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Leonardo DiCaprio Watches French Open with Lukas Haas

Leonardo DiCaprio Watches French Open with Lukas Haas

Leonardo DiCaprio pays close attention to the Men’s Singles match during day eight of the French Open held at Roland Garros on Sunday (June 2) in Paris, France.

The 38-year-old Great Gatsby actor, who sat next to his good friend Lukas Haas, watched Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France play Viktor Troicki of Serbia.

Also spotted at the stadium that day was Forest Whitaker.

Earlier in the weekend, Leo and his mom Irmelin went out for a night on the town together with a group of his pals in Venice, Italy.

FYI: Leo is wearing a Brunello Cucinelli shirt.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio watching the French Open with Lukas Haas

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leonardo dicaprio watches french open with lukas haas 01
leonardo dicaprio watches french open with lukas haas 02
leonardo dicaprio watches french open with lukas haas 03
leonardo dicaprio watches french open with lukas haas 04
leonardo dicaprio watches french open with lukas haas 05
leonardo dicaprio watches french open with lukas haas 06
leonardo dicaprio watches french open with lukas haas 07
leonardo dicaprio watches french open with lukas haas 08
leonardo dicaprio watches french open with lukas haas 09
leonardo dicaprio watches french open with lukas haas 10
leonardo dicaprio watches french open with lukas haas 11
leonardo dicaprio watches french open with lukas haas 12
leonardo dicaprio watches french open with lukas haas 13

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  • belgium woman

    what beautiful couple! Leo and Lukas

  • Dawn Taylor

    I was thinking ‘Leo’ when watching G. Simon, as he looks like he could be one of his hanging out buddies!! Leo seems to be everywhere these days – I thought in his year off he wanted to spend more time in his house, which he says he never has much time to be in!!

  • hmmmmm

    Really starting to wonder about Leo and Lukas

  • Baby

    I ship Leo and Lukas! <3 They are OTP!
    I also noticed that when Leo isn't with any girls, they comment level is so low! I wonder why? Oh ya because those crazy fans are obsessed

  • C/G
  • @Baby

    True and LOL!

  • True

    Why is it that Mama’s boys are the biggest womanizers.

  • Macy

    I find him incredibly creepy looking and the fact that he hits on 20-year old girls just make him all the more creepier. I’m 22 and I can’t imagine being interested in someone like him despite of who he is and how much money he has.

  • Wizzer

    Y’know its so interesting. They used to say a man who is close to this mother is a treasure. But it seems these guys close to their mothers treat women like crap, cheat on them and are borderline misogynistic . Leo, Justin Timberlake, Shia LeBoeuf even Ryan Gosling – they all seem to adore their mamas. Now I understand why the phrase ‘Mama’s Boy’ is a slur in Italy

  • Sarah

    I noticed how the comments become bitter towards Leo when the “rumors” about him dating some VS juvenile models are obviously false. Amazing.

    Thanks JARED for the new pics of Leo attending the Roland Garros French Open with his gang.

  • trainee

    You pick on mentally normal people and not on stupid hypocrites whose partners cheat on them. What I mean is jealousy.

  • Leo Fan

    Nice clear pictures!
    I think the last time Leo attended the French Open was in June 2006. He was with his mom and Oma.

  • @10

    I see the opposite how comments become vitriolic and angry complete with pic spamming -when dating rumors surface

  • LOL

    Lukas is aging nicely. Wish Tobey could be with them,

  • Tom

    Yea right, these two aren’t lovers, Lukas Haas is wearing the sweater that Leo had on last week in Venice …..Sometimes the obvious is true, when 2 men have had a 20 year friendship both are almost 40 unattached , never married , never had kids and both travel everywhere together, they’re more the bestie friends.

  • Ava

    Guess JJ didn’t notice that Leo’s mom is seating in front of him , does anyone know who the guy with the brown hat seating next to Leo is , he too has been everywhere with Leo on his little European vacation. Know wonder Leo hooked up with Gisele and Blake they kinda have the masculine features of Leo’s mom, well the nose at least…. Leo likes girls that look like his mom, creepy.. But the truth is he probably likes boys alot more then he does the girls.

  • C/G

    I respect Leo for being with his parents (and I’m going to assume taking care of them to some degree). He shows a lot of maturity in being able to be with both step-parents and there’s no appearance of drama.
    Out of all Leo’s friends coming up with him, he’s the most successful (although Tobey, Kevin, Lukas, and Ethan did quite well). It’s telling about a man’s character that he doesn’t forget who his friends are, or try to place himself above doing regular activities, like family vacations.
    Irmelin, from what we can see, looks great. Hard to believe that this lady is 70-ish. To me, she looks like she’s in her 50s.

  • Leo Fan

    The guy sitting next to Leo is Vincent Laresca. One of Leo’s good friends. He has been seen many times traveling and hanging out with Leo.

  • @Tom

    To be fair, Leo might have just borrowed that sweater to hide from the paps, but your point still stands.

  • Sweater Gay

    Speaking of coming “out of the closet”, I have never heard a more ridiculous argument in all my life. A man must be gay because he borrowed a buddy’s sweater to hide from the paparazzi. I must be a major lesbian because I am single and borrowed a dress from a friend this weekend. How shall I break it to my mother?

  • ace11

    No 20 year old women to hang with at the tennis?

  • @21

    … apparently not.

  • Koooi

    They’re back together again?

  • CC

    They’re not gay. Leo doesn’t like to be alone and he trusts Lukas. Lukas isn’t very ambitious so he has time to travel. They’re both a couple of immature poon hounds.

    His parents and step-mother have shown maturity in getting along, but Leo didn’t have a choice. His mom and dad split when he was an infant. Having a step-mother is all he knows. Her son is the only sibling he has.

    Guys don’t have to be a mama’s boys to have good relationships with their mothers. Mama’s boys have a bad rep because they tend to be spoiled and they have a hard time growing up.

  • TheTruthIs

    @CC#24 exactly.

  • TheTruthIs

    @#20: I’m beginning to think that these gay rumors are fueled by people who either hope he plays for their team or just can’t believe that sometimes there really is no conspiracy.

  • lisa runnels


  • pop

    they look like a bunch of bad news.. and why does Lukas wear Leo’s sweater.. weirdos

  • pop

    not a single one can crack a smile.. they must be so miserable.. I’d almost say, poor them, to be sitting there rich and famous..

  • Best Son Of the Year

    If I ever have a son I hope he will treat me just the same way Leo is treating is mum. Best son of the year!

  • frt

    Can’t a guy spend time with his friends nowadays without people thinking he is gay? o.O Crazy.

  • pop

    I don’t think he’s gay, and if he was it would not bother me.. what bothers me is how he treats girls..

  • haha

    @pop how he treats girls? who says he treats his gf’s bad? His biggest crime is dating young beautiful women, BIG DEAL. its not like hes some rich old man, hes also good looking and charming.

    Also he and lukas are not gay. if you were rich, you’d take your best friend with you everywhere to.

  • pop

    exactly; dating, dumping, cheating, dating again.. as if they’re trash..

  • pop

    well he can pig around with his long-legged collectors-items as much as he likes.. so far I haven’t seen any gentlemanly stuff from him at all.. not ANY..

  • lmao..

    @pop: How do you know? Have you ever dated him? How can we know how he is with his girlfriends? Saying he is not a gentlemen or treat his gfs like shit based on the mere fact he dates young models is so BS. He’s not the kind who’s gonna kiss and hug his gf’s when he knows paps are watching so yeah.

  • lmao..


  • pop

    like I said, don’t care.. let him pick to his taste and dump when he’s done with them.. who cares..

  • pop

    and glad you admit you don’t know a thing about him, even though you’re constantly on top of him and his life and family..

  • also

    How he treats his girlfriends? I never forget th

  • also

    * I never forget those photos of him running from the paparazzi with Bar and Leo left Bar behind not caring about her at all. I’m not saying that that incident defines his behavior towards his girlfriends in general though. And just because I brought up her name, please let’s not turn this thread into a Bar-bashing thing. She is his ex, her name will pop up here and there but that’s it.

  • pop

    I would never generalize girl- or boyfriends.. it’s immoral

  • LOL

    Are Lukas’ parents alive, still married?
    NOT looking for smears, NOT implying anything just curious.

  • Sarah

    Actually all his girlfriends have to follow a code and certain rules. Bend the head, run when paps come to close and never say a word about him when asked by reporters.
    At almost 40, no wonder he is still single.

  • also

    It wasn’t about hiding. She was. It was the fact that Leo was running and he left Bar far behind. But I see your point.

  • in my opinion

    i still think that rumour Leo/Toni is weird. i’m sure Leo likes Toni

  • lmao..

    @in my opinion: Could be. But that doesn’t mean they’re an item now or smth imo. You’re sayin that based on the fact his people didn’t deny the rumor? Maybe the fact he likes her is why he didn’t want to ‘humiliate’ her by disassociate himself with her. Maybe he respects her. (Toni is labelled as a VS model everywhere now but she’s also an high fashion model / frequently walks high fashion showsand has with name contracts such as Calvin Klein, Patrick Demarchelier and has several Vogue covers. And she’s only 20. Smth neither Bar or Erin have/had)
    I think it’d be a bit weird if he started dating her. 19 year age difference. No. Just no.

  • @47

    Good points all round. It also find it strange that she’s being labelled as a VS model when in fact she’e more aligned with the high fashion/Vogue crowd. Its probably just lazy journalism to fit the ‘Leo girlfriend’ narrative.

  • yes it could be nothing but

    this tweet from nowfashion (which is a serious website) and the fact that she was at Leos auction gotten me suspicious. and i know Toni is actually busy, she has no time like Leo at Roland Garros
    it’s hard to know

  • @47

    Its just interesting that his people shut down the Cara Delevigne, Julianne Hough and Heather ‘whateva’ rumors with a quickness but not this one. Does not imply anything but its interesting insight into how selective Celeb PR is.
    Also Leo’s new BFF, and fellow man about town Bradley Cooper has stopped dating women his age or older – Zoe S, Renee Z – and is now b*nging a model 18 years younger. Birds of a feather…….