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Lana Del Rey's Music is 'Irrelevent,' According to Lorde

Lana Del Rey's Music is 'Irrelevent,' According to Lorde

Lana Del Rey and her boyfriend Barrie James O’Neill get affectionate with each other while leaving a furniture store on Tuesday afternoon (November 26) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old singer headed to a 7-11 convenience store while Barrie grabbed the couple some beverages at Starbucks. Earlier in the day, Lana wore a white top and jeans while getting lunch with a male pal.

Lorde recently called Lana and some other artists’ music irrelevant.

“Around the middle of last year I started listening to a lot of rap, like Nicki Minaj and Drake, as well as pop singers like Lana Del Rey,” Lorde told Interview magazine. “They all sing about such opulence, stuff that just didn’t relate to me”or anyone that I knew. I began thinking, ‘How are we listening to this? It’s completely irrelevant.’ I basically just wrote what we were all thinking.”

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  • dsld

    Ugh shut up already, Lorde.

  • Mia

    Lorde? Aw, right. LDR music is beautiful, Lorde is too modern and it’s obvious she’s jealous.

  • Ray

    Not sure i agree with lorde grouping Lana in with nicki and drake?? Never heard Lana sing about anything too opulent except maybe on “young and beautiful” which was for a soundtrack to a very opulent movie. I think lorde needs to stfu and start thinking about where she is going next with her own music before she becomes irrelevant.

  • saadgkhan

    Lorde needs to Shut the F Up before we’ll stop buying her music . . . Taylor, Selena now Lana etc . Selena is right Lorde indeed is Lorde Is A Bad Feminist. Her music is good but Music doesn;t make some one like her pretty inside/outside

  • Sophie

    And that’s where she’s completly wrong.

  • mel

    What on earth is Lorde talking about? I find her song SO annoying yet I can listen to an entire Lana Del Rey without being bored. Lorde needs to respect people that have been around longer then her or else she’s gonna be just another a has-been FAST.

  • kary

    This girl is starting to annoy me… So basically she’s the only human been in the whole world who actually writes good music? come on… how old is she like 15? what hell she know about good music?… she’s just starting a career maybe she could be more humble

  • zz

    Lorde is a 17 year that age is ok to talk shit…i guess she’ll grow up and realize how stupid is all this

  • Ine

    Such BS! Check Lorde’s twitter. They totally twist her words so that it looks lile she’s dissing people, when she is NOT!

    Stop it. This is all media flourish, she never said anything bad about anyone….

  • Summer

    The only time she is in the news these days is when she is dissing someone. I like her song and I like her, but her attitude of dissing other artists is getting annoying now.

  • maria

    she’s burning her bridges…and she’s just 1 mediocre song old..not sure how long she’ll survive if she keeps going at this rate.

  • Lana

    I like Lana’s music, she has a sweet voice. Lorde is an arrogant brat who looks like she’s 35….and UGLY. She’s always so rude and insulting to everyone, that people need to stop buying her music, then maybe she’ll go back to New Zealand and stay there.

  • pika

    Lorde is talking like her music is a gift from the damn Lord himself. has anyone heard some of her lyrics?
    “Now we’re wearing long sleeves and the heating comes on
    (You buy me orange juice)
    We’re getting good at this
    Dreams of clean teeth”
    WTF DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? sit down lorde or swerve or something.

  • GGGive

    she explained this on twitter

  • Yawn

    Her music is awful. Lana Del Rey at least is smoother. Someone get Lorde a decent PR advisor quick smart!

  • jun

    I’ve been following Lana’s career for years, if you really know her work you will know that she is a very good songwriter. Lorde needs to STFU, one song wonder and it ain’t even all that.

  • Drake

    You totally twisted Lorde’s words. She said OPULENCE is irrelevant, not Lana Del Rey.

  • ugh

    What a stupid headline. She called the things Lana sung about irrelevant to teenagers like Lorde herself… Lorde is passionate about music. Stop bashing her for her opinions.

  • liz

    lorde is an idiot. she knows she has nothing to offer as an artist so she talks sh*t about other artists knowing it will make headlines. pathetic.

  • liz

    that little brat apparently never learned manners, or the lesson of “respecting your elders.” what she needs is a nice slap in the face.

  • lolo


    “she’s always so rude”… like your comment is nice constructive criticism pfff you hypocrite!


    No.14; Did she say anything about nice looking package in the above pix?


    No.8; You are right of course. Most 17 year-old virgin girls don’t know a nice sack when they see one for the first time.

  • Anna

    @ugh: She needs to learn how to talk to to the media, she is screwing her career. Whether she dissed them or not, she has dissed other artists. She needs to learn her place in the industry, one hit doesn’t make you amazing.

  • Amy

    This girl keeps naming dropping for attention. If she was talented she wouldn’t need to do this. Birdy is a much better singer anyway.

  • Sylvia

    Lana Del Rey rarely sings about opulence and when she does it’s meant to be taken symbolically, not literally. Her songwriting is actually very meaningful and beautiful. I don’t understand why Lorde would group her with Drake and NIcki Minaj.

  • so

    Here comes Fatty Lana and her ugly boyfriend. I don’t know this Lorde but she is so right.

  • Effy

    Lana has beautiful lyrics and a great voice to match. Lorde will be a nobody soon enough.

  • Ray

    Who’s Lorde?

  • Johnny Blaze

    @Ray: Who are you?

  • C.

    Everything she says is invalid because she gets played on crappy mainstream radio stations just like they do. If they’re irrelevant, she’s just as irrelevant.

  • sebastian


  • Hektor

    Stfu lorde your 17 ofcourse Lana’s songs specially with out you are not relevant to you!! Your prob haven’t even been in love -_-

  • What.

    All the comments I’ve read dissing Lorde for dissing other people are ridiculous. If every one of you was held as accountable for the things you said like Lorde was in this article, you’d probably sink into shameful oblivion much faster than this brave young artist ever will. I think Lorde is extremely talented, and so is Lana; she wants to get her message out through songs, so does Lana.

    Why the Hell is everyone so angry? Just look at yourselves, reduced to petty little ad hominem arguments. It disgusts me.

  • dianeceleste

    I am so sick of Lorde – I had never even heard of her until her petty little (one sided) argument with Lana Del Rey. Keep this is mind – Lorde is 17 years old and her actions reflect her immaturity and age. She is clearly jealous of LDR. From her looks, fashion, and stardom, I’m not sure but it is obvious. Lana didn’t shoot into fame like so many believe. She has been on the scene for years; her first album was shelved for 2 years but she kept at it, performing in dive bars and developing into a mature and talented woman with a unique and glamorous style. She has over 70 unreleased songs that show such an amazing range (YouTube them!) in style that it’s mindblowing someone can be that committed to their work.
    Lorde reminds me of that petulant artsy girl in high school who hated everyone she did not understand. And she clearly does not understand Lana Del Rey or her music. She, in essence, condones LDR for being beautiful, feminine, and sexual due to her feminist leanings, even if she does not comment that out right. Oh I am sure she’ll go there eventually.
    And “What we were all thinking?” How pompous. And “irrelevant”? Not good for “the girls”. I mean c’mon, Lorde is a girl, not even a young woman. Passing judgement – and so publically – on others is just so petty. Despite Lorde’s multiple digs, LDR has never responded once or seemed to take interest in Lorde’s very public opinion of her. That is maturity right there. In interviews LDR has responded she would “do nothing” to those who hated, even though it did hurt her.
    As for being “good for the girls” or a role model, Lana Del rey is amazing. I wish when I was in high school I’d been bumping Paradise on my ipod. If you look into Lana Del Rey’s life – although she keeps her personal life personal – you’ll find out she has been sober since she was 17 years old. As someone with a past drinking problem and multiple alcoholic family members, this cements her, in my mind, as a stellar example for younger girls to look up to. They, and Lorde, should take a leaf out of LDR’s book – ignore the criticism and hate, as opposed to Lorde who dishes it out.

  • dianeceleste

    In addition, it will be very interesting that they will both be playing at Coachella this year. I’ve had preordered tickets since May. I can almost see Lorde making some ugly statement on stage about her fellow performers.

  • Destyn

    Lorde is the irrelevant one , calling my two idol Nicki minaj and Lana del rey irrelevant , she’s a stupid one hit wonder , that will never make it big , what her album called again ??? Soz forgot ????? . She ugly aswell her eyes are so far apart it’s got it own bus route , she like someone off Star Trek she’s discussting like ewwww she trying to be all indie like no lorde go away you irrelevant one hit wonder !!!!!!!

  • Kay

    I don’t mean to be rude but .. this whole thing is being blown out of proportion. She wasn’t saying “Lana Del Rey’s music is garbage.” She clearly said she just cannot relate to it (so of course it’s irrelevant to her life). I’m sure all of you turn down some songs because you have no connection to them. The difference between you and her is you find another song while she WRITES another song. I swear this whole interview was taken out of context..

  • Chuck

    Prediction: The overwhelmingly liberal press will love her. She’s outspoken and says things that they will approve of. Her naivete will be taken to be precocious wisdom-because it reinforces the various journalists’ biases.

  • Chuck

    Although, I must admit, the headline of this article is misleading. It does show how careful people must be with their words. She will be likely to make more comments that alienate others than most music stars. As some have said, she thinks she knows a lot more than she actually does. If she does mature, she’ll realize she didn’t have life mastered quite as thoroughly as she had thought.

    With books
    Illusory knowledge
    Leads to
    Pretentious twaddle

  • Gerry

    It’s like an Elvis impersonator trashing Elvis.

  • Jenna

    I don’t understand Lorde…she is considered pop now. Lana is well known but definitely not consumed by the media. She’s sort of like Florence, everybody knows her but they don’t try to change her. Lorde needs to focus on herself and what she is putting out rather than putting down other artists that have been around longer and already know that talking about other artists isn’t going to get her anywhere.

  • Sara T

    …She’s just telling the truth… It’s not even an insult. Why is everyone so quick to demonise others? She’s a 17 year old girl who said songs about opulent, near-unattainable lifestyles revolving around money, drugs and sex are irrelevant to her and her friends! How is that anything but HONEST. Sheesh.

  • Zoe

    As a 15 year old who has no shame in sharing in gossip and trash-talking about people just about every day, I think this is a bit blown up. I admit to be biased to Lorde, but also am currently listening to a Lana Del Rey album at a friend’s recommendation. Lorde is 17. I don’t know what y’all expect of her, her only problem is being a bit too friendly with the media and telling them her real opinions…

  • Jak

    Ok Lorde has to stop Lana del Reys song are more releatable then hers. Her song Team i dont know what its about and royals i just like the beat but idk either whats it about… Shes calling everyone out Nikki, Drake, Selena, Taylor, Lana, and Miley… Really shes so F***ed up… All of those singers made bigger hits then her. They made millions hits… But Lorde made one Royals come… She better stop…

  • MastaBlasta


    You’re 15. Shut up.