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Miley Cyrus' 'We Can't Stop': JJ Music Monday - Listen Now!

Miley Cyrus' 'We Can't Stop': JJ Music Monday - Listen Now!

Miley Cyrus‘ highly anticipated new song “We Can’t Stop” is this week’s pick for and KIIS-FM 102.7‘s JJ Music Monday.

The 20-year-old singer premiered the track on Monday morning (June 3) on Ryan Seacrest‘s radio show On Air with Ryan Seacrest in Los Angeles.

Miley first announced the song last month at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.

“On my way to @RyanSeacrest @1027KIISFM #wecantstoppremiere can’t believe it’s finally here! Ahhhh,” she tweeted earlier that morning.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley Cyrus’ new song “We Can’t Stop”?

Miley Cyrus – “We Can’t Stop”
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  • Chris

    OMG!!! I love it!!! It is amazing!!!Miley you won one more fan!!!

  • Pola

    I don’t like it. It’s so weird.

  • me

    Song is not bad but Miley’s voice…. um, it’s not good, if not say – ugly, and constantly smoking not help.

  • Kim

    I didn’t expect this. Love it!

  • sillyme

    Nah. She should stick to singing hooks with rappers.

  • Michael

    It’s fine. The way she kept talking about how great this song was I must say I am a little disappointed. Was hoping for a summer anthem. Come and Get It is much more catchy and fun.

  • alaa

    I don’t like it because it’s not really what I’m into when it comes to music, but I’m not going to say bad things about her or whoever likes it.

  • OMG

    try harder destiny

  • Rose

    I hope she just sings the entire time. The big monster voices ruin it. Goddammit.

  • J. Taylor

    Disappointed & I was looking forward to this! :(

  • DJB

    Good Lord! How can people listen to this song? IMO, she has the worst voice in pop music today. And, the few times I’ve seen her live on TV. It’s just as bad.. Ugh…..

  • Annie

    She said it would be all different and bla bla bla. How is this any different from all the pop songs in the radio now?

  • Lily GaGa

    SUCKS…… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • K bye


  • K bye

    NO…next single please.

  • me

    If Rihanna or even Rita Ora singing this song it will become hit, Miley killed her voice.

  • Maddy

    Too much auto-tune. Come on Miley!

  • kikiydu4568

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  • sorella

    Miley has a nasal voice, sounds like she needs to blow her nose!! I think she should go back to TV acting as that is her strength and forget the music career. Hannah Montana singing was liked as it was aimed to 5-10 years olds, but she doesn’t have the chops to take a step further.

  • gie


  • snap crackle pop

    Not bad, not what I was expecting. Kind of like Rihanna, except Miley can actually sing live…

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    Sorr, Miley, I have no time 2 listen 2 it. but mayb tomorrow, I’ll take som time&listen..I have 2 go now!

  • Verity

    Not a fan of Miley’s music but this song is pretty good.

  • Summer


  • kami

    i like it. it has a good beat and good lyrics, and she has a strong voice. i’m sure lots of ppl will say they don’t like it without listening because they don’t like miley.

  • Sayer

    She does not have a career.

  • Gent

    I actually must admit that the song isn’t bad enough, but also I’m a little disappointed. You know I just thought that it would be a huge summer anthem song and namely A GENIUS ONE! But yeah anyways, I bought it on iTunes! CAN’T WAIT TO LISTEN TO THE FORTHCOMING ALBUM, WHICH SHOULD COME OUT IN FALL! Demi’s “Neon Lights” is so much better … not kidding.

  • Macy

    This absolutely sucks. The lyrics are obnoxious and tryhard and the vocals are autotuned to death.

  • Robbie

    I can’t stand Miley Cyrus but I decided to put that aside and have a listen anyway. I think it has a really good beat and is one of those songs that you can’t help but sing along to BUT a lot of the lyrics are plain and dumb and it’s annoying like “okay you party we get it you’re a big girl now woohoo.” and I’ve never liked her voice and it’s not that terrible in this song but I still don’t find it pleasant. It’s okay overall.

  • Natalie_st

    I can see the next Lindsay or Amanda, I mean she probably sung this when she was drunk, or high or whatever, I can’t believe that this crap took her so long, like are you for real? A year to write a song about doing lines in the bathroom ,and shaking your butt like in a strip club? I don’t see the results of her “hard work” in the studio lol , like I said in another post she spend all her time in the studio smoking pot instead of doing something that is worthy. LIAM RUN!!!

  • lila

    yeah this song is definitely not terrible. Especially when compared to the awful, awful, awful song “Come and Get it.” (Selena Gomez is literaly the worst singer ever). THis song is definitely different. I can understand if people don’t like it – it’s definitely a song you’re either going to really like or not. I like it. I think it’s somethign new.

  • TheDudeAbides

    Pretty nice alright. But I still think that her bigger gift lies somewhere between Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan. Especially since there is nobody else out there right now who can pull that off like she can. Plus, a good hit Broadway musical movie combination can pull in the cash money for years and years.

  • AEM

    #1 on iTunes by 600PM EST June 3!! Take that Haters!!

  • Really?

    This sounds like every other forgettable song on the radio. I really don’t get how anyone can say that it sounds new or different.

  • morena

    Great voice!Great song!Simple as that.#1 on Itunes already!Haters are not going to sleep tonight.

  • Lillian


  • yep

    I like the song….good beat.

  • yup

    Does anyone else think she sounds like Bieber? I’m not trying to be mean, but I have to mentally keep reminding myself that it’s Miley, not Biebs.

  • Shelby

    OK, nothing special

  • Haha…

    It’s already No.1 on iTunes, well done Miley!!!

    Lol to the “haters”…

  • cindy

    It’s not a bad song but it’s not a great song either. I was expecting something amazing since she has been hyping her album and new sound for months. This is a bit of a let down. Her stans will love it but I don’t think anyone outside of her fandom is feeling this song. It sounds too much like a bad impression of Rihanna.

  • Warren

    Pretty good song from beautiful Miley. Nice summer song should be a hit. Of course I’m buying it or the whole album for sure. The video should be fun.

  • ashley6

    the song and Miley’s voice just doesn’t match…not her best. Was expecting a more “Cant be tamed” album kinda vibe :/

  • yggy

    This song is great….for a 9-year old. It sounds like Hannah Montana trying to be a badass. I want to like Miley. but her crappy music makes it very hard.


    Good Song !!!   I like it 

  • Robert

    The song is amazing! Haters are gonna hate as always but we don’t even care since charts SHUTS THEIR MOUTHS for bringing this song number one! Miley is back for sure!!!

  • Rachel

    I actually really liked her album “Can’t be tamed” because it had a lot of pop/rock elements to it… with real instruments like guitars and pianos. This shit is just autotuned and the lyrics are SO bad. The quality of the song sounds dated too. I really really wanted to like it because I usually like her songs but I just think this is a flat out disappointment :( I dont get how anyone thinks this is good music. Its terrible

  • Mel

    ahahaha Miley’s fans are hilarious. God forbid some of us actually have different tastes than theirs. You don’t like it? You’re a hater. And you’re wrong because the charts say so. Ok then.

  • Probably

    Where is Miley in this song? She’s near unrecognizable with the high level of autotune used throughout this disappointing “song”. The beat doesn’t live up to it’s title, much slower than anticipated. Not a catchy summer tune by any stretch.

  • Brad Luvr

    Great music. She is the Best! She uses Romantic Toys from AthenaToysDotcom