leo is gay / bi though, just because he hangs out a lot with his male friends and ‘prefers yachts instead of private homes’ lol but I gotta admit I do find that Lukas Haas guy a little shady. He really doesn’t seem to have another life other than being Leo’s sidekick like wtf.

  • haha

    hes definetly not gay. people are speculative of people in hollywood for being gay, but people like tom cruise, john travolta, etc. there is some actual evidence behind it. If leo was gay, there would be SOME shread of evidence, but for leo, there is none.

  • Seba

    @nope – listen up! Guys like Leo are “proud personalities”. It shows. He travels to save tigers, not just talking about them . He is no wimp! He would EASILY standup and have no such problems like “coming out!” He has many gay friends because he seems round. He likes different people. He would easily put himself as a face of the issue if he was, he is an activist type. What grown up men have problems coming out? Except if it was “recently he found out”,hahaha, which I doubt. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.

  • nope

    @Seba: again, not sayin I THINK he is gay or bi. Leo is one of the most private actors Hollywood has ever seen, if not the most. values discretion and privacy like no other. it’s why he’s still such a mystery to everyone and he’s been on the top of his game for what, nearly 20 years now? no one really knows what he thinks / feels about things. he rarely talks about his thoughts / feelings other than his thoughts on his movies and acting etc. and as regarding to ‘what grown-up men have problems coming out?’ lol, true maybe. except i also don’t believe Leo is very mature. i mean i love him, i love his movies, he seems very intelligent and well-spoken in interviews and i believe him to be a nice guy but i think he’s still quite immature for his age.

  • text


  • text

    posts containing certain not cuss words are being moderated. interesting.

  • text

    what nope said.

  • text

    there’s no evidence for most of the rumoured. jt is the only one mentioned with lawsuits that suggest he might be. it doesn’t if he is, but leo seems immature, not into men. lukas is like his little brother.

  • facts

    even if he was gay or bi he’s not going to come out because it would affect him getting roles and his publicists would not allow it so it’s not so simple as to just come out- his career is dependent on his image and an openly gay actor right now cannot be a-list and still get romantic roles. it’s just a fact in hollywood so if he is gay or bi, he won’t come out until he doesn’t care about making movies anymore and wants to retire.

  • Unnatural hags

    Enough of the gay chatter already. You’re the most mean-spirited hags on any site. Seriously, get la id; that might tame some of your feral tendencies.

  • NW

    Hanging out with other guys doesn’t mean he’s not hetero, but it wouldn’t matter if he wasn’t.

    Hag, you sound stressed. Maybe you should take your own advice.

  • Seba

    Yes he is a private person. But saying you are GAY out loud is not really spoiling anything of your privacy, is it…., its just a statement. A confirmation. Nothing about privacy or details to do. He has spoiled he was dating Gisele, Bar and Erin before. Even that short-fling Blake-whatever. He didnt hide his dates. So why would he hide gay-status, we are in 2013 not reallly the 50s anymore. I know some states dont allow marriages yet, but we are pretty close there. Its no mystery to say you are gay or not.. Hellooooooo…. :)

  • dafuq??

    What is wrong with you people? All that is on your minds is gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay!! Is he gay!?! This is the most fcking retarded a** conversation!! SHUT THE FCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I’m evolving from JJ cesspool. That’s a good thing.

  • guy
  • summer

    Who is the brunette?

  • vagabond

    @summer: No one seems to know who she is.This girl looks more like Barbara Palvin then Toni.Which has me puzzled about this rumor.Also something lol worthy popsugar has a slideshow of Leo’s crazy month.They actually have a pic with him and Toni and call her an unidentified woman,and the girl in the car is Toni.OK
    Anyway,there’s some tweets of him in NY.Let the assumptions
    Seems like it would be kind of awkward if the go out now don’t it?I certainly don’t buy the going out for a week statement.

  • also

    @vagabond: I think the NYC tweets are incorrect. After them another one from Venice was posted ( last night ) and Lukas – who has been accompanying Leo in Europe – posted another photo from Venice this morning.
    I`m also curious who is the brunette. She is the one from the car and she is clearly not Toni.
    It seems like a tough job to identify women around Leo. Aferdita was Margot, Margot was a mystery blonde, this brunette is Toni and Toni is a mystery blonde… lol

  • Leo Fan

    I thought I read that Leo had rented a villa in Europe for the summer… I also don’t think he is in NYC.
    I have the feeling that the brunette is one of Leo’s cousins or relatives among the other young women who were also seen inside the SUV in France. It looks like they all accompanied Leo’s pals and parents to Venice.

  • oh..

    @Leo Fan: Does he have cousins? Aunts / uncles? He mentioned his grandparents multiple times in interviews but not much about other relatives. Dang why do we know so little about this man.

  • also

    I think he does. Some relatives visited him on a movie set, there were photos. But I don’t know if the brunette is a relative or maybe a friend’s girlfriend. She was in the same car in France as Leo’s mom and her bf while Leo and Lukas in a separate one. Who knows?
    @vagabond: I also don’t think he is in New York or was yesterday. This is a huge international art exhibit in Venice and he loved art. The whole thing starts tomorrow ( the first 3 days were a preview ). There was a tweet about him renting a villa on Ibiza for the whole summer season.

  • Sarah

    @Leo fan
    One thing is sure, the brunette looks very young. She might even be the daughter of some guys with Leo’s bunch.
    The gossip columnists are so ridiculous, it goes to show you how they don’t have a clue who Toni Garrn is for real. LOL!

  • vagabond

    I see,so the NY tweets could be fakes,not like that has happened before.
    I was thinking the same thing about the brunette girl.We don’t really know about his extended family.Like Irmlen’s boyfriend,he could have kids or grand kids.

  • also

    Have you guys seen this? I can`t believe my eyes…. I do understand he is annoyed by the paps and just wants his privacy. I do get that and I do feel sorry for him for being constantly watched and snapped. But this is just… I mean you can`t see his face but people will laugh at him for this…