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Suki Waterhouse Talks 'Boring' Relationship with Bradley Cooper

Suki Waterhouse Talks 'Boring' Relationship with Bradley Cooper

Suki Waterhouse looks gorgeous on the cover of Elle UK‘s January 2014 issue.

Here is what the 21-year-old model had to share with the mag:

On her boyfriend Bradley Cooper: “I don’t talk about my boyfriend because it’s boring. At least, that’s what I decided to tell you when you asked. Look, maybe it’s best for me to say, ‘I’m not one of those girls who goes on about their boyfriends.’ I do think whatever I say will sound weird. But the truth is, if I start talking about him, I probably won’t be able to stop. And I don’t really want to talk about him, you know?”

On her friends Cara Delevingne and Georgia May Jagger: “We’ve been mates since we were kids so now, when we’re working together, it never feels like I’m on my own. That’s such an advantage compared to the girls from abroad who know nobody. That’s why I always try and befriend new girls. Not that they always want me to!”

On her feelings towards critics: “I try not to look at that stuff. In reality, if there are 200 people commenting on something online, it’s less than a grain of salt in a huge beach of humanity – who cares? I just want to work hard, do stuff of the best possible quality and be a great friend.”

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  • DJ

    But, didn’t she talk about Miles(and post pictures of him) when they were together?

  • living in a box

    and yet, you are in ELLE cover because of your boyfriend. if you dating some unknown guy, you will be some unknown model.

  • frugal

    hmmm, he could be her dad. Not cool. Just a bit bizarre.

  • marie

    @living in a box:
    totally agree

  • Yeah right

    Opportunist…. trying her best to become relevant by attaching herself to a famous person. Brad Cooper freaks me out now with his dating of this little girl. He obviously cannot handle women — perhaps he prefers people he can control.

  • FR

    Suki is an average looking girl in my opinion, but she seems nice.

    and she looks like this chick :

  • Kelly

    @DJ: She’s saying maybe it’s best that she says that. She’s not really saying that she is that girl. Miles probably didn’t care if she talked about him but Cooper is an A list celebrity. That’s very different.

  • MOM50

    She seems so young. It does look like father and daughter when she’s with BC. He seems so immature. yuck.

  • djsfdsj

    the fact she refers to him as her boyfriend when asked about Bradley means they must be in a relationship. why else would she give that answer. all the theories of them being a pr couple are false. she wouldn’t say this about bradley to elle magazine if they really are a pr couple. and about AMFR, show me a photo of her and I’ll believe she’s real. I think you’re all making up lies and hope people will buy it. I haven’t read any of your theories on any other website. also, the messageboards yous are talking about are fake.

  • Huh

    She doesn’t look at that stuff but she follows Perez Hilton and several gossip bloggers on Twitter and there’s a video of her reading about herself on the Daily Mail.

  • ace11

    IF Cooper dumped her…she would disappear in an instant

  • c

    she looks like she’s 12, it’s disturbing…

  • katie

    Well after the nose job, I guess Suki looks decent enough to be photographed. So who would have guessed, a girl can still sleep her way to the top.

  • Lisa

    Suki looks stoned in the photo above.

  • DeeDee

    Geez you people are mean.

  • Wendy

    @ace11: Suki is only using Bradley as a stepping stone. Miranda Kerr used Orlando Bloom until she met up with 46-year-old Aussie billionaire James Packer. After Kerr, Bloom, Packer and his wife went on double vacation, they each split with their partners within 1 month of each other to be together. Given the age difference they really don’t have much in common except for sex, and these girls like power and money.

  • Beard

    boyfriend lol

  • Don

    @Lisa: Looks like she’s holding a joint..and exhaling.. all squinty eyed.

  • Leslie

    What a good role model for British girls. Elle UK putting Suki on the cover promoting the party girl who dropped out of school at 14 and is currently bedding a man 17 years older than herself to become famous. Odd how her people have been promoting her way before she had the nose job and she is famous for?

  • DJ

    It doesn’t look like she’s had a nose job to me.

  • Deb
  • Wanda

    Do you ever get the feeling that one person has posted over 50 percent of the comments on an article using different names. I have a sneaking suspicion here…

  • Nikki

    Still can’t believe out of all the women Cooper could have, he picks a 21 year old. Really, Bradley?? Most 38 year old guys would pick someone a little more on their level unless BC is emotionally immature. I think she’s probably just a play-mate to him.

  • Efy

    @Nikki: Agreed! I’d rather see him with Jennifer Lawrence, even if she’s only 23. At least she’s a bit more mature at times.

  • Lia

    Of course hideous Suki can use the word boyfriend. This is a public PR relationship and she has to milk it all the way. She is such a Whure she has to use Bradley, Georgia, Jourdan and Cara . Happy to Bradley Cooper has just been with his real gf Italian AMFR, Thanksgiving with his mum and is working while Suki is name dropping.

  • Seriously?

    Bradley did not pick this girl. She asked Harvey to introduce. She hunted him when he was with Zoe Dec2012 + again Feb 2013 when single!

  • Gemma

    @DJ: She spoke about Miles and Luke before all the time. SHe lies a lot.

  • djsfdsj

    @Lia: do you have proof this woman AMFR exists?

  • djsfdsj

    @Wanda: my thoughts exactly!!

  • Ker

    Agree with twit poster one person posts all negative comments about Slatty Suki on all comment boards in the US, UK, Italy, Spain and France. This person must have 500 fingers and be a robot that never sleeps. LOL

  • Suki ‘Alice’ is Pinnochio

    This girl is very boring. She can’t talk about herself she has to use Bradley AGAIN. Not only does she look at stuff online she posts tabloids like JJ articles and DM on her facebook and twitter. Haha Pinnochio!

  • Portia

    The farther you look back, you can see the changes Sukis nose has gone through. I’m surprised it took this long for her to get fixed.

  • DJ

    @Portia: But, isn’t there a way to apply makeup to contour the nose and make it look smaller? I remember someone posting a link to photos of some event she was at 2 or 3 months ago and her nose did not look smaller, but she supposedly had the surgery before that event.

  • DJ

    I’m referring to the photos on Wireimage of her at the Jonathan Saunders show during London Fashion Week back in September. Her nose didn’t look smaller and I’m pretty sure that event was after the nose job rumors.

  • Cas

    I think a lot of fans of cooper are disappointed in his girlfriend which is why some refuse to believe it’s a true relationship. I myself was impressed that he spoke French, enjoyed reading and didn’t go the usual route of dating models/singers whatevers. I now think he is just not that bright. She is pretty and sweet but she is clearly lacking intelligence and depth so I’m led to assume that cooper must be the same. No man of real intelligence could listen to her inane chatter for longer than five minutes, if that! He had me fooled for a time, though.

  • Julie

    I think her fans see there is something very odd which is why they think it is a public relations job. Bradley is private never seen until she pops around once a month to take very awkward pics. Bradley is close to Harvey Weinstein as is his PR job. She asked Harvey to introduce Bradley. She sleeps with him, provides a Zoe Saldana rebound while he helps her to get ahead in her acting,modeling. She was not on the cover of anything before she started sleeping with Bradley. It is a fake public relationship.

  • Hello

    @Cas : I think that you pointed the right word with “disappointed”. After almost 10 months, it’s still hard to imagine how he can connect with her. I think he is intelligent but his maturity level is probably not very high.

    And now he is wearing his (what 14 years old) brother-in-law clothes…..How cute…..
    It’s seems far from being over between them.

  • hfdhd

    @Hello: What a poor excuse for a man Bradley Cooper is. Imagine having to say to peopel you’re brother in law is 14 years old. wtf

  • Hello

    @hfdhd: His girlfriend does not look much older than her own brother so I don’t think he will be shy to say to people that his brother-in-law is just 14:-)

  • Gina

    @Hello Brother-in-law? When did Bradley and Suki get married?

  • hfdhd

    If they do get married, his brother in law would be 14, maybe 15

  • Hello

    @Gina: In my country, we use the term “brother or sister-in-law” when we speak about the brother or sister of our boyfriend or girlfriend even if we are not married. It was also a bit of irony. The fact that BC is wearing a t-shirt designed by SW’s brother proves that this relationship is not over yet….

  • london calling

    I don’t think him wearing that t-shirt signifies whether the relationship is on or not. There could be a number of reasons he’s wearing it – no clean laundry ??!! She or the brother could have given it to him months ago. The thing is he is wearing it not to a pr function or a photo shoot he is wearing it in his own time and just so happened to pose with a fan in it – don’t think he’s supporting the brother or her by wearing it – we only know he’s wearing it by sheer chance because the girl in the restaurant asked for a photo op with him…just a thought!

  • Gina

    @Hello Ah okay! I haven’t been around in a bit and am playing catch-up. Thought maybe I missed something! Haha Was there some sort of indication they had broken up?

  • Hello

    @Gina : No indication they had broken….I think the fact that SW was not seen at any of the last week-end screenings seems to suggests to some people that it was over….Altought it seems obvious that she was in LA for Thanksgiving….

  • Gina

    @Gina: Totally agree! The Cassius Clay t-shirt he normally wears all the time probably joined the Witness Protection Program and he’s wearing this one in its place. The man loves free stuff. Doubt it means anything significant.

  • Gina

    @LondonCalling My response at #46 was meant for you! Replied to the wrong post. It’s early! :)

    @Hello Ah. Missing a screening doesn’t seem like an indication of a break-up to me. But if he was thinking of breaking up with her, the comment about it being “cool” Jourdan was pregnant at 19 should do it. Can’t believe outlets have glossed over that! Pretty asinine comment to make when one has such a young fan base.

  • hfdhd

    can someone send me a link tot he supposed suki waterhouse forum everbody keeps mentioning?

  • Hello

    @Gina : Indeed, it was not particularly brillant from her part considering that her fan base is probably teenage girls.

    In January, BC mentioned in an interview that he would like to have children before 40 so maybe she realized that the 40th anniversary of her boyfriend is in 13 months and that she would look cool to mention that she wants children in “not too long”.

  • DJ

    @Hello: I’m not sure I believe him when he says he wants kids before age 40. It seems like he would be dating someone a little older and mature if he actually planned on having kids before age 40. The fact that he’s with someone so young sort of makes it seem like he’s not even thinking about marriage and kids right now.