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Katie Holmes: Back in South Africa for More 'Giver' Filming!

Katie Holmes: Back in South Africa for More 'Giver' Filming!

Katie Holmes lands at the airport after a long flight on Wednesday (November 20) in Cape Town, South Africa.

The 34-year-old actress was joined by a male gentleman as she made her way through the airport. Katie‘s reportedly back in town to continue filming The Giver, which has been underway for several weeks.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Katie and her daughter Suri spent some time together in South Africa while she filmed – they were spotted earlier this month at a park in Cape Town!

FYI: Katie is wearing the Wyatt Harness Short Boots in Black by The Frye Company.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes arriving back in Cape Town for more filming…

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katie holmes arrives back in south africa 02
katie holmes arrives back in south africa 03
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  • Ron

    Katie and Tom should get back together they still love one another.

  • Geez a Louisa

    This woman needs a 3-way mirror. Those jeans are way too tight. They are pulling at the seams and twisting around her leg.
    She is probably back in SA to reshoot some of her scenes since every one in the movie from Streep to Skarsgard can act rings around her.

  • Mary

    Ah, man, I thought she was done with the too-tight, unflattering jeans and those nasty boots. She has gobs of money — how about a nice trouser?

  • freya

    “a male gentleman”? Aren’t gentlemen by definition male? Or was this a particularly masculine gentleman?

  • anne

    Never. Cruise think she wanted to burn his image in the press. He hates it.

    And Suri? Who is with her in NY? The new evidence of the action of Bauer / Cruise is day 26/11, Katie will be in South Africa She should testify and clarify this action.

  • Rex

    Love her, she is so hot

  • Yawn

    She has thunderbolt thighs. Try cute skirts and leggings or a sporty-style casual look. I like Katie Holmes but she’s not quite a fashionista, and that should be a compliment.

  • annie

    That friend of hers, that she’s always with, maybe she’s her assistant, took Suri to school, maybe she brought a nanny back from South Africa, or got one before they left ( she was in a few pics from SA )because she was in the school pics as well.
    Suri is cute she wore her mothers woolly grampa jumper to school, looked like a coat on her.
    Well her mother is in SA, but TC doesn’t seem to be looking after her, wasn’t he in Florida a few days ago.
    For someone whose lawyer said he got generous visitation rights, doesn’t seem to be doing too much visiting, at least that’s what it looks like.

  • Edna

    Leah Remini said her god children no longer speak to her since she left Scientology. Tom has clearly disconnected from Suri, but he lies and says he hasnt.

  • annie

    And if I am being really and truly honest, yes, would like T and K back together, but he would have to give up Scie, and don’t see that happening somehow, altho a few years ago, an astrologer predicted that Katie will be Toms redemption.
    I really don’t believe that Tom is an altogether AH, I think his fanatical beliefs go a long way into making him look like one.
    I’m not saying that behind the scenes there may not be other people in their lives, but it’s coming up close to 1 1/2 yrs, for the both of them , and nobody has surfaced yet.
    Wouldn’t that be one for the books!

  • ANNE

    Katie is in SA without Suri is very strange. It is a point to Cruise in the action because he claimed he traveled widely Farmer movies and talked to her on the phone. Maybe his request for Katie to do this.

    “astrologer predicted that Katie will be Toms redemption.” Lol.
    “Wouldn’t that be one for the books!” I do not understand what you meant by this phrase.

    Where are Sincerely Concerned, K-Flop, Yassine.

  • Hmm

    Ok, back to south africa again. Thought she was done shooting that movie. Perhaps there is even time to give skarsgard a good luck kiss, before he takes off on his southpole expedition. Hehe..

  • rubyz

    @Geez a Louisa. Exactly. She probably needs to reshoot ALL of her scenes, LOL. Can’t act to save herself.

  • Just a Comment

    It looks like she arrived very early in the morning because the airport appears lonely. The man she’s walking with is an assigned bodyguard. He was seen with Katie and Suri previously when they were in South Africa. The first time there Katie was there about 3-4 weeks (NOT 8 weeks as someone posted). Katie appeared on the Today show in early October and said she was leaving the South Africa “next week” and after 3-4 weeks her and Suri were back in New York and now she’s back to South Africa. Probably for a few reshoots. I think Suri stayed in New York or with Katie’s family. Thanksgiving is next week and Suri will be off from school. I’m betting Katie will be back for Thanksgiving.

  • Just a Comment

    I think that’s a long flight (maybe 14 hours) and do you notice we have NOT seen Suri since they returned from South Africa. I don’t think Katie will be in South Africa long and she probably didn’t want to subject Suri to a long flight back to back.

  • annie

    @ Anne
    I will try to make it as simple as I can. Redemption is when someone looks into their previous actions and then tries to make themselves better. The astrologer, and this was around , at least 4-5 yrs ago, said that Katie could be cause of this.
    Maybe someone else can explain it better.

    @ just a comment
    There are pics of Suri going and coming out of school. That’s where I saw her wearing her mothers granddpa cardi, and riding her scooter.

  • Karelyn

    @annie: I don’t think Katie is his redemption at all. More like his nightmare. Do you honestly think he would take her back after the humiliation and damage she did to his pride and the Cult? Do you think Miscavage would allow this? If you read Morton’s bio of him and Kidman’s bio as well as the Village Voice cult exposes, most are in agreement that he was crazy in love with Kidman right up to the end. The VV articles have senior ex cult officials that state the cult orchestrated the divorce because Kidman was a threat. She was turning Tom away from the cult. So do you honestly think a man who could turn his back on a ten plus year relationship with a woman he loved due to the cult would take back Katie who caused him such embarrassment and damage?
    I don’t think so.

  • annie

    What you say may very well be true, I’m not disputing it, and again you say how much in love with NK he was, even tho ….and the only thing you can say,, is that he dumped her. He didn’t just leave her high and dry, because DM told him to, he took up with Pen Cruz straight away, if not before he told Nicole he didn’t want to be married to her.
    You are such a big fan of NK, you want desperately to believe that he was desperately in love with her , because she is your idol.
    However, from where I’m sitting, and again I could be very wrong, his actions, whether, DM told him to leave her, or he fell for Cruz when they were filming , he seemed to forget this so called great love that you seemed to think he had for NK. Is it that easy for people? Just wipe somebody out because DM told him too…..or was it just easier to take up with Pen Cruz. Either way..what does it say?

  • Karelyn

    @annie: What are you talking about, excuse me, but I’m not an NK or TC fan. I just like to read biographies and the TC and NK are two that I’ve read along with hundreds of others. Do your own research before assuming things Annie. Read the VV pieces. The ex-cult members all say that Kidman was disenchanted with the cult and trying to pull Tom out of it. Do you really think they were going to let him go so easily? Morton commented that when Tom decides on a course of action he commits and doesn’t look back. I realize you desperately want to think Katie is the love of his life, but I think Tom loves only one person and that is himself. Next comes the cult. I do think Kidman was the love of his life romantically because they were very similar. Both very ambitious, work oriented actors who put their acting and fame above everything else. Read the bios and you will know what I’m talking about.

  • annie

    @ Karelyn
    I’m not disputing anything you are saying, they were very much alike. But there also comes a time, when you actually have to answer some of your own questions, if you can understand what I’m trying to say.
    I thoroughly agree, both close in age, and everything else that you mentioned, but….love is love, you can’t shut it out so easily,you can’t put it on lockdown, and make it go away, no matter who you are, no matter what somebody tells you to do, it doesn’t go away.
    Most people would never give up someone they have loved for 10yrs, paticularly people like them , who have everything, just because somebody tells them to.
    That’s not love, no matter what you or anyone says, no matter how it’s glossed over. For me’s take you or leave you, either way is ok, and that’s how it comes across, but it’s not love in any shape or form!
    What I’m trying to say is Toms actions were far from deeply loving, ok
    whether Moreton says so , or anybody else

  • anne


    Got redemption. I agree. After that pulled the rug, maybe he wakes up because he cares so much about his image and career.
    Cruise, Kidman, Cruz, Holmes .. are all opportunistic, selfish to only think about their careers. Let’s wake. These “relationships” are arrangements for advertising. We’ll know the truth when they get old and write their autobiographies….

  • Karelyn

    @annie: Well Annie Xenu isn’t called a cult for nothing. It has Tom by the balls and he would most likely do what was asked of him. He has to be aware of the abuse it inflicts on its members so is it any stretch of the imagination that he would dump a wife or kid if they asked him to do so. Other Xenu members have disowned spouses, parents and children when they left the cult. Supposedly Bella is wanting to leave the cult and has reconnected with Nicole. When was the last time you saw her with Tom? From a purely prurient gossip stand point I hope the attorneys in his libel case subpoena Katie, Nicole, Bella and Connor! And I hope their depositions are leaked.

  • annie

    I read somewhere that Bella is studying in the UK.
    If I was the lawyer, the question I would have asked Connor and Bella see their little sister, much more interesting question , at least to me, than whether or not they see Katie. Connor made his feelings clear when she left, but always wondered whether they keep in touch with Suri, or even their other 2 little sisters. Suri has been with them . since she was born, and before.
    How can someone ask another person to disconnect from someone they love, and how can you disconnect from your child.Your mindset would have be incredible, and your heart must be as cold as ice. Really can’t understand it at all.
    Wonder how many of Toms millions went into that new scie building, I bet lots.

  • Karelyn

    @annie: Well Annie you have to admit a deposition given by Kidman, Holmes and the kids would be great reading. I know Tom has Kidman and Holmes wrapped up with ironclad confidentiality agreements, but legally I think they would have to answer questions about Tom and his relationship with the kids and of course the kids with them. And of course like you said it would be interesting to hear Connor and Bella’s take on everything.

    Bet Tom is rueing the day he decided to sue instead of ignore that story!

  • kat

    she looks better than most that just sit on their behind all day. people jealous! haters cant give props but I can-go Katie, you’re gorgeous wout makeup!