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'Fantastic Four' Reboot Cast Announced: Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara & More!

'Fantastic Four' Reboot Cast Announced: Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara & More!

The cast of the highly anticipated reboot of the Fantastic Four film franchise has been announced!

It was previously revealed that Michael B. Jordan will be starring as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch and now it is being reported that Kate Mara has closed a deal to play Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman, according to The Wrap.

An offer is out to Miles Teller to play the role of Reid Richards/Mr. Fantastic and while an offer has not been made yet, it is expected that Jamie Bell will play Ben Grimm/The Thing.

The new film will be a contemporary update on the comic book and focus on the characters as young men and women. The Fantastic Four will hit theaters on June 19, 2015.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the new cast of the film The Fantastic Four?

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  • mina

    That Awkward Moment when Zac Efron wasn’t cast

  • Eric

    Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller working together again? They are both starting to break out big time it seems.

  • Melissa

    YAY Wallace/Vince!

  • http://@october007z andrew dvorachek

    it will be almost as interesting as The flash the tv show but as a fan of all superheros i will watch it

  • chris

    has there ever been a straight to video reboot? Cause we are about to see one

  • martin

    im not going to watch this version of fantastic 4

  • Becca

    I love the casting of Michael, really I do, but Johnny and Sue are meant to be siblings… If you want to change Johnny’s race, it’d only be appropriate to do the same for Sue.

  • Chandra

    For crying out loud, a black Johnny Storm and a white Sue Storm makes no sense whatsoever!!!

  • Greg


    I really don’t understand the need to diversify the character, especially Johnny Storm’s character. They could have Ben Grimm change race and it wouldn’t have affected the dynamic. Becca is right. They should remain siblings and not through adoption.

  • Jake

    Well, I sure hope there is a VERY interesting back story on what a brother and sister are of different races. Should have just brought in an Asian Susan Storm and a Indian Johnny Storm! Would have made more sense!

    I will pass on this when people think they can just “change” the original probably because of some political correctness or some crap. This will fail fast.

  • chris

    You know a movie is bad when Zac Efron is like uhhh no thanks guys im good

  • Emma

    Well, I know I am not going to even bother watching that. First off, Johnny Storm is WHITE, not black, and NONE of these actors look like the characters they are going to play.

    Congratulations, Hollywood, you had the chance to create a fantastic movie, and you screwed up again.

    Not surprised, and I am also not surprised that no one else will watch it, either.

  • olive

    Smh people are already complaining because of a character’s race. Is it going to be like the little girl from the Hunger games and Donald Glover for Spiderman? At the same time it’s Hollywood you know they wouldn’t have cast a black girl as the main female character. But congrats to Michael!!

  • natalie

    @Becca: brother and sister can’t be black and white?

  • nat

    Congrats to Michael he will be a fantastic Johnny Storm/Human Torch! As for the people saying that they should be “siblings” not through adoption… that’s such a silly and outdated thing to say. Just because they’re not siblings by blood doesn’t make them any less ‘siblings’ than those who are.

  • becka

    how hateful can people be, cant watch a movie because there’s a black actor

  • nat

    @becka: right?! god forbid we finally have a black man in the lead role of a superhero movie…

  • Hollywood SUX 99%

    OMG. Do they have any new ideas? Not this crap again! They will make their way through the entire marvel etc library before doing anything worthwhile.

  • Richard

    I’m not watching this because they are all 6s not very attractive, sigh. They think their hot but no they are not LOL PASS! Too many changes and gross. I wouldn’t have watched even if one of them was gay. No gay guy is below a 6 SMH

  • HUBE


  • Jason

    @becka: It’s not because he is black its because Sue is not. The characters are blood brother and sister. They should both be white or both be black.

  • alaia

    @chris: Uh, I doubt a straight to video would get such a good cast. Certainly way better than the other cast with the super dull Jessica Alba.

  • TrueTeller

    This cast is amazing!!!! I’m kinda obsses qith Miles Teller since I saw Spectacular Now, i totally recommend btw. These are all fantastic actors (no pun intended), :) I hope the director is as good as the cast.

  • Gretchen

    They’re all great actors who are becoming very well known, so idk where everyone is coming from saying they’re not. I don’t get why they couldn’t make Sue black if Johnny was gonna be black as well but I guess they wanted to half way appeal to the racist aholes like the ones already showing themselves here. Maybe they hired MBJ because he’s an amazing actor who did better than the white men who auditioned for it and it has nothing to do with ‘political correctness’? Black kids are out here not being able to see anyone they identify with in movies and feeling inferior for it and angry white dudes are shouting because this 100% fictional fantasy world is “unrealistic” and “ruined” because it doesn’t have the same limitations the real world has. An alien life form made of silver flies around on a surfboard in the F4 movies and that’s plausible but it is COMPLETELY UNHEARD OF AND RIDICULOUS that a black man would be relevant anywhere on Earth. If you want to see a white male lead go watch literally any other movie that Will Smith, Samuel Jackson, Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman aren’t in and shut the f up

  • Mary

    SOOOOOO HAPPY ABOUT MICHAEL B JORDAN casted as human torch….YES!!!

  • CAP Rogers

    This suck only Young guys doing Men works i Dont like this and a black johnny storm IM not racista but this Dont Work plz

  • blogjammer

    Avengers: Age of Ultron is out a few weeks before this. I think I’ll just go see that twice. This is clearly going to be a disappointment.

  • Avery

    @ olive… I guess you can’t read , Hunger Games , Katniss Everdeen was never black…..and if black people want more portrayals in movies then then should get into writing and author their own stories and books instead of Hollywood turing white characters black.. all for some political correctness when black people make up such a small segment of the North American population, and even smaller box office internationally one city in China makes up the total box office of the continent of Africa for Hollywood movies.

  • Sim

    The only thing Hollywood understands is money , don’t go and see this movie.. If Hollywood wants to pander to one small demographic then let then , rest don’t give them your money

  • Jan

    I think Miles should be Johnny while Michael is a more serious actor so he should Play Mr. Fantastic if they really wanted to switch it up.

  • TJ Drake

    It’s so sad racism is still so prevalent in America. White America some of you are complaining because MBJ is black and he’s playing a character who was originally white. Most of You don’t like change (which means you’re most likely a Republican; all of them are racist ask Mitt Romney about the 48%). MBJ is good actor who is becoming a great actor, if anyone can play this he can definitely do it. Superheroes arent about race it’s about the soul of the character. Sam Jackson plays Nick Fury he’s black yet the original Fury was white. Yes I know
    the Ultimate version was black but the character’s soul stayed the same. When I say “Soul” i mean the character’s personality and character traits that make him or special. Two GL’s John Stewart and Hal Jordan, one white one black guess what same soul. Both protect Earth, both are Green Lanterns’, both are great heroes. Race shouldn’t have anything to do with it. For all the racist people who say “what if a black character were changed like Blade or Shaft?” A white Blade or Shaft would be cool, I’d go see it and I’m black. It’s about the soul of the character, if they can find a whitr actor to play Blade or Shaft and I like the premise and trailer a movie theater will get my $10. I’m not going to say “stop the hate” because racism will never stop. The sad part this is a fantasy world none of those characters are real, it’s a film. AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL.

  • Ed

    Please read the comics first before you start calling people “racist”

    Johnny and Sue Storm are blood siblings.

    Five simple words people can’t seem to get.

  • Ed

    @TJ Drake:

    ” . . .some of you are complaining because MBJ is black and he’s playing a character who was originally white. . . ”

    Not really. It’s because his character has a blood sibling who is part of the main ensemble and who has been cast with a non-black actress.

    Somehow this very important fact is overlooked when the racist card is pulled out.

    (What kept Josh Trank from casting Susan Storm with an African-American actress I don’t know)

  • Amy

    @Avery @Sim I’m so so so sorry your mother slammed you on the ground seconds after you were born, hence turning your brains to mush. That must have been so awful for you and would be the only excuse for the nonsensical ignorant racist bullsh** you both typed. Katniss’ race was ambiguous, she was described as having olive skin yet when they did the casting call they only called for white women. I don’t even know what to say about your next point about there not being black writers because it’s so stupid I have to assume you were joking and not that you’d willingly make such a stupid statement on a public forum. (Also if you want to discredit black writers as a white person you should probably try to write coherent sentences yourself) According to the US census website black people make up about 17% of the US population, and so far from what we know of this film 25% of the cast is black (I figured out that percentage by dividing the number 1 by the number 4, since there’s one black actor out of 4 (we’ve established you’re a moron so I figured you’d need help with basic math too). So, so far the movie is pretty representative of the US population, if you pretend it only contains white and black people which I’m sure you like to do. And I’m sure once more of the cast is announced they’ll be predominately and the percentage of black cast members will go far below 17%. (I’m assuming the percentage you’d be happy with is 0 because that is SUCH better representation of this country). Also I’m not sure what your China vs. Africa comparison has to do with anything considered most people in China aren’t white…are you saying the movie should have more Asians? That I would actually agree with!
    And I’m SO sorry @Sim, how are you gonna be able to cope with having to look at one black guy? You’re right this movie doesn’t deserve your money, you should give it to one of the hundreds of other movies that will premiere next year that all have the same white people. The rich aren’t gonna get any richer by themselves! We have to give them what they want! And we want to make sure we don’t give black people jobs so we can continue to perpetuate stereotypes about them, since we’re literal human garbage. We legally ended slavery and segregation of black people and they actually expect us to respect them too? HA I don’t think so!
    TLDR: You’re morons and there are plenty of black writers/actors/people in general but they don’t get attention because we pander to scumbags life you.

  • roronette

    I’m willing to give it a go even if for me it will be hard to surpass Chris Evan’s cheeky Johnny Storm.

  • Amy

    @Ed people have been acknowledging that. They’re being blatantly racist about it by being mad that Johnny is black but not that Sue is white. Don’t play dumb and act like if both Sue and Johnny were black no one on this thread would be saying anything. When Donald Glover even mentioned that it would be cool to play Spiderman the comic book world went into a tailspin. Because apparently a black Spiderman “isn’t realistic” (they’re smart enough to realize it’s a fantasy when it comes to the fact that he’s literally a human spider though). Please stop defending these aholes and also you don’t need to act like we’re all morons. It literally states in the summary of this article that they’re siblings, and most people have seen or at least heard of the first F4 movies enough to know that the Storms are brother and sister, we don’t need to be comic book elitists to figure that one out. They literally go into space and get superpowers and y’all are complaining that it’s unrealistic that there’s a black guy. Did you guys see the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer? There’s a machine gun wielding talking raccoon in it, and you guys acknowledge that that takes place in a fantasy world but GOD FORBID black and white people are related in this one, you guys gotta draw the line at talking murderous forest animals. I don’t remember where this quote is from/what the quote is exactly but “Stop creating fantasy worlds and giving them the same limitations as the one we already live in”

  • pika

    @Amy: you’re right you know – but people are still gonna deny it. remember when people complained that Rue was too dark in the movie, but no one complained that Katnis was too light although she was suppose to be very olive skinned. Welcome to America.

  • Kyle

    It isn’t racist to say that Michael B Jordan has no business playing the Human Torch. It’s adherence to the canon. Wtf were they thinking?

    Next they’ll have the Black Panther played by an Asian, Storm played by a Native American, and Luke Cage played by an Albino.

    I’m all for diversity and equality, but MY GOD stick. to. the. script!

  • Kyle


    They certainly can. I’m a white guy with 2 black step brothers. It’s perfectly fine.

    What they’ve done is shit on 50 years of established canon. John Storm is WHITE. His BIOLOGICAL sister is WHITE.

  • Kyle


    Have you never watched the Blade trilogy? Wesley Snipes basically invented the turn of the comic book movie revolution.

    Black Panther, Luke Cage, Storm – all black.

    For the love of god.

  • Kyle

    @TJ Drake:

    This IS NOT about racism. It’s about sticking to the story.

    You want to put Michael B Jordan, a black guy in a movie? Reboot Blade. Make him the leader of Wakanda. Let him play Cyborg. Or Batwing. Or Luke Cage. Or the new War Machine. I’d watch every single one of them.

    If we can’t trust Hollywood to at least get the black guy to portray the black character, how seriously are critics, and more importantly, the paying audience to take their movies?

    $5 says this movie taaaaaaaaaaanks.

  • Chris

    @nat for those of who have been long time fans of the Fantastic Four, altering a core story element, IE the fact Johnny and Susan storm are siblings by blood causes many of us to lose confidence in a an already shaky premise of another Fox F4 movie. I personally couldn’t care less what the race of the storm siblings is but this just seems to be taking established comic lore, which even marvel hasn’t changed throughout the various alternate universes, and throwing it out the window.

  • b

    I’m surprised there wasn’t one comment (I scanned them all so if there really is, sorry) about Hollywood’s lack of creativity and how they all seem to be jumping on the reboot bandwagon.

    I’m rather sick and tired of all the reboots and remakes and lack of originality in Hollywood these days.

  • Louise

    Um definitely would not have chosen these for those roles.

  • Anne

    @ Amy no One is going to read your stupid a** long posts.. Black people have no global buying power.. Whites just feel sorry for them , if black people didn’t watch one Hollywood movie the reduction in world box office receipts would be less then 4% … Hollywood doesn’t have to pander to this one insignificant race group, you want diversity then have a Asian play a part.. Chinese, Indian, Korean etc.. This one race group is like that loser little brother that guilts you into supporting his dumb, lazy a** because you studied , worked hard and made a success of your life. America already f-uck up enough electing Obama, enough with this need to pander to this one race group, Blacks need white people, not the other way around.. Who has made Beyonce , Oprah, Will Smith rich., what society elected a leader from a minority race group , whites not any other race . Some truth black Americans whisper to themselves , they were the lucky ones that their ancestors were sold 200 years ago by their country men .

  • Rabby

    @Chandra: OMG, I thought I was gonna be the only one who thought that was kind of stupid.

  • Tom

    Amy , do you know the definition of race, how is olive skinned ambiguous, olive skin is white, I wouldn’t even go into the actual different racial groups but Indians which would be brown in a more crude term are defined as Caucasian . Do you think Eva Longoria is not white or Sophia Loren or Kim Kardasian .. Olive skinned isn’t ambiguity of her race it is of her heritage …. And this is irrelevant since her sister Prim is described as blond and blue eyed and so their mom, it’s safe to say Katniss Everdeen is white. But them after reading your comments, it’s obvious you aren’t the brightest bulb.

  • LTavares2014

    I would have changed Kate Mara for Lupita Nyong`o. She would be an amazing Sue Storm. More talented than Mara, for sure. The rest of the cast is very interesting, especially the choose of Bell as The Thing.

  • jamar

    The cast for the whole movie sucks. This casting of a black johnny storm seems like a reach to be culturally aware. Nobody was protesting for johnny storm to be black. I wouldnt have minded Chris Evans coming back his johnny storm was the only good part of those crappy movies. I honestly cant see any of these cast members as the FF. This will just be another cash grab like the other ones were. So if all the people saying good job on making johnny storm black, just think what if they had wanted to make Blade white would you be happy about that decision in drastic character change? This aint just about race its about the character and the stupid decisions studios make to appease the mainstream audience leaving fans hanging

  • Fercat

    What? Are they casting a YA version of F4?
    Got no problem with Michael B. Jordan. It’s the rest of them that’s disappointing. They don’t represent the characters in looks and age.