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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard: Cipriani Dinner Date!

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard: Cipriani Dinner Date!

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard stay close while heading out for a romantic dinner date at Cipriani Restaurant on Sunday (July 21) in London, England.

Earlier in the day, the 50-year-old actor promoted his latest film The Lone Ranger at the premiere, alongside his co-star Armie Hammer.

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It was recently announced that Johnny is in talks to star in the upcoming film Mortdecai, an adaptation of Kyril Bonfiglioli’s 1970s novel. Johnny would take on the role of debonair art dealer and part-time rogue Charles Mortdecai.

FYI: Amber is wearing the Tory Burch Cecilia pump.

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  • anne

    gorgeous couple. wish the the best.

  • Lucky amber

    can she gets luckier? she is with the sexiest and most beautiful man alive!

  • alex

    they are so cute together! love them 3>

  • sandra

    lovely lovely lovely couple. johnny is looking so handsome!

  • JDF

    i love how johnny is holding her hands and protecting! he’s always protecting of his people – a real man.

  • Clara

    Haters gonna hate and all, but this is a gorgeous couple!

  • Clara

    @Clara: Sorry, I forgot!
    Even with the enormous-big-terrible jet-lag they could be feeling (they traveled the world in less than a week) STILL they are stunning! :D

  • Taylor

    She’s stunning

  • Ahhhh

    imagine sleeping and having sex with johnny.. she must feels like the luckiest woman in the world!

  • nn

    tr*ll-lol-lol-your boat gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merr-lone ranger still failed.
    Instead of sitting here typing you should take your furry behinds to the cinema and support your golden “boy”. He needs it.
    And Amber is just an Mk’d beta slave and johnny boy is not in control.

  • JDF

    @nn: don’t know what the f*ck you are talking about but speaking of the lone ranger.. the movie has made $147 so far depsite all the terrible reviews and very bad media buzz and it hasn’t even opened in many international markets so it didn’t fail and its not as big bomb as you trolls are making it out to be.

  • Cece

    wow – they are quite the fetching couple.

    as for the ones worried about his career, get a life. he’s had a huge career and the movie will make money in the end. it’s not a huge hit, but he’s had plenty of those. and the movie did not fail because of bad acting – they were both great but the movie could not decide if it was a comedy or drama.

  • Paty

    she is pregnant ?

  • Love The Shoes

    He is one of the nicest, sincere, down to earth and most real people on this earth you’d ever want to meet and I judge his lady by that. He wouldn’t be with her if she wasn’t worthy of his children’s presence or his time. Johnny is not a gamer. They may last and they may not, but for the foreseeable future, they are together and as a JD fan, I’m happy for him.

  • Yousef

    @Cece: yea the movie won’t effect his career ofcourse. he has lots of flops in the 90s and he kept going and since he’s too huge now it really won’t effect his career and flops don’t do anything to actors careers just look at nicole kidman for example, all of her movies were flops in the last 9 years but she is still considered A-lister and still getting leading roles.

  • Fake

    She’s a homewrecker and a gold digger. I’m disappointed in Johnny for flaunting this “romance”.

  • Paty

    she looks sad ,always ¿she is so or nervious ?

  • YSF

    @Paty: she is not fake to put on a show for the paps media she is so real just like johnny.

  • YSF

    @Fake: how can you judge someone you don’t know? you don’t know what happend to talk like this! what did she wreck anything she don’t has anything to do with his breakup with vanessa and he’s entitled to date whoever he wants after the breakup he has moved on and so should you.

  • LISA

    I will never understand how people can be so hateful towards either of them. You don’t know their lives, so why do you assume so much? Johnny and Vanessa have moved on with different people, you should move on too.

  • thats my boy

    johnny boy is finally banging a pu$$y that is worth of his precious peins now go bang that pu$$y johnny bang it bang it bang it.


    @thats my boy:


  • OKaaay

    Oh I expect we’ll soon get news Amber and Johnny Depp are expecting a child..That is always the next step when the new gf takes over after he’s moved from the ex.

  • Paty

    @OKaaay: yes its very possible

  • brenda

    Both looks very nice and I don’t see the diference age here..I mean it,but I DON’T LIKE HER..AND @24..PLEASE NOOOOO!!!!

  • yeahyeahyeah

    @brenda: Get it in your fvcking head that a lot of (former) fans are disappointed in him and his (late) mid life crisis. Amber is only a few years older than a lot of his fans and it creeps them out. It creeps me out.
    We’ve lost respect for him.

  • Barbara

    Now johnny is showing his real face…he is not like the image that him sold us

  • JDF

    I hate johnny .He was dissapointed.I was his fan but never more i’ll watch his movies or folow to him ohh i cry

  • JDF

    @cute: yea thats true but if you noticed JDF = Johnny Depp Fan so i just changed the username i use. and why do you care you stupid hater? well you are ugly but johnny is the most beautiful man on the planet and its a fact a trolls like you can’t deny with their hateful comments.

  • jane

    love them ;)

  • cute

    @YSF: you AND Johnny Deep crazy fan ARE THE SAME PERSON !!! LOL and he is UGLY!!!

  • LooseLipz

    Sorry fans, but he doesn’t float my boat, never has. She’s very pretty but very young. He seems to have a 10 year relationship habit. Who will be next? Someone his daughters age?

  • JDF

    @yeahyeahyeah: speak for the Hypocrites NOT REAL fans not the REAL fans who respect his personal choices and support him no matter what. mid life crisis? what has he done ? do you know him personaly to know what he’s going through or you just believe everything you read in the gossip websites which is all false??
    don’t say we because its just you and why would lose respect for him because of some relationship in his PERSONAL life that HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU? were you a fan of his personal life or of his work? johnny doesn’t need hypocrites like you , you weren’t a real fan to begin with so go away he wouldn’t give a crap about you and what you think of him.

  • JDF

    @Barbara: woow what has he done? seriously? has he done anything bad? its his personal life he can do whatever he wants and you are not entitled to judge him because you don’t know him. and what is the image he sold? did he say he is perfect? no he didn’t so shutup he didn’t create an image for him but you and the other stupid so called fans did.

  • Ann

    love this sexy couple.

  • JDF

    @LooseLipz: um why did you bother clicking on to read about him then? amber is very young? she is 27 not 17 which means she is a grown up woman who is pushing 30 and he don’t care about their age he just dates who he loves.
    he wouldn’t date someone very young because he is not dicaprio who is dating a very young 20yrs girl.

  • JDF

    I’ll never trust in johnny or a word of him.He is a pathetic old man that warms with girls.

  • JDF

    @JDF: first of all why did you post with mu username you stupid hater? second of all what has he done? and why do you care about something personal that has nothing to do with you? a guy who broke up has moved on and started seeing someone else,whats wrong with that? he and vanessa moved on and so should you and try to get a life.

  • JDF

    Ja Ja Ja

  • JDF

    @JDF: hey troll stop using my username and YOU are the only pathetic one here because you are hating on someone who hasn’t done anything bad to you and old,huh? johnny never gets old. and how is he warming with girls if he’s just dating one girl since the breakup? you are just making stuff from your idiotic mind and hating him for it wich is so so pathetic. GET A LIFE and stop hating on someone you don’t even know!

  • JDF

    @JDF: pathetic pathetic pathetic. GET A LIFE. do you even what does life means? if you don’t know look up for it and try to get it ASAP!

  • Hanna

    @JDF: pathetic? a multi millionaire man who is in the hollywood royalty and laughs all his way to the bank is pathetic? funny haters.

  • Simply beautiful

    Have you noticed naturally beautiful women who are secure with their looks tend to dress with simple designs. I think the most striking feature of her whole look right here is her face.

  • Sara

    Extremely attractive couple…

  • Georgia

    I wonder what attracted Johnny to Amber? Would he still be dating her if she was a bit closer to his own age? Would he still be dating her if she was even 10 years later? Will he be dating her when she is 40? And I wonder what attracted Amber to Johnny? Would she be dating him if he was the 50 year old man next door who looks quite good for his age? Not to judge, but it doesn’t seem like a very “deep” relationship to me. But, whatever makes him happy. As a former fan, I have lost a lot of respect for Johnny.

  • rally

    Nice to see him with his lady.
    Yesterday could be a hard day for him…they left his children in Paris on Saturday, and if it’s how Lily Rose wrote on some “place”, that she cried so much, then it means that Johnny wasn’t having a happy time either :(
    But now, he has his lady at his side to support him, and as big fan of him, I’m glad she is there!

  • ha

    @Simply beautiful: Stop exaggerating, she’s quite the average “beauty” or else she’d be a lot bigger of a star than she is right now. She’s no Scarlett Johanson obviously. Even though she tries to be with her trying to be a sex symbol + intelligent only she comes off flat and boring hence why she need to latch on to a big name.

  • ha

    @JDF: I love how you’re trying to age her by adding years to her. She is 27, that is not the same as 30. She might look older but she is STILL only 27! And he is still 23 years older than her. And it is STILL perverted.

  • Dee

    His was a sh*t to his ex wife / mother of his kids.

  • JDF

    @Dee: thats not true because vanessa said nothing but wonderful things about him in her recent interview and WERE YOU LIVING WITH THEM TO KNOW WHAT HAPPEND??????????????? YOU KNOW NOTHING and will you get your facts next time before talking about something you OBVIOUSLY know nothing about because she actually wasn’t his wife,, she didn’t want to get married because she don’t believe in it. GET A LIFE, TROLL.