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Daniel Craig's Broadway Play Disrupted for Technical Difficulty

Daniel Craig's Broadway Play Disrupted for Technical Difficulty

Daniel Craig bundles up on a chilly morning while heading to the gym on Monday (December 2) in the East Village neighborhood of New York City.

The 45-year-old actor is currently starring alongside his wife Rachel Weisz in the Broadway play Betrayal and the show faced some technical difficulties over the weekend.

“A black screen came down. After 15 minutes, Craig and the rest of the cast came out, and said they were having problems with the stage, but they were going to ‘give it a shot,’ and continue with the performance. They started to applause, but between each scene, the curtain came down, and the set was manually changed, which took a lot of time. By 9:30 p.m., they had only got through a few more scenes, and – while the actors made a valiant attempt to continue – some in the audience became restless and left,” an audience member told NY Post’s Page Six.

“The show’s automation failed after Scene 2, into Scene 3, necessitating manual set changes for the rest of the performance,” the show’s rep confirmed. “Of the 1,100 people in the sold-out audience, there were less than 10 requests for refunds or exchanges. There was a 15-minute pause following the breakdown during which the cast made the decision to continue the performance. They continued on brilliantly, and each scene change received a round of applause. They finished at 10:26 p.m., about 40 minutes later than usual. After an immediate standing ovation, Daniel Craig thanked the audience for their patience and the show’s crew for their efforts to ensure the show would go on.”

10+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig heading to the gym…

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daniel craig broadway play disrupted for technical difficulty 07
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  • Camilla

    We wanted to stay there with him as long as we could, so nobody complained about it…

  • Elisa

    I’ve never met Daniel but forever loving that DILF!!!!!!

  • Lauren

    I notice he can reduce his wrinkles on his face. He looks young here.

  • sam

    Ugh, Daniel’s sooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuute<3

  • Kate

    SO HOT! And the crush continues….

  • Rachel Girl

    That accident deepened their love and built trust, I think.

  • Emma

    Great! The actors’ sense of unity with the audience seemed to add even greater depth to their performance.

  • Jen

    I’m looking forward to reading his new film. Can’t wait!

  • Kat

    Tact is his best point.

  • Roux

    Daniel knows how to bundle up in tons of winter clothes for warmth. lol He’s still hot!

  • Paul

    Met Daniel. He’s a gentleman, he’s smart, funny, incredibly gorgeous, silly, and mature. Great guy!

  • Mike

    Praising his act of responding quickly and smartly. It made emotion, atmosphere, etc. more excited.

  • Joanne

    I think this guy is so purrrfect, smart too and rich too and handsome too ahh~

  • Alex

    OMG Danny Bair!

  • Fangalno1

    Those lips drive me crazy!

  • Fangalno1

    Wishing for Dan’s rear view pixs…. Mmmmmm……

  • justme

    I love him very much. For his beauty, for what he is like and for Blomkvist, Bond, Perry Smith, Ted Hughes, Guy Crouchback, Tuvia, Ray, Ronald, Fluke, XXXX, Darren, Joe Scott, Joe. And for his eyes. And body.

  • Fangalno1

    @justme Peter Ward, Michael 81010

  • sigmund french

    What are you losers looking at? He looks putrid! He has zero class, curses all the time, and is ugly as sin. You ladies need your eyes or you judgment adjusted. Wake up.

  • Alex

    @Fangalno1: Ditto! his butt is out of this world gorgeous.
    I could never get used to his beauty.

  • lots

    I can’t imagine anybody really cared about the disruptions, sexiest man alive could disrupt me anytime.

  • Amy

    Josh Goodman ‏@Doyds
    Backstage of Betrayal with Daniel Craig. #BigApple

  • Amy

    Same here. I can’t live without him! :)

  • sigmund french

    You ladies need corrective lenses and psychiatric help unless those posts are from Rachel Wiesz. Sick lot out there to deem this neanderthal a hunk. Feh.

  • Bond 24

    Naomie Harris talks the future of Bond
    Exclusive: “Skyfall is one part of a continuing story”
    Dec 7th 2013 By Total Film
    In issue 214 of Total Film magazine, Bond’s brand new Miss Moneypenny, Naomie Harris, drops some tantalising hints about the future of 007.

    Inside the issue – which is available for just £1.99 on your iPad, Harris reveals that her first Bond film, Skyfall, won’t necessarily be her last, adding that Bond 24 could pick up threads left hanging by Skyfall.

    “I feel like Skyfall is one part of a continuing story,” the 37-year-old Brit says. “It needs completing and it needs the same storyteller.”

    With Sam Mendes on board to direct Bond 24, it looks like Harris should get her wish. Meanwhile, she’s excited at the prospect of working with Daniel Craig again.

    “I really got on with Daniel,” she smiles. “It would be strange if someone else took the role. He’s a brilliant Bond for our times. And I’m so relieved [about Mendes returning]. He chose me and had a vision for my character.

    “I’d feel really weird working for someone who hadn’t chosen me and didn’t have that vision. I just want him to see it through.”

    Bond 24 opens in the UK on 23 October 2015.

  • his ex

    is doing good without him

    she never looked that good when she was with this old grumpy guy

  • Mona

    @his ex:

    She is inarticulate and nervous. And terribly boring. And she looks ugly now. No wonder he dumped her for a real beauty. He deserved better than that plane Jane who looks like a Totem pole.

  • his ex

    LOL inarticulate?? really?? What is wrong with you? Does it offend you that she not shivering and breaking down in tears when saying the name of that cheating douche.

  • Mona

    @his ex:

    Yes, inarticulate. Very limited vocabulary. and the only interesting part of that interview was when she was talking about her and Daniel on the set of CR. She likes talking about being with him, because she thinks it makes her a “somebody”. The ONLY interesting thing about her is that Daniel used to be with her, so she keeps dwelling on it. Poor creature.

  • his ex

    Congrats Dr. Psychologist
    The only poor creature is siiting at her keyboard and it’s not me! LOL

  • Sharon

    @sigmund french:
    Normally, I just don’t even bother with pigheaded morons but one of us Daniel Craig supporters will have to respond to this drivel. Pray tell me, Sigmund, why are you so angry? Surely you did not try to hit on a real man like Daniel! When will you flamers learn!

  • Fangalno1

    Daniel Craig…Daniel Craig…Daniel Craig…Daniel Craig…Daniel Craig…Daniel Craig…Daniel Craig…Daniel Craig…

    I need a clone of DC seriously… :)

  • Fio
  • lots

    @his ex:
    thanks for posting the links, I enjoyed hearing about her exhilarating riding adventures, bikes and waves, she rode Daniel for years so kudos to her! She comes over as sincere, unaffected and not conceited unlike that sketchy tart he married

  • looking

    to some pictures tonight

  • Mona

    Oh, so much anger! Yeah, any man who leaves a woman whom he has regularly ridden is clearly evil. That’s why it almost never happens. Isn’t it?
    PS. Rachel Weisz is clearly superior in every way.

  • Alex

    She’s pushing 40, but still single? ugh

  • Guinness

    She seems a little shaken…but not stirred. Seems intellegent, never heard her speak–probably would have said something. He “popped” a wheelie at 100 mph? hmmm. That is dare-devilish and at that speed, on an English road… methinks England roads are kinda like Vermont roads… full of frost heaves without the frost. wow–to live through that riding Daniel and clutching his abs…yes, I would be speechless and giddy too.
    Thx Fio!! That was when he double teamed me and Mendel–on the phone. hhmmm…. that musta been her only phone call allowed from gaol!!!! poor Mendel, I warned her about following too closely in that mask.

  • Amy

    Natasha Koifman@natashankpr
    Spotted #DanielCraig’s table setting at #CelebrateAPJ… Getting excited for the red carpet!

  • Amy

    Daniel’s here! utterly gorgeous he’s so freakin hot!
    Julie Alexandria@JulieAlexandria
    Daniel Craig on the red carpet tonight for Artists for peace and Justice . Amazing!
    Ilana Fox ‏@Ilana
    Daniel Craig LOOKED at me. (I didn’t take a pic of it, was too special a moment).

  • Amy

    Natasha Koifman ‏@natashankpr
    The very dapper #DanielCraig walks the #CelebrateAPJ red carpet in support of @artistsforpeace:

  • Amy

    I’ve often seen tweets like this, what happened to her?
    Lindsey Kelk ‏@LindseyKelk
    Rafe Spall, Daniel Craig and Daniel Craig’s bum were very good in Betrayal. Rachel Weisz seemed to have forgotten how to act. Quite odd.

  • to Guinness

    She wasn’t on the bike with Daniel. She was on the bike with the Gary Powell..

  • lots

    thanks Amy, you always post cool little links
    @Mona: English is obviously not your first language, you make no sense.
    ‘Poor creature’, who uses that terminology anymore LOL! You’ve been watching too much Downton Abbey missus

  • to lots

    Mona’s first language is “dumb”

  • Mona


    You’re an IDIOT. And stop talking to yourself and replying to your own posts, thick-head.
    PS which part of my post didn’t make sense? A quotation please. Perhaps it’s your poor reading comprehension skills and NOT my English. I wrote “poor creature” deliberately, but you’re just too DUMB to get it, POOR CREATURE.
    And that Sats of yours is hopeless, has always been. I don’t know what Daniel saw in her, but obviously not too much, he liked riding her, he might have been fond of her like one is fond of a pet, but never intended to marry her. NEVER.

  • lots

    @to lots: You noticed it too? LOL x@Mona:
    I’m sure he enjoyed doggie style very much, but you cannot seriously be suggesting that Dan is into animals? God, you are one sicko!

  • Mona


    God, you ARE an idiot…..

  • lots

    @Mona: thanks, I’ll take that as a compliment

  • LOL

    That Mona chick would have been a happy camper if Daniel would have rode her….only one time and she would die a happy death.
    That’s why she’s so mean about Sats, the not sooo beautiful, but still neither ugly nor poor, just regular girl. Mona’s not even getting that.