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Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, & Flynn: Family Fun Evening!

Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, & Flynn: Family Fun Evening!

Orlando Bloom carries his adorable son Flynn, 2, on his shoulders while out for a night on the town with wife Miranda Kerr on Monday evening (October 7) in New York City.

The 36-year-old actor spent his night off from his Broadway play Romeo and Juliet with his family – so cute!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

The next day, Miranda was spotted holding hands with her adorable son as the duo headed out in the big Apple.

FYI: Miranda is carrying a Marni bag.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr, and their cutie pie son Flynn enjoying some family time in New York City…

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  • http://@sassybite kesskiss

    Lovely family… mira is so hot though i keep wondering what happen to orlando career….He is just a househusband now. SAD!

  • Landy

    It’s obvious how much Orlando loves his kid. Good to see. He doesn’t need to worry about his career. Lord of The Rings & Pirates of the Caribbean have him set for a very long time. Plus, it’s not like he’s not working anyway. He’s just putting his kid 1st. I think it’s very admirable of him. It’s nice to see a man be a real man for once. Lord knows we see enough that aren’t.

  • @1

    I guess that even though you are the first to post, you are going to pretend that you haven’t seen any of the NUMEROUS posts Romeo and Juliet, Zulu, or The Hobbit?
    Just so you could call Orlando a “house husband”?
    So ridiculous.
    Gorgeous family, BTW.

  • Nothing sad about em

    Flynn is first in their lives and that’s all that matters. He’s 2 yrs old, but his demeanor is already so cool and calm. I adore this cute family. Orlando is so lucky, because he gets to relax a bit and do the things he wants to do. He’s not like some stars who take on everything — even though its tacky — because they need the money. Plus, Miranda puts her own creative talents to use and brings in cash. This is a wonderful partnership! That’s what marriage was meant to be. This little boy has stolen my heart – he is so precious.

  • Ayjamal


  • c’est moi

    Orlando is looking fiiiiiiiiiiiine in these photos. Lovely family. All that’s missing is the cute dog.

  • YES!


  • v

    Orlando IS househusband! Desperate househusband! And he ALWAYS will be! End of the story!

  • @8

    That’s funny. He didn’t look like a house husband on stage this past Sunday
    You tried.

  • escapizm

    @@8: Bahahahah! BURN!

  • Arianna

    Flynn is a cutie. Orlando looks handsome and Miranda looks beautiful. Love seeing pics of this happy family.

  • Kiki

    Nice to see Orlando smile for a change.

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashains: Orlando Kerrdashian makes a contracted paparazzi appearance to keep up the appearance that he is happily married to Miranda Kerrdashian. Look at the happy family…who doesn’t live under the same roof and only spends time together when the photo-op is scheduled! And all the fangirls cream their jeans at the same time!!

  • haha

    @Elena: What an idiot you are!

  • @13

    Ok. How ’bout you prove that they aren’t married. Or that they don’t live under the same roof. Or that Orlando isn’t Flynn’s father. Or that they call the paps. Or any other of your ludicrous claims.
    Put up or shut up.
    But we all know that these are just lies, so you can’t possibly hope to prove them.
    Just as we all know that you will never shut up. Especially since being a troll is the only thing that gives you any pleasure in your sick, sad, little world.
    Poor thing.

  • @15

    Prove that they ARE married or that they DON’T call the paps, that they DO live under the same roof or that the kid IS Orlando’s or any of your ludicrous claims. Put up or shut up. but we all know these are just lies that you can’t possibly hope to prove and just believe because your pretend girlfriend Miranda told you they were true. Unless you have the marriage license (wedding dress? Oh, that’s right…the airlines “lost” a dress that never existed), the results of a paternity test and live with them, you have no way to truly and without a doubt prove that you are not just swallowing PR lies told to you to sell her brand. Just was ell we know you will never shut up because you are typing with one hand and fapping to pics of Miranda with the other and you have no time to think for yourself. You just believe whatever she and her PR team wants you to believe. That’s the problem, you can’t prove that any of this is true any more than a “hater” can prove that it’s not. It’s a stalemate. And you are an idiot.

  • @16

    They call each other husband and wife. They come and go from the same houses. They are so popular that paps camp out in front of their houses. And that gorgeous child looks exactly like Orlando. That’s all anyone with a brain would ever need. Believing that all these things are just PR “lies” is what is ludicrous.
    And didn’t you idiots attempt to ‘prove’ that Flynn is not Orlando’s child by buying a copy of his birth certificate? Well, that showed everyone two things about you trolls. That you are obsessed enough to investigate the birth of a total stranger, and purchase ‘proof’. And that you are blind enough that once you had that ‘proof’, you ignored it because it didn’t say what you wanted it to.
    BTW, I know that you losers think that if you say something enough times that it becomes fact. But that doesn’t work in the real world. Your pathetic lies men’s nothing.

  • @16

    *mean nothing*
    In before the grammar nazi pipes up.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Orlando is still working he has film’s done and coming out. And i call the play he’s doing work just now he can pick. Anyway what’s wrong with taking care of he’s son i love seeing him happy with he’s boy.

  • brainless people

    There was a recent comment from two girls who went to see his play and the next day while they were walking to their hotel, they saw him coming out of one house and later saw Miranda coming out of another house – same street. They went back the next day and the next, and the same thing happened. They so are not together.

  • @20

    And you believe everyone who comments on the internet? Or just the ones that fit your agenda? Your name really suits you. Brainless.
    What was the name of the hotel, and what was the name of the street?
    Bet they (you) left off that part, right? And they supposedly went back day after day? Which would mean that they spent several nights in a hotel on the upper east side? They spent thousands of dollars just to stalk O&M? Crazy talk.

  • @16

    You just admitted that you haters have no proof of anything and yet continue to post lies as facts.
    And you calling a fan an idiot because they called you on your “stalemate”. PRICELESS!

  • haha

    I called that dingbat up there somewhere^^^ an idiot first. OMG! ELENA, just get off the Internet completely. It’s obviously very bad for you. You should put your thoughts on other things… perhaps your own life instead of hating a perfectly nice and normal (and beautiful) family. Some of the young women blogging must be a bit mental with the way they dream up these wild stories about stars. Sheesh!!!

  • @16

    You just can’t make a post without stooping to vulgarity, can you. That’s a sure sign of desperation.
    Desperately trying to distract us from the fact that you just gave us yet another example of the famous delphi-double-standard.
    Evidently you think that it is just fine if a hater spouts off things that they can’t prove, but if a fan says anything that can’t be proved by anything but circumstantial evidence, then we are idiots.
    Proving once again that these haters are nothing but pathetic, hypocritical liars who hate the fact that Miranda has everything that they don’t. Beauty, success, her own company and most importantly, Orlando. That’s what really bothers them. The word ‘pathetic’ really suits them.

  • @23

    Elena’s real internet name is Bealze. She has started several hate sites and fake twitters in her desperate Miranda obsession.
    She’s the one who edited the tape of them on the GG red carpet to make it look like their manager was instructing them to hold hands. She conveniently cut off the beginning of Aileen’s (sp?) statement. If you see the whole video, Aileen is clearly saying a word that starts with a. ‘ch’ or ‘sh’ sound. When called on it she railed about fans trying to edit the video. But that’s her MO. She lies and twists facts, then claims that the actual truth is a lie. She is so far gone over the edge that the only way she will get better is if she gets professional help.
    She is so obsessed that I almost wonder if she could be dangerous.

  • c’est moi

    There are people here who would benefit from psychiatric intervention. You know who you are. If in doubt, ask the voices in your head.

  • Connie Falconeri

    What an adorable little boy.

  • #20..Brainless is right..

    Gee what a coincidence that 2 of the Delphidiots were attending the play that very same week….Then of course immediately after they start a fake rumor on the Internet about Orlando & Miranda not living together….lol.

    Just like when they post fake “blind” items on z grade gossip sites that they then repost on their own hate site….literally talking to themselves!!!

    Do you really think people are so stupid to believe your lies???…lolololol.

  • @28

    My favorite part about their ‘review’, was when one of them bragged about wearing a top that showed off her chest, even when her husband asked her not to wear it. Then was under the complete delusion that she made Orlando hot because he saw her in it.
    Of course, this is one of the same women who call Miranda horrible names if she shows any cleavage. HYPOCRITES!
    Love how they think that he noticed those ugly old cows. So funny, and so desperate.
    You know, since the delphidiots are actually hoping the that the play fails, maybe we should start hoping that all of them suffer business failures, too. Or hope that they get laid off from work. Why not? That’s exactly what they are wishing for, for all of the people feeding their families whith the money that they bring home for hanging lights, setting up the stage, ushering, maintenance, etc. They are actually hoping that all of these people get laid off, just so they could call Orlando a failure. How sick is that?!? What is wrong with these people!!!

  • Wanda Rizzuto


    I know ^^this b!tch (singular) is trying to get a rise out of me as usual, but please allow me to set the record straight in case there are any sane people reading this.

    I did go to see Romeo and Juliet and wrote a blog post about it which anyone on earth can see. However, I did not stay in any hotel in NYC, I did not see Orlando or his dingho coming out of their apartment and I sure as sh!t did NOT post that comment on that other blog, although someone sure tried to make it look like I did. I’m sure this b!tch above me knows that.

    I think it’s adorable that she accuses everyone else of being a crazy stalker knowing that she’s been stalking everyone on Delphi since forever and thinks she’s so clever that no one notices. I also think it’s adorable that she constantly says that the “delphidiots” are going to get sued for slander while she accuses me of posting rumors on gossip sites. But I guess she’s not happy unless I give her a virtual bitchslap every few years. About that time again, is it?

    Die in a fire, you miserable, psychotic, stalking b!tch.

  • @30

    Uhmmm, we (yes, we, since there’s more than one fan posting here) don’t have to “stalk” you idiots of Delphi, because you find us. Constantly. If you kept your insane theories and child bashing (which as a mother, you should be ashamed of) to your own tiny little site, no one would care. But no. You hags post that cr@p on every site you can, including this one. You invite derision by your own actions. You have no one to blame but yourselves.
    You made your bed, ‘Wanda’.

  • Ha

    See how these delphidiots act when the tables are turned! LOL!!
    Poor baby, did someone hurt your feelings? Did someone spread an untruth about you? Did someone post something as fact that was really only in their imagination? LOL!
    Serves you right. Not so funny when you are on the receiving end, eh?
    Well sister, if you can’t take it, maybe you should think twice about dishing it out.
    And are you really a mother? That’s scary. Are you teaching your child to be as hateful as you? Just wondering.

  • #30

    I posted commet #28 in response to comment #20.

    Just let me set you straight.

    I like Orlando but I’ve never been a “fan” of his. The same with Miranda, I was just interested in the fact she was a local girl made good as I’d see her in local ads like Portmans & others.

    When she became a VS Angel it was reported in the news here & in magazines, I just thought its good to see her doing so well.

    When she starting dating Orlando there was even more coverage of her
    in the news. That’s when I just happened to come across discussions on JJ, I had no clue why people were arguing. From that I discovered the Orlando love forum & the Delphi site.

    I could never understand why these group of women disliked Miranda so much as she hadn’t done anything to warrant such hatred.

    It soon became apparent it was just plain old fashioned jealousy coupled with a severe case of sour grapes.

    No matter what Miranda did, said or wore they would use any excuse to find fault with her. It was extreme, over the top & irrational.

    That’s when I started to defend Miranda anytime I saw a nasty comment about her that was so delusional & was bourne out spite & bitterness.

    So I’m not a member of any forum or fandom, I just can’t stand to see a person bullied simply because she happens to be married to an actor that these women are obsessed with & cannot except that their together & happy!

    It reminds me of Justin Bieber’s tween fans that bombard any person that has anything negative to say about him. Except these people are “mature aged women” who should know better but instead they carry on like silly jealous fan girls.

    Over the years their actions have gotten worse & are becoming more & more irrational & delusional. I mean the fact they’re still saying Orlando & Miranda aren’t really married. Flynn is not his son & that he’s paid appearance money is just beyond stupid but also very very creepy.

    If they told their partners, family & friends just what they’ve been doing I’m sure most people would be VERY shocked & advise them to seek professional help for their obsession!

  • @33

    My favorite over-the-top moments was when they actually attacked her for doing charity work, and for feeding Flynn a healthy diet.
    Those just floored me. Up ’til then, I thought that I had seen it all.
    And my favorite example of their hypocrisy came before last year’s Global Green event. They were railing on Orlando for not making an appearance at a previous event, and that ‘if he cared, he would show up to support the cause’. But when he and Miranda DID attend, they ranted that they were just being “famewh@res”, because you didn’t have to attend the event to support it. :/
    So very funny.
    And poor “Wanda”. People are being mean to her just because she is being mean and hateful to others. Cry me a river.

  • @wanda

    “Die in a fire, you miserable, psychotic, stalking b!tch.”
    What a little ray of sunshine you are.
    Full of sweetness and light.