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Jennifer Aniston & Kate Bosworth: Lake Bell's Wedding Guests!

Jennifer Aniston & Kate Bosworth: Lake Bell's Wedding Guests!

Jennifer Aniston and Kate Bosworth attend the star-studded nuptials of Lake Bell and Scott Campbell held at The Marigny Opera House on Saturday (June 1) in New Orleans, La.

The 44-year-old actress and Kate, 30, were joined at the wedding by Jen‘s fiance and usher at the wedding Justin Theroux, Kate‘s fiance Michael Polish, bridal party member Cameron Diaz, Lake and Scott in their full wedding attire, and many more including Josh Hartnett, Lance Armstrong, Marc Jacobs, and others.

The wedding reportedly had around 190 guests.

Congrats again to Lake and Scott!

Also pictured inside: Cameron on the set of her movie The Other Woman in NYC on Monday (June 3).

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston, Kate Bosworth, and more at the wedding…

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jennifer aniston kate bosworth lake bells wedding guests 01
jennifer aniston kate bosworth lake bells wedding guests 02
jennifer aniston kate bosworth lake bells wedding guests 03
jennifer aniston kate bosworth lake bells wedding guests 04
jennifer aniston kate bosworth lake bells wedding guests 05
jennifer aniston kate bosworth lake bells wedding guests 06
jennifer aniston kate bosworth lake bells wedding guests 07
jennifer aniston kate bosworth lake bells wedding guests 08
jennifer aniston kate bosworth lake bells wedding guests 09
jennifer aniston kate bosworth lake bells wedding guests 10

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  • Daphne

    Jennifer looks silly in that short dress. Cameron and Kate looked dress appropriate and it works.

  • Jen Is Beautiful


  • Aniston has fake chompers

    Once again Jennifer appears to be desperately trying to hold her dentures in place.

  • Aniston has fake chompers

    Cammy is beautiful as usual.

  • missy

    Why everybody wears below-the-knee-length dresses but Aniston? Desperate much! Dress your age and act your age already …. I saw her wore the same dress before.

  • http://Justjarde Marilyn

    Jen looks stunning

  • http://Justjarde Marilyn

    She support all her friends , Jen rock

  • whatever

    how can Jen looks so hot at that age? dayumm

  • http://Justjarde Marilyn

    Jen has best legs in Hollywood

  • http://Justjarde Marilyn

    Cute dress

  • Ha!

    Jennifer Aniston SUCKS!!!

  • Ring, Ring

    Aniston: Hello
    10 year old little girl on the other line: Umm, yes I was calling to see if I can get my dress back you crazy over the hill B!t@h!

  • Ha!


    Yes, for a little girl!

    Everyone else is appropriately dressed for wedding except this raging FAME HO!

  • Sheila

    Man aging is hard, especially more in the public eye I would think. I would take my gazillions and step away LOL!!!

    Poor Jennifer should have gone for a longer dress like Cameron and Kate, not the length a 16 year old would wear!! I’m cringing for her (she probably felt cringy herself). And Cameron’s face has seen better days, but she’s not aging well, poor thing (too much sun?). I can’t imagine her face at 50 when it looks like it’s melting and she’s only 40!! These gals are having hard time with it as cutesy is hard to maintain at their Mom ages.

  • So Sad

    Aniston is grasping for straws with that dress. She looks so stupid amongst all the real adults.

    Even her paid fiance is properly dress, even though he is flooding and the pants are too tight.

  • Wow!

    Who brings their bodyguard to a wedding??? Nobody wants Aniston prudish a$$! She think she is so special, it’s not like she has kids to protect and almost no one recognizes her on the street because she is just a plain jane. Hell Halle Berry is more popular than this HO and have a kid to protect and she don’t use a bodyguyard.

    Sounds like someone loves the attention and wants folks to notice her so she has a bodyguard accompany her everywhere for no real legitimate reason.

  • Roxanne

    @Ring, Ring: AHAHAHAHAHA!!! That is too funny. I was thinking the same thing when I saw that dress. Plus she has ugly toes. Cammy D is really not aging well.

  • jilly

    Jen has lots of friends who adore her and want her to be near them, unlike the other lonely Ho AJ!

  • Roxanne

    @jilly: Why must you bring Angelina into this. FYI Angelina has quality friends, Jen has drunken friends who idea of fun is boozing, whoring, drugging and popping pills (hello Chelsea Handler).

  • jilly

    @Roxanne: Just like you bring her up everytime anything happens with JP. Quality friends, like who? The nannies maybe…

  • jilly

    The whoring and drugging goes better with your idol, btw.

  • Joy B Angie

    Angelina’s friends are:
    breast implants.
    End of story.

  • Joy B Angie

    Jennifer’s legs are the best
    on this party,
    so the dress is very OK.

  • jilly

    When you got it, have to show it. She has beautiful legs and NATURAL breasts and looks gorgeous in that dress.

  • Joy B Angie

    I think black leggins
    is the BEST dress for wedding ceremony.
    Why not to add a surfing equipment ?
    And a diving mask?

  • tina

    aniston’s legs are actual very short that is why she wears too short dresses and skirts to make them appear long. that dress is something Kendall Jenner should wear.

  • knew it

    expected news from this ho and her boy toy this week typical

  • Joy B Angie

    There is no
    the Sexiest Women of All Times
    with VERY short legs.
    It’s impossible.

  • Brad Luvr

    Wow, she is looking so PRETTY and Cute. She is an AMAZING WOMAN and She uses Romantic Toys for Couples from AthenaToysDotcom

  • jilly

    @tina: Jealous much? She is 5’6″, so she can’t be that short. How tall are you?

  • Ghost

    The Hobag of hollywood and Zippy the wonder chimp. People just can’t help but laugh at these to immoral rejects. D-listers is being kind. Neither one of them have headlined a movie but instead rode the coattails of the other actors. Jen has never been more than a t.v. girl and never will. It looks like Zippy is going to go the same route as Hobag and try his hand at t.v. too. It would make a funny title , Zippy the wonder chimp does HBO. The only flaw in the wedding that i can see is they invited the t.v. twits obviously not realizing they would try to steal their thunder . …………Love the Ghost.

  • Nope


    She is below 5″4 at best. Sorry to burst your imaginary bubble.

  • jilly

    Anyone prefers an Amazon woman, don’t think so! Jen has beautiful toned legs and the rest of the body. She doesn’t need to hide anything, all natural! Sorry that I can’t say the same for your idol :)

  • lol

    aniston is below five ft five. and she is far from natural. im sure you believe she is a natural blonde! anway…she is a joke regardless of her looks which is superficial. mainly she is mediocre vain and shallow.

  • Joy B Angie

    Look at her in bikini.
    Who care – 5″4 or 5″6 ?

  • Bride and groom a mess

    Good god the bride and groom look a mess? Who made that tat of a wedding dress, and he needs a good wash.

    In all congratulations

  • Minmamamia

    The wedding dress is AMAZING!

  • jilly

    Any blind person can see that she has natural body parts. She might have done a tiny bit of work with the nose but other than that, all natural baby!

  • sandra

    @jilly: dont be so arrogant, life is full of surprise good and bad, words are powerful boomerang

  • Joy B Angie

    Jolie is 38 and looks older.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan



    Sorry, this Lake bell, whoever she is, is friends with Ted bundeoux, not Maniston – all Maniston’s friends are old fug bittches on her payroll.
    Cameron Diaz looks stunning…wow…no wonder Paul Sculfor left 48 yr old Maniston to be with her. How embarrassing for chin Traniston to have to face her in front of her bald short no name middleaged companion Ted bundeoux.

  • TheDudeAbides

    Another ten virgins wedding thing…

  • Evangeline

    Jennifer looks so fresh and cool in that summer dress. Not every woman can carry it off, but with her gorgeous and healthy figure Jen certainly can. It’s nice to see how she supports her group of close friends.

  • susan12

    Angelina has no friends, and look at angie face ,she is aging badly, Jen rocks

  • Regina

    My girl is the best, hair, arms, breasts, butt and … legs!! anyone legs more beautiful than Aniston!! Theroux is indeed a lucky man!!

  • Joy B Angie

    this is JA thread.
    I guess it’s time to congratulate Jolie
    as she became OLDER.
    Jolie is 38 and looks on 48.
    At the age of 40 she will look like Meryl Streep…
    See you on Jolie’s thread.
    My previous nick is JL –
    ‘Enegizer Bunny’ :)

  • sandra

    @Joy B Angie: where is your picture ? let us be the judges. My money is on angelina

  • teddy

    she wore the same dress on July 7 2011 for the hand and foot in cement ceremony at Graumans Chinese Theater. google it hahaha. It is still ugly

  • Ginger

    A friend of mine worked the wedding, she’s a chef. She said Jen came up to her and told her how good the food was. She said she was friendly, polite and very normal. She said it was an average wedding, guests danced and had fun.