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Chris Evans & Tilda Swinton: 'Snowpiercer' Seoul Premiere!

Chris Evans & Tilda Swinton: 'Snowpiercer' Seoul Premiere!

Chris Evans suits up while attending the premiere of his latest film Snowpiercer held at Times Square on Monday (July 29) in Seoul, South Korea.

The 32-year-old actor was joined by his co-stars Tilda Swinton, Ko A-Sung, Song Kang-Ho, and director Bong Joon-Ho.

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Earlier in the day, Chris and Tilda promoted the flick during a press conference.

“Landed in South Korea to an AMAZING reception. I’m truly touched. Thank you all for making me feel so welcome in your country! #grateful,” Chris tweeted the day before.

15+ pictures inside of Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton attending the Snowpiercer premiere…

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chris evans tilda swinton snowpiercer seoul premiere 01
chris evans tilda swinton snowpiercer seoul premiere 02
chris evans tilda swinton snowpiercer seoul premiere 03
chris evans tilda swinton snowpiercer seoul premiere 04
chris evans tilda swinton snowpiercer seoul premiere 05
chris evans tilda swinton snowpiercer seoul premiere 06
chris evans tilda swinton snowpiercer seoul premiere 07
chris evans tilda swinton snowpiercer seoul premiere 08
chris evans tilda swinton snowpiercer seoul premiere 09
chris evans tilda swinton snowpiercer seoul premiere 10
chris evans tilda swinton snowpiercer seoul premiere 11
chris evans tilda swinton snowpiercer seoul premiere 12
chris evans tilda swinton snowpiercer seoul premiere 13
chris evans tilda swinton snowpiercer seoul premiere 14
chris evans tilda swinton snowpiercer seoul premiere 15
chris evans tilda swinton snowpiercer seoul premiere 16

Credit: Chung Sung-Jun, Han Myung-Gu; Photos: Getty, Wireimage
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  • Lola

    I really wanna watch this movie!

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  • chloe

    Evans is not aging well. looks much older than 30.

  • Tom @ Waegook Tom

    @chloe: girl, you crazy.

  • Tom @ Waegook Tom

    This movie is released here in South Korea tomorrow!!! I can’t wait to go see it. Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, Octavia Spencer. Agh. The trailer looks amazing.

  • kylie

    @Tom @ Waegook Tom: Sorry I’m with Chloe
    I just can’t believe this is Johnny Storm. 2006 Chris was super uber hot, not so much now

  • mimi

    I’m with everyone who says he looks bad. He does. The man is not aging well. Too much partying, drinking, STDs, and how does one even begin about the horrible girlfriend!

  • Ororacap

    I went to this movie today and it was really fantastic and unpredictable throughout the movie. U must see

  • Pepper

    I want a new Captain America. This Dude is Captain Drugs Overdose waiting to happen.

  • Claire

    Chris looks high.

  • robyn

    that is called aging gracefully people.. instead of going under knife, that man is not ashamed to show off his looks…

  • Blue

    @robyn: In complete agreement!
    Chris looks good. He may be a little tired after the filming of Cap and because of the promotion of Snowpiercer! But who wouldn’t be!
    Christopher you’re ok!!!


    If Chris don’t look 30ish than that’s an impressive ass 40 or 50 let me tell you if that is what you all are insinuating. Hate isn’t a good look and that is all people have been doing since he started dating Minka. Chris looks damn good to be 32 and working his ass off doing blockbuster films and indies film. He can never look like his johnny storm days because he was in his twenties we all change esp. long days of work, all night partying which are Hollywood enforced I’m sure it takes a toll on even the physically fit individual. When I see Chris I see a man who’s tired, physically and emotionally drained. I see why he didn’t want to CAPTAIN AMERICA initially because of all the criticism, how dear CHRIS AGE or not that well you people are loons I see why he doesn’t talk to the fans. A bunch of judgemental, hypocritical losers.

  • Yawn

    In all fairness maybe Christopher wouldn’t be receiving such backlash if he wasn’t such a hypocrite. The backlash started last year when he would say one thing in interviews being Mr. Humble-pie yet his actions say the opposite. Dating Minka Kelly was the icing on the cake for most fans. Many have jumped ship.

  • kylie

    @ERICA: I just wished he had listened to his gut and not taken CA role. We deserve better captain. CA who looks like he’s gonna have a nervous breakdown and doesn’t wanna be with his fans… is no fun


    @yawn and kylie CE doesn’t have to live his life for the approvals of others and neither do you two. The fact you two will try and judge a person you know nothing about because you mad he’s not living the way you two ought to think he should live is downright laughable. What you eat won’t make him shit, and he’s CA regardless of who don’t like it he’s made Marvel money and they are not going to get rid of him because fanboys and girls are hot under the collar because they don’t approve of his current gf or morale. Who made you two jury, judge and executioner of this man’s life. Too many haters and nay sayers pretending to be fans. KEEP HIDING CHRIS YOU AREN’T MISSING ANYTHING.

  • Yawn

    @Erica Look around. Chris’s fanbase has waned. Even the biggest Chris Evans fansite has died.

  • Blue

    @<a href=”/2013/07/29/chris-evans-tilda-swinton-snowpiercer-seoul-premiere/comment-page-1/#comment-28004874″>Yawn</a>: Which fan site are you talking about?

  • JeA

    Wait till CATWS release. and we’ll see whose fan base has waned. Actual fans care about his movies not what he drinks or eats or who he dates.


    @Yawn nobody fan base has waned if anything its gained momentum CE basically was still a unknown until he started to do CA now he’s a raising star its like JeA said real fans care about the movie he make not his personal life because after all its no one business. He’s not getting busted for coke like his bro although people say he does it, he’s not beating chicks asses like Chris Brown, nor is he a arrogant douche like Justin Bieber or a Amanda Bynes. That man hasn’t done anything outlandish except date someone people feel isn’t good enough for him and all hell breaks loose the only people who walked out on him were never fans in the first place, so what are you talking about. You’re not a CE fan ok well move the hell on and stop trying to bash him and trying to speak for everybody else disliking him, you don’t know anything about him personally nor how his fans feel.

  • sugar

    @ERICA: like people cared for iceman and what’s your number?? If he was as charming as RDJ and Tom H he would have been able to sell more tickets. Tom H rocked it at comic con and RDJ was awesome at IM3 touring and i donðt give a f?ck about their personal life. Selling tickets is their job just like it is for Chris just some people are better at their jobs


    @sugar what actor hasn’t had a bad movie big deal what was your point there, and as far as Tom H and RDJ you cannot compare him to them every man performs their jobs differently. Marvel was the pursuer with CE four times before he accepted the role of CA, everybody needs to get over that casting call. They already knew he wanted to maintain his anonymity and didn’t like press and stuff like that, Marvel knew it and so does his fans, so idk why people are so outraged by CE’s laid back approach to fame and this character all of a sudden. Moving tickets is something CE does pertaining to Marvel if it wasn’t he wouldn’t have gotten a sequel for CA and they would of canned his ass. You may not like CE for his business persona, but most people dislike him for rumors and his personal life so that what I was saying before hand.

  • Eponine

    Oh really. Erica, you need to calm down before you age like Chris is doing lol his fan base has dwindled and that’s not ok because putting butts in chairs at theaters is his job and if he can’t do that then he’s out of a job. I’m sure that’s why he’s been treading lightly as of late. Surely they don’t think we’re stupid enough to just sweep Minka under the rug. Sure he’s talented and sure he’s charming but she leaves a bad taste in the mouth because of her reputation. I’m in Texas…my best friend went to UT we know things and so do others around here. You see him and want to praise him on a job well down but there’s that tingle of eh he’s dumb in his personal life and that throws you off a bit. Should that happen? No, but just as you’re trying to get us to see him as a human being…we’re just people too. And as for the fans thing…look to Misha Collins and when Chris is like that I might just forget the ugly that has come out of all of this.

  • sugar

    @Eponine: It’s a very little point explaining this to Erica, she doesn’t get that Chris would be getting heat for acting this way with or without his current gf.
    But i’m curious what about Misha Collins?

  • Me

    He knew what he was getting into when he signed on the dotted line. He wants privacy? He wants to be left alone? Then he should have become an accountant. I have no pity for celebs that say that. They knew exactly what was going to happen and still sold their souls. Oh boohoo people know who you are. My heart bleeds for you because you had no idea that becoming an actor was going to be so public…oh wait…


    CE would be getting heat about his acting with or without Minka? OH really!!!! Before pictures began circulating with him and Minka nobody had nothing to say about Chris at all he was still a nobody and this was after CA: The First Avenger dropped as well as What’s Your Number, Puncture and all, then after Just Jared and Huffington Post showed the pictures of Minka and him now he’s a bad actor, oh he’s so dumb like REALLY????? He could very well be dumb or whatever but I and nobody else cared until Minka came now everybody are doubter’s. I’m waiting for the Winter Soldier to hit the screen than we will shall see if he lost fans.

  • sugar

    @ERICA: Wasn’t there a really nasty hate spammer blog dedicated to him? Didn’t he send his lawyers on ONTD and make them take down the STD post. Many post about him drinking alot , wh?ring around and being a nervous wreck. For many years there has been a very loud rumours about coke problem. OMG this happened all before MK… Of course he is getting more hate and heat because of her but he would still be getting heat like he did before dating her.


    @sugar Rumors are just that rumors, there is no validity in anything those blogs had to say, and if it was who cares its his life not ours. Professionally I’ve never heard anything bad about him, he comes to work on time and does his job he didn’t pull a Christian Bale and go ape shit on crewmembers. I along with true fans gives a damn about what CE does professionally, we could give a damn about who he’s slept with in the past, and who’s he sleeping with now, and if he drinks etc. People cannot dislike this guy strictly because of acting, its always something personal being thrown around and that’s messed up. CE isn’t perfect no human is but unless your family, friends and co workers his personal life shouldn’t concern you period

  • sugar

    @ERICA: My point is you can’t blame Minka for all the hate he’s getting. Fangirls will be fangirls

  • Amanda

    Marvel films are successful because the comic franchises put butts in seats more so than the actors who star in them. Captain America would have been a hit even if CE wasn’t the lead. 98% of his other films have been mediocre box office draws at best. The box office draw Erica is referring to is the Captain America fan base not the CE fan base. Soon he’ll be like JT where his supporters who were there early on grow up and move on and younger fans don’t really know who he is nor do they care to know. Once CA is behind him CE’s career will fizzle out again.


    @Amanda absolutely hit the nail on the head. Before the Marvel deal with CA, CE was an unknown nobody gave a damn, now that he is CA everybody got something to say about stuff in his past like nobody gives a shit about it. Let the man be, let him finish his contract, to hell with his personal life.

  • pena

    He’s white trash. I am sick of hearing about him.

  • Ana Belle

    Good God, the man is SMOKING HOT!!! What’s wrong with you all?? :)

  • Liz

    I’m with you Ana Belle! He’s fun to look at, a good actor, and I don’t care about his girlfriend or anything else!