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Taylor Swift - Fragrance Foundation Awards 2013 Red Carpet

Taylor Swift - Fragrance Foundation Awards 2013 Red Carpet

Taylor Swift is sheer elegance while attending the 2013 Fragrance Foundation Awards held at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall on Wednesday (June 12) in New York City.

“I heard @caitlinbird running through the house screaming. At first I thought she was being murdered. Turned out she saw a rainbow outside,” the 23-year-old entertainer tweeted the day before.

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Over the weekend, Taylor looked chic while attending the 2013 Capital Summertime Ball in London.

FYI: Taylor is wearing an Emilio Pucci gown, Rene Caovilla shoes, and Lorraine Schwartz jewels.

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Credit: Amanda Schwab, Dimitrios Kambouris; Photos: Starpix/JustJared, Getty
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  • sam

    Cake face – as always.
    And why doesn’t she ever smile?

  • Sarah

    My mind is blown that this is somehow an Emilio Pucci gown. How is it not printed?!

  • Ashley

    She looks so fake. She’s everywhere, again too. She needs to go.

  • Dianna

    smile does wonders girl.
    +yick. way too skinny. gross.

  • Caitlinnn

    She’s looking way too skinny

  • @Sarah: Custom design probably. It’s really pretty, but she shouldn’t wear backless dresses, especially halters because it makes her hunchback look worse.

  • ace11

    She get back together with Jake

  • kat

    She is so gorgeous. Her gown is so beautiful and love her make up. She is always dressed so impeccably. Happy theres atleast one celeb out there that’s classy.

  • dnbldgihbrofnk

    @Ashley: She IS fake.

    Her niceness is forced. I pity anybody who thinks she’s “down to earth.” She’s so arrogant its ridiculous.

  • NYC

    @dnbldgihbrofnk: I totally disagree. What a force of nature and so talented, beautiful and a class act. I always enjoy every minute of her.
    An amazing woman and so young. Breathtaking.

  • Cara

    Geeze don’t know why people have such a vendetta against strangers. Its like Taylor slapped their mom or kicked their puppy. Chill out. No ones a saint, everyone tries to be the best person that they can be. No need to hate on hat.
    Of course she isn’t a perfect human being (who is?) but at least we can see she is constantly trying to be a good person, I think that should get more credit than people who are plain out mean and nasty and don’t care to do anything about it.
    Taylor is almost 6 feet tall, that’s her body, always has been.

    If you dislike her so much whats the point of looking at her pictures and spending another 5 minutes writing about her. Put your negative energy to use elsewhere, maybe on people that you actually care for.

  • Me

    She’s worn a long white dress with the center cut out to at least 4 different things this year

  • Ava

    @Ashely … Why don’t you take a hike, who are you to tell anyone to go away.. stupid nobody, you don’t like Swift don’t click on her articles, to get the lastest news about her…A bunch of jealous haters posting , she is gorgeous, talented and her skin is so perfect , it looks fake ….. Also…..
    she is NOT skinny,. She is slim. Slim trumps skinny any day!

  • kat


  • liz

    pretty! she looks way better with bangs than without. the only thing is, she should trim them every once in a while.

  • V

    @NYC: Emma Watson is a class act. This girl makes millions by trashing other people… Hardly classy.

  • liz

    @V: emma watson is a very average actress… so overrated. also, she also has a huge ego, which seems to be a common thing with English actresses who come to Hollywood and make it.

  • liz

    woops. didn’t mean to write “also” twice lol.

  • I Am A Swiftie

    hate Taylor ? then why you read the articles ?
    even when you said that , she won’t read . useless .

  • Cara

    @V: Trash people? She sings about her life, and obviously she doesn’t live in this world alone. She sings about different emotions and nothing makes you feel more than another person. Whether you feel happy with them, let down, or angry. Her songs are so much more than talking about other people. If people actually bothered to listen to the whole song they would hear the message behind her songs.

  • anon

    Her stylist deserves more fame than she because you know this is not Taylor’s own personal taste. You watch..Miley will be going the glam route soon also.

  • Kat

    @Me: She knows what works for her and she rocks it.

  • Kat

    @liz: She just had it trimmed

  • Bebe

    She so pretty , she looks almost like a wax figure, that’s how perfect she looks… Her lips are gorgeous and so is her skin.. Such a pretty and talented girl, that happens to be tall and slender too , some people are just born with all the breaks from their genes .

  • Delilah

    Taylor Swift’s music and her attitude is garbage. That’s my opinion. This is a free country, and I can say that here. When a blog posts news about a celebrity we can post our opinion. We have that right. I can’t stand her. I think she is a big talentless phony who was shoved down out throat with 24 hr 7days a week marketing and the sheeple who have no taste go along with it.. Well the Taylorbots need to know that not everyone is brainwashed to think Taylor is a goddess. She is not a nice person, she has no class, and I am tired of having her in my face 24/7/365.

  • whatever

    It’s easy to judge someone you have never met but considering everyone who meets Taylor say’s she is a genuinely nice and humble person when they don’t have to, I think I will believe that rather than someone’s biased opinion based on their own dislike and jealousy.

  • AH

    @Ashley: Your hateful comment is not needed. You need to go.

  • Nikki

    Fakest girl in Hollywood. Fake look, fake personality, fake relationships, fake songwriter, auto-tuned always. She’s so mediocre and gross yet millions of girls worship her. It’s SAD.

  • Zander

    @whatever: Your comment made me laugh. I know quite a few people who have met Taylor and have worked with her. They say her personality behind the scenes is so blah, as in she’s not very personable. She’s also said to be bossy and demanding. Spoiled rich girl issues.

  • V

    @liz: I will agree Emma’s acting is mediocre, but if you haven’t noticed, so is Taylor’s singing. Taylor is the one with an ego. Emma lives in NYC, and attending college and working. I doubt she ever has time to even think about having an ego. Taylor is a brat.

    @Cara: All she does is complain and whine about irrelevant shit. It’s one thing to write music and incorporate your feelings, but it’s another thing to do countless interviews about people she dislikes and talk bad about them – which she does. THAT’S trashy and immature. Unfortunately, that’s what keeps people interested. It’s all about gossip – something she does well.

  • Kat

    @Delilah: The funny thing is that you act as if you actually know her. When in reality you haven’t even met the girl to talk to her to make statements about her.

    She has been regarded as the most well mannered and respectful and very nice by everyone that has actually met her in person including other celebrities, interviewers, and fans.

    And if you’re tired of having her in your face whats the point of clicking on a post about her and let her life waste more of your time?

    Its your right to say what you want, even though its mean spirited and unnecessary.

  • Kat

    @V: The only interview where she talks negatively of someone was when she was 18 and Joe cheated on her. And being an 18 year old girl talking about your ex isn’t really a big deal. She is 23 now and in no interviews has she talked about her relationship or “trashed” anyone.

  • T

    @Nikki: Wow, you must not be paying attention to the rest of hollywood. Taylor actually writes her whole album and is involved in every process of her career. I don’t know how much more real it can get. Her main instrument is a guitar which she sings acoustically on every night at her shows.
    She dated two guys since 2011, so if she was really doing the fake boyfriends I think she’d be dating someone by now.
    If you’re going to hate on her than actually have valid reasons.

  • sheeleea


    Umm, just because she’s living her life and not your boring life Ashley doesn’t mean she’s everywhere. This was a NON TELEVISED event if you didn’t want to see her here you didn’t need to search for or look at the pictures. You don’t expect her to stop living do you? I don’t get how going to an event is being EVERYWHERE. You’re just jealous, aren’t you?

  • sheeleea


    How is writing a song trashing other people? If you don’t like it don’t buy it! End of story.

  • sheeleea


    Cara it is called being JEALOUS. They see pictures of this young EXTREMELY successful single lady and are simply jealous they they are probably poor, fat and have chubby husbands. So they hate on Taylor to try to make themselves feel better. haha won’t work. She looks better and better each time.


    @Delilah: And what are YOU?? Nothing but garbage your contribution to the world is a Mcdonalds bitch!!! that is what you are?? You couldnt shine her frikin shoes wench!! so show some respect or get the He__ off this post as she will be more successful than you would be in 20 lifetimes!!


    @Nikki: No whats actually sad is you dont know no anything at all!! You dont have a clue what you are talking about period!! Number one she just played LIVE!!LIVE!!!I IDIOT at both the Britians Got Talent and the Summertime Ball!! and she was incredible in both instances and I guarentee both of those were LIVE!!! Oh not to mention the CMT’S Which again was LIVE!! What is your contribution NOTHING AT ALL!!! Your only claim to fame will be collecting Garbage off the street!!! you are probably a fat,ugly skank!!! so show some respect to someone who will accomplish more in one lifetime than you would in 20!!


    @Ashley: No you njeed to take a long walk over a short peer and disappear you wont be missed I promise!!


    @V: This girl make millions the old fashion way SHE EARNS THEM!! WHAT DO YOU DO? Besides show you are nothing but a tastless hack who cant do anything better than post hateful comments on a Taylor Swift site!! You are a disgrace to society!! Go out and play on a freeway somewhere!!

  • http://Comcast Joni

    People calling her Hollywood is ridicules, her family moved to Nashville to further her career. Taylor isn’t a movie star she is a singer, songwriter. Why is it when someone beautiful, kind and talented like Taylor Swift and Nicole Kidman (for example), all of these hateful sick remarks start flowing in. It can only be jealousy because they envy their lives.

  • stan

    So beautiful, classy and talented. Love her. :)

  • Delilah

    Garbage. She’s fake. And she is tiresome. I can spot a fake when I see one. If you love Taylor, fine, you don’t need to get all ugly and defensive and attack people who don’t. You just have to understand that we don’t all love Taylor and a lot of people see her differently than you do. I’m a grown up with a damned good life, and we don’t do MacDonald’s, hon. It’s not good for you! LOL!

  • Wow


  • Jim Cochran

    Taylor has wonderful taste in her attire. Doesn’t get outlandish, doesn’t go slutty, dresses with a little flair without showing the goodies. Like her or not, the girls got style.

  • A.M.L

    I just don’t see why Taylor would be considered “garbage” or “fake”…. She has very good behavior compared to other celebrities like Lindsey Lohan for example. She doesn’t do drugs, she doesn’t party all the time, she doesn’t get arrested, she doesn’t wear trashy or revealing clothes.I find her to be a very good role model compared to other celebrities. I think the main thing is that she she actually writes her own music and became successful off of hard work. I think the main reason why people don’t like her is because she tends to have a lot of boyfriends….but come on guys… She’s only 23, you can’t expect her to be completely matured and you can’t expect her to be perfect. Just wait a while…. I bet in a couple of years she’ll settle down a bit ….

  • cathy

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