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Orlando Bloom & Diane Kruger: 'Troy' Reunion on Broadway!

Orlando Bloom & Diane Kruger: 'Troy' Reunion on Broadway!

Orlando Bloom carries his two-year-old son Flynn while spending the afternoon together in Central Park on Thursday (September 26) in New York City.

The 36-year-old actor was also joined by his wife Miranda Kerr for the family outing.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Orlando Bloom

Earlier in the week, Orly got a visit backstage at his Broadway play Romeo & Juliet by his former Troy co-star Diane Kruger!

Make sure to check out our exclusive video from Orlando‘s opening night of the new production, currently running through January. Get your tickets now!

FYI: Orly and Miranda are using a Baby Jogger stroller.

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Credit: Bruce Gilkas; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Film Magic
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  • question…

    Who is that old man standing in the photo? Anyone?

  • Janie

    That little Flynn is an adorable boy. He has his fathers good looks.

  • NYC

    Great to see Orlando and Miranda so happy. Their son is gorgeous.

  • @1

    The older gentleman is Orlando’s father.
    They really are a beautiful family, aren’t they.

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Here are some pictures of forced, stiff and stilted affection between The Kerrdashians to prove that they are still in what they suppose will pass for love in some circles. Oh, and they threw in the brat and the old man’s old man to make the fangirls cream their jeans and say “They really are a beautiful family, aren’t they.” Oh! Here’s a fun Kerrdashian fact: Orlando Kerrdashian’s scheming, conniving mother lied about the paternity of her children to fool her husband and get his famous last name for her brats, too!

  • @5

    Hi Sunshine! We were wondering when you would rear your ugly head.
    How they hangin’?
    Pretty low, I guess if your only enjoyment comes from insulting people that are soooo much better than you.
    Poor hater. Nothing left to do but to drown her sorrows in a batch of brownies. LOL

  • Arianna

    @elena Orlando and Miranda are a beautiful couple and Flynn is a cutie. Orlando and Miranda’s affection is not forced or stiff or stilted. Why do you come on here making up lies? Why do you insult such a cute kid? Flynn is a cutie. Orlando and Miranda and Flynn are a beautiful family. You sound like one of the haters on Delphi.

  • marine

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Orlando Bloom with Diane Kruger!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • (@@)


    “The Kerrdashians”!!!!!

  • Poor @5/Elena

    Today on keeping up with TROLLena : Elena has decided to insult Miranda, innocent little Flynn & Orlando’s dad.

    She does this because she’s insanely JEALOUS of anyone that has anything to do with him as she sees them as her rival.

    In her delusional mind Orlando is HER pretend boyfriend & she thinks by posting nasty comments about Miranda over & over again Orlando will see them & come & find her…

    Anyone that spends so much time obsessively hating Miranda all because
    Orlando loves her has gone beyond being a fan into something else entirely……very creepy!

  • TROY

    Helen of Troy and Paris = Perfection

  • Em

    why do they bring the nanny with them??! two of them aren’t capable of taking care of their son?

  • @12

    They may have had to leave at different times and didn’t want to take time away from their visit to the park to go all the way back home. Orlando had a performance to get to, and we’ve seen pics of Miranda dressed up for an event that evening.
    Nothing strange about using the nanny that you are paying for anyway.

  • nate

    Diane looks very good.

  • Roma

    Flynn looks just like Miranda

  • @15

    I think that he is a gorgeous combination of the both of them.
    He has Orlando’s eyes, brows and smile. But Miranda’s cheeks and chin, I hope that he got her dimples as well.
    He is such a beautiful child.

  • @10

    Orlando’s dad kinda deserves any insults thrown at him I mean, he IS the man who knocked up another man’s wife and stood by while she lied to her husband, gave the kids the Bloom name and kept the secret for a decade and a half. He’s not exactly a man of quality or substance who is above any sort of reproach. Based on what we know about him, I would call him a cad and you would, too if he was the father of an actor you didn’t like and the same goes for Orlando’s mother. You would have no respect for her whatsoever if she was the other of some other celeb.

  • @12


  • gigi

    Troy sucked.

  • @17

    You have no idea what went on in the private lives of these people.
    Sonia married Harry when he was quite old and sick. She basically became his caretaker. Since Harry COULDN’T give her children, she went to Colin, a family friend. She could have Harry’s blessing for all we know. But since NONE of us know, trying to judge them is ridiculous.
    Ever heard the phrase “judge not yet ye be judged”?
    We could, for example, judge you based upon everything that we know about you. That as a hater, you have no soul. No happiness. No love from anyone. That is why you are do bitter, and why you lash out to even innocent children.
    Is that OK? How does that feel?
    And BTW, they didn’t “hide” anything. They just waited until the children were old enough to understand.
    Happy children come from all types of families. That’s what is important. Nothing else. Or are you going to start attacking ALL non-traditional families? But no, you wouldn’t do that. You reserve your double standards for only Orlando’s family, don’t you. And that judgement comes from copious evidence from your own posts. No assumptions needed.

  • @17

    We do know. Sonia stepped out on her husband, got knocked up and lied about it to him then to her children. She told them that Harry was their father. She lied to them. Colin knowing slept with a married woman and just stood by while she lied to her husband and then lied to her children. I don’t care if Harry couldn’t get it up, she was MARRIED to him. I am guessing that you would not be so understanding if you actually had a man in your life other than the actor you are screwing in your dreams (you know the ones where you ARE Miranda) and he knocked up a woman he knew was married. You can’t possibly be justifying all of this in your head by thinking that Harry was okay with it and that Sonia was protecting her ickle babies?? You need to stop drinking that Kool-Aid, honey bunch, it’s a killer. This is not a matter of a “non-traditional family’, this is a matter of deceit, adultery, a woman who just wanted to secure for her kids the name of a prominent man and a man who was more than willing to stick it in a married woman then sit back and have nothing to do with his own kids until they were older and he wasn’t needed to lift a finger or spend a dime to support them. Neither Sonia nor Colin are good people, neither one of them are worthy of your praise and support. Sonia is a rotten mother and Colin is a pathetic excuse for a man.

  • @21

    Again, you don’t know anything about their private lives. You are assuming thoughts and motives, and creating some fantasy story to suit your agenda.
    Posting the same garbage over and over doesn’t make it any close to the truth.
    The only opinions that matter are the ones involved. And they don’t care what you think.

  • British Latin American

    @@21: What are you so touch about? Are you Orlando’s biological father or someone close to him. Frankly 17 and 21 are correct. I always felt sorry for Orlando and his sister for what their parents did to them.

  • @23

    And why do you care either way? You aren’t a member of their family, either. Hypocrite.
    And what exactly did they “do to them”?

  • British Latin American

    @@23: I care because I want to care. I was disgusted and sorry for Orlando and his sister when I learned how their parents deceived them for their own selfish purposes. That’s what they did to Orlando and his sister. And since Bloom is dead and we can never know how he felt about his wife’s behaviour I’m not going to let Orlando’s mom and sperm donor off the hook. Are you a friend of Orlando’s mother that encouraged her to have the affair? Clearly you care, so don’t criticise me for caring If I want to when you care.

  • @25

    They didn’t “deceive” Orlando and Sam. They just waited until they were old enough to understand.
    You act like you are the offended party. It’s ridiculous.

  • sorry for Orlando

    “”They didn’t “deceive” Orlando and Sam. They just waited until they were old enough to understand.”"?????

    Sonia doesn’t seem to have spoken an ugly fact to Orlando honestly.
    She was a cunning and insincere wife,there is no comfort in the truth.

  • British Latin American

    @@25: Orlando was clearly embarassed and angry over his parents behaviour.For years he tried to say that the man his mother was married to and whose name is probably on his birth certificate was his father until the truth leaked out. We never see his mother and orlano always seems uncomfortable with his father. And by the way, Bloom only got sick in 1976, after Orlando’s sister was born due to the affair with Colin who was Harry’s student. Why lie?

  • @28

    You’re making almost everything up! For all we know Harry Bloom was perfectly fine with his wife having the chance to have children.
    And Orlando seems to have a good relationship with both his mother and his biological father, so who are you to make up a story to judge them when not even their son does?