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Justin Theroux Films Scenes with a Dog for 'The Leftovers'

Justin Theroux Films Scenes with a Dog for 'The Leftovers'

Justin Theroux films scenes with a dog for the first day on the set of The Leftovers on Wednesday (June 26) in Douglaston, New York.

The 41-year-old actor was later seen carrying a fake dead dog prop for the scene. The pics inside look a little graphic – click at your own risk!

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The Leftovers revolves around the Rapture and follows a group of people who are left behind in the suburban community of Mapleton. They must begin to rebuild their lives after the sudden and mysterious disappearance of more than 100 people.

25+ pictures inside of Justin Theroux working with a dog on the set of The Leftovers

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justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 01
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 02
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 03
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 04
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 05
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 06
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 07
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 08
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 09
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 10
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 11
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 12
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 13
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 14
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 15
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 16
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 17
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 18
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 19
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 20
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 21
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 22
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 23
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 24
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 25
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 26
justin theroux begins filming hbo pilot leftovers 27

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • TommyBahama

    The rapture prophecy is a descriptive metaphor for the sudden departure of the faithful, who exit Babylon in the blink of an eye. Think Miley Cyrus meets Katy Perry.

  • lol

    Omg THANKS JARED, he looks beautiful!

  • passing the time

    What a sexy and talented man. GOO JENNIFER. hes all yours. lucky lucky.

  • pito

    so sweet! Justin looks so hot!


    @passing the time:

    LOL Noooo b!tch, he’s not ‘all hers’ because news is out that the marriage plans are off. Thats is you were stupid enough to believe they were ‘on’ in the first place. LMFAO

  • Again???

    Geez, you guys are really pushing hard to make him a somebody other than Aniston’s nobody.

  • Barren Old Cow

    You know when someone is so DESPERATE for a man that they will pay & pay & pay to keep him while other men have their man cave in the house old jen built her gigolo a house cave and furnished it out right anything to hold on to him… DESPERATE MUCH????

  • handsome


  • June

    They are living separate lives at the moment.

    And remember when you Jen lunatics thought John Mayer was sooooooooooooo hot and perfect for Jen? How you wanted her to have his baby??? hahahahahah

  • Jgfg


    Well done Jen??? What exactly did she do? Justin saw $$$$ looking at Jen. Her PR team helped her snag Mr. Nobody.

    Hopefully he finds true love on set while Jen lives in LA.

    Why has she not joined him? She is not doing anything in LA. UhOh

  • Marc

    @June: Lol.

  • Randi

    Well, he is like Natalie Portman loser husband. If niether of these guys bagged succesful, A List actresses, we would not be seeing them on celeb sites. Justin Theroux also dumped his girlfrind of many years like Portman’s loser husband did when they met.
    Look at how much PR and attention Natalie Portmans No-Name husband got. He even got a himself a YSL contract thru Natalie. Talk about climbing up the ladder.
    Justin Theroux is atleast employed in Hollywood whereas Natalies f–king no-name loser isn’t. Justin is an actor/script writer. But yeah, if not for Jennifer Anisiton, most here would not know of him.

  • passing the time

    Some of you all must live for unpleasant lives if you can not stand Jennifer has found love and happiness in her life. Jennifer is a kind soul and does not deserve the criticism she is getting for finding a beautiful man like Justin. Nothing, NOTHING HAS BEEN CALLED OFF. So while Jennifer plans a future with Justin, you all need to step away and smell the fresh air. Find LOVE in your lives. Jennifer has hers. Don’t criticize her for it. Accept it.

  • OhCanada

    Justin is working and earning millions whilst you loser speculate on his love life. Go play in traffic. Rush hour traffic preferably

  • Kare

    @passing the time:

    What future??? People mag has them delaying their wedding!!! They live in separate stated most of the time! They could have easily married after she filmed her last bomb, just like her PR team told People would happen! Remember how it was to happen in April?

    A kind soul? She is BFF with Handler who calls women c*nts and makes racist jokes about children.

  • Via


    Millions?!!?!?!?!?!? He is not making millions for this TV gig.

    About time he got a job after not working for a few years.

    Don’t forget, Wanderlust only made 6 million opening weekend, no one cares enough about their pr sponsored relationship to watch them in a film.

  • YIB

    @OhCanada: He is making a Pilot for HBO, it is not a Series yet, and they could replace him.
    HBO paying big bucks to an “actor” that has not work in three years, he is no Tony Soprano.
    He refused to sign the prenup, not enough $s, good for him, putting up with that Nag he should get millions.
    When she was running after him, she loved NYC, then she caught him, and it was the paps are bothering her, what a joke.
    She is not important for NYers to look at. She did the same with Brad, oh I love kids, then she got the ring and she was like I’ve only a short time to make movies, so I signed up for five, Brad said Adios, then we had her playing the victim role for eight years, until people got tired of her s hit.

  • passing the time

    Jennifer has many friends. Its a testament to how sweet she is. You all ready too many tabloids. A WEDDING IS HAPPENING whether you like it or not. Justin is a fantastic man and I am happy they found each other. Bitterness is not healthy.

  • Bree333

    @passing the time:

    Many of her friends are on her payroll!

    Many not so sweet people have friends you know. She did not even go to Courtney’s B-Day!! They are not friends like they used to be.

    I would not hold my breath waiting for a wedding, he was with the beautiful Heidi for 14+years w/o marriage.

    And what kind of marriage will it be when he leaves her for NYC whenever he can?

  • Kelly

    WOT is Jen wants to cancel the marriage, found a new stud.

  • YIB

    @Kelly: A stud that you put in a wall to hold a nail.
    She will be back to getting dump by many men again, this is the longest relationship that she had since getting kick to the curb by Brad.
    I’ll tell why this relationship last up until now, the other guys had jobs and money, justin had no job no money and he was bought.
    He just can’t take the suffocating, whiney and bitter hag any more, you know it is bad when a Gigolo runs to another State to work..

  • passing the time

    Some of you all go to great lengths to make up lies. Jennifer does not need to pay anyone for love and happiness. Jennifer has a great life, found her happiness. You all should do the same instead of wishing bad things to happen and making up your own tabloid lies about her. Not healthy. A little creepy.

  • passing the time

    Jennifer has a WEDDING TO PLAN. I doubt any of you bitter people know about weddings, but it TAKES A LOT OF TIME to plan a wedding. While Justin is working in NY, Jennifer is planning their future. BEAUTIFUL COUPLE. WISH THEM LOTS OF LOVE. Justin came into her life at the right moment. Everything happens for a reason. Love is a beautiful thing.


    There is only one man is this world who Jen wants.

  • WHAT???

    I give it 1-2 months the breakup wi be announced. The headlines are coming fast so it could be sooner than later. His contract with Aniston is up and he isn’t renewing it.

  • It’s kind of embarrassing…

    It’s kind of embarrassing for him to always be thought of as someone riding on his partner’s fame and fortune. He just doesn’t seem like he would be with her otherwise. He has a whole different lifestyle and seems to have different taste/interests too. But, who knows… opposites attract sometimes, but usually not for long. I hope they defy the odds though.

  • chinchinnosenose

    with bangs LOL!

  • freida

    Jen is getting old and leathery – fact. She can’t find a nice guy to love her so she is willing to pay a guy to be with her – fact. She’s not over Pitt – or at least not over the shame of being dumped for a much more intelligent, beautiful and talented woman who loves children – fact. Her and Justin are on the rocks, and it’s just a matter of time before they announce a split and he’s back with beautiful Heidi. Fact.

  • Oop

    @It’s kind of embarrassing…: well when the show becomes a hit he won’t have to say that. Btw Jennifer is c-blist no higher

  • Trisha

    Damn, He’s so fine.

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    So sweet ! Go Jen

  • passing the time

    Jennifer Aniston takes care of herself and does not look old. You wish she did to up your self esteem. You do not need to belittle someone to make yourself feel better. Take control of your own life. Work out. Stay fit. BE HAPPY. She is in fantastic shape, healthy. She has her own life. Its you guys that always have to bring up her past which is not even in her rear view mirror anymore. Its ridiculous how you just cant stand her being happy and in love and MARRYING A STUD MUFFIN. Always have to bring up the past like if she is supposed to care and be depressed. Break ups happen. Its part of life, its part of dating. Moving on is also is part of life. Jennifer is happy right now and Justin is a big reason for it. BEAUTIFUL COUPLE.


    Nice job of covering the bald head of the unknown nobody middleaged gigolo shrimp. I wish him luck though – it’s a given that as soon as he gets something going career wise finally at the age of 40-something, he’s dumping traniston. No way will neurotic Rachel Green put up with him boning some hottie young actress on an HBO know that’s all they do on HBO…bone. bahaha

  • Excited for The Counselor

    I used to like Justin way back when. Even when he was in the Charlie’s Angels movie;-)
    But now he’s with Jennifer Aniston, it just takes away from his hotness/coolness.
    I used to like John Mayer’s music too but now can’t stand him (that’s due to the Aniston effect + his big mouth).

  • Front lace wig & bang

    Looks like his front lace bang is GLUE to his forehead.. bet it won’t move no matter .. Jared must be on a big payroll .. Out of 200 photos Huvsy give JJ the OK to put only the best one after being edited and airbrushed. LOL… he better send BP a thank you note, or he would be Justin who?

  • 2l8

    @ passing the time – of course Jennifer Aniston takes care of herself; she has nobody else to take care of. She has no husband, no children and no family members to deal with so all she thinks about is herself. If each of us had the time she devotes to herself and her hair we’d all look like a million bucks!!

  • JustinWantsAFrontLaceWig

    Hard pressed to find an actor Short enough to stand beside Mcstumpy they use a Dog that will prob. upstage him.
    @ Front lace wig and bang
    ITA they glued the wig down hahahaha

  • Suri the meal ticket

    What happened to his hair? The make up artist was amazing. I thought he’s balding, nothing wrong about it though. Bruce Willis and Jason Statham are both sizzling hot, just to name 2.

  • It’s kind of embarrassing…

    @Oop: I know she’s not that talented, but I’m just saying that she has the fame/fortune factor.

  • JustJen

    It’s reported (on tv & mags) Jen’s money and love isn’t enough to keep any man. She wants to control every move and thoughts the man has. She must be a very unhappy person and sick in so many levels. Hmmmm, that explains.

  • passing the time

    People who are unhappy either hate their own lives or want the lives of those they hate. I hope you all find happiness and peace in your lives. Jennifer and Justin are happy, you can be too.

  • passing the time

    Do not be so ridiculous people. You know how these tabloids work. Making up stories to sell. I am sure you have read unflattering stories about your favorite actor or actress and just laugh it off at the ridiculousness. Its not different with Jennifer and Justin. Just laugh it off, A WEDDING WILL HAPPEN IN DECEMBER 2013. MARK IT, BOOK IT. SMILE.


    JustJen at 3:33, no.44; Jen’s biggest problem in life is that she has become accustomed to having only the best.

  • Olive

    Jen and Justin will look so gorgeous on their wedding day. Both are fit and healthy and take such good care of themselves. Great couple

  • Front lace wig & bang

    @passing the time:
    # 32 She take good care of herself alright, by befriended and used Chelsea Handjob to do the BARKING tfor her.. LOL… exactly… the only way to make herself feels better LOL… The JPs is not in her rear widow anymore?? Where have you been??

  • Front lace wig & bang

    LOL… I must say he looks better when he didn’t share GEORGE HAMILTON 24/7 permanent tan bed with his sugar mamma LOL.

  • Front lace wig & bang

    @Olive: #44
    Totally agree… These two poseur BELONGS TOGETHER .. Perfect match made in HW… . They both live only for their looks their body their images.. You can see they are both trying so hard like nothing else in this world matter except for their ‘LOOKS’ … That’s what happened to people when you are originally UGLY outside all the way to the inside… then have all the money to try so hard … there is nothing else in this world that matter except THEM-SELF!!!!!!!
    Good luck to them… is their life’s.. Is their money… thanks God BP dumped that selfish BE@TCH.