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Katie Holmes Returning to Television, Starring in ABC Pilot!

Katie Holmes Returning to Television, Starring in ABC Pilot!

Great news, Katie Holmes fans! She is all set to return to scripted television with an untitled Richard LaGravenese drama set to air on ABC, THR reports.

The 35-year-old actress will star in the show about “the love and rivalry between two equally matched, powerful socialites who play out their obsessive attraction to and seduction of each other through their manipulation of others.”

Katie will play Ann, a well off woman who is described as being similar to Audrey Hepburn.

Previously, Katie starred on the television show Dawson’s Creek, which hit airwaves in 1998.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Katie Holmes back on television???

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  • Mary

    Hmm – not seeing her as a socialite. She’s cute, not sophisticated or elegant. I’d rather see her in a light rom-com type show.

  • flop

    it will probably flop like everything else she does.

  • Daphne

    I think she reminds me of Jennifer Aniston in that everybody knows she is not beautiful but because the media said she was you are suppose to repeat the party line. She is just so average at best.

    Maybe she is realizing she isn’t cut out for movies and doesn’t have the chops so is trying to do tv again.
    I guess we will see how many seasons it last.

  • chris

    that sounds like the stupidest premise i have ever heard… she is so unappealing. i wonder how hard she will have to research being a well off women lol eye roll

  • Josie

    YES omg I just finished re watching dawsons creek and she is so great to watch. Really glad she is getting back into it she is so talented and lights up the tv screen. I can definitely see her as a socialite, specially cuz she can now wear heels and act freely since she’s not tied down to the crazy midget anymore. She will be beautiful, just like Audrey Hepburn as described. Can’t wait!!!!!!

  • mona lisa

    Josie that is stupid. She wore heels when she was married to Tom.
    She isn’t Joey Potter anymore and her recent acting attempts have not received great reviews both when she was married and after. I have a feeling this one will go the same way.

  • just saying….

    Jared she is 35 not 34.

  • Loren

    I wonder what the ratio is of Pilots that actually make it to the line up. I know so many really talented people who do pilot after pilot and they never take off.
    The Pilot stage is not the final step. You still have to be well received for the show to actually get air time and then make it past the first season.
    Is this suppose to be a comedy? Does she have comedic skills? Or will she just smirk at us for 22 minutes?

  • Loren

    Ok so a google search can answer my own question. I don’t know how accurate this is but this is what the first link that came up from WiseGeek said

    “It’s estimated that about 2/3 of pilot television shows developed in America never even make it to air. The major networks usually order about 20 pilots per season, and of those, around 6 are chosen to be premiere episodes. Of every fifty scripts commissioned, around ten or fewer are selected to be produced as pilots.”

  • Julia

    I live in Brazil and, at least here, she’s more famous for being Tom Cruise’s ex and Suri’s mother than for being an actress.

  • Carolyn

    I think getting back into TV is the right move for Katie. Maybe it will be filmed in NY so she won’t have to re-locate.

  • @carolyn

    I read the original source and it will be set in NY, however, it is premature to assume this will go to series and she has to worry about where to live. If it does good for her since it’s probably her best option and secure income but she still has an uphill battle to get it to series. Anyone remember 1600 Penn from last year? Many people tried to make that show happen, even the President since he knew the writer, but in the end it didn’t make it. It was painfully bad show though so who knows how the writing on this one will be.

  • chris

    lets see what Katie Holmes new show or paint dry…….. off to homedepot

  • chris


  • Ivan

    Comparing her to Audrey Hepburn is an insult! There is nothing in her career or looks that could be considered even close to Audrey Hepburn.

  • ANNE



    THERE IS A PHOTO OF TOM, KATIE AND SURI, playing on a carousel.

  • Polythene Pam

    It’s as insulting as when they were trying to make her out to be like Jackie O living in NYC. Her supporters and PR Team are beyond delusional. If this show is a failure too will she get the hint or keep on pugging away?

  • soy

    @Ivan: they’re comparing her character not her

  • tick

    Worst actress ever. Her career is a joke compared to Michelle Williams. Without Tom, Katie is nothing and she knows it. That’s why she married him in spite of his flaws. She wanted to boost her career.

  • Ivan

    I don’t understand. If they are comparing some character, why don’t they simply mention the title of the movie from where they are getting this character? Or, they mean she will play a woman that look and act like Audrey Hepburn? What is the connection with Audrey Hepburn in the first place?

  • Nadine

    Ivan they are saying the character she plays is suppose to be someone who is like Audrey. So in a way your point was valid because they are picking KH to play someone who is suppose to be like Audrey. They didn’t say KH was like AH but her character is so it’s kind of the same. KH will not come across like AH in anyway so it’s very strange that they chose her for this. Basically AH was upper class and sophisticated and KH is nothing like that and comes across very low brow. I would love to see her try and play a socialite. I am flabbergasted that someone thinks she can play someone who is compared to AH.
    “Katie will play Ann, a well off woman who is described as being similar to Audrey Hepburn.”

  • Nathan

    Katie is a wonderful actress she will do great in this part. I will definitely be watching.

    Oh and I think Katie Holmes is even more beautiful than Audrey Hepburn was.

  • annie

    I think I’m understanding the story line, I think.
    Are we talking male and female or two females here….

  • Cari

    I do think TV is best for her limited set of acting chops, but not sure she can pull this off as described. She is NO Audrey Hepburn in looks, fashion sense or acting skills.

  • Dare To Be Honest

    Perfect role. She’s got the eyes and hallow cheeks for it. Hope it makes it! In Daily Mail, she plays a shallow person. I never saw Audrey Hepbern as anything other than sweet and sincere!


    I would be surprised if this show make it past the first week. Who comes up with this stuff? No wonder more than half of new shows are cancelled.

  • Alicia

    Wow. I have never seen so many people root for a complete stranger to fail. It’s sad. What did Katie Holmes ever do to you people that she’s so despised. I’m not particularly a fan. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in anything – however, unless she was an axe murderer, why hate her so much. She did marry Tom Cruise, who’s a complete whack-a-doodle, which make me think she’s probably a whack-a-doodle too, but damn people…..she’s just a middling actress who used to be married to a cult crazed actor. Why would you waste your hate on that?

  • K-Flop – Pilot

    Won’t make it to series.

  • Loren

    Does anyone know when the pilot will air?
    Meaning is this like for the fall shows so in six months or summer?

  • Loren

    Alicia maybe not rooting for her but more like just familiar with her track record so counting on this being more of the same.

  • rubyz

    Best description I’ve read of Holmes’ acting is by the Wall Street Journal re Mad Money: “Katie Holmes, who pops her eyes, scrunches her nose and shakes her booty in lieu of acting.” Therein lies the problem!

  • Othello

    Right, #27

    Fall at the earliest, if it is even picked up, #29

  • bizzt

    @Josie: Can’t wait either. Maybe this will reboot her dead in the water, post tom cruise career. But please pair her with a an actress who could be here equal. Maybe, let’s see, hmmmm. This show would make for good television. I’ll most definitely watch!!!!

  • ms. come back never left

    I love reading these comments I rarely see Tom but he is always mention. Everyday Katie will always be in the media whether movie or TV she had a famous ex last name and baby girl by her famous ex whether Katie flops or not she will always be in the media because of her ex. No …..Katie’s ex did not give her talent but like @anne says Tom looks like a gypsy traveling the world. Trust me Katie will always work. Lucky girl Katie does not need talent. No more Holmes and yang do you think Katie cares she will still make money and still have opportunities. You all will still see ms. Holmes in the next 10 years flop or not then you will see more suri. I love reading these comments I just wanted to add this. Katie is going no were she will forever be in the media. Get use to it.

  • annie

    I read it differently elsewhere, and the storyline made more sense than what was written above. Actually I think this role is going to suit her, sounds interesting, of what I’ve read.

  • carolyn

    @34 Does the name Mimi Rogers mean anything to you? She faded away and is hardly heard from. Give Katie a few more flops and she will go the same way. The public will get tired of her and her sad story and the paps will stop taking her pictures. If she doesn’t have a hit soon her shelf life is going to expire. This tv pilot will not make it to series.

  • yep

    Wishing Katie success with the series.