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Lady Gaga: 'Applause' Full Song - Listen Now! (JJ Music Monday)

Lady Gaga: 'Applause' Full Song - Listen Now! (JJ Music Monday)

Lady Gaga‘s new single “Applause” has dropped early due to a leak situation and the hot new song is this week’s pick for and KIIS-FM 102.7‘s JJ Music Monday.

“Due to hackers, an abundance of low/high quality leaks… we issue this pop music emergency… monsters spread the word,” the 27-year-old singer tweeted. “My new single ‘Applause’ is out today and can be heard on United States radio in 15 minutes. International radio to follow.”

“Applause” is the first single off of Lady Gaga‘s upcoming third studio album ARTPOP, which hits stores on Tuesday, November 11. We can’t wait!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Lady Gaga’s new single “Applause”?

Lady Gaga – “Applause”
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  • katie

    daaaaaamn this is hot

  • Gloret

    This is AWFULLL!
    She should STOP singing.

    What a shit!

  • LaCroix

    wow Applause sounds alot like Madonna’s Girl Gone Wild.

  • Gloret


  • ab

    sounds like a katy Perry’s song haahaha

  • Samantha


  • Paulie

    Yikes. This sucks. What happened to her?!? RIP The Fame/Fame Monster.

  • lol seriously

    wow this sooo good !

  • sax

    “I live for the applause…” wow very profound lyrics. pure shit

  • gaggag


  • sax

    “I live for the applause…” wow very profound lyrics. pure sh*t

  • Tony

    LMAO…At people saying that this is epic. Some of you are say this is better then #roar. OMG…LoL. After hearing this mess #katyperry for the WIN!!! #roar

  • Paige

    I listened to it once and liked it instantly. It isn’t preachy, like her last album. Love it. Going to listen to it again

  • go go

    this is why she has to show her a$$ i guess

  • http://Jamesminto13 Jocks am

    I love this it’s stuck in my head already don’t know what all the hates for because yous will be singing it next moth when its high in the charts

  • Jason

    Not very good and now she is trying to sound like Grace Jones at the beginning of the song.

  • Gerard Butthole

    Music for fags_and fatties.

  • Jojo123

    its perfect guys. calm your tits. you can still enjoy roar AND applause *head explodes* yesss you can!

  • Rhyson

    having abit of a 90s flashback. As we sit and eat a carbfull plate of dinner. Monsters are mourning.

  • Joe

    This bitch aint Lana del rey that’s for sure!

  • Gina

    this is sooooo catchy

  • sarah

    I Love it! LG you are the best!

  • blabla

    it sucks

  • Anthoo

    As she said, y’all bloggers aren’t music critics, so keep the for yourselves.
    As for me, I won’t listen to “Applause” until a couple of days. Sure I’ll hear it on the radio by accident but I’m not gonna ruin all this waiting and excitement for a crappy bunch of hackers.

  • Jonni

    AMAZING. SONG OF 2013.

  • Jenny

    I dislike her personally so much that I probably will never spend money on her music again. However I like this a lot.

  • K


  • Teddy VonVuten

    it’s just ok, when she sings the ‘applause, applause..’ part it reminds me of Madonna and i’m not trolling.
    i feel a bit cheated, i was expecting something epic like Bad Romance or Alejandro.

  • LemonHead

    Terrible intro and too fast paced for my liking. Bouncing off walls anyone?

  • ian


  • Pauline

    it’s ok … I mean it’s not amazing but ok … I might like it after 10 times but no longer than that .

  • Fernando

    Maybe I need to see the music video to get it……cheesier than Born this way….I miss The Fame.

  • Embry

    Of course everyone is going to bash her. You are all idiots. The song is decent. Its better than Katy Perry’s “Meow”.

  • Victor

    Noisy, screaming, nothing original
    Rihanna can sing this
    Sounds like any other pop trash
    bored gaga

  • really

    Your keys are here gaga now go away!!!

  • susie#1

    The artwork is better than the music.

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    I Think Roar Better Than Applause


    Lady Gaga is the undisputed Queen of Pop. Fúck yeah.

  • Adriana

    @LOIUY: I think I’ll have to dispute that claim. If anyone of today’s crop of female pop stars are the Queen…It’s Rihanna. Check her stats. Second only to Madonna.

  • Joe


  • pedro

    Can someone please make her go away…MADONNA PLEASE COMEBACK!

  • bpm

    this doesn’t do anything for me just like the *cough* sara bareilles ripoff *cough* “roar”. the music industry is definitely on a downfall, really unfortunate. but then again it could be good because maybe we wont have to hear these annoying girls anymore and record execs can find new girls that maybe actually have an ounce of talent for once.

  • Chic999
  • Adriana

    @bpm: I think we’re S-O-L on that. What with Miley, Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande coming up and being shoved down our throats.

  • bpm

    @Adriana: lmao thanks for reminding me about those young non-entities that think they’re the best just cause they have record deals because of sh**** disney/nickelodeon acting. record execs are truly f****** deaf these days. they think audiences such as us are that stupid to buy these songs but im glad we’re calling them out on their unoriginal, regurgitated, rigged sh** that they call “music”. and the vmas will be rigged as hell too this year… miley getting a f****** goddamn vma?!?!?! its unfortunately gonna happen though, this is so pathetic.

  • Jeff

    this song is terrible. I am sure radio will pay it to death and will be a hit but it really is a bad song. Katy’s is ok and seems to have more potential to grow on me. And the cover artwork is definitely reminiscent of Madonna’s Girle Show concert. Sorry hate to add Madonna to the mix.

  • http://@SaxonSwart SaxonSwart

    I love it. This is new for her, and might take some time to get used to, but I am sure that I love this song. Bitches may bow because the Queen is back….

  • Sweetness

    ok this is something they’ll play in clubs over and over again in Ibiza.

  • Jenna

    This is great. Reminds me of her first album more. That second album was terrible. This is fun and catchy.

  • Zachary

    Y’all are haters. WTF if you don’t like it go listen to whatever bulls*** it is you like.