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Miranda Kerr: So Proud of Orlando Bloom!

Miranda Kerr: So Proud of Orlando Bloom!

Miranda Kerr carries her adorably sleepy son Flynn into a friend’s apartment for a visit on Sunday afternoon (August 25) in New York City.

The 30-year-old model and her two-year-old little guy left the apartment a short time later and hopped into an awaiting SUV.

The night before, Miranda went to see her husband Orlando Bloom perform as the leading male role in the Broadway play Romeo & Juliet. The show had its first preview performance that evening.

“Go Romeo! So proud of you ❤” Miranda tweeted.

FYI: Miranda is wearing a Skaist Taylor dress and using a Baby Jogger stroller.

15+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Flynn paying a visit to a pal…

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miranda kerr sleepy flynn visit friends 01
miranda kerr sleepy flynn visit friends 02
miranda kerr sleepy flynn visit friends 03
miranda kerr sleepy flynn visit friends 04
miranda kerr sleepy flynn visit friends 05
miranda kerr sleepy flynn visit friends 06
miranda kerr sleepy flynn visit friends 07
miranda kerr sleepy flynn visit friends 08
miranda kerr sleepy flynn visit friends 09
miranda kerr sleepy flynn visit friends 10
miranda kerr sleepy flynn visit friends 11
miranda kerr sleepy flynn visit friends 12
miranda kerr sleepy flynn visit friends 13
miranda kerr sleepy flynn visit friends 14
miranda kerr sleepy flynn visit friends 15
miranda kerr sleepy flynn visit friends 16
miranda kerr sleepy flynn visit friends 17

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  • Shelly

    Miranda has been looking different lately not sure if her hair color is just different or what but gorgeous as usual

  • justme

    she always looks camera ready…is it a good thing? feels like it’s all staged

  • Amy

    Her son always looks so happy and content. She must be a good mom.

  • Anon

    Flynn is a cutie. Miranda always looks beautiful.

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: With a plunging neckline, Miranda Kerrdasshian is going to see a “friend.” *WINK!*

  • XxXxX

    The little guy is SO adorable. With his chubby little cheeks aww

  • @5

    Don’t you have anything better to do than stalk her across the internet?
    Oh, that’s right. You don’t.
    Poor, sad troll.

  • awww

    Flynn is such a beautiful little guy! He looks more like Orlando every day. So sweet.
    And Miranda looks beautiful, as always.

  • @ElenaSTALKERian….

    Today on keeping up with ElenaSTALKERian we have her AGAIN trolling websites leaving nasty comments about Miranda as she’s full of envy, spite, petty jealousy & a has a VERY bad case of sour grapes…

  • @2…

    Miranda’s a Supermodel & the 2nd highest paid model in the world & yet YOU wonder why she looks “camera ready” simply by wearing a dress, sandals, a dash of bright lipstick & sunglasses…..duh!

    Of course she looks stunning as she has the face & figure to make any clothes look good but Miranda also has natural flair when it comes to fashion, she always looks effortlessly stylish & elegant no what she wears.

    Besides YOU have no clue what she’s been doing & where she’s been to pass judgement on the why she’s dressed up or in casual clothes.

  • debbie

    @@2…: And here you are again…Are you paid for this? Do you realize you are not healthy with this behaviour? You are seriously obsessed.

  • @11

    So you think that a fan is crazy for following their ‘idol’, yet you fail to comment on the psycho-hater-stalker who never fails to rear her ugly head on every thread.
    Yet another example of typical hater hypocrisy.

  • ElsieAwesome

    I’m not hating on her, but i miss the old Miranda. The old Miranda seems so sweet, genuine, and i’m not sayin she’s not now but it’s just… there’s something lately that make her change. She and Orlando not as sweet and lovey dovey as the old days ( yeah i know her tweet was sweet, support her man and all, but it just word, action speak louder). The way she dressed ( really, i like her style, so much) but sometimes it’s too much, like all place is runaway for her, always branded and full make up (even when she playing with Flynn at the park). I think Hollywood and modeling world changes her.

    Oh, and Flynn no doubt one of the cutest celeb kids, but he seems too sweet and too calm. I never see him bicycling, running around, playing with other little boys, or do something fun his age do. Also i think Flynn is overexposed, they need to protected him from paps, just see what they do to Suri.

    By the way, i’m so happy for Miranda on the 2nd spot World Highest Paid Model. Always appreciate people who work hard. You go girl!!

  • Michael

    Flynn looks nothing like Orlando. He ‘s cute child and seems be close with his mom

  • @13

    Not hating on her? Who do you think you’re fooling?
    Thinly veiled insults that just happen to follow the hater party line?
    But then, you haters were never known for your intelligence.

  • @11

    Let me see if i have this right.

    So it’s ok for YOU & haters to insult Miranda on every thread but YOU don’t like it if a person or fan defends her from those spiteful comments???

    That’s what you call being a HYPOCRITE & a BULLY.

    A hypocrite for the double standard & a bully for liking to dish it out but
    can’t take it in return!

  • @14

    I do wonder what you could possibly be trying to imply? LOL!

  • @Debbie. #11

    I’d say you’re the one that’s obsessed.

    You’re ALWAYS on here defending the “haters” but have a problem with anyone that has anything positive to say about Miranda or anyone that responds to the “haters” nasty comments.

    And you ALWAYS make the mistake of thinking she only has ONE fan posting on here……lol.

  • @14

    Oh please he’s the spitting imagine of Orlando.

    Same straight eyebrows, same brown eyes & same smile.

    When Orlando was on The Ellen Show talking about Flynn, Ellen had pictures of Orlando as a baby & you could have sworn it was Flynn.

    Even down to the same chubby cheeks.

    You need to get your eyes checked!

  • @Elsie…13

    The “old” Miranda always looked good so I don’t understand your reasoning.

    The only difference I see is that she’s dressing more feminine & elegant which comes with knowing what style suits you best.

    Miranda’s naturally beautiful & has a models figure so no matter what she wears she’s still NOT going to look like an average mom.

    The other day she had on a plain white t-shirt, jeans, sunglasses & lipstick & she looked gorgeous without even trying.

    Miranda has said in interviews that she wears sunglasses so she doesn’t have to wear eye makeup & just adds lipstick & she’s good to go.

    Besides you can’t possibly judge why she’s dressed a certain way by looking at pics taken from a moment in her day.

    Also she owns her own skincare company Kora Organics which she’s expanding globally. She’s her own best advertisement so it makes sense for her to dress well & look good.

  • Lovely Woman

    Well, I’m telling you. I just LOVE women who take care of themselves. It’s one of the best things a wife and mother can do. Orlando and Miranda are not expected to be all lovey dovey constantly. First of all, they have a 2 yr old and now the marriage moves out of the honeymoon phase. It’s natural. Children bond couples like a glue, but after kids, most people are more into parenting. It takes effort for romance. Still, you can tell that Miranda is not stressing herself out, self sacrificing everything about her individuality to please Orlando. She’s his wife, but she’s still herself. Believe me, Orlando appreciates having a beautiful wife who other men go gaga over. I’m serious. The majority of men want this in a wife, but not enough get it. Women like MIranda, even if they aren’t super beautiful, continue to get attention from men. Men just love women who are feminine. Taking care of yourself/appearance shows that you love yourself. As long as you’re not too vain or stuck up, it’s always attractive.