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Brad Pitt & Shia LaBeouf Continue Filming 'Fury' in England!

Brad Pitt & Shia LaBeouf Continue Filming 'Fury' in England!

Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf hang out on set in costume between takes of their new film Fury on Thursday (October 31) in Oxfordshire, England.

The 49-year-old actor and Shia, 27, were joined on set by co-star Michael Pena. During one scene, Shia was holding back Brad after it seemed like some of the characters got in a sort of scuffle!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

Fury also stars Jon Bernthal, Logan Lerman, Scott Eastwood, Jason Isaacs, and more, and is set to be released on November 14 of next year.

20+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt and others on the Fury set…

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brad pitt shia labeouf continue fury filming 01
brad pitt shia labeouf continue fury filming 02
brad pitt shia labeouf continue fury filming 03
brad pitt shia labeouf continue fury filming 04
brad pitt shia labeouf continue fury filming 05
brad pitt shia labeouf continue fury filming 06
brad pitt shia labeouf continue fury filming 07
brad pitt shia labeouf continue fury filming 08
brad pitt shia labeouf continue fury filming 09
brad pitt shia labeouf continue fury filming 10
brad pitt shia labeouf continue fury filming 11
brad pitt shia labeouf continue fury filming 12
brad pitt shia labeouf continue fury filming 13
brad pitt shia labeouf continue fury filming 14
brad pitt shia labeouf continue fury filming 15
brad pitt shia labeouf continue fury filming 16
brad pitt shia labeouf continue fury filming 17
brad pitt shia labeouf continue fury filming 18
brad pitt shia labeouf continue fury filming 19
brad pitt shia labeouf continue fury filming 20
brad pitt shia labeouf continue fury filming 21
brad pitt shia labeouf continue fury filming 22

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  • lynn

    Yeah!!! Brad looking good!!!!

  • zulu

    Agreed. Looking good for sure.

  • Love Conquers All

    12 Years A Slave now equals The Social Network as the film with the most perfect scores of 100s on Metacritic with 28 100 out of 41 reviews . Rene Rodriguez of Miami Herald who gave Gravity 3.5 out of four just posted a 4/4 star review of the film.

  • Brad loves Angelina

    New hair cur again? I like coz after he will finish his shooting he has to cut it same hair like mams. Bet he miss angie and kids

  • Hello

    Looking good.

  • Dc

    Sexy as ever!

  • William Bradley&The Jolie

    Afternoon folks. Lovely to read about the wine sale and the proceeds going to a help others. But I do have a question. I have read a few of the writeups about the sale, and I cannot tell wine that made the biggest sale if one of the new wines. You know, the Perrins said that they were to launch two new white wines this Fall and then next year they would launch two reads – for a total of five wines. Was anyone else able to figure this out?

    Also, I found this item on the Fussyeye blog site. It’s dated from October 14th. Does anyone know anything about this or what it could mean? I would assume this info. is from the IMDb pro site.



    Cleopatra: Status was updated on October 8 to “script” from “development unknown.” If more work is being done on the script, upon whose behest and supervision? The last draft already had Angelina’s approval. She told Baz Bamigboye in June they had a “really good Cleopatra script.”

    - Fussy

  • Wonderbust

    Was reading the other thread. This is for the resident troll from the Academy website itsef:
    The Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, an Oscar statuette, is given to an “individual in the motion picture industry whose humanitarian efforts have brought credit to the industry.”

    So sorry troll Angelina is indeed receiving an OSCAR regardless if its for acting or not it is still an OSCAR, bwahhahhaha.

  • Wonderbust

    now the Irving G Thalberg award is NOT an Oscar rather it is a bronze statute as you can see on the link below. Angie will be receiving the Hersholt which is an Oscar. 16 days from today

  • can’t wait

    another stink bomb

  • the ring
  • awwww

    Brad looks so hot.

  • Dawne

    Hey, Ring ….around the bathtub troll……….last thread you were Tic Tac………hey, dipshiit, it is Tick Tock………LMAO…….geezus troll, keep your distance form a Rubix Cube………ROFLMAO The Tac is in NYC filimg a teeevee show. The Tic is likely in a mummy bandage…….

  • Lily

    Looks like there is a fight scene between Brad’s character and Shia’s charater in the movie. Brad looks great.

  • the ring

    tic tac tic tac

  • Brad is funny

    “Shia was holding back Brad after it seemed like some of the characters got in a sort of scuffle!”
    All too real!
    Word on the set is that the combination of Brad’s revolting BO and practical joke hangover f@rting with the tank hatch closed have resulted in fisticuffs on more than one occasion.

  • well

    Brad is looking young and gorgeous.

  • fyi

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie auction barrel of their estate wine for 10,000 euros

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have sold a signed barrel of white wine, produced by their estate in the south of France, for £8,600 at auction

    A barrel of organic wine produced by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s estate in the south of France has been sold for more than €10,000 (£8,500) at auction, with the money going to support an agricultural project in Africa.

    Winegrowers in the village of Correns, where Pitt and Jolie have their chateau, 50 miles inland from Saint-Tropez, organised the sale on Wednesday evening as part of an annual auction to raise funds for the Democratic Republic of Congo, and donated to an agricultural cooperative which aims to teach young people about sustainable farming.

    “We’ve organised this sale in solidarity with the people of the Kivu region,” said Michael Latz, mayor of Correns.

    “It’s in an area on bordering Rwanda which has been left impoverished by war. Young people and agriculture have been the principal victims of conflict – and yet they are the key to future stability in the region.”

    The Pitt-Jolie barrel was by far the top seller, and was bought by local wine merchant Vins Breban. A 60-gallon cask, signed by the couple; it holds approximately 300 bottles – each bottle therefore worth around £28. This year’s sale made almost €25,000 for the charity, which operates in an area that Jolie visited in March this year alongside William Hague, the Foreign Secretary.

    The couple bought a 17th Century castle, the Chateau Miraval, in the community in 2008 and since then have cultivated vines on their 988 acres of land. Both he and his fiancée are said to take a keen interest in the process; speaking to local producers and discussing how to achieve the best blends.

    The 35-room estate – where the Hollywood couple spend their summers – is tucked away in its own private valley, with vines sprawling up the hillsides in stonewalled terraces that have been restored to their traditional form.

    “It’s a magical place,” said winemaker Marc Perrin. “The valley, property of the chateau, offers an unmatched ecosystem and gives the wines a unique style in terms of freshness and elegance.”

    Pitt and Jolie enlisted the Perrin family, who run a winery in California and also own the Chateau de Beaucastel near Avignon – one of the most celebrated producers of Chateauneuf-du-Pape – to help produce their wine. The Perrin family began making Miraval’s wines with the 2012 harvest, and their first 6,000 bottles of rose sold out within five hours earlier this year.

    Mr Perrin told The Telegraph that they produced 30,000 bottles last year, but were not sure yet how many would be made this season. A white and red followed the initial rose production, and British firm Berry Bros. & Rudd currently sell the bottles in Britain for £18.95.

    Simon Field, a buyer for Berry Bros. & Rudd, said: “They have picked up an impressive property and have maintained or even elevated its reputation with their first vintage. Anecdotally they show genuine interest in the winemaking process.

    “Their first vintage was a well-judged and finely made wine.”

  • Phool

    Further Set Photos from “Unbrocken” that I posted this morning in the last thread of Angies:

    Angelina Jolie’s ‘Unbroken’: First photos from set — EXCLUSIVE

    By Sara Vilkomerson on Oct 31, 2013

    Earlier this month Angelina Jolie began production on her second directorial feature, Unbroken, due in theaters Christmas 2014. The film is adapted from Laura Hillenbrand’s bestseller of the same name and tells the true and incredible story of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner who, while enlisted during World War II, survived a plane crash into the ocean. And that’s just the beginning of the trials Zamperini faced: he spent 47 days adrift on a raft in the Pacific only to then be imprisoned in a brutal Japanese POW camp for over two years.


    “On set, we started to joke and say, ‘Tomorrow will be easier,’ knowing full well that on this challenging shoot, there are no easy days,” Jolie says via email. “Anytime it gets tough, we think of the real men who lived through this, and no one complains. In fact, we all just feel honored to be here.”


    In the photo above, Jolie is on set in Australia’s Moreton Bay. For more exclusive photos, including one of Jack O’Connell as Zamperini and Finn Wittrock (with safety driver Carla Thexton).

    Because production began with Zamperini (played by Jack O’Connell) and fellow airmen and raftmates Russell Allen Phillips and Francis McNamara (Domnhall Gleeson and Finn Wittrock) marooned at sea, the actors arrived on location in Moreton Bay starvation-skinny after an extreme diet protocol. “We’ve begun with the character’s lowest points, though, so I’m looking forward to when [Zamperini’s] in top form,” says O’Connell. “Perhaps the makeup will be less extensive so I might get a lie-in, compared to the current 3:30 a.m. calls.”


    Kidding aside, the actor feels honored to be playing Zamperini, whom he’s met with twice. “Both times I came away feeling awe-struck,” he says. He has similar feelings for his director, whom he says he likes to think of as the World’s Best Boss. He’s not the only one impressed by Jolie. “She’s extremely bright and subtle-minded and absolutely devoted to getting it right,” says Hillenbrand, who speaks with Jolie regularly. “She wants every detail to be true. It’s easy to fudge things. It’s hard to be devoted to doing things right. She’s taking the hard path.”


    As for Zamperini himself, now 96, Hillenbrand reports that he’s excited about the film — and its director: “He always says, ‘I volunteer to be in the movie as long as I can play Angelina’s boyfriend.”


    Below: Jolie and first assistant director Joe Reidy (far left) watch over Domnhall Gleeson, who plays fellow survivor Russell Phillips.


    Short cut to:

  • fyi

    Last weekend, while some of Make It Right’s team were planting trees in Kansas City, our construction director Craig Turner travelled to Far Rockaway, New York to join St. Bernard Project, American Institute of Architects, Chelsea Clinton and our partners in the Designing Recovery Competition to break ground on the first Resilient House for Hurricane Sandy victims.

    The new home is being built for Felix and Linita Lyons and their four young children. Felix Lyons said that when the home is finished “we’ll be happy again, and our family will regain a little peace.”

    We’re thrilled to be a part of helping Sandy victims rebuild. Check out the design for Resilient House, as well as homes designed for disaster victims in New Orleans and Joplin, Missouri.

  • Phool

    First Look at Jack O´Connell , Finn Wittrock and Domhnall Gleeson on the set of Angelina Jolie´s Unbroken

    October 31, 2013
    Angelina Jolie has begun filming on her highly anticipated adaptation of WWII true life survival tale “Unbroken,” and Hey U Guys have the first official behind-the-scenes images from the set featuring Jack O’Connell, Domhnall Gleeson and Finn Wittrock filming one of the most harrowing sequences in the film. “Unbroken,” adapted from the bestseller by Laura Hillenbrand, follows O’Connell’s Louis Zamperini, a kid from the wrong side of the tracks who finds purpose in track and field, eventually becoming an Olympian. But his story only gets more interesting from there as he enlists in the army, fights in WWII and survives a plane crash, being stranded at sea with two fellow soldiers (Gleeson and Wittrock) and then being sent to a Japanese Prisoner of War camp, where he was tortured and abused, and lived to tell the tale.
    The first photos released from the set feature the trio looking sunburnt and malnourished (months of dieting got them to this point) floating on their rafts, while Jolie looks on, first on location and then in an edit bay. Filming began on October 16th in Australia, with a Christmas Day 2014 release date set.
    Academy Award® winner Angelina Jolie directs and produces Unbroken, an epic drama that follows the incredible life of Olympian and war hero Louis “Louie” Zamperini (Jack O’Connell) who, along with two other crewmen, survived in a raft for 47 days after a near-fatal plane crash in WWII—only to be caught by the Japanese Navy and sent to a prisoner-of-war camp.


    Director Jolie began shooting some of the most dramatic and challenging scenes on Wednesday, October 16, on location far out at sea in Moreton Bay, Australia, with Zamperini (O’Connell) and his fellow airmen—Phil (Domhnall Gleeson) and Mac (Finn Wittrock)—having impossibly survived being adrift in the open Pacific for several weeks.


    Working with cameras on a floating rig in choppy waters and braving the elements, with actors dieting for months to appear as depleted as their characters, Jolie completed a successful first day of a location shoot that promises to be rigorous and uniquely challenging. Adapted from Laura Hillenbrand’s (“Seabiscuit: An American Legend”) enormously popular book, Unbroken brings to the big screen Zamperini’s unbelievable and inspiring true story about the resilient power of the human spirit.


    Starring alongside O’Connell, Gleeson and Wittrock are Garrett Hedlund and John Magaro as fellow POWs who find an unexpected camaraderie during their internment, Alex Russell as Zamperini’s brother, Pete, and in his English-language feature debut, Japanese actor Miyavi as the brutal camp guard known only to the men as “The Bird.”


    The film is produced by Jolie, as well as Matthew Baer (City by the Sea), Erwin Stoff (The Day the Earth Stood Still) and Clayton Townsend (This Is 40). Leading the accomplished behind-the-scenes crew is 10-time Oscar®-nominated cinematographer Roger Deakins (Skyfall). Academy Award® winners Joel and Ethan Coen (No Country for Old Men) rewrote the screenplay from earlier drafts by William Nicholson (Les Misérables) and Richard LaGravenese (HBO’s Behind the Candelabra).


    Short cut to:

  • anustin


  • Vanessa

    I can’t wait for Brad finishing Fury, it feels like he is filming it like forever.

  • Phool

    Share a rosé with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie!


    21st October 2013 Credit:.Ile Maurice Tourisme Infos

    This summer, lunch or dinner will be accompanied by the first and already famous Miraval Provence Rosé its equally famous owners: the couple formed by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The pair of actors has acquired the Château Miraval in 2008 and then went in search of the best producers of the site to provide a high quality wine . The Perrin family, big name French in terms of local wines , so sign the Miraval Provence Rosé and offer any substance to this wine has already been able to find a place with great .

    For lovers of wine as for the curious to taste the wine bottled by the couple the most glamorous Hollywood, the Miraval Provence Rosé is available in wine shops and restaurant 20/Vin Wine Connection in Grand Baie La Croisette. But the subject of the highly anticipated bottles is limited , it will be fast !
    For Benoit Audibert , Brand Manager at Grays , ” it is an honor for us to be officials of the wine quality , and with the media attention of its owners, is likely to be a hit . This is , remember , the perfect type of wine with the hot season comes apace , to brighten the year end festivities . Rosé is indeed increasingly appreciated and it shows a real personality by taking the opposite of what happens in Provence . ”


    This wine has been designed with the best vineyards in the valley of Château Miraval , and nose there notes a fantastic bouquet of white fruit aromas , fresh strawberry and floral notes. We also distinguish aromas of wild strawberries, wild herbs , citrus and wet stone . There is a refreshing acidity , due to the altitude of the vineyard, and late in the round , long and vibrant mouth. Moreover, it comes from organic farming even if nothing is indicated on the label as this type of culture is quite natural for both homeowners and famous Perrin.


    The Château Miraval , exceptional estate of more than 350 years , covers 50 hectares of vineyards, woods and olive groves near the village of Correns , the first organic village in France . It is one of the few to have its own valley. Partially organized in dry stone terraces , the terroir of Château Miraval is strongly influenced by the altitude of the vineyards are on average 350 meters . The vines and have hot days and cold nights that bring freshness and balance to the wine . And the expertise of the Perrin family, devoted to wines crafted in the land of the south of France , there was little chance that the couple Jolie- Pitt is mistaken in his choice of partner.


    The Perrin family since 2012 that provides both viticulture and winemaking wine distribution is the largest owner of organic vineyards in the best soils of the southern Rhone Valley . The values ​​she wears have long made its reputation in the world : the Chateauneuf -du -Pape , Château de Beaucastel or the Clos des Turrets won numerous awards .

  • William Bradley&The Jolie

    I just had a thought, if the Cleopatra project is in “script,” could that mean that a director is on board who perhaps has requested some script work? And once the work is complete, we may get the announcement?

    Don’t know anything about IMDb pro, but this development does have me curious.

  • Phool

    Now thats what we call a ruggedly handsome soldier

  • TYAS tweet

    Hervis ‏@Jew_Chainz now

    I honestly can’t imagine any other film winning Best Picture than 12 Years a Slave

  • Tweet

    David Ayer ‏@DavidAyerMovies 8m

    Day 24

  • Premalee
  • Tweet

    Hervis ‏@Jew_Chainz now

    12 Years a Slave will be recognized as one of the best films ever made. And that’s no hyperbole. Citizen Kane level

  • Brad loves Angelina

    See it haters. That is why angie is not wearing her engagement ring bcoz she is afraid that something may happened to her ring. She is filming in the water. Glad they both wear simple rings that match them together while they are away. Trolls in so much pain bwahahaha

  • ndn

    Brad looks sooo damn hot !!!! Love the man in uniform… he will be forever young and sexy in my eyes…

  • Premalee
  • Tina

    Brad is smoking HOT! from 50 yards and out of focus. yummm

  • who

    Looking great Brad!

  • CK

    Brad is the hottest man ever.

  • Love Conquers All

    It’s Official!! TYAS is 97 on metacritic :) TYAS has Make it 30 100s out of 42 reviews. Congratulations to Mcqueen, TYAS cast, Brad and Plan B :)

  • Rose

    @Phool: Hi Phool, how are you my sister? Phool, I have been very busy today and did not get to send my regular howdy to you today. Phool, Bradley is really looking mighty fine. I guess he spend a little time with the family over the weekend, maybe when he returned the twins to OZ. I know he really missed his family, but daddy has to make the money to take care of his family, :-).

    Phool, I forget to thank you for sending CB rules to Jared for me. I’m hoping he takes a good look at what’s been happening on his site, especially this thread. If nothing else, he should not allow trolls to take over Brad and Angie’s thread and making derogatory post about children and threatening to kill Angelina by stabbing her 100x. Other gossip sites have rules and enforced their rules, why can’t Chris or
    Jared? Thank you Phool for all you do everyday to keep the fans
    informed on news about Brad and Angelina.

  • fansarecrying

    @the ring:

    you have all brangelina fans crying and worried so much :((((

  • Rose

    @ Love the Jolie Pitts, Love, I see you are up and around today, so go to know you’re ok, love, that was so funny this morning/last night to see about four regulars getting on at that time of the night and still could function good enough to write a comment. I believe we all fell asleep around the same time, but it was good to shoot the breeze, lol. Love, please take care of your dear self, you are such a positive person, it’s good to have you as a friend on JJ. We will talk later Love.

  • Kathy

    Love seeing Brad in uniform, next Brad should make a movie that he wears Navy officer uniform in it.

  • groundcontrol

    Mais oui!! Kathy, mais oui!

  • busted


    OH MY.. a Naval Officer.. My head went to some great places.. Thanks for that moment

    So great to see Brad on the set.. Man he looks great, and nobody holds their body the way he does. Very sexy.

  • Kim

    BET has a special on TYAS Friday @8pm ET called The Reel Story
    Happy Halloween

  • Kim

    @fansarecryingOh yeah we’ve been worrying and crying for almost nine years . LOL Brad and Angie remain two of the most powerful and valued actors in the industry. Angie is directing her second feature and will recieve secon Oscar in two weeks. Brad’s film TYAS is the highest rated film at Metacritic surpassing Gravity . TYAS box office is almost $4Million despite only being on 123 screens. Fans are crying tears of joy :)

  • Anna

    Cripes! Can’t JJ get clearer pics than these?

  • Anna

    What is this story all over about a Jolie-Pitt trial separation about?. I wonder if there is much to it.


    g’day bitches
    fairest dinkum of them all
    ||||| YOO – HOO |||||
    waving to Rose, Passing Through, NAN, Jaye, Premalee, Josephina, Were the morons, Jen The Hag, Lylian, Paiige, First and last post, Ssshhii_Baby, Fe, Bizzy Bee, Noplace, QQQQ, groundcontrol, Lurker, William Bradley&The Jolie, Susan, Dawne, Tish, Anustin, WonderBust, Love The Jolie Pitts, Fyi12, plz, MIR, JP Fan, Vickifromtexas, tweet, twat, Bea, Who, briseis, Sabine, Lucy, fyi, Media Wh@re MANiston, Lylian, Cliniqua, AWHODAT!, juju, Go Figure!, Sunny, plez, Lily, Lurker, yolly, Neleh, Lara, Senior, Vicki, Anoble, Kimmy, Lyric, DS, Dulc, JoAnn, busted, Phool, Joann, LLM, Casmir, Tutuna, Gena, Foxy, Aisha, AnusStain, PassingPoo, PhatTwat and to all lovely fans of Brad and Angie. God bless us, every one. God bless the Jolie-Pitt Family. God bless their fans all over the world.
    Check your email bitches.

    …BONG… oopsie another fat fan just bounced off roobar.

    jolie still whoring as usual
    not to worry
    + jolie hot lips
    + jolie power-whore snapper
    + jolie porno-class tits
    + jolie perlane-puffed nipples from hell
    ALL A-OK & tip top

  • busted


    you are good to even answer the dumb comment. As if that poster knows squat. IT or whatever has been posting the same thing for YEARS. according to the troll Brad and Angie break up every minute. Why would the fans be crying over what has been posted for years. I think our 8+ – 0 record is more impressive.

    Brad and Angie are still together.. nothing else to say.

  • Anna

    You are talking through your hat when you say this.
    There is no use for me to say more to such a person as you.